1382 examples of quickens in sentences

Then, after a little, the lamps of welcome are lighted in her eyes, her breath quickens, her cheeks mount crimson flags in honor of her lord, her hero, her conqueror.

He does not know me, but quickens his pace, and hastily lets himself in at the service entrance....

O, how it cheers and quickens up my thoughts!

She quickens her pace.

As in dry air the sea-born stranger roves, Each muscle quickens, and each sense improves; Cold gills aquatic form respiring lungs, And sounds aerial flow from slimy tongues.

"Tipperary" quickens the step and shortens the march.

For as thou knowest, O Hair-Face, strong drink quickens, and old hates flame up, and head and hand are swift to act.

Fear naturally quickens the flight of guilt: Rasselas could not catch the fugitive with his utmost efforts; but, resolving to weary, by perseverance, him whom he could not surpass in speed, he pressed on till the foot of the mountain stopped his course.

How the sound of them in after years stirs the blood and quickens the pulse!

If he will con it diligently, consulting its glossary for the meaning of terms while he quickens his powers of observation by studying real specimens, he may hope to learn the names and chief qualities of our most common ferns in a single season.

he cannot doubt it, and shortening his route by a path across the hill, he quickens his pace.

Either he does not see me, or wishes to avoid me, for he quickens his steps and I am unable to catch him.

"Fear naturally quickens the flight of guilt.

Its principal parts areFear, quickens, flight; Fear being the subject, quickens the verb, and flight the object.

Its principal parts areFear, quickens, flight; Fear being the subject, quickens the verb, and flight the object.

Fear has no adjunct; naturally is an adjunct of quickens; the and of guilt are adjuncts of flight.

"Fear naturally quickens the flight of guilt.

The heroine is still more dim, she is stuffy, she is like tow; the rich farmer is a figure out of any melodrama, Sergeant Troy nearly quickens to life; now and then the clouds are liquescent, but a real ray of light never falls.

How it strengthens the body, braces the spirits, and quickens the intelligence!

The Child knows she quickens my Sorrows, and rejoices my Heart at the same Time.

As one pauses before her work, a film in that or in the mind lifts or seems meant to lift, and a subtler essence from within the picture quickens the sense.

" Breton, in his "Fantasticks," 1626, observes: "Milk, Butter and Cheese are the labourers dyet; and a pot of good Beer quickens his spirits.

Self-love quickens their admiration of their hero, and admiration for their hero gratifies their self-love.

It is that which quickens the blood of all young creaturesthe rosebud, the meadow-lark, the dragon-fly, the colt, the boy and the maiden, bidding them glorify God with the show and the example of their comeliness.

Like virtue have the forms Perennial of the ancient hills; nor less The changeful language of their countenances Quickens the slumbering mind, and aids the thoughts, However multitudinous, to move 760 With order and relation.

1382 examples of  quickens  in sentences