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60097 example sentences with  questioning

60097 example sentences with questioning

Why, Langdon, what'n hl are you kickin' an' questioning' about?

We are always timid about questioning a Scotsman's arithmetic, but we make the increase a third, or 33-1/3 per cent.

But not until he had conclusively proved to the judge, in a cross-questioning of two hours' duration, that Priam knew nothing of Priam's own youth, nor of painting, nor of the world of painters.

Now, positively, I shall begin questioning you."

While she was still engaged in closely questioning the lad, Jim Scraggs himself entered the cottage, and endeavoured in a gruff sort of way to reassure the widow.

After the first flash of recognition she had developed on that expressive face of hers a look of wonder and almost pathetic questioning, and, I thought, who knew and loved the child, already something deeper and sweeter.

He was pallid, meagerly built, stoop-shouldered, bristly-haired, pock-marked, and stiff-gaited, with a face which would have been totally insignificant but for an obstinate chin and a pair of velvet-black, pathetically questioning eyes; and he was incurably an outlander.

There was now a great deal of questioning, a great deal of explanation, a great deal of discussion as to whether my way of catching burglars was advisable or not, and a good deal of talk about the best method of taking the men to town.

But the nymphs of that stream were dead, slain by philosophical questioning.

Father down from his seat, no longer swelling with pride, but bending an anxious, questioning face down over the machine.

Miss Crilly sat down in the midst of eager questioning.

We ask this of you, our reader, and not of Maggie Miller, for to her there came no questioning like this.

Her grandmother saw readily that something was the matter, and, rightly guessing the cause, she forebore questioning her, neither did she once that day mention Mr. Carrollton, although Anna Jeffrey did, telling her what he had said about her thinking more of Hagar than of himself, and giving as her opinion that he was much displeased with Maggie for her rudeness in running away.

Don't you know what Margaret is, and don't you know how proud you are?" "Hagar," he said again, subduing, by a strong effort, the repugnance he felt at questioning her, "I know all, except where Margaret has gone, and if on this point you can give me any information, I shall receive it most thankfully."

His intense individuality, eager always, as his best critic has said, "to find a North-West passage of his own," pressed its curious and sceptical questioning into every corner of love and life and religion, explored unsuspected depths, exploited new discovered paradoxes, and turned its discoveries always into poetry of the closely-packed artificial style which was all its own.

This gave him the confidence he needed to offset the fearless questioning in the blue eyes.

And then, almost before I was aware of it, there stole forth from under the fingers of Diaz the song of the soul of man, timid, questioning, plaintive, neither sad nor joyous, but simply human, seeking what it might find on earth.

There were a few exceptions as when he answered "salt" for "sugar" the first time and "sweet" for "sugar" the second time; almost always, however, his memory brought back, automatically, the same unimportant word at the second questioning that he had given at the first questioning.

There were a few exceptions as when he answered "salt" for "sugar" the first time and "sweet" for "sugar" the second time; almost always, however, his memory brought back, automatically, the same unimportant word at the second questioning that he had given at the first questioning.

"If you know all that, why waste time questioning me?" "You're a good actor, sir, but we shall strip off your mask and quiet your impudence.

She drew up and turned in her saddle, questioning.

Enough for us, that we learn to submit to the will of Him who rules, without questioning his justice."

I need not contrast with this the case of the discontented and turbulent volunteer, questioning commands which he is not qualified to judge of, and complaining of troubles which cannot be helped.

Her appraising glance rested on the garments of the questioning twin.

or rather should not his having done so, forever silence such questioning?

Such moments of clear self-questioning were of course rare, but the nerve-fretting problems always existed.

She looked into the girls' faces with a half-questioning, half-pleading expression as if fearful that this confession of her possession of a title would raise a barrier between them.

I was received on the steamer with much cordiality and much questioning, but to none of it did I pay any attention.

It is certainly true that in the case of Philip Augustus of France and Henry VIII of England the Pope did protect injured wives; but both these monarchs were questioning the Vatican's autocracy.

For some time I have been questioning myself how it is possible that a man absorbed by a great feeling should be able to be so watchful, so calculating about ways and means, and to account for everything as if somebody else did it for him.

I spent that night also in meditation, questioning myself and examining my soulwith every honest endeavour to be not a self-deceiver.

We take what offers without questioning; And if all have its due and just proportions WALLENST.

There exist moments in the life of man, When he is nearer the great Soul of the world Than is man's custom, and possesses freely The power of questioning his destiny: And such a moment 'twas, when in the night Before the action in the plains of Lรผtzen, Leaning against a tree, thoughts crowding thoughts, I look'd out far upon the ominous plain.

There was nothing to be gained from questioning Luke Tulliver, the court knew of old experience.

To which I demur, questioning why it should be so, and get for answer the two following: III.

The questioning of Lawrence, however, did not cease when the ranchmen left him.

Further questioning, however, was prevented by the arrival of the troop at the trail.

As he had the appearance of a poor madman, and nothing more, he was allowed to go without any questioning, and he followed the king for nearly half an hour, repeating the same cry from a distance.

Winchester he considerately declined questioning while his wound was being dressed; but Griffin was summoned to his cabin as soon as the boats were hoisted in and stowed.

Women were to conform strictly to the moral standard (whose basis I was not questioning), but men need not and, generally speaking, did not.

The ship swung into the dock, disclosing to the questioning eyes of Kan Won and his kind a new strange land.

Yet the journey's end was beyond his questioning.

The candle was lighted, and its dim light fell upon that strange group gathered there at midnight, and looking into each other's faces with a wistful questioning as to what it all portended.

It was not likely that Josรฉ's vaqueros would be ready to start that day; and although he carried his own camp equipment on pack-horses, and, guided by Valencia, ordered the camp set up in its accustomed place beside a little stream half a mile from the house, he sent many a questioning glance that way.

That is, Billy did the questioning; I did the talking to the mystic chanting of the priests.

They lingered on the brow of the hill, until it disappeared under the shadow of the western wooded shore, wondering and questioning much as to who and what it was.

She opened the school each day with a religious exercise, reading something from the Bible, and commenting upon it, or questioning us regarding our ideas of what she read.

"Yes," said Marie, in a questioning tone."

It gave forth a kind of questioning remarks which were always correct.

There was no hesitancy, no questioning.

He saw the gathering in the park, however, had heard something about the ceremony, concluded they were assisting, and, after a little questioning with himself, led his horse to the gate, made fast the reins to it, went in, and approached the little assembly.

The mere act of loving was too sweet for questioning.

He had had very poor attendance, and spent much time in questioning the darkies as to their reason for not attending.

Upon questioning them he learned that a terrible dragon had taken up its station near the city, that it was devastating the country, and that the king had promised the hand of Iseult to the man who would slay the monster.

And bitter questioning she addressed to each!

Like the Miranda warnings, other countries have written rights they give to suspects before police begin their questioning.

Choi does make a great point by saying that as originally conceived, the scene would've had some viewers questioning if it contradicts Spider-Man's moral code of not killing.

Church leaders should stop second-guessing CDC recommendations and questioning medical science, and instead demonstrate leadership by protecting one another.

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO) โ€“ Columbia Police Department says they have detained one person for questioning for the shooting on North Beltline Boulevard on Sunday.

Commander of Region Five Yonette Stephens yesterday confirmed that one person was detained for questioning in connec-tion with the attack.

Commissioners on Thursday spent about an hour questioning Stevens and two of his top-level executives before unanimously approving the licensing of Circa, the first from-the-ground-up casino built in downtown Las Vegas in 40 years.

Community leaders in Saskatchewan are questioning a data gap that could show the connection between the child welfare and justice systems.

Cortes is among a growing number of number-questioning Trump supporters who are asking how basement-dwelling Joe Biden defeated President Donald Trump at the ballot box.

After the PJโ€™s questioning, the two women admitted that the objects were drugs.

"Even when the worst has occurred, theyโ€™re still questioning the woman, and still looking for reasons to justify this manโ€™s behaviour.โ€

Greenberg faced that line of questioning during a finance and economic development committee meeting last month.

He never stopped goading, challenging, questioning, raging against big business, capitalist queens and the White House fascists most of all.

He was taken to a local police station for questioning and was later charged with murder.

A major scandal has Ariana questioning her friendships.

I just want politicians and Americans to stop questioning science.

In another tweet, she said: โ€œI consider it my duty as a citizen to humbly participate in any questioning that the police might have.

In a statement shared online, Mr. Apoorvanand said that he was asked by Special Cell to appear for questioning in connection with FIR number 59. He was questioned for five hours after which police seized his phone.

In particular, Scott Herkelman, the CVP & GM of AMD Radeon tweeted a simple but effective reply to someone questioning its ability to match the RTX 30 Series performance.

It causes one to start questioning their beliefs and reasons for existence.โ€

โ€œIt doesnโ€™t matter who you are, you always go in questioning whether you should be there and to be able to do that, to perform well, it means the world.โ€

'It is important that we keep questioning the narrative that's out there instead of promoting it,' Seibt said.

It is near a railroad and predominantly wet,โ€ Oโ€™Donnell said questioning what the current true value of the property is.

Joe Anderson, 62, was reportedly detained on Friday and taken to a police station for questioning.

Johnson, Proctor and referee Henry Perenara all provided evidence via Zoom, while Proctor's lawyer Tim Fuller was pulled up more than half a dozen times by a clearly frustrated NRL judiciary chairman Geoff Bellew because of his line of questioning.

Maxwell attempted to 'move on' from the line of questioning, sparking an angry response from Ms Giuffre's lawyer, who said: ' I'm in charge of the deposition.

And thatโ€™s why some conservatives are frustrated by Mr Trumpโ€™s repeated questioning of Georgiaโ€™s election systems.

My fixed income background ensures that I spend as much time analyzing and questioning the risk of an idea, as I do on the reward โ€“ the risk side of the risk/reward equation is just as important, but is too often ignored.

One person was held for questioning, the police said.

โ€œOne thing I sense is that many people are questioning how they lived before.

She continued: 'Everyone believed I was there, no one is questioning it - even though the Ikea tag is there in the second picture, along with an Ikea iPad.'

This conservative line of thinking is probably why John McCain's secret daughter Meghan was guilted into deleting her own Saturday questioning the awesomeness of America.

Tokyo prosecutors have asked former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to appear for voluntary questioning about the dinner parties his political group held for supporters, sources close to the matter said Thursday.

Capitalist colonialism in Marxโ€™s era ruled as well by superior kill-and-destroy technological development and slave-labour commodities with no questioning of its โ€˜productive force developmentโ€™.

Coach Walt McKechnie was still fuming a day after the loss, questioning the officiating.

Departments of mathematics have a responsibility of questioning the current curriculum.

Each of the four evenings showcases three works in development โ€“ searching, forward looking, and questioning.

A lot of Republicans who had real issues with Trump, and were maybe even questioning their association with the Republican party, I think that this has caused them to change their minds.

I'm done with this line of questioning.

In 1637, Rokuemon Tsuneyori also came under suspicion of Christianity after being denounced by someone from Edo, but escaped questioning because he was the master of the Zen temple of Komyoji (ๅ…‰ๆ˜Žๅฏบ).

Includes the Trans and Gender Questioning Youth Support Group for youth aged 16- 25.

In like manner, my questioning of the meaning of the terms "pieces of self-knowledge," "mobilization," and "appreciation" was rejected as specious and unwarranted.

I think I indicated to my friend from Minto that, if he's looking to engage in a questionโ€“line-up questioning regarding the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, that we'll certainly re-invite Rรฉal Cloutier back to the table.

I would like to repeat what I said in this House in response to questioning from the Opposition, in terms of the value and the benefits that we have received.

Mr. Speaker, we are not questioning the work and the decisions made by the Auditor General.

The line of questioning included personal inquiries about the subjectsโ€™ intent to smoke in the future.