1057 examples of ranger in sentences

Mrs. Clive is at least as perfect in low comedyand yet to me, Ranger was the part that suited Garrick the best of all he ever performed.

It was at her first Hunt Ball, on the occasion of her debut, that she had met young Guy Ranger, and she looked back to that ball with all its tender reminiscences as the beginning of all things.

"Oh, Jeffcott," she said, "I'd never have given in if Mr. Ranger hadn't stopped writing.

Weren't that from Mr. Ranger, missie?"

She paused a moment; then very slowly, "The last letter I had from Guy Ranger," she said, "was more than six weeks agothe day that the squire brought Madam to the Manor.

"I have to tell you," she said, addressing them both impersonally, "that my engagement to Guy Ranger is unbroken.

And Guy Ranger, as I think we settled last night, has probably married half a dozen blacks already.

Burke Ranger spoke with steady eyes looking straight into hers.

" "He is changed," said Burke Ranger.

" "Yes, I know," said Ranger.

"Wait a bit!" said Burke Ranger.

Ranger insisted upon it, and since he was evidently hungry himself it seemed churlish not to keep him company.

Burke Ranger spoke with suppressed force.

"Hedrinks, does he?" "He does everything he ought not to do, except steal," said Ranger bluntly.

"Doesn't hewant to see me?" "Just now," said Ranger grimly, "he is too busy thinking about his own troubles to worry about anyone else's.

" "And, still you want to see him?" said Burke Ranger.

" "If I did," said Ranger, dropping his voice, "it would be to tell him to go to hell!"

"Be ready to start in an hour from now!" CHAPTER VIII THE COMRADE That twenty-mile ride in Burke Ranger's high cart, with a pair of skittish young horses pulling at the reins, was an experience never to be eradicated from Sylvia's memory.

She clung to her perch with both hands, and mutely admired Burke Ranger's firm control and deftness.

"Ritter Spruit," said Ranger.

If Ranger had not previously impressed her with his level-headedness she would have thought him mad.

"I am going to like South Africa," she said, "I wonder!" said Ranger.

"Don't you do that!" said Ranger.

Burke Ranger's eyes dwelt upon it as he moved to join her.

"Nor he me," said Burke Ranger.

1057 examples of  ranger  in sentences