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1194 example sentences with  rambling

1194 example sentences with rambling

And, rambling on ... 1819.]

He seems to have been specially marked out by Nature for prominence as an explorer, for, from his earliest boyhood he was fond of rambling through the bush, and his father encouraged him in his desire for a free country life and his love of adventure.

When she is not violent, her rambling chat is better to me than the sense and sanity of this world.

At last the summit is reached, and, disembarking, the tourists can seek refreshments in the hotel, which will cater to their wants, and then spend the time before the train returns in enjoying the view, and in rambling over the seventy acres of broken granite which form the summit.

At The Goblets, a rambling old inn with paved courtyard and wooden galleries, which almost backed on to the churchyard, brother-captains attributed it to an error of judgment; at the Two Schooners on the quay the profanest of sailormen readily attributed it to an all-seeing Providence with a dislike of over-bearing ship-masters.

On the next day, and the next, sunshine and summer skies still prevailed; but Mr. Hammond did not seem to care for rambling far afield.

The troops were kept within the camp, except so far as necessary wants compelled them to quit it; and fetched in food and wood not by small nor rambling parties.

" Old Ike had been rambling around the house, and observing from the outside that Draxy's position was strange, had compelled Hannah to go into the room.

When I see him rambling in the village, I begin to say: "Good people, the cock is loose, take care of your hens."

He was not rambling now.

"A few evenings afterwards, I was sitting in the parlor of one of the many little inns I visited while rambling on the banks of the Tweed, when the waitress informed me that 'a sodger is speerin' after the colonel.'

Patrick thanked Joe and walked fifty yards through trees to a rambling house with clapboard siding stained brown.

And it is to be supposed that there was much happiness in the great rambling snow-covered farmhouse up north when Joel's telegram was received; for Joel could not wait for the mail to carry the good news, but must needs run at once to the village and spend a bit of his prospective fortune on a "night message."

A gale howled around the dark Jackson Street corner of the long, rambling station, and Spike defensively covered both ears with his gloved hands.

To the right of the long, rambling structure he could see the occasional glare of switch engines and track-walkers' lanterns in the railroad yards.

There was something sinister in the unfriendly shadow of the rambling house.

It was a rambling, dilapidated, two-story structure, sadly in need of paint and repairs, and bespeaking occupancy by a family none too well blessed with the better things of existence.

Chapter II After the note announcing her safe arrival a week of silence passed, and then a letter came; there were various suggestions for my welfare, and the rest was the usual rambling information and description Frances loved, generously italicized.

He was rambling in a frightful manner; and as his ravings turned upon the most loathly matters, it required some firmness to listen to them.

Sometimes a parcel of his friends,he never was at college, hasn't any chums, and has educated himself by all manner of out-of-the-way dodges,sometimes these friends, odd specimens, old music-masters, rambling artists, seedy tutors, fencers, boxers, hunters, clowns, all light down together, and then the neighborhood rings with this precious covey: the rest of the year, may-be, he don't see an individual.

Very soon we are rambling over the hills,those of Nature's rearing, and others formed by the accumulation of refuse brought up from the mine.

He was rambling in imagination on these terraces, when he heard the cough once more.

My door opens; I am rambling under the spacious porticoes of the street of Po; a thousand charming phantoms dance before my eyes.

And a little farther out through an opening in the woods, she saw a white and green bungalow, low and rambling, wide-verandahed, set on a hillock three hundred yards back from shore.

In rambling through the eastern provinces of Bavaria, some few springs ago, I chanced to arrive one glowing afternoon at the post-house of an inconsiderable town; which, from the grass-grown tranquillity of its streets, and from a peculiar air of self-oblivion, appeared to be basking fast asleep in the sunshine.

50 So, for the rest, with less incumbrance hung, You walk through life, unmingled with the young; And view the shade and substance as you pass With joint endeavour trifling at the glass, Or Folly dress'd, and rambling all her days, To meet her counterpart, and grow by praise: Yet still sedate yourself, and gravely plain, You neither fret, nor envy at the vain.

Bath is a picturesque little village, embowered in perpetual green, and lying at the foot of a mountain on one side, and on the other by the margin of a rambling little river.

'Miss Glynn was very fond of flowers,' he said Suddenly, 'and she helped me with my garden; it was she who told me to plant roses in that corner, and to cover the wall with rambling robin.

Was it not a very pretty idea to cover that end of the garden with rambling roses?' 'It was indeed.

She thought rather crossly that she could not sit through a meal at home and listen to Mathilde rambling on about love and Mr. Farron.

In one of the nooks of this tableland, two miles from the station at Tisted and four from Petersfield, is Selborne, made for ever famous by Gilbert White, who lived at The Wakes, the picturesque rambling old house opposite the church.

Yet underneath the rambling chatter Virginia was aware of something new in her consciousness, something delicious but as yet vague.

" And we have to-day Been rambling away To gather the flowers most fair, Which we sat beneath An old oak to wreath While fanned by the balmy air.

It was with a very bad grace that Sir Charles obeyed the curt orders he received, to leave the cab, to enter at a side door of the Prefecture, to follow this pompous conductor along the long vaulted passages of this rambling building, up many flights of stone stairs, to halt obediently at his command when at length they reached a closed door on an upper story.

And Marie watched him at work over his stones, spent her spare time in rambling in search of those which she had learned he liked, and laid upon his table without remark each new discovery of quartz, or crystal, or pebble.

It was cast into the shape of a dialogue,the Duke of Dorset being one of the respondents,and formed the first specimen of Dryden's easy, rambling, but most vivid, vigorous, and entertaining prose.

Their task was difficult, as anyone acquainted with the rambling, mumbling, confused and baffling character of plantation negro testimony will easily believe; and the convictions and acquittals were of course oftentimes erroneous.

One lounged in Sussex Square, another lounged in Montpellier Road, one or two others who apparently enjoyed this fresh air but did not care about the town itself, usually went to the station after breakfast, and spent the day in rambling agreeably about the downs.

The Alhambra in Spain I have never seen; I am told that it is a low and rambling building; I allude to the far more dignified erection in Leicester Square.

We were obliged to give up our passports at the barrier, the officer telling us to call for them in three hours at the City Police Office; we spent the intervening time very agreeably in rambling through this gay, cheerful-looking town.

In rambling through the crooked streets, we saw everywhere the remains of the splendor which this place boasted in the days of Rome.

We have spent much toil and privation to reach here, and now, after two weeks' rambling and musing among the mighty relics of past glory, we turn our faces homeward.

This is a rambling, scrambling letter, but I don't care, and don't believe you do.

She would spend hours rambling in the woods, collecting ferns, mosses, trailing vines, and every lovely bit of blossom and greenery that met her eyeand nothing pretty escaped itand there was always an added freshness and brightness in her face when she came home laden with these treasures, and eager to exhibit them.

The rambling garden is full of old-time, hardy plants and roses, and oh, what good times we shall have together there next spring, for of course she will stop with me when she is getting things in order, and I can spare her enough roots and cuttings to fill every spare inch of ground,so, with Sylvia at Pine Ridge, what more can I ask?

From the following lines of Oppian, the rambling spirit of eels seems to have been known to the ancients

I breakfasted with him next morning, and remained with him all that day and the next; and the weather being fine, we spent the time in rambling on the hills and sailing on the lake; and all the time he manifested a delightful flow of spirits, as well as a kind sincerity of manner, repeating convivial poems and ballads, and always between hands breaking jokes on his nephew, young Coleridge, in whom he seemed to take great delight.

Those rays that from his shaken locks do flow; Meantime, by truant love of rambling led, I turn my back on thy detested walls, Proud City!

It is a rambling tale to-night and a half thawed brain.

Meredith, in the course of the somewhat rambling narrative, "experiences religion," and the heroine then feels for him that affection which she did not feel even in those moments when he recklessly risked his life to save hers.

"From such Persons it is, one may learn more in one Day, than in a Years rambling from one Inn to another.

"The body is slenderly put together; the mind, a rambling sort of thing.

And yet the Rime of Sir Thopas, who goes seeking an elf queen for his mate, and is encountered by the giant Sir Olifaunt, burlesques these same romances with their impossible adventures and their tedious rambling descriptions.

Some part of this deviation was, perhaps, owing to the nature of the stanza; for the structure of the quatrain prohibited the bard, who used it, from rambling into those digressive similes, which, in the pindaric strophe, might be pursued through endless ramifications.

Late one night he found himself wandering aimlessly around the outskirts of O. Rambling over the dewy grass he came across a narrow path leading to a little gate which he found open.

Certainly the theological disquisitions of Mr. WELLS are remarkable not for their formal logic, but for their provocative quality and the very real eloquence of detached passages of the rambling argument.

I got to rambling round and finally got to Arkansas.

Judging that it would be better for those verses to be regularly married to music, than that they should form temporary connexions with any rambling tunes about town, Mr. J. Blewitt has at last kindly provided them with airs that are airs of character, and made their alliance with music of the correct and permanent kind.

He was left rambling from place to place the time she was put within walls.

Staffy: No person at all would stretch out his hand to a lad would be rambling and walking the world, and it in its darkness and sleep, and be drowsing and miching from labour through the hours the sun has command of.

X. The next thing was that, instead of rambling and straggling over a large subject, each sermon seized a single thought, or definite view, or real difficulty or objection, and kept closely and distinctly to it; and at the same time treated it with a largeness and grasp and ease which only a full command over much beyond it could give.

I was now pretty well cured of my rambling to sea; yet I could wish my boat, which had cost me so much trouble and pains, on this side the island once more, but which indeed was impracticable.

Two years did I live in this anxious condition, in all which time, contrary to my former resolutions, my head was filled with nothing but projects and designs, how I might escape from this island; and so much were my wandering thoughts bent upon a rambling disposition that had I had the same boat that I went from Sallee in, I should have ventured once more to the uncertainty of the raging ocean.

The spectacled hunchback had repeated it, with noisy appreciation, had tossed it towards the fair-haired student with an evident provocation, and had started one of these vague, rambling discussions on generalities, so unaccountably dear to the student mind all the world over.

I tell you I was fair rambling.

There are dogs basking on doorsteps, larger dogs rambling with idleness in the slow sway of their tails, and overhead black swifts (whose nests are in the roofs of the higher houses) dash to and fro, uttering their shrill screech.

(From a piquant, rambling paper in Fraser's Magazine.)

The rustling leaves still murmur'd there; The rambling woodbine flower Its twilight breath, exhal'd to cheer The outcast's desert bower!

In 1818 he left England for the United States, and spent nearly two years in rambling through that country.

I was more shocked than surprised, for I had been informed of the character of the New Zealanders long before my arrival amongst them; still, the coming suddenly and unexpectedly upon a sight like this completely sickened me of rambling, at least for that day, and I hastened back to Mr. Butler's, eager to inquire into the particulars of the horrid catastrophe.

But, however useful this taboo system is to the natives, it is a great inconvenience to a stranger who is rambling over the country, for if he does not use the greatest caution, and procure a guide, he may get himself into a serious dilemma before his rambles be over, which had nearly been the case with our party this day.

He lived in a great, rambling one-story log house on the Nolichucky, a rude, irregular building with broad verandas and great stone fire-places.

Another half-hour found him muttering and rambling weakly.

He lived in a very old house with long rambling corridors, surrounded by a moat, which we crossed' by means of a drawbridge.

I have now finished these poor lectures, and as you look back on them, they doubtless seem rambling and inconclusive enough.

It would be a rotten dinner probably followed by a deadly dull evening with a snuffy old fossil who would tell him long-winded, rambling anecdotes of what New York had been like when there were wild goats in Central Park.

The next day I again faced northward, and walked as far as Caxton, a small, rambling village, which looked as if it had not shaved and washed its face, and put on a clean shirt for a shocking length of time.

It was very old and rambling, rose-covered in front, ivy-covered behind; it stood on the top of Harrow Hill, between the church and the school, and had once been the vicarage of the parish, but the vicar had left it because it was so far removed from the part of the village where all his work lay.

If the paragraph is long and rambling, condense by omitting the least important parts.

Much was yet left undone; his lines with all their smoothness were often rambling, and expletives were frequently introduced to compleat his measures.

The Ideal is a ponderous and unattractive volume, ill arranged and rambling, which its style and other circumstances have caused to be almost forgotten.

No one suspected that Sterne, not content with borrowing his trick of rambling from Rabelais, and his airs of erudition from Burton, and his fooleries from Bruscambille, had coolly transferred whole passages from the second of these writers, not only without acknowledgment, but with the intention, obviously indicated by his mode of procedure, of passing them off as his own.

But the jungle was impenetrable; so, after rambling for an hour or two, at the expense of nearly tearing the clothes off our backs, and emulating the folly of the wise man of Thessaly, we again determined to make for Pritie, or at least to try and find it.

There ought to be some lovely rambling passageways, and steps up and steps down, and rooms where you don't expect them, and a splendid atticand perhaps a secret staircase.

So far as I have seen them, in connection with the dirtiest book-stalls in the poorest districts, the facts are simply these: The whole bewildering mass of vulgar juvenile literature is concerned with adventures, rambling, disconnected and endless.

His vast knowledge occasioned his frequent rambling from the point he was speaking to, which ran him into discourses of so universal a nature, that there was no end to be expected but from a failure of his strength and spirits, of both which he had a larger share than most men; which were accompanied with a most invincible assurance."

I spent my last day in preparing for my removal, and in rambling for some hours amongst the hills, with which I had become too familiar to separate without a pang.

You call Moody a rambling preacher;it is true enough; but his preaching will do to catch rambling sinners, and you are all runaways from the Lord."

You call Moody a rambling preacher;it is true enough; but his preaching will do to catch rambling sinners, and you are all runaways from the Lord."

A fine young fellow enough, and sufficiently rich too" "All which rambling talk and anecdote," cried I, interrupting him, "means, if I have any skill in reading Mr. Ferret, that that gentleman, having some ulterior purpose in view, which I cannot for the moment divine, is determined to have this writ, and does not wish to be pestered with any argument on the subject.

Then beneath his dense paragraphs and through his rambling pages his humility will greet us, and fraternal regards draw us irresistibly to him.

Julia and I have been rambling in the garden.

In close proximity to the church stands the vicarage, once the Priory; a quaint old rambling building, surrounded by magnificent old trees.

We became immediately on arriving in Firenze la gentile (after a little tour in Savoy, introduced as an interlude after our locomotive rambling fashion) the guests of Lady Bulwer, who then inhabited in the Palazzo Passerini an apartment far larger than she needed, till we could find a lodging for ourselves.

Swan's expression is also what telegraphs to viewers that Trump's rambling during an exchange about charts is, indeed, utterly incoherent wearing a polite listening face instead would have been misleading.

A second vehicle allegedly used as a look-out car was linked by detectives to a woman described as Daniel's then-Romanian partner, the police officer told the court in a rambling witness statement.

Those theories figured in a rambling news conference that Rudolph W. Giuliani, the president’s personal lawyer, held with other members of his legal team on Thursday.

Wallach was especially irked by Polis rambling on about how he understood the value of bars even if he no longer goes to them, as he did in his twenties.

Rambling Rose - The Best Of Nat 'King' Cole.

This book is rambling and repetitious and it is unclear to me how sound its political analysis is.