1644 examples of queen's in sentences

When the interview was over he found the Queen's faithful Scotch retainer, John Brown, who always accompanied her everywhere, waiting outside the door, evidently hoping to see the minister.

The king would give no credit to the words of the oracle: he said it was a falsehood invented by the queen's friends, and he desired the judge to proceed in the trial of the queen; but while Leontes was speaking, a man entered and told him that the prince Mamillus, hearing his mother was to be tried for her life, struck with grief and shame, had suddenly died.

Fair Sir Page, I will do our Queen's bidding, and will presently hie with thee to London; but, ere we go, I will feast thee here in the woodlands with the very best we have.

I borrowed the whole amount at five per cent., and placed it to the credit of this brilliant Queen's Counsel.

One of the queen's maids of honour not only thought that I was a man, but fell in love with me.

Squadrons of the body-guard furnished the escort, riding in front of the queen's carriage and behind it, but not on either side, she herself having forbidden any arrangement which might intercept the full sight of herself from a single citizen.

He gave orders for the removal of some furniture and of the queen's library to the Tuileries; and, with something of the apathy of despair, began to reconcile himself to his new abode and his changed position. CHAPTER XXVI.

The rooms of the latter, who first came to England with Henrietta, Duchess of Orleans, to entice Charles II into an alliance with Louis XIV., and whose "childish, simple, baby-face" is described by Evelyn, were three times rebuilt to please her, having "ten times the richness and glory" of the queen's.

In the year 1586 we find our author so highly advanced in the Queen's favour, so extremely popular on account of his patronage of learned men, ard the active spirit he exerted in business, that her Majesty made him seneschal in the dutchy of Cornwall.

[Footnote 11: In Q. the rest of this speech is Hamlet's; his long speech begins here, taking up the queen's word.]

This was his being honoured by a private conversation with his Majesty in the library at the Queen's house.

" JAMES HOGG: The Queen's Wake, p. 76.

As he is now guilty of bigamy in consequence of the verdict, even though he should never have committed the offence, so should he be presumed to be innocent, when that verdict has been set aside by the Queen's pardon on the advice of her proper officers,even though he committed the offence.'

The Queen's consent having been obtained, Calvert set out upon his journey to the frontier the next day.

Mr. Cunningham mentions the Queen's Bagnio in Long Acre.

(He falls at the Queen's feet.) Madam, in pity speak but one word more, Who is that woman? QUEEN (throwing off her veil.)

(In Ellery Queen's mystery magazine, June 1947)

(In Ellery Queen's mystery magazine, Nov. 1946)

(Leaves from the editor's notebook) (In Ellery Queen's mystery magazine, July 1950)

There were the King's American Dragoons, De Lancey's First and Second Battalions, the New Jersey Volunteers, the King's American Regiment, the Maryland Loyalists, the 42nd Regiment, the Prince of Wales American Regiment, the New York Volunteers, the Royal Guides and Pioneers, the Queen's Rangers, the Pennsylvania Loyalists, and Arnold's American Legion.

"Sire," said she to the czar, "the Faubourg St. Germain regards your majesty's zeal in the queen's behalf with great jealousy.

The war then begun had lasted throughout the Queen's reign, and continued, after the writing of the Spectator Essays, until the signing of the Peace of Utrecht on the 11th of April, 1713, which was not a year and a half before the Queen's death, on the 1st of August, 1714.

I have heard of one Florimel, the queen's ward; would she were as like her for beauty, as she is for humour! Fla.

Students read for the Examinations of the University of Dublin, the National University of Ireland, and Queen's University, Belfast.

Then each in turn delivers a speech appropriate to her character, and finally Diana 'delivereth the ball of gold into the Queen's own hands,' and the play ends with a couple of doggerel hexameters chanted by way of epilogue by the assembled actors: Vive diu felix votis hominumque deumque, Corpore, mente, libro, doctissima, candida, casta.

1644 examples of  queen's  in sentences