Do we say raising or rasing

raising 3183 occurrences

I said, raising my head, though every movement was agony; but this pretence of superiority was more than I could bear.

"'N' I could wish," severely, raising her voice, "'s all others could profit likewise by this dispensation.

If you wish really to benefit them, it must be by raising their characters as men; and to do this, you must address them as such, irrespectively of the technicalities of their calling.

But Mildred thought he had fainted, and, raising the window, called loudly for Lucy Ransom, the only female domestic then in the house.

exclaimed Honoria, raising the curtain, "it must be he that is coming in.

The room in which we were adjoined Honoria's boudoir, from which a secret passage led down by a spiral to a panel behind hangings; raising these, one could enter the drawing-room unobserved.

He saw the ladies into their cab, and, raising his hat, went off.

"Come here, Mrs. Hill," he said, raising his voice.

The wolves lay first in his path, and he was raising his rifle to put a steel-capped bullet through the base of Kazan's brain, when Weyman caught him eagerly by the arm.

He was raising his rifle again.

Three-quarters drowned, he succeeded in raising his forepaws over a slender branch that projected from the dam.

"What was it?" "Why, you said men like Hightower are inclined to overlook the work of the church, and that it was the church's own fault; something about raising new questions when you settle old ones.

Having succeeded in raising themselves from the floor, they soon learn to stand, by holding to the object by which they have raised themselves.

That the marriage had been plotted by him, long beforehand, is made evident, by what he tells TRUE WIT, in the Second Act, that 'in one moment, he [TRUE WIT] had destroyed what he had been raising many months.

And Christianity accepts the tribute which even Pagan civilization offers for the adornment of our race,expelled from Paradise, and doomed to hard and bitter toils,without abdicating her more glorious office of raising the soul to heaven.

A mother cannot cast off her own child simply because she does not interest her! CLAIRE: (an instant raising cool eyes to ADELAIDE)

CLAIRE: (raising her head, called by promised gladness) We'll run around together.

Not he but another officer superintends the raising, organising, and disciplining of the forces.

Raising it to his lips, he said: "Julia, this same blessed hand has strewn my poor dear brother's grave with flowers.

So to the heart-lifting, hell-raising music of pipes and drums they marched down to the railway.

When they go beyond that point, and as they increase the duties, the revenue is diminished or destroyed; the act ceases to have for its object the raising of money to support Government, but is for protection merely.

In the act declaring war Congress provided for raising men and money to enable the President "to prosecute it to a speedy and successful termination."

Far below is a confused rustling and humming, and we continually bump against beams and ropes which are in motion, winding up and raising barrels of broken ore or of water.

ESTHER (on the other side, raising the overturned table with a quick movement).

He was belaboring an old, much-cracked violin, beating time not only by raising and lowering his foot, but also by a corresponding movement of his entire bent body.

rasing 1 occurrences

Thus they fought [from sunrise] till it was past noon, and would not stint, till, at last both lacked wind, and then stood they wagging, staggering, panting, blowing, and bleeding ... and when they had rested them awhile, they went to battle again, trasing, rasing, and foyning, as two boars ...

Do we say   raising   or  rasing