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362 examples of rambler in sentences

JOHNSON.' 'London, March 28, 1782.' Notwithstanding his afflicted state of body[470] and mind this year, the following correspondence affords a proof not only of his benevolence and conscientious readiness to relieve a good man from errour, but by his cloathing one of the sentiments in his Rambler in different language, not inferiour to that of the original, shews his extraordinary command of clear and forcible expression.

The Rambler, No.123. 'Every class of society has its cant of lamentation.'

The chaplain of the factory at Petersburgh relates that the Rambler is now, by the command of the Empress, translating into Russian, and has promised, when it is printed, to send me a copy.'

Johnson, in The Rambler, No. 28, had almost foretold what would happen.

Transient clouds darkened my imagination, and in those clouds I saw events from which I shrunk; but a sentence or two of the Rambler's conversation gave me firmness, and I considered that I was upon an expedition for which I had wished for years, and the recollection of which would be a treasure to me for life.

To see Dr. Johnson in any new situation is always an interesting object to me; and, as I saw him now for the first time on horseback, jaunting about at his ease in quest of pleasure and novelty, the very different occupations of his former laborious life, his admirable productions, his London, his Rambler, &c. &c., immediately presented themselves to my mind, and the contrast made a strong impression on my imagination.

To see the Rambler as I saw him to-night, was really an amusement.

It pleased me to see that the Rambler could practise so well his own lessons.

When he was going away, Dr. Johnson said, 'I shall ever retain a great regard for you;' then asked him if he had The Rambler.

I thought it very inconsistent with that conduct which I ought to maintain, while the companion of the Rambler.

The truth is, he knew nothing of the danger we were in but, fearless and unconcerned, might have said, in the words which he has chosen for the motto to his Rambler, 'Quo me cunque rapit tempestas, deferor hospes.[770]' Once, during the doubtful consultations, he asked whither we were going; and upon being told that it was not certain whether to Mull or Col, he cried, 'Col for my money!'

In the afternoon I read and write and mend, and then I take a light supper in the arbor on the east side of the house under a crimson rambler, one of the first ever planted here over thirty years ago.

I must tell you about that crimson rambler.

So I threw up an arbor between them, and the crimson rambler now mounts eight feet in the air.

I remember that it was about four in the afternoon when I was sitting in the arbor under the crimson rambler, which was a glory of bloom, that Pere came and stood near by on the lawn, looking off.

The rambler in the highlands of the North knows so well what the wretchedness of being shut up by bad weather in a mountain inn means, that he may have grown reconciled to it, and have learnt how to spend a day under such circumstances pleasantly.

Johnson, Rambler, Vol.

JOHNSON, Rambler. ANALYSIS.Here the first period is a compound sentence, containing two clauses,which are connected by that.

"Rambler, No. 189.

"Rambler, No. 183.

"Rambler, No. 41.

"Rambler, No. 194.

" Rambler, No. 4.

(The Rambler audio-visual teaching series.

You'll find that buckskin a mighty likely rambler.

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