230 examples of rapturous in sentences

But of them Muller says that the Dionusos whom they worshipped "was an infernal deity, connected with Hades, and was the personification, not merely of rapturous pleasure, but of a deep sorrow for the miseries of human life."

Polly beamed with smiles, and gave a rapturous look at the treasure that was so soon to be hers.

affectionate, tender, sweet upon, sympathetic, loving; amorous, amatory; fond, erotic, uxorious, ardent, passionate, rapturous, devoted, motherly. loved &c v.. beloved well beloved, dearly beloved; dear, precious, darling, pet, little; favorite, popular.

He has travelled a long way from his master Fra Angelico here: the heaven is of the visible rather than the invisible eye; sense is present as well as the rapturous spirit.

Natalie was still continuing her studies, making unprecedented progress, to the rapturous delight of the Signor; while Winnie enlivened the whole household.

Mary repeated; and the names seemed to rouse in her a rapturous recollection.

In rapturous ecstasy at the touch of her dear lips he rose to heights of exaltation that left his other efforts far behind.

So might a poet have looked, while steeped in mournfully rapturous daydreams of remembered passion and severance.

I give his Text and Commentary; they occur in his beautiful poem, "Human Life," speaking of a girl in love, he says: "soon her looks the rapturous truth avow, Lovely before, oh, say how lovely now!"

My heart bounded with a sudden thrill of rapturous excitement at this first view of the Alps!

I was sorry to hear of the loss of that friend of the Thurstons in the Austria, for I heard Ellen speak of her in the most rapturous manner.

It seems to me that in her new novel Mrs. CONYERS, wisely refusing to stray to that suburbia in which her gifts lack this charm, has recaptured much of the careless rapture of her earliest books; and very careless and very rapturous they wore.

The picture of Shelley himself is delightfully drawn; it is a perfect mixture of rapturous admiration of Shelley's fine qualities, with an acute perception of his absurdities.

And if Goethe had lived to read the Rev. W.W. Gill's Savage Life in Polynesia, he might have found therein (118) a story of cannibal "love" still more calculated to arouse his rapturous enthusiasm "An ill-looking but brave warrior of the cannibal tribe of Ruanae, named Vete, fell violently in love with a pretty girl named Tanuau, who repelled his advances and foolishly reviled him for his ugliness.

They are rapturous!" Farewell Nirvana!

" "Oh, Sweet, 'tis excess of gladness that thou art wifewife, the word alone fills me with rapturous exaltation.

The thing is to care in an unreasonable and rapturous way about beautiful things, and not to know why one cares.

After two days of rapturous honeymooning Napoleon was on his way to join his army in Italy, as reluctant a bridegroom as ever left Cupid at the bidding of Mars.

480 And as the desert hath green spots, the sea Small islands scattered amid stormy waves, So that disastrous period did not want Bright sprinklings of all human excellence, To which the silver wands of saints in Heaven 485 Might point with rapturous joy.

Well might King James himself exclaim when standing, not many years previously, on the very spot where Jocelyn now stood, and looking upon London for the first time since his accession to the throne of Englandwell might he exclaim in rapturous accents, as he gazed on the magnificence of his capital"At last the richest jewel in a monarch's crown is mine!"

And in a burst of rapturous tears I clung to her and said: "Dear Pitty-pat!

The spotless innocence and truth That clothed my maiden soul about! Bring back the grace of girlhood gone, The rapturous zest of other days!

I can appreciate their rapturous memories.

Singularly enough, however, Mr. Bainrothe seemed secretly to prefer me at this period, however much he openly inclined to her, and he lost no occasion of privately speaking to me in rapturous terms (such as I never heard him employ in the presence of Evelyn and my father) of his only son, then absent in Germany engaged in the prosecution of his studies, but to return home, he told me, to remain, as soon as he had completed his majority.

I might say, I know the young ladies best by one being rapturous about Tartar and the other about Mungo.

230 examples of  rapturous  in sentences