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1382 examples of  quickens  in sentences

1382 examples of quickens in sentences

It is the office of the spiritual teacher to pluck out sin; to pierce the heart with a recognition of the enormity of sin, and of its far-reaching consequences; to stir the seared conscience, rouse the apathetic life, thrill the spiritual imagination, and to quicken the heart to better love and to nobler dreams.

Allay, O World-Evangelist, not only neighborhood disputes, but international dissensions; project a creed that shall be profound and universal; sweep sects together, unite energy and endeavor, baptize with fire, bring repentance, quicken the race-conscience, uplift the World-Hope!

The ferocious boars are made by Love to froth at the mouth and sharpen their ivory tusks; the African lions, when Love quickens them, shake their manes in fury.

Indeed, I have more than a tribal aversion to pork in general, while, on the other hand, I quicken joyfully when noodles are interspersed with bacon.

To the disappointment of the gossips, who were tuned to a spicier anticipation, the note was no more than a recipe of the manner that the Countess was used to mix her syllabub, with instruction that it was the "rosemary a little bruised and the limon-peal that did quicken the taste."

Then, after a little, the lamps of welcome are lighted in her eyes, her breath quickens, her cheeks mount crimson flags in honor of her lord, her hero, her conqueror.

When I got back to my club, however, three or four letters were lying for one, upon some of which I noticed the "immediate," "urgent," which old-fashioned people and anxious people still believe will influence the post-office and quicken the speed of the mails.

It is a perfect summer amulet, that I tie round my legs to quicken their motion when I go out a-maying.

My shame she quickens thus within my breast: 'What else but death will that sun deal to thee Nor like the phoenix in her flaming nest?'

more the fostering sun Of Sense divine that quickens me within, Whose rays those many minor stars outshone That it is destined in high heaven to show Mercy, and grant my prayer; so I may win The end Thy gifts betoken, enter in The realm reserved for me from earliest time.

He does not know me, but quickens his pace, and hastily lets himself in at the service entrance....

O, how it cheers and quickens up my thoughts!

She quickens her pace.

A child should never be suddenly aroused from sleep; it excites the brain, quickens the action of the heart, and, if often repeated, serious consequences would result.

When taken alone the best vehicle is hot milk, which greatly quickens its aperient operation.

But the man who lays hold of the real faith that is hidden underneath your doubt,the silent longing for God and goodness, the secret attraction that draws your heart toward Jesus Christ as the only one who has the words of everlasting life,the man who takes hold of this buried faith and quickens it and makes you dare to try to live by it,ah, that is the man who helps you indeed.

Work quickens the pulse and the respiration, while rest slows both.

But later researches lead to the conclusion that the effect of alcoholic liquors is not properly that of a stimulant, but of a narcotic paralyzant, and that while it indeed quickens, it also really weakens the heart's action.

Her husband was no longer excused from attendance in the Council Halls of the Republic, and whether to quicken his interest in the affairs of the government or because, in due course, the time had come when a young noble so full of promise should take a prominent place in her councils, he was now constantly called upon to fill important offices in transient committees.

No wonder it makes the pulse quicken and the eye look as if it saw spirits.

" Madame found the waiting time very tedious, but I am sure that her pulse did not quicken by a beat.

Alit oemulatio ingenia, says PATERCULUS, et nunc invidia, nunc admiratio incitationem accendit: 'Emulation is the spur of wit; and sometimes envy, sometimes admiration quickens our endeavours.'

Meanwhile the tainted juice ferments within, And quickens as its works: and now are seen A wondrous swarm, that o'er the carcase crawls, Of shapeless, rude, unfinished animals.

The breaking-up of old associations, the opening of a fresh existence, the necessity of new relationships,this fuses the crust of conventionality, quickens the springs of life, and renders character sympathetic and fluent.

Only the convalescent, who feels the glow of love quicken the pure pulses of returning health, knows what perfect bliss is.

This religious awakening may have been accompanied with too much appeal to the feelings and unhealthy emotional excitement; but some vigorous movement was absolutely necessary to quicken the spiritual life of a decadent age.

As in dry air the sea-born stranger roves, Each muscle quickens, and each sense improves; Cold gills aquatic form respiring lungs, And sounds aerial flow from slimy tongues.

"Tipperary" quickens the step and shortens the march.

Oh, I am no witch," adds she, wiping a tear from her cheek, "only a crooked old woman with the gift of seeing what is open to all who will read, and a heart that quickens still at a kind word or a gentle thought."

I prethee goe to my uncle the Lord Monford, and intreat him to come quicken our Eares with some of his pleasant Spirit; This same Fowleweather has made me so melancholly, prethie make haste.

For as thou knowest, O Hair-Face, strong drink quickens, and old hates flame up, and head and hand are swift to act.

What remains steadily present to the eye of the retired veteran in his hermitage, what still ministers to his content, what still quickens his old honest heartthese are "the real long-lived things" that Whitman tells us to prefer.

Every heart beats, every pulse quickens, every breath is contracted; yet, perhaps, it is but an illusion of their wishesor, perhaps, some deceitful echo.

Fear naturally quickens the flight of guilt: Rasselas could not catch the fugitive with his utmost efforts; but, resolving to weary, by perseverance, him whom he could not surpass in speed, he pressed on till the foot of the mountain stopped his course.

Now the water which quickens the verdure of the canals moves from the pole down to the equator as the season advances.

He quickens his step, then he slackens it.

Natural Philosophy quickens this Taste of the Creation, and renders it not only pleasing to the Imagination, but to the Understanding.

All is divine,the bird that sings, The flowers that bloom, the waves that roll; One Spirit quickens men and things, And stirs alike the sun and soul.

How the sound of them in after years stirs the blood and quickens the pulse!

It rather quickens his intellect for it.

There is a certain atmosphere exhaled from the inspired page of genius, which gives vitality to the sentiments, and through these, quickens the mental powers.

Kindergarten plays are easy intellectual exercises; for to do anything whatever with a thought beforehand develops the mind or quickens the intelligence; and thought of this kind does not try intellect, or check physical development, which last must never be sacrificed in the process of education.

As some mighty and mysterious necromancer quickens the morbid imagination to supernatural sight, and for a brief moment reveals through rolling mist and portentous cloud the perfect likeness of the one longed for by the rapt gazer, so Frederick is restored in this biography for the perpetual consolation and admiration of all coming heroes.

It quickens the heart's beat, whereon it flings Its fervour;the flushed cheek and glowing eye Confess its influence;and the many strings, Voiceless too long in the young heart, reply To the mute promptings of a thousand things Which Spring has conjured up;all, all is hers That Glory without nameshe ministers.

If he will con it diligently, consulting its glossary for the meaning of terms while he quickens his powers of observation by studying real specimens, he may hope to learn the names and chief qualities of our most common ferns in a single season.

The new world is itself a banquet; and, till we have exhausted the freshness of life, we have always about us sufficient gratifications: the sunshine quickens us to play, and the shade invites us to sleep.

he cannot doubt it, and shortening his route by a path across the hill, he quickens his pace.

Little we dreamed, though that high air Quickens imagination's flight, What monstrous bird and very rare Would in these parts some day alight; How, like a roc of Arab fable, A Zepp en route from London town,

A crisis quickens the wits.

Want quickens wit: Want's pupils needs must work, O Diophantus: for the child of toil Is grudged his very sleep by carking cares:

" The shivering sweep, who has just travelled through half a dozen stacks of chimneys, also quickens every motion of his weary little limbs, when he comes within sight of the destined breakfast, and beholds the reversionary heel of a loaf and roll of butter awaiting his arrival.

Either he does not see me, or wishes to avoid me, for he quickens his steps and I am unable to catch him.

Does a London life tend to quicken the moral pulse and expand the heart?

When the nerves tingle, the heart bounds, and the breath quickens, estates, honors, family, prudence, are of little worth.

"Fear naturally quickens the flight of guilt.

Its principal parts areFear, quickens, flight; Fear being the subject, quickens the verb, and flight the object.

Its principal parts areFear, quickens, flight; Fear being the subject, quickens the verb, and flight the object.

Fear has no adjunct; naturally is an adjunct of quickens; the and of guilt are adjuncts of flight.

"Fear naturally quickens the flight of guilt.

His watery parentage, and the storm-god's relationship with a swan-maiden of the Apsarasas (typifying the mists and clouds), and with Freydis the fire queen, are equally obvious: whereas Niafer is plainly a variant of Nephthys, Lady of the House, whose personality Dr. Budge sums up as 'the goddess of the death which is not eternal,' or Nerthus, the Subterranean Earth, which the warm rainstorm quickens to life and fertility.

The heroine is still more dim, she is stuffy, she is like tow; the rich farmer is a figure out of any melodrama, Sergeant Troy nearly quickens to life; now and then the clouds are liquescent, but a real ray of light never falls.

It is a physiological fact that warm blood from the veins of a thoroughly healthy person, transfused through the veins of one who is emaciated or exhausted, quickens the wavering pulse and brings life to the dying.

How it strengthens the body, braces the spirits, and quickens the intelligence!

" "You mummy, what do you suppose I am made of, if the thought of meeting Alice should not quicken my blood a little?"

Finance is a mighty influence, but it is a mere piece of machinery which assists, quickens, and lives on production.

The pulse of Ronicky Doone began to quicken, as though the question had been asked him, as though he himself were fumbling for the answer.

And now I shall pass vague and dreary days, until the seed of life again quickens within me, and till I know again that I have conceived another creature of the mind.

Quicken me, animate my drooping powers, and let me every moment live in Thee.

As when some face Divinely fair unveils before our eyes Some woman beautiful unspeakably And the blood quickens, and the spirit leaps, And will to worship bends the half-yielded knees, While breath forgets to breathe.

The Station I am in furnishes me with daily Opportunities of this kind: and the Noble Principle with which you have inspired me, of Benevolence to all I have to deal with, quickens my Application in every thing I undertake.

Natural Philosophy quickens this Taste of the Creation, and renders it not only pleasing to the Imagination, but to the Understanding.

Hope quickens all the still Parts of Life, and keeps the Mind awake in her most Remiss and Indolent Hours.

I need not dissemble the Sorrow of my Heart to be agreeable there, that very Sorrow quickens her Affection.

The Child knows she quickens my Sorrows, and rejoices my Heart at the same Time.

As one pauses before her work, a film in that or in the mind lifts or seems meant to lift, and a subtler essence from within the picture quickens the sense.

I said, I found it to be current in three senses; "first, as an extraordinary influence peculiar to a few persons, as to prophets and apostles; secondly, as an ordinary influence of the Divine Spirit on the hearts of men, which quickens and strengthens their moral and spiritual powers, and is accessible to them all (in a certain stage of development) in some proportion to their own faithfulness.

When the delicious perfume of the sakura quickens the morning air, as the sun in its course rises to illumine first the isles of the Far East, few sensations are more serenely exhilarating than to inhale, as it were, the very breath of beauteous day.

It has this name also because it quickens the action of the bowels of cattle and so is fed to them as a purgative.

our pace quickens ... a horrid impatience seizes me ... through the smoke I see the cannons ... faster, faster ...

The heroine is still more dim, she is stuffy, she is like tow; the rich farmer is a figure out of any melodrama, Sergeant Troy nearly quickens to life; now and then the clouds are liquescent, but a real ray of light never falls.

" Breton, in his "Fantasticks," 1626, observes: "Milk, Butter and Cheese are the labourers dyet; and a pot of good Beer quickens his spirits.

" The very name of the "Bonnie Prince," the hope of the fallen Stuarts, the idol of Scotlandleading a forlorn hope with laughter on his lips, now riding proudly at the head of his rabble army, now a fugitive Ishmael among the hills and caves of the Highlands, but ever the last to lose hearthas a magic still to quicken the pulses.

9, 11 "and to quicken their mortal bodies," ver. 11, "and to lead them," ver.

That this help is to be had in him fully and completely, for not only is he able to quicken, but he is called the Life; so that the help which he giveth is full, excellent, and complete.

Cry to him, to set them a-work to renounce all other help beside his, as being utterly unable to quicken and put life in them.

If he who is the Life, breathe not, all that will melt away and evanish. 4. Nor will the stock of habitual grace which remaineth in the soul, be sufficient to quicken and revive the sick soul, if the Life breathe not on these habits; and if new influences of life and strength flow not in upon the soul, and new rays come not down from this Sun of Righteousness to warm the frozen soul, the habits will lie by as dead.

That he is God, equal with the Father in power and glory, and thereby "hath life in himself," John v. 26; and can "quicken whom he will," ver.

As Mediator God-man, he is fully and thoroughly furnished to quicken and enliven his members and followers, first and last; and all along their life must be hid with Christ in God; "for in him dwelleth the Fulness of the Godhead bodily," Col. ii. 9; as Mediator, he is called "a tree of life," Prov. iii. 18; quickening and enlivening all that feed upon him; and "the bread of life," John vi. 35, 48.

Self-love quickens their admiration of their hero, and admiration for their hero gratifies their self-love.

To think that we know everything about God, is to benumb and deaden worship; but mystical thought quickens worship, and the beauty of Nature raises mystical thought.

Every day the astronomer discovers something which quickens his curiosity to discover more.

It did not rouse him to the wild, furious desire for the onslaught that he showed then, but seemed to quicken his alert, prolific mind to exercise all its cunning.

The natives say it has a physical advantage, as it quickens their languid circulation; perhaps they are right.

The reality which is given to the lives of the Christians of the first centuries by acquaintance with the memorials that they have left of themselves here quickens our feeling for them into one almost of personal sympathy.

It is that which quickens the blood of all young creaturesthe rosebud, the meadow-lark, the dragon-fly, the colt, the boy and the maiden, bidding them glorify God with the show and the example of their comeliness.

Into my heart have I received that lay More than historic, that prophetic lay Wherein (high theme by thee first sung aright) Of the foundations and the building up Of a Human Spirit thou hast dared to tell What may be told, to the understanding mind Revealable; and what within the mind By vital breathings secret as the soul Of vernal growth, oft quickens in the heart Thoughts all too deep for words!

Like virtue have the forms Perennial of the ancient hills; nor less The changeful language of their countenances Quickens the slumbering mind, and aids the thoughts, However multitudinous, to move 760 With order and relation.

III The prayers I make will then be sweet indeed If Thou the spirit give by which I pray: My unassisted heart is barren clay, That of its native self can nothing feed: Of good and pious works thou art the seed, 5 That quickens only where thou say'st it may.

It lifts the head of a man as the spur makes the horse toss his; and it quickens the pace with a subtle addition of strength.

On the other hand, you can keep me, you can marry me" He paused; and she fancied she felt his heart quicken.