431 examples of quelled in sentences

The Indians rose in rebellion against the Spaniards, who had ill-used them, and Columbus quelled the insurrection, in a battle on the Vega Real, April 25, 1495.

A sedition of the Jews is quelled with merciless severity by Alexander Jannaeus.

Incendiary fires did damage estimated at over $100,000,000, many peaceable citizens were killed, and the casualties among British troops and constabulary amounted to 521, including killed, before the uprising was quelled and the "Irish Republic" overthrown, with the unconditional surrender of its deluded leaders, on April 30.

Therefore, if thy aim be still To rule, thy father's wish fulfil; Quickly trace the distant road; Quick invade the chiefs abode; Bind his feet, and bind his hands In a captive's galling bands; Bring him here, that all may know Thou hast quelled the mighty foe.

Attend only to one point, nor have any other purpose in view than that of destroying the regular forces that shall be landed in the kingdom, without any regard to petty insurrections, which may be always easily quelled, and which will probably cease of themselves, when the army by which they were excited is cut off.

They even ventured to attack the first company of soldiers whom De Besenval sent to the rescue; and it was not till he dispatched a battalion with a couple of field-pieces to the spot that the plunderers were expelled from the house and the riot was quelled.

But the king, even while intrusting him with this command, disarmed him at the same moment by a strict order to avoid all bloodshed and violence; though nothing could be more obvious than that such outbreaks as the marshal was likely to be called on to suppress could not be quelled by gentle means.

In Dauphiny, the States of the province raised a small guard, which quelled the first attempts to cause riots there, and hanged the ringleaders.

Fortunately he had subalterns worthy of him, and faithful to their oaths; and as he was a man of great promptitude and decision, he, with their aid, quelled the mutiny, though not without a sanguinary conflict, in which he himself lost above four hundred men, while the loss which he inflicted on the mutineers was far heavier.

His officers, however, full of indignation, easily quelled the spirit of mutiny; and, when subordination was restored, proposed to the general to follow up his success by marching at once back into the city and seizing the Jacobin demagogues who had caused the riot.

long had found the Grecians bold and fierce, Ere Homer mustered up their troops in verse; Long had Achilles quelled the Trojans' lust, And laid the labour of the gods in dust, Before the towering Muse began her flight, And drew the hero raging in the fight, 40 Engaged in tented fields and rolling floods, Or slaughtering mortals, or a match for gods.

On another occasion, voyaging in the Mediterranean, he quelled a mutiny on board an Italian ship, when captain and mates were powerless, and the vessel drifting on the rocks, by commanding sailors and passengers to fall on their knees and pray to the Virgin,adopting the idiom of their religion as well as their speech, of which he was a master.

I was in bed; from a sudden attack of fever, but seeing the other guests packing up their effects and preparing to leave, I was obliged to do the same; and this, in my weak state, brought on such a perspiration that the ailment left me, The officers of the United States steamer San Jacinto, and the French frigate Charlemagne, came to the rescue with their men and fire-engines, and the flames were finally quelled.

He knew nothing more of his money until the rebellion was quelled, and peace restored.

There was that in his tone that quelled all rebellion.

She met his eyes for one fleeting second then closed her own with a gasp and a blind effort to escape that was instantly quelled.

"The disturbances in Gottengen have been entirely quelled.

He had served with distinction against the French in Germany, had quelled a Carib uprising in the West Indies, and in 1777 was given the command of a company of riflemen in the army opposed to Washington.

Bees at war obey their leaders 'as at the sound of a trumpet,' but may be quelled by the bee-keeper (G. IV, 70-87: R.R. III, 16, 9 and 35).

She could have stopped her breathing ten times easier than she could have quelled her terror and her joy.

" Indeed, what had quelled him more than anything else was the fear lest he should be driven out to take his luck among the Apaches.

Constituted a province in 1870, Manitoba was the scene of the Riel rebellion, quelled that same year.

His offer quelled the rioters, silencing in particular the opposition of John Morgeson, father's father.

And I quelled Josiah down by sayin' we would try to make the best on't.

"This thing called love, like the ache of a wound 5 In beauty's, side, To burn and throb and be quelled for an hour And never wholly depart?"

431 examples of  quelled  in sentences