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944 example sentences with  racist

944 example sentences with racist

An event at PJC shown Robinson's impatience with people he felt were racist.

Angry at this, Piper shouts at her for being racist.

Jackson would later state that his relationship with Mottola dissolved based on corruption in his working practices, publicly referring to him as a "racist" and "devil".

Charges against the officers would include the use of racist language and intentional violence with weapons, Paris prosecutor Remy Heitz had said on Sunday.

Chelsea defender Antonio Rudiger says fans must report racist abuse they hear in Germanyโ€™s football stadiums or be โ€œguilty by associationโ€ following two incidents in the country this month.

Consuela is a completely one-note character, and a pretty racist one at that.

David Duke, one of the USโ€™s most notorious racist extremists, has reiterated his support for Donald Trumpโ€™s re-election campaign and suggested the president replace his current vice president, Mike Pence, with Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

Dharyl Auguste isn't the only South Floridian to suggest the region take steps to distance itself from its racist past.

Did Trump create these racist evangelicals or is he just a manifestation of racism in that faith community?

Did you see the story about a dozen Republican county chairmen in Texas sending out racist and anti-Semitic posts last week?

Dineo said the DA was a โ€œracist partyโ€ and claimed they were โ€œNOTโ€ the people to vote for in any election, โ€œno matter how many black people they try to use to feign inclusionโ€.

Eugene Collins, president of the Baton Rouge branch of the NAACP, said the records show the stateโ€™s โ€œpremier law enforcement agency is systemically racist at multiple levels.โ€

Even at the time of its release, Gone With the Wind was recognised as racist nonsense that glorified slavery and stereotyped African Americans.

Even regarding the past, the promoters of the โ€œAmerica is racistโ€ libel need to lie to paint America as bad as possible.

Even then, however, the avowed racist who never wavered in his philosophy admitted to jurors that he did not expect to win.

โ€œFor 2 weeks the Nazi dictatorship camouflaged its racist, militaristic character.

For context, Flowersโ€™ decision was a reflection of a lot of the country during that time periodโ€”problematic, discriminatory, prejudicial, abusive and racist.

For Debord, in the racist and colonial โ€œhierarchyโ€ of the society of the spectacle, people of colour, but particularly black people are reduced to the status of things.

For each of these black Americans, it was an opportunity to address the Leftโ€™s noxious โ€œTrump is a racist!โ€

Foreign ministry calls article 'racist' when announcing decision, which has been criticised by journalists' association as 'extreme'

For example, in one place he changes the word โ€œJewish,โ€ for who knows what reason, to โ€œAryanโ€ โ€“ that is, German, according to the racist terminology of the Nazis.

Go home and gorge yourself to death on Racist Delight already.

Good news, it's about time Hollywood was held accountable for continuing to be exclusionary and racist.

He also accused President Donald Trump of being racist against Muslims and Black people.

He banned travel from China and was called a racistโ€ฆyou offer NO blame on the World โ€œHealthโ€ Organization for saying it was non communicable?

He calls the dynamic at play "highway robbery," wherein minorities pay taxes at the same rates as white Americans, but those dollars then subsidize racist patterns of development.

He cited Trumpโ€™s handling as the economy, and said he also sympathizes with Trump over being labeled as a racist.

Heโ€™s also credited by white nationalist Richard Spencer with laying the foundation for the deadly racist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, in 2017.

Although many senior members of the racist group were killed in the final episode, that doesn't mean that this organization is finished.

I am surprised that so many people called voters like me racist.

Ian Baldry, 58, made a racist comment towards the City and England winger as he celebrated scoring a goal in a Premier League game against Bournemouth at the Etihad Stadium in December 2018.

โ€œI believe this woman may be racist because the family in front of her is white.

If CSB/SJU is truly striving to become an anti-racist community, they must invite the conversation for it.

If I can't tell whether or not youโ€™re racist at the school that I teach, or that you're anti-racist, then I feel like there's a huge problem.

If I can't tell whether or not youโ€™re racist at the school that I teach, or that you're anti-racist, then I feel like there's a huge problem.

If I forward a message from some racist to all my followers, I am supporting what they said.

In the aftermath of Floydโ€™s death, the Black Lives Matter movement reminded many that regardless of how open-minded and anti-racist one may think they are, there are learned and hidden biases that have been seeded within us throughout history.

In the case of the SU News story, it is a blatantly racist decision to let the story stand, especially when the issue has been brought to your attention multiple times.

In the debut episode, "How to Be an Antiracist," Winfrey and bestselling author Professor Ibram X. Kendi will speak with white readers who confront their own racist beliefs.

In the edited clip, Farage states: "We are awful, terrible, backward, knuckle-dragging racist people and we should be deeply ashamed."

I personally am committing to take a more active role in anti-racist and inclusive change and am committing our department to the same.โ€

An amateur footballer has gone on trial accused of hurling racist abuse at an opposition player during a match.

And as New York protestors underscored last January, even before the summerโ€™s Black Lives Matter uprising, the fight for fully-funded public transit goes hand-in-hand with calls to defund the police and end racist state violence.

It's almost as if these racist yahoos know they have friends in high places now.

Itโ€™s an effort laced with sexist and racist undertones.

Itโ€™s a strategy with deep roots in presidential politics, racist overtones and some record of success.

It says something about the Democratic party that they slam Trump for being racist, sexist and dictatorial, and then support a guy that is actually proven to be all of these.

Itโ€™s been quite a ride โ€” for the law enforcement agency, officials and Massachusetts residents whose faith in the system all but crumbled after years of high-profile scandals ranging from cover-ups to racist posts to indecent exposure allegations.

Kansas State football players said Saturday they planned on boycotting team activities until school officials created a policy that would allow a student to be expelled for โ€œopenly racist, threatening or disrespectful actions.โ€

Kelly tweeted a response to Kaepernick, writing, โ€œBecause everything is racist.

Love the sign "Being not racist is not enough."

Milano, like many others from the far left, has insisted that Trump referring to COVID-19 as a Chinese virus โ€” since it originated in Wuhan, China โ€” is a racist move.

Millares criticized Gill for โ€œinsensitive and racist commentsโ€ and called for a boycott of CPI Security.

MILWAUKEE, Wis. (AP)- A 61-year-old Wisconsin man accused of throwing acid on a Latino manโ€™s face during a racist attack has been found competent to stand trial.

Minneapolis historically and today is also a gathering place for the explosive potential of the movements made against racist colonial violence.โ€

Mississippi has a 38% Black population โ€” and the last state flag that incorporates the emblem thatโ€™s widely seen as racist.

Mississippi recently the last state banner with the Confederate battle emblem thatโ€™s widely condemned as racist.

Mitchell pointed to a recent tweet by Briahna Gray in which she claimed the โ€œBernie Bro smear is racist erasure.โ€

Mr. Schulteโ€™s lawyer responded in a court filing by saying the culture within Mr. Schulteโ€™s C.I.A. group โ€œincluded the frequent use of language that would be considered racist and inappropriate in any other workplace.โ€

Mrs. Rudolfโ€™s attorneys are seeking restitution on her behalf for the decades of medical bills, counseling and emotional pain she has suffered that started when the State of Alabama allowed these racist acts to go unpunished.

Ms Greene has faced national scrutiny for racist and bigoted statements and her support for QAnon, which says "deep-state" traitors are plotting against Mr Trump.

Ms. Marquรฉs faced criticism last month after a racist and anti-Semitic appeared in an advertising insert in El Nuevo Herald.

Much like Stassi and Kristen, Below Deck Mediterranean faced consequences after sharing a racist post on social media.

Nelson Mandela supported violent resistance, Mahatma Gandhi held racist views towards South Africans, and Abraham Lincoln shared the racial prejudices of most of his white contemporaries.

'Of course, the racist in question had no such worries.

On the other side of the political sphere, 90 per cent of Biden supporters believe that Trump is dangerous, divisive and a racist.

โ€œOn the suspected perpetratorโ€™s home page, he had put up video messages and a kind of manifesto that, in addition to obscure thoughts and absurd conspiracy theories, pointed to deeply racist views,โ€ said Prosecutor General Peter Frank.

On the topic of race in America, Trump recalled his first time hearing of the phrase โ€œBlack Lives Matterโ€ and he was the โ€œleast racist in the room.โ€

On Wednesday, members of the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus called on their colleagues to โ€œhelp us prevent hysteria, ignorant attacks and racist assaultsโ€ as misinformation spreads about the virus that originated in China.

โ€œPeople are going to be deviant and not follow protocols in place for their own personal pleasure and joy, not recognizing their actions are contributing to the fact that this pandemic is racist and impacts marginalized people greater,โ€ Chapman said.

So, using your math, if a black person hired a black family member, would you call this racist?

Southwestern Universityโ€™s (Texas) KA chapter recently KAโ€™s racist history, as members and alumni alike called on the fraternity to disavow Lee and prioritize inclusion.

The F.C.C. said Thursday that Scott D. Rhodes, seen above on a podcast from his website, Road to Power, targeted people in six states with racist robocalls.

The president will campaign in Tulsa, site of a racist massacre, on Juneteenth, a day that honors the end of slavery.

There have also been allegations he made racist and sexist comments to which embassy staffers took offense.

โ€œThere is no in between safe space,โ€ Kendi says, โ€œof โ€˜not racist.โ€™

The team has seen repeated calls for a name change in the past and faces renewed criticism as sports teams in Canada, the United States and elsewhere are urged to remove outdated and sometimes racist names and images.

This has been especially problematic for Black women, who've endured years of racist jokes and stereotypes about their names.

This is what the Israeli center looks like today: racist, militarist, ethno-nationalist, and committed to the perpetual subjugation of Palestinians on both sides of the Green Line.

This refreshing approach is all the more laudable in light of the significant amount of racist, obscene, sometimes violent harassment hurled at Pai personally by his opponents throughout his tenure.

This was seen as an improvement on overtly racist policies, but in reality the new practices reinforced the very problems they hoped to solve.

At the same time, a canon that acknowledges the achievements of only these artists is a reductive, racist, misogynist, and, letโ€™s face it, boring, canon.

At the same time, the California Department of Parks and Recreation has begun to inventory racist markers and names of features within the State Parks system.

Unaware that a receptionist was Black, one caller labeled her a racist.

Voters also decided state school board races and constitutional amendments, including one that would remove racist language from the Alabama Constitution.

Why would anyone follow an account with this kind of shitty attitudeto racist policing?

Would you put up a new statue of a dictator or make a racist TV show now?

Wow, they managed to be racist in different ways at the same time, eh.

Yes, George Floydโ€™s brutal murder, a flagrantly racist president and the pent-up emotions of a pandemic motivated people to take to the streets to demand racial justice.

You see, Sykes was a World War II-era soldier who was treated terribly by his racist fellow military members.

But even when the ruling class takes on new humanistic clothes, she does not give up representations to the heart of his racist and class.

Eventually, Canadaโ€™s racist exclusion laws were upheld and the ship was forced to return to India.

Everybody understood that our request was a requirement to turn the former base into the ideal battle field to hit the racist South African forces.

Finally, a small reflection: if home Guerin is known, his fight and his anti-colonial and anti-racist thinking much less, perhaps would it also time to dive back into his reflection to the emergence of a Third World and anti-racism libertarian communist?

Iโ€™m not meaning to call anyone out for being racist or anything, but on a societal level, workers have historically overblown their fears of foreign workers coming in to steal their jobs.

And others like the CBCโ€™s Neil Macdonald will defend SNC Lavalinโ€™s corrupt practices with thinly veiled racist arguments that thatโ€™s just how business gets done in places like Libya.

John Neary, despite the gun being pulled, continued to argue with Linden Brooks and used the racist terms that you find in Mr. Burrill's January 4 letter to Your Lordship.

No production content containing violence, bad, sexist, racist or language of any sort will be permitted and will submissions.

Shortly before, Aรฑez the spokesman of the paramilitary gangs that terrorized the population in the decisive moments of the coup, acting with the complicity of the police and the army (house fires, lynchings, racist attacks, etc.).

Within the walls of the churches they are organized radically nationalist demonstrations and laid racist, chauvinistic and xenophobic slogans.