133 examples of ramification in sentences

"Full of ramifications, that event, Miss Wall.

"I cannot help thinking," he went on, "that Francisco dimly perceived that he was the victim of a careful plotone sees something like that in all these ramifications.

At that time I and others followed out the subject into its ramifications, and could have composed a very useful treatise, grounded on my father's principles.

There came a definite, hard glint into Livius's eyes; he had a name for being sharper to detect intrigue and its ramifications than even the sharp outline of his face would indicate.

[Division into two parts.] bisection N. bisection, bipartition; dichotomy, subdichotomy^; halving &c v.; dimidiation^. bifurcation, forking, branching, ramification, divarication; fork, prong; fold. half, moiety.

child, son, daughter; butcha^; bantling, scion; acrospire^, plumule^, shoot, sprout, olive-branch, sprit^, branch; off-shoot, off- set; ramification; descendant; heir, heiress; heir-apparent, heir- presumptive; chip off the old block; heredity; rising generation.

arborescence^, branching, ramification; arbor vitae.

Divergence N. divergence, divergency^; divarication, ramification, forking; radiation; separation &c (disjunction) 44; dispersion &c 73; deviation &c 279; aberration.

I think it would be a great pityin fact, a great disasterif, in a crisis of this magnitude, we were not enabled to make provisionprovision far more needed now than it was under the simpler conditions that prevailed in the old daysfor all the various ramifications and developments of expenditure which the existence of a state of war between the Great Powers of Europe must entail on any one of them.

If a railroad is built through one of them, it infuses some enterprise; the social corpse is galvanized by the fresh blood of civilization that pulses along the farthest ramifications of our great system of commercial highways.

A cedar, very common above the Highlands on the Hudson, is extremely like the cypress, straight, slender, with erect, compressed ramification, and feathered to the ground, but its foliage is neither so dark nor so dense, the tree does not attain the majestic height of the cypress, nor has it the lithe flexibility of that tree.

Through every ramification of the complicated system of government, recommendations and testimonials play the greatest rôle,the first necessary step for advancement being the completion of the university studiesAnd by public functionaries must not be understood merely those holding high civil or military grades.

The bank is thus converted into a vast electioneering engine, with means to embroil the country in deadly feuds, and, under cover of expenditures in themselves improper, extend its corruption through all the ramifications of society.

The plain begins to undulate, for we are approaching the outer ramifications of the eastern orographic system.

There is no knowing what tricks water may play in this fantastic region, where the tendency of rivers is to flow underground, and where one gallery may be connected with a ramification of water-courses extending over many miles of country, and with reservoirs which empty themselves periodically by means of natural syphons.

The first and obvious difference consists in the fact that the whole nation is now penetrated by the ramifications of a network of iron nerves which flash sensation and volition backward and forward to and from towns and provinces as if they were organs and limbs of a single living body.

There were heavy black lines, inked in with a pen, tracing out the various ramifications of a great railway system.

Revelations in Madison County, Mississippi, in 1835 shortly before July 4, told of a conspiracy of whites and blacks scheduled for that day as a ramification of the general plot of the Murrell gang recently exposed.

they [Transcriber's note: fragment of word only in original, presume "might"] differ from each other in parts and genius, they sought the same road to poetical fame, by starting the most unnatural images which their imaginations could conceive, or by hunting more common allusions through the most minute and circumstantial particulars and ramifications.

Some part of this deviation was, perhaps, owing to the nature of the stanza; for the structure of the quatrain prohibited the bard, who used it, from rambling into those digressive similes, which, in the pindaric strophe, might be pursued through endless ramifications.

And in this series or ramification of the sciences, the more general science will not suffice to solve the problems of the more special.

It is strange into what ramifications the disbelief of external justification will extend; we will make it internal, whether it be by self-mortification, by works of evangelical obedience, or by the sacraments, and that just at the time when we suppose most that we are magnifying the work of the Lord.

It proved, on examination, that every twig had on the leeward side a dense row of miniature fronds or fern-leaves executed in snow, with a sharply defined central nerve, or midrib, and perfect ramification, tapering to a point, and varying in length from half an inch to three inches.

CAMORRA, a secret society in Naples with wide ramifications, which at one time had by sheer terrorism considerable political influence in the country; when steps were taken by Francis II.

This, therefore, seems to be the sum total of existence; the explanation of which, with all its interesting ramifications, is more fully explained by the learned professors in what is called the science of chemistry.

133 examples of  ramification  in sentences
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