2834 examples of quiver in sentences

They consider the lilies and roll into them, and, like lilies, they toil not, for they are impelled by sun-power, as water-wheels by water-power; and when the one has plenty of high-pressure water, the other plenty of sunshine, they hum and quiver alike.

" She would not meet his eyes, turning her head from him to hide lips that would quiver.

She sat between earth and heaven, her eyes smiling, but her mouth beginning to quiver once more.

So saying he set aside bow and quiver, loosed off his sword, and tightening his belt, stepped towards Beltane, his broad back stooped, his knotted arms advanced and fingers crooked to grapple.

But Figs, all whose limbs were in a quiver, and whose nostrils were breathing rage, put his little bottle-holder aside, and went in for a fourth time.

Her hand used to quiver and wave gracefully as they passed.

And one upon his shafts, another on his bow, is treading, and one hath loosed the sandal of Adonis, and another hath broken his own feathered quiver, and one in a golden vessel bears water, and another laves the wound, and another, from behind him, with his wings is fanning Adonis....

A sweet-faced, sad little woman it showed, with appealing eyes and lips that seemed to quiver even in the photograph.

* One winter morning he set out before daybreak, with a bow slung across his shoulder and a quiver of arrows attached to the pummel of his saddle.

He seized his quiver.

And do you (as you best know how) inculcate upon him the force of these wise sayings which follow, as well as those which went before; but yet so indiscreetly, as that he may not know that you borrow your darts from my quiver.

His tone was deliberately repressive, and a little quiver of disappointment went through Avery.

" I don't know if whisky is really the correct antidote for Thames water, but at all events our guest accepted the glass and shifted its contents without a quiver.

" I thought I saw the faintest possible quiver at the corner of his lips, but if so it was gone again at once.

After an absence of about an hour, during which time we refreshed ourselves, and made preparations for an expected struggle, our guide returned, bringing with him a bow and quiver of arrows, as proofs of his interview with the secreted Indians.

The children, little conscious of the misery of their parents, swam about and dived in the river like amphitrites; they each carried a small bow and quiver of arrows.

A quiver went along his spine.

Qq Qq Rr Rr Q is for Quiet, for Quiver, and Quill, For Quick, and for Queen, and for Quack; R is for Rabbit, for Rat, and for Rill, For Rose, and for Ring, and for Rack.

The sun shone with a pale, watery gleam, grey clouds were piled along the horizon, and a moaning wind crept through the pine trees, made the birch leaves quiver, and thinned the foliage of the alders at the foot of the rapids.

1.50 Quiver, N.Y. ............................ m Lit.

He brings forth the bow, and makes ready the arrows within the quiver.

Oh, he has a score of instances, a quiver full of poisonous shafts."

And when they had lain down to die, and had only succeeded in falling asleep, the Diana of the Tchoupitoulas, ranging the magnolia groves with bow and quiver, came upon them in all the poetry of their hope-forsaken strength and beauty, and fell sick of love.

And his mother felt his quiver of suppressed wrath.

But as he went, there was a quiver of lip and flicker of eyelid, the lightening, as Cranky called it, was evidently gaining ground.

2834 examples of  quiver  in sentences