92 examples of ramond in sentences

He made no reply, but seemed like one stupefied; and it was only through the eloquence of one of his friends, M. Ramond, that he was saved from the impeachment with which Guadet and Vergniaud openly threatened him for quitting the army without leave.

Ramond's oratory succeeded in carrying through the Assembly a motion in his favor, and several companies of the National Guard and a vast multitude of the citizens showed their sympathy with his views by escorting him with acclamations to his hotel.

Ramond, M.. Red cap of liberty worn.

Ramond would never be able to decipher my diabolical writing.

The young girl was sufficiently acquainted with his researches to keep his manuscripts in some degree of order; and he gladly employed her as his secretary; he made her copy his notes when some confrere and friend, like Dr. Ramond asked him to send him some document.

If I were to speak to Ramond he would willingly lend us a thousand francs, which we could return to him when our affairs are arranged.

Ramond, whom she had rejected, who was now married and settled in a house in the new town, in a fair way to become the fashionable physician of the place, and to make a fortune!

It is to Ramond that we must apply.

Ramond was absent from home, attending a consultation at Marseilles, and he would not be back until the following evening.

Ramond, an old friend of Clotilde's, some three years her junior, who received them.

But the doctor, naturally, did not prefer his request, and contented himself with saying, in explanation of his visit, that he had missed Ramond.

And when you have collected all my other manuscripts, send them to Ramond.

"Clotilde, swear to me that you will keep the envelopes, and that you will send all my other papers to Ramond.

That poor Ramond, how gladly he would have embraced him!

"You don't know why I have come?" cried Ramond immediately.

" Ramond, listening again, said in an undertone: "Yes, the beat is strong, the first sound is dull, while the second, on the contrary, is sharp.

Ramond cried gaily from the door: "Victory, master!

Ramond evaded a direct answer, however, with a jestwas it really a physician who put such a question? "Let us be serious, Ramond, I beg of you.

Now that I am better, that I can breathe easier, do me the favor to run to Dr. Ramond's.

But at this instant hurried footsteps mounted the stairs, and a moment later Ramond entered, followed by Martine.

" Then in a stronger voice, he said almost gaily: "My friend Ramond, it may not be a very great present that I am giving you, but I am going to leave you my manuscripts.

"Ah, my dear Ramond," he continued, "if one could only live life over again.

Ah, what an incorrigible old fool I am!" Ramond caught his hands in an outburst of admiration and affection.

But Clotilde received the final and terrible blow when she saw Ramond standing at the hall door, apparently waiting for her.

"The key of the press is under his pillow," said Ramond, lowering his voice; "he told me repeatedly to tell you so.

92 examples of  ramond  in sentences
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