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82 examples of  radial  in sentences

82 examples of radial in sentences

By a very simple calculation, based on the familiar principle of the parallelogram of forces, I gave to the apergic current a force and direction equivalent to a daily motion of about 750,000 miles in the orbital, and rather more than a million in the radial line.

When the finger is placed on any part of the body where an artery is located near the surface, as, for example, on the radial artery near the wrist, there is felt an intermittent pressure, throbbing with every beat of the heart.

This demonstration may be made by pressing a small piece of looking-glass about one centimeter square (2/3 of an inch) upon the wrist over the radial artery, in such a way that with each pulse beat the mirror may be slightly tilted.

83.How the Pulse may be studied by Pressing a Mirror over the Radial Artery.] Experiment 103.

On the outer side of one we feel the pulse at the wrist, the radial artery here lying close to the radius.

The position of the radial artery is described in Experiment 102.

The common fixed or radial floats, however, are the kind most widely employed, and they are attached to the arms of two or more rings of malleable iron which are fixed by appropriate centres on the paddle shaft.

The action of paddle wheels, whether radial or feathering, will be more fully described in the chapter on Steam Navigation.

The former kind have for the most part consisted of a circular valve and face, with radial apertures, the valve resembling the outstretched wings of a butterfly, and being made to revolve on its central pivot by connecting links between its outer edges, or by its central spindle.

A.The structure of the feathering wheel will be hereafter described in connection with an account of the oscillating engine; and it will be expedient now to restrict any account of the details to the common radial paddle, as applied to ocean steamers.

A.There are two kinds of paddle wheels in extensive use, the one being the ordinary radial wheel, in which the floats are fixed on arms radiating from the centre; and the other the feathering wheel, in which each float is hung upon a centre, and is so governed by suitable mechanism as to be always kept in nearly the vertical position.

In the radial wheel there is some loss of power from oblique action, whereas in the feathering wheel there is little or no loss from this cause; but in every kind of paddle there is a loss of power from the recession of the water from the float boards, or the slip as it is commonly called; and this loss is the necessary condition of the resistance for the propulsion of the vessel being created in a fluid.

A.In the feathering wheel, where every part of any one immerged float moves forward with the same horizontal velocity, the pressure or resistance may be supposed to be concentrated in the centre of the float; whereas, in the common radial wheel this cannot be the case, for as the outer edge of the float moves more rapidly than the edge nearest the centre of the wheel, the outer part of the float is the most effectual in propulsion.

In the feathering wheel the position of the centre of pressure of the entering and emerging floats is continually changing from the lower edge of the floatwhere it is when the float is entering or leaving the waterto the centre of the float, which is its position when the float is wholly immerged; but in the radial wheel the centre of pressure can never rise so high as the centre of the float.

It follows from this investigation, that, in radial wheels, the greater part of the engine power is distributed among the oblique floats.

570. Q.Is the screw propeller as effectual an instrument of propulsion as the radial or feathering paddle? A.In all cases of deep immersion it appears to be quite as effectual as the radial paddle, indeed, more so; but it is scarcely as effectual as the feathering paddle, with any amount of immersion, and scarcely as effectual as the common paddle in the case of light immersions.

570. Q.Is the screw propeller as effectual an instrument of propulsion as the radial or feathering paddle? A.In all cases of deep immersion it appears to be quite as effectual as the radial paddle, indeed, more so; but it is scarcely as effectual as the feathering paddle, with any amount of immersion, and scarcely as effectual as the common paddle in the case of light immersions.

A.In the case of ocean vessels, it is found that paddle vessels fitted with the ordinary radial wheels, and screw vessels fitted with the ordinary screw, are about equally efficient in calms and in fair or beam winds with light and medium immersions.

At the same time, the curved flange at the rim of the screw prevents the dispersion of the water in a radial direction, and it consequently assumes the form of a column or cylinder of water, projected backward from the ship.

The eccentricity in this wheel is not sufficient to keep the floats in the vertical position, but in the position between the vertical and the radial.

THE FLEXOR PEDIS PERFORANS, OR THE DEEP FLEXOR OF THE PHALANGES.This muscle consists of three easily-divided portions: an ulnar, a humeral, and a radial, and has for points of origin the olecranon process of the ulna, the inner condyloid ridge of the humerus, and the posterior surface of the radius.

THE LARGE METACARPAL, OR COLLATERAL ARTERY OF THE CANNON.This, the larger terminal branch of the posterior radial artery, needs brief mention, for the reason that we shall be afterwards concerned with it in the operation of neurectomy.

In some cases I have found it of advantage to put on a tourniquet below the seat of operation, but this is not always advisable, as it distends the radial artery.

The pulse he finds small and imperceptible, save at the radial.

The centripetal force is exerted on the radial line, as on the line, A O, Fig.

If, however, a fluid be poured on the side of the revolving wheel near the axis, it will move out to the rim on radial lines, as may be observed on car wheels universally.

The radial lines of black oil on these wheels look very much as if centrifugal force actually did produce motion, or had at least a very decided tendency to produce motion, in the radial direction.

The radial lines of black oil on these wheels look very much as if centrifugal force actually did produce motion, or had at least a very decided tendency to produce motion, in the radial direction.

Motion in the radial direction is the result of these two actions, namely, leaving the first point of contact tangentially and receiving an acceleration of its motion, so that this shall be equal to that of the second point of contact.

When we think about the matter a little closely, we see that at the rim of the wheel the oil has perhaps ten times the velocity of revolution which it had on leaving the journal, and that the mystery to be explained really is, How did it get that velocity, moving out on a radial line?

] FIRST.I have called your attention to the fact that the direction in which the revolving body is deflected from the tangential line of motion is toward the center, on the radial line, which forms a right angle with the tangent on which the body is moving.

Shortly after we started mist formed about us, waxing and waning in density; a slight southerly breeze sprang up, cumulo-stratus cloud formed overhead with a rather windy appearance (radial E. and W.).

The reflector and conical heater are sustained by a flat hub and eight radial spokes bent upward toward the ends at an angle of 45ยฐ.

At Huanchaca this stirrer has been made with four projecting radial arms, D D, Figs.

Round the top of the furnace is a tier of radial outlet holes for the fuel smoke to escape through; and round the bottom is a corresponding tier of inlet air-holes, through which the fuel is continually rabbled with poles by hand.

stroke, with coupled wheels 7 ft. diameter and leading wheels 4 ft. diameter, the latter being fitted with a radial axle on a somewhat similar plan to that previously described as adopted by Mr. Webb for the new North-Western engines; the frames are single, with inside bearings to all the wheels, and Joy's valve gear is used.

with a radial box to the leading axle; the heating surface is in the tubes, 887; fire-box, 84; total, 971 square feet; the weight in working order is 35 tons 15 cwt.

We might cite a large number of analogous examples, but shall be content to give the following: Figs. 13 and 15 represent radial and tangential sections of the bark of Syringodendron pes-caprรฆ.

13, which represents a radial vertical section running through the center of one of the scars that permitted the specimen to be determined, we shall observe, in fact, a tissue formed of rectangular cells, longer than wide, arranged in horizontal series, and very analogous in their aspect to those that we have described in the suberose region of the bark of Sigillariรฆ.

13.Syringodendron pes-caprรฆ; from Saarbruck; radial vertical section, X200.]

13, Syringodendron pes-caprรฆ; from Saarbruck; radial vertical section, X200.

From every junction between the radial rafters and the polygonal circle, diagonal bars are made to run to the center of the corresponding interval, where they meet, and are there firmly held together by means of a tongue ring.

A railgrip, made to act at the curves as well as on the straight portions of the rail by being attached to a radial arm fixed to the under frame, assists the stability of the scaffold where required, but the gauge of the rails is altered to render the scaffold more or less stable according to its height.

All the wings purplish black, anterior with a short bluish white striga close to the base, followed at a short distance by a second curved one, united to the former by a vitta of the same colour, extending along the radial nervure; towards the extremity of the discoidal cell is a white spot, followed by three smaller, not always well defined ones, on the costa below and a little beyond which are four gen

To the left is the radial section with three rays crossing it.

When | When | | COMMON NAME | surface of | surface of | | OF SPECIES | failure is | failure is | | | radial | tangential | |++|

The plane of failure, as visible on radial surfaces, is horizontal, and on the tangential surface it is diagonal.

This explains why on the radial surface of the test blocks the plane of rupture passes in a direction nearly following a medullary ray, whereas on the tangential surface the direction of the plane of rupture is obliquebut with an obliquity varying with the species and determined by the pitch of the spirals along which the medullary rays are distributed in the stem."

In the block at the left the surface of failure is radial; in the one at the right, tangential] |-| |

| | radial | tangential | |-++| | | Lbs.

Radial | Tangential | |

| | radial | tangential | |-++| | | Lbs.

The late wood of good oak, except for radial grayish patches of small pores, is dark colored and firm, and consists of thick-walled fibres which form one-half or more of the wood.

Since most season checks, however, are radial, the position of the pith may influence the resistance of a seasoned beam to horizontal shear, being greatest when the pith is located in the middle half of the section.

when | when | volume | Radial | tial | |

| | | ture | when | when | volume | Radial | tial |

It is necessary, of course, that the split be radial, that is, in a plane passing through the axis of the log, and not tangentially.

In the case of oak and certain other hardwoods these rays are so large that they are readily seen not only on a radial surface, but on the tangential as well.

A common defect in standing timber results from radial splits which extend inward from the periphery of the tree, and almost, if not always, near the base.

R. Hartig believes that freezing forces out a part of the imbibition water of the cell walls, thereby causing the wood to shrink, and if the interior layers have not yet been cooled, tangential strains arise which finally produce radial clefts.

In typical heart shake the centre of the hole shows indications of becoming hollow and radial clefts of varying size extend outward from the pith, being widest inward.

When shake consists of several radial clefts it is termed star shake.

Shrinkage of the heartwood may be concentric as well as radial in its action, thus producing cup shake instead of, or in connection with, heart shake.

It frequently attacks the trunk as well, and boards cut from such trees are filled with long, radial holes which seriously damage or destroy the value of the timber affected. LOCALITY OF GROWTH

A considerable portion of every wood is made up of these rays, which for the most part have their cells lying in a radial direction instead of longitudinally.

Consequently the shrinkage along the rings (tangential) is fully twice as much as toward the centre (radial).

The coefficient of linear expansion of oak has been found to be .00000492; radial expansion, .0000544, or about eleven times the longitudinal.

Spruce expands less than oak, the ratio of radial to longitudinal expansion being about six to one.

Part of the blocks are cut so that the shearing surface is parallel to the growth rings, or tangential; others at right angles to the growth rings, or radial.

Two penetrations each are made on the tangential and radial surfaces, and one on each end of every specimen tested.

One of each two will be tested in radial shear and the other in tangential shear.

(For sketches showing radial and tangential cleavage, see Fig.

Two penetrations will be made on a tangential surface, two on a radial, and one on each end of each specimen tested.

The choice between the two radial and between the two tangential surfaces and the distribution of the penetrations over the surfaces will be so made as to get a fair average of heart and sap, slow and fast growth, and spring and summer wood.

These photographs will show radial, tangential, and end surfaces for each specimen.

RADIAL AND TANGENTIAL SHRINKAGE Specimens Preparation: Two specimens 1 inch thick, 4 inches wide, and 1 inch long will be obtained from near the periphery of each "d" bolt.

They will be taken from adjoining pieces chosen so that the results will be comparable for use in determining radial and tangential shrinkage.

One of these specimens will be cut with its width in the radial direction and will be used for the determination of radial shrinkage.

One of these specimens will be cut with its width in the radial direction and will be used for the determination of radial shrinkage.

Marking: The shrinkage specimens will retain the shipment and piece numbers and marks of the bolts from which they are taken, and will have the additional mark 7R or 7T according as their widths are in the radial or tangential direction.

Captain Scott, R.N., employs a solid projectile dressed to fit by machinery; but the surfaces of the lands upon which the shot presses are radial to the bore, so that the rotation of the shot tends, not to split the gun, but simply to rotate it in the opposite direction.

The completed chain from the warping mill or the linking machine is now taken to the beaming frame, and after the threads, or rather the small groups of threads, in the pin lease have been disposed in a kind of coarse comb or reed, termed an veneer or radial, and arranged to occupy the desired width in the veneer, they are attached in some suitable way to the weaver's beam.