Do we say raising or rasing

raising 3183 occurrences

The report, as it ran along the rocky shores, fell cheerily on the ears of the confederates, who, raising their eyes towards the consecrated banner, filled the air with their shouts.

But raising them up, he affectionately embraced them.

The hum of multitudes was there, but multitudes of lambs, Thousands of little boys and girls raising their innocent hands.

" "You love wheatthe raising of it, I mean?"

The government expected a nation-wide propaganda by the German interests which would be carried on secretly and boldly, in every conceivable way, to alienate the labor organizations, to bribe or menace the harvesters, to despoil crops, and particularly to put obstacles in the way of the raising and harvesting, the transporting and storing of wheat.

" During her later years at Vassar, Miss Mitchell interested herself personally in raising a fund to endow the chair of astronomy.

" "And that object in the camp is, I believe, a wildcat, worrying over our fine ham," remarked Frank, quietly raising the hammers of his shotgun.

It was not impossible for them to have done this in the beginning of this session; nor can it be supposed, that men so long versed in publick affairs, could not easily have proposed many other imposts; but it may be imagined, that they chose this out of many, without suspecting that it would be opposed; and believed, that they were at once raising supplies, and protecting the virtue of the people.

This, my lords, is the chief, if not the only argument that has been advanced, except that which is drawn from the necessity of raising supplies, and the danger of disgusting the other house.

Distracted by sad forebodings, poor Mr. Robertson forced his way to the water-port, but not before a savage mountainerriding furiously by himaimed a sabre-blow at him to cut him down; but, as the murderous arm was poised above, Mr. Robertson stooped, and, raising his arm at the time, warded it off; the miscreant then rode off, being satisfied at this cut at the detested Nazarene.

"Are you mournful?" "I?" said Baudin, raising his head, "I have never been more happy.

Schoelcher, raising his arm with authority, signed to the captain, who commanded the first squad, to halt.

'Time is being lost,' exclaimed one of them who had hardly entered; 'let us gird on our sashes; let us show the Representatives to the People, let us join it in raising barricades.'

A rumour of a design to declare the provinces independent had reached the Hut, in May; but the major's letter was silent on this important event, and positive information had arrived by no other channel; otherwise, the captain would have regarded the struggle as much more serious than he had ever done before; and he might have set about raising these all-important gates in earnest.

All this Maud knew from her father's conversations, and she saw how much had been obtained in raising the gates.

The distance was so small, that it might have been possible, by raising the voice, even to converse; but this would be an experiment too hazardous, as some hostile scouts, at that hour might very well be fearfully near.

" The men did as ordered, raising their load from the ground, a foot or two at a time.

Mr. Crosbie said, he thought it the greatest blasphemy to suppose evil spirits counteracting the Deity, and raising storms, for instance, to destroy his creatures.

He told me, when we were by ourselves, that he thought it very wrong in the printer to shew Warburton's letter, as it was raising a body of enemies against him.

"Hark!" said she, raising her head suddenly, and listening.

Shall I, the embassadress of gods and men, That pull'd proud Phoebe from her brightsome sphere, And dark'd Apollo's countenance with a word, Raising at pleasure storms, and winds, and earthquakes, Be overcrow'd, and breathe without revenge?

The soldier suspended his blow; and raising the king from the ground, with expressions of respect, received a handsome reward, and was taken into his service.

The smallness of this sum, with the difficulties which William found in raising it, suffices alone to refute the account which is heedlessly adopted by historians, of the enormous revenue of the Conqueror.

CLAIRE: (raising her head, called by promised gladness) We'll run around together.

(with effort raising her eyes to the man)

rasing 1 occurrences

Thus they fought [from sunrise] till it was past noon, and would not stint, till, at last both lacked wind, and then stood they wagging, staggering, panting, blowing, and bleeding ... and when they had rested them awhile, they went to battle again, trasing, rasing, and foyning, as two boars ...

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