40377 examples of questioning in sentences

No wonder that Nelly Lebrun stood with her hand against her cheek, looking him over, smiling happily at him, and questioning him about his immediate past all in the same glance.

Her desperate gaze roved over the few scattered lights of the little village, over the great flaring, throbbing mills beyond, as though questioning where she could seek for assistance.

But this calm, quiet questioning of fact took him by surprise.

dost know me?"eftsoones the answer came From the lips of the lady with blonden hair like a wreath of golden flame, As she lifted the light of her beauteous eyes to the questioning lips of the knight, And muttered those words of import dire, And flashed her eyes with a baleful fire Alas!

In Eveena's presence the Regent will find it difficult to draw you into conversation which might be inconvenient or dangerous; and especially cannot attempt to gratify, by questioning you, any curiosity as to myself or my family.

She did not, however, venture to disengage herself from the hand which now held her own, but only moved half-imperceptibly aside with a slight questioning look and gesture, as if tacitly asking to be released.

But would I could forget those other days When if with gayer gleam mine eyes had shone, Or shade of sorrow, gentlest eyes would gaze With tender questioning into my own.

she answered, meeting his questioning eyes frankly.

Surely, my lords, such conduct gives reason for questioning either their humanity, or their sincerity; for if they really fear such dreadful calamities, how can they be at leisure for mirth and gaiety

But still they glistened dimly in the twilight of the sky to which she raised her questioning, believing eyes.

"I have seen that that picture,"indicating the one I have last described,"attracted your attention, and that you were prevented from questioning me about it only by delicacy.

After some careful questioning I found that they wore what might very well be a kind of buskin; she went on, "They are fine and dashing looking, like the men

Racey inhaled strongly, then got to his feet and lazed across to the bar where Jake Rule, with Kansas Casey at his elbow, was perfunctorily questioning McFluke.

All these comments, and this vast enthusiasm served the more to interest our friend; nor did he think of questioning that now, at length, the mountain-visage had found its human counterpart.

But of the majority of the letters there seems no solid ground for questioning the authenticity.

"I dare say, mind you," continued the man in the corner with a chuckle, "that to most people present, Sir James Fenwick's cross-questioning seemed completely irrelevant.

Josephine, after her first start of surprise, watched him with coldly questioning eyes.

So stand we questioning upon the shore, And gazing hopeful towards the Unrevealed.

There was an eager, questioning look in his kindly eyes, as he said in quaint Scotch accent: "Ye'll noo be goin' to the woods a' soon?" "I don't know," said Bruce, in a friendly tone.

He went over it again and again, repeating their conversation, inventing new replies, framing new action, questioning more fully into the octoroon's vague confession and his benumbed acceptance of it.

She looked at me with a troubled, questioning expression, and said, "'I felt that something was going to happen.

I heard, indeed, and saw nothing but himself; nevertheless his words, at one time questioning, at another replying, were such as take place between those who reason strictly on some important subject.

" Her questioning eyes asked why.

She looked him straight in the eyes, her own piercing, questioning, searching.

Questioning Life and Destiny and Truth, I sought the dark and labyrinthine Sphinx, Who spake to me this strange and wondrous thing: "Concealment only lies in blinded eyes, And God alone can see the Form of God.

40377 examples of  questioning  in sentences