230 examples of rapturous in sentences

Like a big round shot it whizzed through the posts, and there was a rapturous yell of "Goal!"

And for Abindarraez, whose heart and valiant might, You praise and from the window watch, with rapturous delight" The lady stopped, for at their feet knelt down the well-loved knight.

Garcilasso now despoiled his adversary; then, rescuing the holy inscription of "Ave Maria" from its degrading situation, he elevated it on the point of his sword, and bore it off as a signal of triumph amid the rapturous shouts of the Christian army.

Miss Reynolds told the doctor of all our rapturous exclamations on the road.

" He rose and walked once across the room, returned, and said, in the Creole dialect: "Is he a good manwithout doubt?" "De bez in God's world!" replied Madame Delphine, with a rapturous smile.

It is all wild and rapturous.

Here's the invitationrough paperChapelspreadsLyceum Halleverything splendid; and Jack to take care of me!" As Kitty burst into the room and performed a rapturous pas seul, waving the cards over her head, sister Priscilla looked up from her work with a smile of satisfaction on her quiet face.

Whereat "miss" cast down her tools in despair, threw her cap one way, her bib another, and went in to her guests with anything but a rapturous welcome.

Polly beamed with smiles, and gave a rapturous look at the treasure that was so soon to be hers.

Quickly she backward drew With one swift whispered "Kathanal!" "Leorre, You cannot love and be so calm and still; My soul would sacrifice both earth and heaven For one full, rapturous kiss from those sweet lips That lure me on to madness by their spell.

His expressions, though naturally very strong, always seemed to be swallowed up when he would describe the series of thought through which he now passed, under the rapturous experience of that joy unspeakable and full of glory, which then seemed to overflow his very soul, as indeed there was nothing he seemed to speak of with greater relish.

Miss Sterling caught Mrs. Albright's hand in a rapturous squeeze.

As it was the expression of rapturous delight, and an emotion disinterested and divine, so there was an indescribable something in the very sound, that carried it home to the heart, and convinced every spectator that there was no merely personal pleasure which ever existed, that would not be foolish and feeble in the comparison.

He gazed at her for a moment with rapturous love, and then caught her close in his arms.

My heart bounded with a sudden thrill of rapturous excitement at this first view of the Alps!

Perhaps I mingle in recollection the nature-worship of the two septennates, for of the former was my first rapturous vision of the open sea, which comes back to me with the memory of the pines.

And indeed such a rapturous sense of pleasure appeared in his countenance that his eyes had an uncommon sparkling and brightness, and such a strange eagerness, as if he had a longing desire to be in his country again.

It seems to me that in her new novel Mrs. CONYERS, wisely refusing to stray to that suburbia in which her gifts lack this charm, has recaptured much of the careless rapture of her earliest books; and very careless and very rapturous they wore.

She had given Tommy a shy, rapturous glance.

And if Goethe had lived to read the Rev. W.W. Gill's Savage Life in Polynesia, he might have found therein (118) a story of cannibal "love" still more calculated to arouse his rapturous enthusiasm "An ill-looking but brave warrior of the cannibal tribe of Ruanae, named Vete, fell violently in love with a pretty girl named Tanuau, who repelled his advances and foolishly reviled him for his ugliness.

The ecstasy of elation made each conscious hour one of rapturous happiness, and my memory knows no day of brighter sunlight than those nights.

How often in after life we long for one more such rapturous dream of bliss, one more season of supreme human love and passion!

So too the chorus, though awkward enough from a dramatic point of view and in so far as it fulfils any dramatic purpose, offers a sufficient justification for its existence in the magnificent ode on 'honour,' that rapturous song of the golden age of love, the poetic supremacy of which has never been questioned, whatever may have been thought of its ethical significance.

She, so perfect in mould and health, was capable of extravagant and overpowering emotion; a rapturous exaltation that filled her and took possession of her whole being.

" "Oh, Sweet, 'tis excess of gladness that thou art wifewife, the word alone fills me with rapturous exaltation.

230 examples of  rapturous  in sentences