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Do we say   raising   or  rasing

Do we say raising or rasing

raising 3183 occurrences

'Pardon me,' he said, raising his hat.

'Well, I said so; a two-faced mangle.' 'Don't say anything at all if you can't say it right,' said Archie, raising his voice and losing his temper.

Experience showed that the only way was to go slowly and craftily and without heat or tempera slackening of the reinsa distraction of Dolly's attentiona leaning across the dashboarda firm grasping of the tail out near the enda sudden raising thereof.

" Using the big blade of the clasp-knife as a lever, Diggory had just succeeded in raising the sash the fraction of an inch, when the steel suddenly snapped off short at the handle.

Something in these doggerel lines excited Jack Vance's wrath above measure, the last verse especially raising his anger to boiling-point, so that it fairly bubbled over.

The man was plainly cornered and seemed to be divided between a desire to let Gifford go on and place himself in a dangerous situation, and the more expedient course of raising a scandal which would touch him as well as disgrace his dead brother.

"Dave, that isn't a direct answer," warned Belle, raising her eyebrows.

I said, raising my head, though every movement was agony; but this pretence of superiority was more than I could bear.

" "Heh? Goin' into what?" asked Peggy, raising his eyes from the paper.

I am not raising a merely fanciful and unreal objection.

It was a strange question to ask, for by raising his eyes he could have seen.

This money I got by cleaning gentlemen's shoes and drawing boots, by catching musk-rats and minks, raising potatoes and carrots, &c. and by fishing in the night, and at odd spells.

"'N' I could wish," severely, raising her voice, "'s all others could profit likewise by this dispensation.

If you wish really to benefit them, it must be by raising their characters as men; and to do this, you must address them as such, irrespectively of the technicalities of their calling.

But Mildred thought he had fainted, and, raising the window, called loudly for Lucy Ransom, the only female domestic then in the house.

exclaimed Honoria, raising the curtain, "it must be he that is coming in.

The room in which we were adjoined Honoria's boudoir, from which a secret passage led down by a spiral to a panel behind hangings; raising these, one could enter the drawing-room unobserved.

He saw the ladies into their cab, and, raising his hat, went off.

"Come here, Mrs. Hill," he said, raising his voice.

The wolves lay first in his path, and he was raising his rifle to put a steel-capped bullet through the base of Kazan's brain, when Weyman caught him eagerly by the arm.

He was raising his rifle again.

Three-quarters drowned, he succeeded in raising his forepaws over a slender branch that projected from the dam.

For an armed party of nearly thirty to cross an open plain, supposedly under the very eyes of the enemy's sentinels, without being discovered, is something of which to boast, yet we Minute Boys of the Mohawk Valley did it without raising an alarm.

France had but one idea: to make the Entente abandon the principles it had proclaimed, and try to suffocate Germany, dismember her, humiliate her by means of a military occupation, by controlling her transports, confiscating all her available wealth, by raising to the dignity of elevated and highly civilized States inferior populations without national dignity.

There was a moment's silence when Vanbraam had finished reading, and then, without raising his head, Colonel Washington signed, and threw the pen far from him.

You are raising such troops as will immediately increase the number of Americans in France to 100,000equalling five German divisions.

Since my earlier letter the country has been more and more generally covered with the National War Savings Committees which have been carrying into food-economy the energy they spent originally on the raising of the last great War Loan.

"When you say it is stolen," my father continued, raising his voice, "your memory fails you.

my father echoed, raising his eyebrows.

she exclaimed, raising her eyebrows.

"Hoped," I continued, raising my voice, "that you might enter here, and leave your servant somewhere else.

And long life and much joy to you, sir, by the same token," he added, raising his glass and tossing the spirits adroitly down his throat.

From the shadow of the doorway I heard a sound which was too much like the raising of a pistol hammer not to make me remember that a sword was all I carried.

"I said," I repeated, raising my voice, "there is no need to cock that pistol.

Then, raising himself on his elbow, he calmly waited for the ruffians and offered his neck to the sword.

"Let him go," he said, not raising his voice.

"What are you doing there?" demanded the Major, raising his lantern the better to light the scene.

Their greatest industry is cattle raising, yet these foreign born "cowboys" constitute an entirely different class from those of American extraction, found in Texas and on the plains of the Central West.

It was at this time that Marshall and Weimer adopted the plan of raising the gate during the night to wash out sand from the mill-race, closing it during the day, when work would be continued with shovels, etc.

"What was it?" "Why, you said men like Hightower are inclined to overlook the work of the church, and that it was the church's own fault; something about raising new questions when you settle old ones.

He had reached his fortieth year before he abandoned sheep-raising and journeyed to Edinburgh, there definitely to adopt the literary career.

For her own comfort, a good nurse will frequently vary this position, by changing from one arm to the other, and sometimes by laying it across both, raising the head a little.

When teaching it to walk, and guiding it by the hand, she should change the hand from time to time, so as to avoid raising one shoulder higher than the other.

Labour is as necessary as water for the raising of crops; Sir William's barrages and canals without hands to turn them to account would be a dead loss instead of a profitable investment; but from what reservoir of population is this man-power to be introduced?

Again the soft eyes of Gelsomina, or Gessina, as she was familiarly called, dropped to the floor; but raising them ere he could note the circumstance, she hurriedly continued the discourse.

I do not know whether I rightly understand you, Captain Digby," said Jarvis, catching his breath, and raising his voice a very little.

Raising his hand to remove his hat, he noticed that the hand was trembling, and swore softly.

For my own part," raising her voice, "I think that as a society we cannot be too careful how we minimise the fact itself.

She closed her eyes a moment while strength came back and then, raising herself, slipped out of his arms with a little breathless movement of avoidance.

she flashed, raising defiant eyes.

Mr. Crosbie said, he thought it the greatest blasphemy to suppose evil spirits counteracting the Deity, and raising storms, for instance, to destroy his creatures.

For the first time for many days she felt a desire for food, and raising herself partly up, called to her mother to get her breakfast.

"Good afternoon!" greeted Percy Falconer, raising his hat with an elaborate gesture.

Having succeeded in raising themselves from the floor, they soon learn to stand, by holding to the object by which they have raised themselves.

Their Tragic poets dealt not with that soft passion; but with Lust, Cruelty, Revenge, Ambition, and those bloody actions they produced, which were more capable of raising horror than compassion in an audience: leaving Love untouched, whose gentleness would have tempered them; which is the most frequent of all the passions, and which (being the private concernment of every person) is soothed by viewing its own Image

That the marriage had been plotted by him, long beforehand, is made evident, by what he tells TRUE WIT, in the Second Act, that 'in one moment, he [TRUE WIT] had destroyed what he had been raising many months.

A bullet struck the door a sounding thump and all but penetrated, raising a bump on the inner face of its thick oaken panels; and Victor shut the slide and turned back.

But ere that silence paralysed her, Avery spoke, raising her voice, for the urgency was great.

From where I was lying I could, by raising my head, just see the two top windows of the house.

'I'm not so sure of that,' Margaret answered, raising her eyes for a moment and then looking at her hands again.

Least of all did popes then dream of subjecting the temporal powers and raising the spiritual over them, so as to lead to issues with kings.

And Christianity accepts the tribute which even Pagan civilization offers for the adornment of our race,expelled from Paradise, and doomed to hard and bitter toils,without abdicating her more glorious office of raising the soul to heaven.

Mademoiselle de Scudรฉry, Madame de la Sabliรจre, and Madame de Longueville followed the precedents established by Madame de Rambouillet and Madame de Maintenon, and successively reigned as queens of society,that is, of chosen circles of those who were most celebrated in France,raising the intellectual tone of society, and inspiring increased veneration for woman herself.

However," he added, raising his glass to his lips and nodding, "they haven't found me out yet.

Now, the first matter to which I bent attention, was the raising, to the top of the hill, of the remaining half of that portion of the topmast which the bo'sun had split in twain to procure the batten for the boat.

" She lingered an instant on his breast then, raising her tearful face, she silently pressed his hand, while she looked into those kind and honest eyes, that so strongly reminded her of eyes closed long ago.

"Nabob Green, as they call him, did actually contribute money for the raising of colored regiments.

This price it could then move upwards or downwards, raising, say, the price of mutton and reducing that of wool, until it found that the consumption of the two things was adjusted in the required ratio.

And, since nothing could be more calculated for raising in the minds of the audience a true passion for liberty, and a just abhorrence of slavery, how this play came to be discouraged, next to a prohibition, in the latter end of queen Anne's reign, I leave it to others to give a reason.'

This wanton cruelty inflicted by his lordship, of raising expectations in the mind, that he never intended to gratify, needs only be told to excite indignation.

A mother cannot cast off her own child simply because she does not interest her! CLAIRE: (an instant raising cool eyes to ADELAIDE)

CLAIRE: (raising her head, called by promised gladness) We'll run around together.

(with effort raising her eyes to the man)

And to the King of the Saxons, In witness of the truth, Raising his noble head, He stretched his brown hand, and said.

To such a man the development of the resources of his kingdom, the reform of abuses, and educational projects are of secondary importance; he gives his primary attention to raising and equipping armies, having in view the extension of his kingdom by aggressive and unjustifiable wars.

Not he but another officer superintends the raising, organising, and disciplining of the forces.

Heaven knows there's enough to swallow without any bugbears of your raising.

" "Then show him this and tell him I accept Mr. Goodman's offer unless he can find more profitable means of raising money.

When the treaty necessitates the raising of money, the house of representatives is generally consulted, also.

"What!" cried Mrs. Disbrowe, raising herself in the bed.

"Ah!" roared Malmayns, raising himself in bed, as he perceived her, "are you come back again, you she-devil?

With much difficulty I prevailed on them to remain, and, raising the men from the ground, I convinced them they had received no injury; upon which they unanimously attributed it to my great skill in magic, and loaded me with a thousand compliments, I repeated the experiment three or four times, to their inexpressible wonder, and I was at length almost hailed as a supernatural being.

The cruel lash fell again and again, raising great wheals on his pampered body: now he clutched Mr. Dunborough's arm only to be shaken off; now he grovelled on the floor; now he was plucked up again, now an ill-directed cut marked his cheek.

He answered only by a faint groan, and the man raising his eyebrows, looked gravely at the landlord; who, recovered from the astonishment into which the fury and suddenness of the assault had thrown him, turned his indignation on Mr. Dunborough.

Sir George marked the crimson stain on his lips, and raising his hand for silencefor the servants were beginning to crowd in with exclamations of horrorknelt down beside the chair, ready to support him in case of need.

Raising it to his lips, he said: "Julia, this same blessed hand has strewn my poor dear brother's grave with flowers.

But this was it that balked the gentry of Yorkshire, who went home again, giving the king good promises, but never appeared for him, till by raising a good army in Shropshire and Wales, he marched towards London, and they saw there was a prospect of their being supported.

But this, together with the charges he had been at in raising the regiment, and above ยฃ20,000 in money and plate, which at several times he had lent, or given rather to the king, had reduced our family to very ill circumstances; and now they talked of cutting down his woods.

He succeeded in raising it a little, but it soon got wedged in again, worse than before.

In raising himself, he was ever mindful to raise the art to which he had devoted himself, in general estimation.

So to the heart-lifting, hell-raising music of pipes and drums they marched down to the railway.

DIDDLER, JEREMY, a needy, artful swindler in Kenny's farce of "Raising the Wind.

When they go beyond that point, and as they increase the duties, the revenue is diminished or destroyed; the act ceases to have for its object the raising of money to support Government, but is for protection merely.

In the act declaring war Congress provided for raising men and money to enable the President "to prosecute it to a speedy and successful termination."

Signor LAGO ought to do good business "in front," as there's evidently no difficulty in "raising the wind.


Far below is a confused rustling and humming, and we continually bump against beams and ropes which are in motion, winding up and raising barrels of broken ore or of water.

ESTHER (on the other side, raising the overturned table with a quick movement).

He was belaboring an old, much-cracked violin, beating time not only by raising and lowering his foot, but also by a corresponding movement of his entire bent body.

" "I was in hopes that the bazaar would have blown over, but the Bishop has been demanding of Fuller and his churchwardens how soon they mean to put the building in hand, and this seems to be their only notion of raising money.

rasing 1 occurrences

Thus they fought [from sunrise] till it was past noon, and would not stint, till, at last both lacked wind, and then stood they wagging, staggering, panting, blowing, and bleeding ... and when they had rested them awhile, they went to battle again, trasing, rasing, and foyning, as two boars ...