1057 examples of ranger in sentences

It is not likely that the fine young officer noticed the rough-clad ranger; but they were to know more of each other at a future time.

"Ye know that herrin'-gutted bush-ranger over yonder?

" "That's right, Mr. Ranger," said Patrick, eying his new pupil dubiously.

"I've been thinking a great deal, this last week, about Hiram Ranger.

"Arthur Ranger," continued Whitney, languid and absent, "has got out of the beaten track of business" "Yes; look at Hiram's children!" urged Matilda.

The Forest Ranger's Story XVI.

Myra's Prayer and the Ranger's Warning XXI.

Slim Evans, air ranger.

SNOW, CHARLES H. The Red Gash outlaws, by Ranger Lee, pseud.

VANDERBILT, HAROLD S. On the wind's highway; ranger, rainbow and racing.

Rocky Mountain ranger.

<pb id='077.png' /> The ranger.

Jess Roundtree, Texas ranger.

Jess Roundtree, Texas ranger.

LEE, RANGER, pseud.

By Ranger Lee, pseud.

LEE, RANGER, pseud.

The Lone Ranger rides north.

Lone Ranger Television, Inc. (PWH); 21Feb74; R570548. R570549.

In the meantime, Lorry, with two pack-animals and Gray Leg, rode the hills and cañons, attending to the many duties of a ranger.

He wondered if they ever thought of him, and he wished that they might know he was now a full-fledged ranger with man-size responsibilities.

A thousand Chases, Forests, Parks: I'le make thee Chief ranger over all the games.

And on the moment, Ranger, dusty and lame from travel, trotted wearily into the glade and, looking at the lioness, gave one disgusted bark and flopped down.


Ranger, because of imperfectly developed teeth rendering mastication difficult, had to have his share cut into very small pieces.

1057 examples of  ranger  in sentences