131 examples of quire in sentences

There was JOB BIGLER, who useter leed the Skeensboro brick meetin house quire, tryin to pick his teeth with the corner of a pictur-frame, while standin before the lookin glass was WILLYAM DUNBAR vainly endevorin to ascertain if he was the Siameese Twins, or else was the lookin-glass a double-plated one.

The table was covered by an old green tablecloth, stained with ink, three or four inkstands had been brought in, and a quire of paper was scattered about.

Come, oh come, oh come away; A Quire of Angels for thee stay; A home where Diamonds borrow light, Open stands for thee this night, Night?

The first was that I always had upon my table a quire of large-sized scribbling-paper sewn together: and upon this paper everything was entered: translations into Latin and out of Greek, mathematical problems, memoranda of every kind (the latter transferred when necessary to the subsequent pages), and generally with the date of the day.

The clerestory windows of the quire very large.

But the best thing about the quire is the wooden stall-work, of early decorated, very beautiful.

paper, bill, sheet, broadsheet^; leaf, leaflet; fly leaf, page; quire, ream.

Two desks and a quire of paper set him up, where he now sits in state for all comers.

THE COMMON SINGING-MEN IN CATHEDRAL CHURCHES Are a bad society, and yet a company of good fellows, that roar deep in the quire, deeper in the tavern.

Milton alludes to the passage in his sonnet to Henry Lawes: "Thou honour'st verse, and verse must lend her wing To honour thee, the priest of Phoebus' quire, That tun'st their happiest lines in hymn or story.

And heard the browsing wether's bell, Blythe echoes rousing from their cell To swell the tinkling quire: Or heard from branch of flow'ring thorn The song of friendly cuckoo warn The tardy-moving swain; Hast bid the purple swallow hail; And seen him now through ether sail, Now sweeping downward o'er the vale.

5. What though the muse her Homer thrones High above all the immortal quire; Nor Pindar's raptures she disowns, Nor hides the plaintive Caean lyre; Alcaeus strikes the tyrant soul with dread, Nor yet is grave Stesichorus unread.

The Panorama folds up in a neat portfolio, and occupies little more room than a quire of letter paper.

320 Let angels' voices with their harps conspire, But keep the auspicious infant from the quire; Late let him sing above, and let us know No sweeter music than his cries below.

There thou, sweet saint, before the quire shalt go, As harbinger of heaven, the way to show, The way which thou so well hast learn'd below.

Thy praises fill the loud apostles' quire: The train of prophets in the song conspire.

" To the village he drove, sought young Daphne's old sire, Counted gold by rouleaus, and bank notes by the quire, And promised the old buck a share in't, If his daughter he'd givefor the amorous fool Thought of young ladies' hearts and affections the rule Apparently rests with a parent.

It is said that Frederick the Great went into battle with a vial of poison in one pocket and a quire of bad verse in the other.

In short, when I trace in my Mind a Bundle of Rags to a Quire of Spectators, I find so many Hands employ'd in every Step they take thro their whole Progress, that while I am writing a Spectator, I fancy my self providing Bread for a Multitude.

36. 'He gabbles like a goose amidst the swan-like quire.

On your birthday, while we sing To our gods and to our king, Her, among this beauteous quire, Whose perfections you admire, Her, who fairest does appear, Crown her queen of all the year, Of the year and of the day, And at her feet your garland lay.

Yet this Ile prophesie, when thou shall come Into the confines of Elysium Amidst the Quire of Muses, and the lists Of famous Actors, and quicke Dramatists, So much admir'd for gesture, and for wit, That there on Seats of living Marble sit, The blessed Consort of that numerous Traine, Shall rise with an applause to [

Just suppose you have a little back room, up stairs, with a table, two chairs, half a quire of paper, an inkstand, two steel pens, Swan's Treatise, and the twenty-ninth volume of Ohio Statutes.

He ceas'd, and as approving all he spoke, The quire of birds their heav'nly tunes renew, The turtles sigh'd, and sighs with kisses broke, The fowls to shades unseen, by pairs withdrew; It seem'd the laurel chaste, and stubborn oak, And all the gentle trees on earth that grew, It seem'd the land, the sea, and heav'n above, All breath'd out fancy sweet, and sigh'd out love.

I am sure I shall have to practise those quire boys of his, and they will bawl in my ears and call me teacher.

131 examples of  quire  in sentences