133 examples of ramification in sentences

To secure a conquest, it was always necessary to plant a colony, and territories, thus occupied and settled, were rightly considered, as mere extensions, or processes of empire; as ramifications which, by the circulation of one publick interest, communicated with the original source of dominion, and which were kept flourishing and spreading by the radical vigour of the mother-country.

" It has been urged a thousand times in defence of the upholders of slavery in its various ramifications, that they are in reality, as a body, opposed to the system, and would readily conform to any change that would be sufficiently comprehensive to indemnify them from present and future loss.

The lower leaves of this plant grow under water, and are divided into minute capillary ramifications; while the upper leaves are broad and round, and have air-bladders in their footstalks to support them above the surface of the water.

[Division into two parts.] bisection N. bisection, bipartition; dichotomy, subdichotomy^; halving &c v.; dimidiation^. bifurcation, forking, branching, ramification, divarication; fork, prong; fold. half, moiety.

child, son, daughter; butcha^; bantling, scion; acrospire^, plumule^, shoot, sprout, olive-branch, sprit^, branch; off-shoot, off- set; ramification; descendant; heir, heiress; heir-apparent, heir- presumptive; chip off the old block; heredity; rising generation.

arborescence^, branching, ramification; arbor vitae.

Divergence N. divergence, divergency^; divarication, ramification, forking; radiation; separation &c (disjunction) 44; dispersion &c 73; deviation &c 279; aberration.

Thus these mercantile companies, with their hundred ramifications, largely influenced the economy of every Roman of note.

" Mr. Wilks sat upright and, in the mental struggle involved in taking in this insult in all its ramifications, did not notice until too late that Miss Nugent had filled his glass again.

Cairo, Illinois, in the West, became the center of such activities extending its ramifications into all parts of the invaded southern territory.

When we consider the various classes migrating, however, it will be apparent that to understand the exodus of the Negroes to the North, this longer drawn out and smaller movement must be carefully studied in all its ramifications.

I doubt not these fellows have aided Monsieur in perplexing his brain respecting the diverse, the world-wide ramifications of this physiological problem.

A cedar, very common above the Highlands on the Hudson, is extremely like the cypress, straight, slender, with erect, compressed ramification, and feathered to the ground, but its foliage is neither so dark nor so dense, the tree does not attain the majestic height of the cypress, nor has it the lithe flexibility of that tree.

Through every ramification of the complicated system of government, recommendations and testimonials play the greatest rôle,the first necessary step for advancement being the completion of the university studiesAnd by public functionaries must not be understood merely those holding high civil or military grades.

There is no knowing what tricks water may play in this fantastic region, where the tendency of rivers is to flow underground, and where one gallery may be connected with a ramification of water-courses extending over many miles of country, and with reservoirs which empty themselves periodically by means of natural syphons.

People don't realize it even on the spotbut it's a world movement with ramifications everywhere.

Hence follow family alliances, the interchange of hospitalities, and a fusion of sentiments, so that the slavery interest spreads its countless ramifications through every corner of the free north.

2. Again let it be remembered that in this case we should have the special advantage of carrying out the work on a carefully organised plan and in connection with a scheme possessing immense ramifications all over India and the world.

In 1846 a prisoner under arrest at Cheraw, South Carolina, professed to reveal a new conspiracy for slave stealing with ramifications from Virginia to Texas; but the details appear not to have been published.

Revelations in Madison County, Mississippi, in 1835 shortly before July 4, told of a conspiracy of whites and blacks scheduled for that day as a ramification of the general plot of the Murrell gang recently exposed.

And in this series or ramification of the sciences, the more general science will not suffice to solve the problems of the more special.

This delay occasioned the bitter quarrel between Newton and Leibnitz,a quarrel exaggerated by narrow-minded partisans, and in truth not very creditable, in all its ramifications, to either party.

Of every hundred pounds paid by the ratepayers how much is absorbed in the maintenance of the institution and its ramifications, and how very little reaches poor deserving Hodge!

It proved, on examination, that every twig had on the leeward side a dense row of miniature fronds or fern-leaves executed in snow, with a sharply defined central nerve, or midrib, and perfect ramification, tapering to a point, and varying in length from half an inch to three inches.

Agriculture, which would have a new and extensive market opened for its produce; commerce, whose ships would be freighted with the rich productions of an extensive and fertile region; and the mechanical arts, in all their various ramifications, would seem to unite in one universal demand for the ratification of the treaty.

133 examples of  ramification  in sentences