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2834 examples of  quiver  in sentences

2834 examples of quiver in sentences

They consider the lilies and roll into them, and, like lilies, they toil not, for they are impelled by sun-power, as water-wheels by water-power; and when the one has plenty of high-pressure water, the other plenty of sunshine, they hum and quiver alike.

" She would not meet his eyes, turning her head from him to hide lips that would quiver.

She sat between earth and heaven, her eyes smiling, but her mouth beginning to quiver once more.

So saying he set aside bow and quiver, loosed off his sword, and tightening his belt, stepped towards Beltane, his broad back stooped, his knotted arms advanced and fingers crooked to grapple.

But Figs, all whose limbs were in a quiver, and whose nostrils were breathing rage, put his little bottle-holder aside, and went in for a fourth time.

Her hand used to quiver and wave gracefully as they passed.

And one upon his shafts, another on his bow, is treading, and one hath loosed the sandal of Adonis, and another hath broken his own feathered quiver, and one in a golden vessel bears water, and another laves the wound, and another, from behind him, with his wings is fanning Adonis....

A sweet-faced, sad little woman it showed, with appealing eyes and lips that seemed to quiver even in the photograph.

* One winter morning he set out before daybreak, with a bow slung across his shoulder and a quiver of arrows attached to the pummel of his saddle.

He seized his quiver.

And do you (as you best know how) inculcate upon him the force of these wise sayings which follow, as well as those which went before; but yet so indiscreetly, as that he may not know that you borrow your darts from my quiver.

His tone was deliberately repressive, and a little quiver of disappointment went through Avery.

" I don't know if whisky is really the correct antidote for Thames water, but at all events our guest accepted the glass and shifted its contents without a quiver.

" I thought I saw the faintest possible quiver at the corner of his lips, but if so it was gone again at once.

After an absence of about an hour, during which time we refreshed ourselves, and made preparations for an expected struggle, our guide returned, bringing with him a bow and quiver of arrows, as proofs of his interview with the secreted Indians.

The children, little conscious of the misery of their parents, swam about and dived in the river like amphitrites; they each carried a small bow and quiver of arrows.

A quiver went along his spine.

The motor kept up its insistent humming, and there was not a quiver to indicate that a vital part of the monoplane had been injured.

Nor arrows in a quiver stuck, nor yet Lights in the starry skies are thicker set, Nor quills upon the armed porcupine, Than wit and fancy in this work of thine.

While the clerk read the charge, he appeared to listen with indifference; but a smile of contempt was seen to quiver on his lips at the passage which described him as a "tyrant, traitor, murderer, and public and implacable enemy to the commonwealth of England."

True, it was conceivable that even without the aid of a delicate listening apparatus the Bosch was cognisant of an explosion that made his whole front line quiver; still orders is orders.

For love is a perpetual flux, angor animi, a warfare, militat omni amans, a grievous wound is love still, and a lover's heart is Cupid's quiver, a consuming fire, accede ad hunc ignem, &c. an inextinguishable fire.

estrecho, -a, narrow, close. estrella, f., star. estremecer, to shake, make shudder, cause to tremble; refl., to tremble, start, quiver, be startled, vibrate, shiver; (of the flesh) to creep.

palpitar, to palpitate, quiver.

And yet (she thought dimly), how dear that little quiver in his voice had been were it unplanned!and how she could have loved this big, eager boy were he not the hypocrite she knew him!

"Lord Holland," he said, "expressed some scruples as to the sale of Lord Byron's Memoirs, and he wished that I could have got the 2,000 guineas in any other way; he seemed to think it was in cold blood, depositing a sort of quiver of poisoned arrows for a future warfare upon private character."

"And so all things are changed, except the river; where still 'Willows whiten, aspens quiver.

He felt her slim knees quiver.

The creature drooped under the caress and let its lower lip, with a few stiff white hairs, hang and quiver bitterly.

It seemed to flicker and quiver like the leaves.

Qq Qq Rr Rr Q is for Quiet, for Quiver, and Quill, For Quick, and for Queen, and for Quack; R is for Rabbit, for Rat, and for Rill, For Rose, and for Ring, and for Rack.

The boy looked in wonder at a tall man who looked short beside Little John, as he came up in coat of green with brown belt, a sword by his side, quiver of arrows hung on his back, and longbow in his hand.

" "Well, let's try," said Little John, stringing his bow, and then carefully selecting an arrow from the quiver at his back.

Come along, youngster, and let's practise shooting at the mark, and then we'll make enough arrows to fill your quiver.

CHAPTER VI It was all very wonderful to young Robin when he saw Little John or one of the other men let fly an arrow with a twang of the bow-string and a sharp whizz of the wings through the air, to quiver in a mark eighty or a hundred yards away, or to pierce some flying wild goose or duck passing in a flock high in air; but by degrees that which had seemed so marvellous soon ceased to astonish him, and at last looked quite easy.

" "And so you shall, my lad," cried Little John, and he set to work directly to cut some wood for arrows to refill the boy's quiver; and when those were lost, he made some more, for young Robin was always shooting and losing them; but Little John said it did not matter, for he was going to be a famous marksman, and the big fellow looked as proud of his pupil as could be.

Haven't you sense enough to know that you are in her service, and that Miss Drane and her mother are merely boarders?" Not a quiver or a shake was seen on the surface of the gentle jelly.

The sun shone with a pale, watery gleam, grey clouds were piled along the horizon, and a moaning wind crept through the pine trees, made the birch leaves quiver, and thinned the foliage of the alders at the foot of the rapids.

Now the "Sons of Eli" were all on their feet, and they were making the air quiver.

The "Frontier Ballads," in particular, quiver with strength and spirit, and have the true game-flavor of the border.

How impertinent we are, rushing at the tremendousness of Washington in the way we do; scaling it in little pleasure-wagons, and never taking in the thought of it at all!" Something suddenly brought a flush to Sin Saxon's face, and almost a quiver to her lips.

But she could feel through the thin stuff of her dress a quiver in the fingers that rested on her shoulder, and that repressed sign of the man's pent-up feeling gave her an odd thrill, moved her strangely, swung the pendulum of her impulse.

I saw her lips quiver as she now gazed on them for the last time, and was convinced some unusual sentiment, connected with the past, pressed on her feelings at that instant.

Though my heart pant and quiver to remember that I have been a student here these thirty years; oh!

"Twelve minutes," she murmured, and there was not a quiver in her voice.

"Johnny," he said, with a strange quiver in his voice, "I can go to it now straighter an' quicker than DeBar!

"Look ag'inJoanne," he said in a low voice that had in it a curious quiver.

But if in climes away from her The sun of life should set, Her name will quiver on my lip, When I the world forget.

I say, old man, my French isn't up to handling a compliment like that; see if you can" He did not finish the sentence, for at that moment there was a faint far-off bang, and they sensed rather than felt a faint quiver in the solid earth beneath their feet.

There wait the automobiles to carry the pleasure bent to Kelly's grove at Fa'a, where the maxixe and the tango rage, the hula-dancers quiver and quaver, and wassail has no bounds.

They still battled at the door with hundreds of this amiable fraternity; at length they dashed the door to with a force that made the windows quiver, and made off with me and my noble troop.

This thought flashes into my brain, and a quiver of anguish passes through my body from head to foot.

There is not the slightest quiver.

But all at once she opened her eyes widely, and there even came the quiver of a smile over her face.

His vibrant nature trembled to every breath of emotion, and his nerves craved ever newer shocks; to pant, to quiver, to thrill, to grow faint in the spasm of intense sensation.

His companion, in his gigantic hands, seized the old Judge's other leg, and pressed his foot immovably to the stone floor; while his senior, in a twinkling, with a masterly application of pincers and hammer, sped the glowing bar around his ankle so tight that the skin and sinews smoked and bubbled again, and old Judge Harbottle uttered a yell that seemed to chill the very stones, and make the iron chains quiver on the wall.

There was a strange little quiver in her voice.

Pub. in England in the Quiver.

abroad in The Quiver, Mar.-Apr. 1930 issues)

See the quiver up above the big one.

The reek of the furnace, a sulphurous vapour streaked with pungent bitterness, seemed to make the distant hillside of Hanley quiver.

"And then something shot down by mesomething heavy, and stood a-quiver in the planks.

He was not armed with a rifle, but carried instead a heavy bow, while a quiver full of arrows hung over his shoulder.

Tayoga had fastened his bow over his back by the side of his quiver, and their packs were adjusted also.

And may God forgive you for doubting me," he added with a quiver, "as freely as I do.

He knew he was not worthy of her, but he was determined to try to be a little less unworthy; and as he drew her to him a slight quiver went through her, so that for a second she seemed to be holding backfor a second only, and the quiver was the rustle of wings on which some part of the Grizel we have known so long was taking flight from her.

He knew he was not worthy of her, but he was determined to try to be a little less unworthy; and as he drew her to him a slight quiver went through her, so that for a second she seemed to be holding backfor a second only, and the quiver was the rustle of wings on which some part of the Grizel we have known so long was taking flight from her.

Then becoming comparatively quiet and supine she would quiver all over while her eyelids trembled with great rapidity.

There was a startled expression in the dark eyes, a quiver of the crimson lips.

Think of the power, the influence, the enormous amount of good you could do; think of it all, Philippa?" He did not see the sudden, sharp quiver of pain that passed over the beautiful face, nor how pale it grew in the starlight.

Here be sharp arrows, bunched in quiver, Draw close ere strikingthou art blind.'

[Exit. Enter Zenocia with Bow and Quiver, an Arrow bent, Arnoldo and Rutilio after her, arm'd.

With your kindest permission, I tremble and quiver in your honor's formidable presence.

Never a quiver of fear touched him as he walked down into the valley of the shadow of death; the Rev. Mr. Frothingham bore public and admiring testimony in his own church to Mr. Bradlaugh's noble serenity, at once fearless and unpretending, and, himself a Theist, gave willing witness to the Atheist's calm strength.

This is New England's tapestry of stone Alive with memories that throb and quiver At the core of the ages

"Well, in a couple of days the widow got a telegraph message from her uncle, an' what do you suppose it said?" The sister Serene covered her face and began to quiver.

At Saratoga, where they met many of her acquaintances, all of whom were anxious to see the fastidious Ethelyn's husband, it seemed to her that he was more remiss than ever in those little things which make up the finished gentleman, while his peculiar expressions sometimes made every nerve quiver with pain.

Is it really you, my poor friend?" It would be hard to define the expression of rapidly changing emotions which passed over the sick man's face, which made his breast heave, and his great heart quiver and tremble painfully.

I had just turned my head round to look after my followers when I was suddenly staggered by a violent and piercing blow about the left shoulder:* and ere the dart had ceased to quiver in its destined mark, a loud long yell, such as the savage only can produce, told me by whom I had been speared. (*Footnote.

After that I watched the quiver of the aspen leaves.

I saw it quiver all over.

Not by the quiver of an eyelash does he give any sign, no matter how close the shots and shouts.

Of all the sounds despatched abroad, There's not a charge to me Like that old measure in the boughs, That phraseless melody The wind does, working like a hand Whose fingers brush the sky, Then quiver down, with tufts of tune Permitted gods and me.

1.50 Quiver, N.Y. ............................ m Lit.

He brings forth the bow, and makes ready the arrows within the quiver.

Oh, he has a score of instances, a quiver full of poisonous shafts."

And when they had lain down to die, and had only succeeded in falling asleep, the Diana of the Tchoupitoulas, ranging the magnolia groves with bow and quiver, came upon them in all the poetry of their hope-forsaken strength and beauty, and fell sick of love.

Presently a warrior in full Mexican costume, easily recognizable as Manga Colorada himself, rode straight towards Thurstane for a hundred yards, threw his bow and quiver ten feet from him, dismounted and lifted both hands.

A great quiver went through her.

His pipe hangs mute beside the river; Around it wistful sunbeams quiver, But Music's airy voice is fled.

But if to the existing number of your suntoshumsthe jewels that hang on the Mem Sahib's bosoma man-child is added, ah, then there is merry-making in the verandas, and happy salaaming on the stairs; and in the fulness of his Hindoo Sary-Gampness, which counts the Sahib blessed that hath "his quiver full of sich," he says, Ap-ki kullejee kaisa burri ho-jaga!

"Dan," said Buck, and there was a quiver of excitement in his voice, like the tremor of a piano string long after it has been struck.

His helmet seemed to jump and quiver as he moved away.

I noticed a little quiver in the great sinews of his wrist.

" A sudden quiver shot over Lenoir's face at this order, and his cheek blenched under the tan; but he neither spoke nor resisted.

And Tristram wondered why his lady's little nostrils should begin to quiver and her eyes to flash.

And then, suddenly, an intense quiver of unknown emotion rushed over her.

" She gave a little quiver as she read it, and then asked and found his lordship had already gone down.

And his mother felt his quiver of suppressed wrath.

But as he went, there was a quiver of lip and flicker of eyelid, the lightening, as Cranky called it, was evidently gaining ground.