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685 example sentences with  quids

685 example sentences with quids

"I suppose folks would pay quids in peace time to see this!" "Why, it's like a blooming Cook's tour!" Being the first of the British who had been seen in these parts, we were objects of great interest to the Italians, who used to collect in crowds to watch our guns firing.

"You leave it to me, and when you come home from a happy outing I 'ope to be able to cross your little hand with three 'undred golden quids."

"'I know just wot you want,' ses 'Arry, 'and if you'd got the 'art of a man in you, you'd make it two quids.' "He climbed on board and stood listening for a moment at the companion, and then 'e went down, while I went off outside the gate, so as to be out of earshot in case Uncle Dick called for me.

"You leave it to me, and when you come home from a happy outing I 'ope to be able to cross your little hand with three 'undred golden quids."

"'I know just wot you want,' ses 'Arry, 'and if you'd got the 'art of a man in you, you'd make it two quids.' "He climbed on board and stood listening for a moment at the companion, and then 'e went down, while I went off outside the gate, so as to be out of earshot in case Uncle Dick called for me.

savoir vivre [Fr.]; scire quid valeant humeri quid ferre recusent [Lat.].

savoir vivre [Fr.]; scire quid valeant humeri quid ferre recusent [Lat.].

; ne quid nimis

that won't do, that will never do, it will never do; curtae nescio quid semper abest rei [Lat.]

[Henry VI]; quid times?

Barbarus, indoctusque rudis spectator in istam Si messem intrudat, fuste fugabis eum, Fungum pelle procul (jubeo) nam quid mihi fungo?

If I be urged, I will as readily reply as that Egyptian in Plutarch, when a curious fellow would needs know what he had in his basket, Quum vides velatam, quid inquiris in rem absconditam?

Thou dost now flourish, and hast bona animi, corporis, et fortunae, goods of body, mind, and fortune, nescis quid serus secum vesper ferat, thou knowest not what storms and tempests the late evening may bring with it.

as Echo to the painter in Ausonius, vane quid affectas, &c., foolish fellow; what wilt?

I say of our melancholy man, he is the cream of human adversity, the quintessence, and upshot; all other diseases whatsoever, are but flea-bitings to melancholy in extent: 'Tis the pith of them all, Hospitium est calamitatis; quid verbis opus est?

Epicurus and his followers, the cynics and stoics in general affirm it, Epictetus and Seneca amongst the rest, quamcunque veram esse viam ad libertatem, any way is allowable that leads to liberty, "let us give God thanks, that no man is compelled to live against his will;" quid ad hominem claustra, career, custodia?

Vides illum praecipitem locum, illud flumen, dost thou see that steep place, that river, that pit, that tree, there's liberty at hand, effugia servitutis et doloris sunt, as that Laconian lad cast himself headlong (non serviam aiebat puer) to be freed of his misery: every vein in thy body, if these be nimis operosi exitus, will set thee free, quid tua refert finem facias an accipias?

Dei, l. 1. c. 29. defends a violent death, so that it be undertaken in a good cause, nemo sic mortuus, qui non fuerat aliquando moriturus; quid autem interest, quo mortis genere vita ista finiatur, quando ille cui finitur, iterum mori non cogitur? &c.

Quid coitus ad melancholicum succum?

de Cometis, Quid miramur tam rara mundi spectacula non teneri certis legibus, nondum intelligi?

Quid sibi vult pixidum turba, saith

"Quod pulchros Glycere sumas de pixide vultus, Quod tibi compositae nec sine lege comae: Quod niteat digitis adamas, Beryllus in aure, Non sum divinus, sed scio quid cupias.

They are deceitful kisses, "Quid me mollibus implicas lacertis?

Quid fallacibus osculis inescas?&c.

"Nihil prodest quod non laedere posset idem; Igne quid utilius?" I say of this as of all other honest recreations, they are like fire, good and bad, and I see no such inconvenience, but that they may so dance, if it be done at due times, and by fit persons: and conclude with Wolfungus Hider, and most of our modern divines: Si decorae, graves, verecundae, plena luce

nempe ut violentius uret; Quid violas violis me violenta tuis?" &c. "Why dost thou send me violets, my dear?

From it, saith Austin, arise "biting cares, perturbations, passions, sorrows, fears, suspicions, discontents, contentions, discords, wars, treacheries, enmities, flattery, cozening, riot, impudence, cruelty, knavery," &c. "dolor, querelae, Lamentatio, lachrymae perennes, Languor, anxietas, amaritudo; Aut si triste magis potest quid esse, Hos tu das comites Neaera vitae."

he readily replied, and gave in this charge, "egone quid velim?

"Oblitusque greges, et rura domestica totus Uritur, et noctes in luctum expendit amaras, "Forgetting flocks of sheep and country farms, The silly shepherd always mourns and burns." Lovesick Chaerea, when he came from Pamphila's house, and had not so good welcome as he did expect, was all amort, Parmeno meets him, quid tristis es?

vivus vidensque pereo, nec quid agam scio.

Ovid "Illa quidem sentit, foedoque repugnat amori, Et secum quo mente feror, quid molior, inquit, Dii precor, et pietas," &c.

" Again, "Per vigil igne Carpitur indomito, furiosaque vota retrectat, Et modo desperat, modo vult tentare, pudetque Et cupit, et quid agat, non invenit," &c. "With raging lust she burns, and now recalls Her vow, and then despairs, and when 'tis past, Her former thoughts she'll prosecute in haste, And what to do she knows not at the last.

Quid stamus, cur non imus?" "A fellow rid by the greenwood side, And fair Meswinde was his bride,

This love is the cause of all good conceits, neatness, exornations, plays, elegancies, delights, pleasant expressions, sweet motions, and gestures, joys, comforts, exultancies, and all the sweetness of our life, qualis jam vita foret, aut quid jucundi sine aurea Venere?

I confess I am but a novice, a contemplator only, Nescio quid sit amor nec amoI have a tincture; for why should I lie, dissemble or excuse it, yet homo sum, &c., not altogether inexpert in this subject, non sum praeceptor amandi, and what I say, is merely reading, ex altorum forsan ineptiis, by mine own observation, and others' relation.

It may be for all her costly tires she is bald, and though she seem so fair by dark, by candlelight, or afar off at such a distance, as Callicratides observed in Lucian, "If thou should see her near, or in a morning, she would appear more ugly than a beast;" si diligenter consideres, quid per os et nares et caeteros corporis meatus egreditur, vilius sterquilinium nunquam vidisti.

" In fine, as Diogenes concludes in Nevisanus, Nulla est faemina quae non habeat quid: they have all their faults.

Periplectomines, that good personate old man, delicium senis, well understood this in Plautus: for when Pleusides exhorted him to marry that he might have children of his own, he readily replied in this sort, "Quando habeo multos cognatos, quid opus mihi sit liberis?

Illi apud me edunt, me curant, visunt quid agam, ecquid velim, Qui mihi mittunt munera, ad prandium, ad coenam vocant.

"Multi illum petiere, illa aspernate petentes, Nec quid Hymen, quid amor, quid sint connubia curat.

"Multi illum petiere, illa aspernate petentes, Nec quid Hymen, quid amor, quid sint connubia curat.

"Multi illum petiere, illa aspernate petentes, Nec quid Hymen, quid amor, quid sint connubia curat.

Oftentimes they may and will not, 'tis their own foolish proceedings that mars all, they are too distrustful of themselves, too soon dejected: say she be rich, thou poor: she young, thou old; she lovely and fair, thou most ill-favoured and deformed; she noble, thou base: she spruce and fine, but thou an ugly clown: nil desperandum, there's hope enough yet: Mopso Nisa datur, quid non speremus amantes?

Will quid-nuncs from scandalous whispers refrain?

B. T. S. * * * * * The following inscription, in a churchyard in Germany, long puzzled alike the learned and the unlearned: O quid tua te be bis bia abit ra ra ra es et in ram ram ram i i Mox eris quod ego nunc.

By accident the meaning was discovered, and the solution is equally remarkable for its ingenuity and for the morality it inculcates:"O superbe quid superbis?

And cleared per annum in this way Twelve hundred jingling, tingling quid.

Quid infida est, quia periculosa, quia esse non potest.

"Quid dignum tanto feret hic promissor hiatu?"' Undoubtedly, Sir, if the honourable baronet could show that this declaration was applicable to the whole course of the negotiations, or to a more advanced stage of them, there would be something in the remark, and in the inference which he wished to be drawn from it.

Quid de quoque viro et cui dicas sæpe caveto.

Disce docendus adhuc, quæ censet amiculus, ut si Cæcus iter monstrare velit; tamen aspice si quid Et nos, quod cures proprium fecisse, loquamur.

In short, I would always be understood to write my Papers of Criticism in the Spirit which Horace has expressed in those two famous Lines; Si quid novisti rectius istis, Candidus imperti; si non, his utere mecum, If you have made any better Remarks of your own, communicate them with Candour; if not, make use of these I present you with.

Dixerit e multis aliquis, quid virus in angues Adjicis?

As a quid pro quo, the bank was to lend to the Republic the sum of five hundred thousand dollars, at six per cent.

"Looks kind of like fine-cutsmells kind of like the real thing"here he removed the quid from his mouth and introduced the great pinch of tobacco"an' I'll be damned if it don't taste a pile the same!"

The ex-sailor shifted his quid so that it stuck far out in the opposite cheek with such violence of pressure that a little spot of white appeared through the tan of the skin.

Jean Paul may offer you, in his most glowing page, a quid of tobacco, if he pleases; the shock is picturesque, and sometimes lets in a deep analogy.

She hintedit was not the sort of topic she could discourse candidly aboutthat the blackest of those discouragements had come from the amorous advances of men who had it in their power to open opportunities to her but wanted a quid pro quo.

Next him sat another man, with a tankard in his hand and a quid of tobacco in his cheek, whose dress was something smarter.

But one realized daily, as one saw them chewing their quids, devouring rudely the courses served by Lovaina, or talking childishly of their future, that heroes are the creatures of opportunity.

must we put it upon the ground of a quid pro quo?

And, what is worse, he draws four hundred quid For representing views which don't exist,

There was no tertium quid.

One of the quids in it is for you, for your trouble."

So are us journalists who don't carry on our job neutrally and without quid-pro-quo motives.

To be fair to Parrikar he did not even hint about the need for a quid pro quo from the journalists tapping him for information on the then Congress government.

Nor, on the other hand, do they mean the mutilation of both sets of principles, with a view to producing a tertium quid that shall involve the disadvantages of each, without securing the advantages of either.

Of the latter is the following quid-pro-quo anecdote: "A physician of an acrimonious disposition, and having a thorough hatred of lawyers, was in company with a barrister, and in the course of conversation, reproached the profession of the latter with the use of phrases utterly unintelligible.

"A trim-built and light-sailing craft, Mr. Woolston," he said, turning over the quid in his mouth; "one of these days she'll make a noble vessel to command."

"I'm quite of your mind, sir," answered Bob, taking out his tobacco-box, and helping himself to a quid.

And, in my Ape, THE APE. In tabulam eximii pictoris B. HAYDONI, in quâ Solymaei, adveniente Domino, palmas in viâ, prosternentes mirâ arte depinguntur (1820) Quid vult iste equitans?

et quid oclit ista virorum Palmifera ingens turba, et vox tremebunda Hosanna, Hosanna Christo semper semperque canamus.

"Such absurd quid-pro-quoes cannot be too strenuously avoided.

First of all to come was lean-faced Crosby, one cheek swelled round with a giant quid.

Latiné. Dente venenato stimulatur Zoilus Anguis, Quid Tum?

Infinitum secundum quid, sive in certo genere.]

Upon this occasion Stepney wrote some good verses, in answer to this question; Sed quid Turba Remi?

Si quid inest nostro piperisve salisve libello, Oxoniense sal est, Wintoniense piper."

Ambigitur quid enim?

Quid de quoque viro et cui dicas sæpe caveto.

'Nil actum reputans si quid superesset agendum.'

'Quid quisque vitet, nunquam homini satis Cautum est in horas' Hor.

'Quid purè tranquillet' Hor.


Quid enim dedisset, Quæ dedit frustra nihil, Æternitatis insitam cupidinem Natura?

Quid vult sibi aliud iste redeundi in nihil Horror, sub imis quemque agens precordiis?

Quid dubius hæret animus usque adeo?

'Experiar quid concedatur in illos, Quorum Flaminia tegitur cinis atque Latinâ.'

Ben measured him with one eye, polished the quid in his greasy hand, and looked at it.

They waited long, and when the iron horse came roaring out of the distance, women fell back and men rolled their quids and looked eagerly up the track.

The other jurors, who could not read at all, or had an insuperable aversion to that laborious occupation, were rolling their quids in silence, and looking wise.

The jury were idling over the newspapers, or lazily turning their quids.

Father was worn out, yet he sat in the chimney-side, cutting off great quids and chewing and thinking and sighing.

The lower incisors were wanting, and the upper ones had coalesced and grown downwards and outwards, forming an irregular dark protruding mass which I at first took to be a quid of betel.

Then, as ever after a kindness, he renewed his quid of tobacco, turning quickly to the littered desk at headquarters.

'Best 6 quid I've ever spent!'

Direct taxes are more difficult to be accepted since there is hardly any direct quid pro quo.

Although it’s not the same as being there, if the league is able to stream the games then I’m all for it and, if the league and the clubs involved could make a few quid out of it, that would be even better.

The same folks who publicly flirted with impeachment justifications like quid pro quo and bribery before settling on amorphous abuse of power and nonsensical obstruction of Congress charges have now glommed on to the GAO’s finding with alacrity.

You have to wonder what the quid pro quo is in this relationship.