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243 example sentences with  rapturous

243 example sentences with rapturous

It was arrested by a crya wild, loud, loving, rapturous cry, and he saw his daughter.

And, lastly, there is Alfred Branconi, at S. Croce, with his continual and rapturous "It is faine!

Look, in No. 236, at the six radiant and rapturous angels clustering above the manger.

It is said, though not proved, that on this same night of Sheridan's glory in the House of Commons, his 'School for Scandal' was acted with 'rapturous applause' at Covent Garden, and his 'Duenna' no less successfully at Drury Lane.

And when above the surges They saw his crest appear, All Rome sent forth a rapturous cry, And even the ranks of Tuscany Could scarce forbear to cheer.

Natalie was still continuing her studies, making unprecedented progress, to the rapturous delight of the Signor; while Winnie enlivened the whole household.

To a girl brought up in one perpetual tรชte-ร -tรชte with green hill-sides and silvery watercourses, the West End shops were as gardens of Eden, as Aladdin Caves, as anything, everything that is rapturous and intoxicating.

There is nothing so rapturous as life on board a yacht; there is a flavour of adventure, a sansgรชne, ain short everything in the world that I like.

Seeing tears in his eyes at the sight of his children, Amelia, embracing him with rapturous fondness, cried out, "My dear Billy, let nothing make you uneasy.

Henry had recently had one of Angel's poems accepted by a rather good magazine, and the trance of joy in which for fully two hours he had sat gazing at that, his first, proof-sheet, was hardly less rapturous than that into which he had fallen after seeing Angel for the first time,so dear are the emblems of his craft to the artist, at the beginning, and still at the end, of his career.

They stared at him in amazement and then, recognising him as their Maharajah, fell at his feet in rapturous joy.

Mary repeated; and the names seemed to rouse in her a rapturous recollection.

After the first rapturous curiosity of personal greeting, he found that the public would take little of him but "Der Freischรผtz," and of this opera he had grown weary, as composers always grow of their spoiled children of fortune.

Under the very peculiar circumstances of his acceptance, he did not feel that he ought to indulge in those rapturous expressions of ecstacy in which he most certainly would have indulged, if the lady had personally delivered her decision to him.

And yet Lawrence could not bring himself to be rapturous.

Accordingly the children had provided for it unknown to me, and acted Beauty and the Beast with rapturous applause to a very select audience.

The girls in the wings were rapturous in their enthusiasm, and were calling her absurdly extravagant titles of endearment, and making so much noise that Kripps stopped grinning at her from the entrance, and looked back over his shoulder as he looked when he threatened fines and calls for early rehearsal.

His is the ideal of the Hive, in which the virgin workers devote their whole lives without complaint to the service of the Queen and her State-supported grubs, while the drones are mercilessly slaughtered as soon as one of them has fulfilled his rapturous but suicidal functions for the future swarm.

Hence, when before them stretched the sea, Majestic, limitless and clear, A rapturous sense of being free Dispelled all vestiges of fear The longed-for ocean to explore From pole to pole, from shore to shore.

Your largest Occidental Power has reeled beneath the blow; And while our living troops receive men's rapturous acclaim, Our fallen heroes have attained the Pantheon of fame.

Our venerable host, stretching out rapturous arms, caught the fugitive to his bosom, where the little boy lay like a squirrel, watching us with great sidelong eyes.

In rapturous ecstasy at the touch of her dear lips he rose to heights of exaltation that left his other efforts far behind.

ORESTES If social bonds Or ties more close connect thee with this house, As this thy rapturous joy betrayeth to me, O then rein in thy heart and hold it fast!

The old man, who would have remained in the churchyard all night if his new acquaintances had stayed there too, yielded to this suggestion a ready and rapturous assent, and they all rose and walked away together to the public house, where, after witnessing an exhibition of the show, they had a good supper, but Nell was too tired to eat, and was grateful when they retired to the loft where they were to rest.

After a moment of breathless silence, the excited counselor was assured that the "bird had flown," which announcement was received with a rapturous shout of joy by the audience, greatly, however, to the discomfiture of the gentlemen from Kentucky, who had thought themselves so sure of their prize.

Who does not recollect the rapturous excitement caused by the first fish caught in early youth?

One irrepressible movement of his hands toward her, the mere speaking of her name in a voice warmed by the old passion, would have brought her, rapturous, to his knees.

On thee in such a rapturous hour?

His love for his wife was a sort of rapturous worship of the spirit of beauty, which he felt was fading before his eyes.

4 Wisdom, in sable garb array'd, Immersed in rapturous thought profound, And Melancholy, silent maid!

The nightingale's rapturous song has become a lazy twitter; the bird has done with courtship; it has a family in immediate prospect, if not one already screaming for food, and the musician has half lost his passion for music.

This intelligence gave the first check to the rapturous inebriation by which my mind had been possessed from the moment I quitted the habitation of Mr. Falkland.

Dietrich, too, looking at the subject as a monk and not as a man, would consider it just as much his duty to make her death-scene rapturous as to make both her life and her tomb miraculous.

He gazed at her for a moment with rapturous love, and then caught her close in his arms.

Fragrance of the Jasmine, as she came dripping from water and lingered a few moments on the brink, was a rapturous object.

Its rising and its setting had regulated the hunting hours of the pack time without end; its beams had lighted the game trails where the gray band had bayed after the deer; its light had beheld, since the world was young, the rapturous mating of the old pack leader and his female.

The most rapturous acknowledgments from the captain, greeted him as soon as he jumped on the deck; and the eager seamen called him their deliverer.

Liszt's childhood was therefore largely fed upon the embraces and kisses of rapturous women, even as was the young Mozart's, the difference being that it became a habit in Liszt's case.

So might a poet have looked, while steeped in mournfully rapturous daydreams of remembered passion and severance.

Rapturous expressions of approval greeted Mr. Bryan's explanation.

"Come here"he pointed to the centre of the rapturous rug"and do the potion scene for me."

I give his Text and Commentary; they occur in his beautiful poem, "Human Life," speaking of a girl in love, he says: "soon her looks the rapturous truth avow, Lovely before, oh, say how lovely now!

It took some time for his rapturous greetings to subside, but finally he dropped upon the couch beside her, pressed to her, temporarily exhausted, but still wriggling spasmodically whenever her hand moved upon him.

No sooner had the Peverils, father and son, escaped to Lady Peveril's lodgings, and the first rapturous meeting over, than Alice Bridgenorth was presented by Julian's mother as the pretended daughter of an old cavalier, and Sir Geoffrey embraced her warmly.

My heart bounded with a sudden thrill of rapturous excitement at this first view of the Alps!

Perhaps I mingle in recollection the nature-worship of the two septennates, for of the former was my first rapturous vision of the open sea, which comes back to me with the memory of the pines.

She was interested in everything about her, without a particle of cant, full of playful humor and bright fancies; but the love of Christ was the absorbing interest of her lifealmost a passion, it might be called, so fervent and rapturous was her devotion to Him, so great her longing for communion with Him and for a more complete conformity to His perfect will.

She gazed at the head for a while in rapturous silence.

And once again the agรจd Titurel's voice: "O rapturous vision of the grace of God!"

Being assured by the rapturous applause which ever succeeds his efforts, that he has made a good hit, Bill suddenly becomes as impenetrable as Gibraltar, and saws vigorously.

Rapturous greetings followed.

Snug in his bed, with the light out, he gave way to an intense, a rapturous recollection of all that had taken place that afternoon.

Canst thou not sing of that rapturous moment when He snapt thy fetters, dashed thy chains to the earth, and said: "I am the Breaker; I came to break thy chains, and set thee free"?

During the scene of rapturous greeting that followed Frederick showed that he indeed had his moments of inspiration.

But between this first rapturous inception and an all-forenoon argumentation on its when, who, how, what, and for what, other matters claimed notice.

Faces, that a few minutes before had shone with tearful joy or rapturous aspirations, full of brotherly affection, would suddenly cool, and contract, and grow severe, when Sandford broached the one topic that was nearest to him.

What madness could possess thy mind, From me, in our distress, to fly? True, much delight had left my eye; And, in the circle of my bliss, One holy, rapturous joy to miss Was

And indeed such a rapturous sense of pleasure appeared in his countenance that his eyes had an uncommon sparkling and brightness, and such a strange eagerness, as if he had a longing desire to be in his country again.

It seems to me that in her new novel Mrs. CONYERS, wisely refusing to stray to that suburbia in which her gifts lack this charm, has recaptured much of the careless rapture of her earliest books; and very careless and very rapturous they wore.

I love to hold Communion sweet with lofty minds of old, To catch a spark of that celestial fire Which glows and kindles in thy rapturous lyre; Though varying themes demand my future lays, Yet thus my soul a willing homage pays To that bright glory which illumes thy name, Though naught can raise the splendour of thy fame!

Even though a certain peculiar quality of light-hearted happiness visits me more rarelya happiness like that of a lark that soars, beats her wings, and trills in the blue skyyet the loss is more than compensated for by the growth of an equable tranquillity, neither rapturous nor sad, which abides with me for long spaces.

The picture of Shelley himself is delightfully drawn; it is a perfect mixture of rapturous admiration of Shelley's fine qualities, with an acute perception of his absurdities.

They put their fingers in his fingers and whirled about with rapturous delight.

Christopher Harvey, the friend of Izaak Walton and the admirer of Herbert, has in his poems some lines which breathe almost as rapturous a passion of spiritual love as anything in Crashaw.

I ask not high enjoyments nor rapturous delights; but I ask, I pray, when I can pray at all, for quiet, watchful, trustful dependence upon my Saviour.

Not rapturous feeling, but calm and peaceful confidence,though sometimes almost giving way to "the world, the flesh, and the devil," sometimes letting go faith; but, oh, He has been near through all; then when His face has shone upon me, how have I wondered that ever I loved the earth, more than Himself! 5th Mo. 3d.

The ecstasy of elation made each conscious hour one of rapturous happiness, and my memory knows no day of brighter sunlight than those nights.

[There is a general rapturous excitement.] VICAR.

They hear this spirit murmuring its undertone through the Aeneid, and catch its voice in the song of Keats's nightingale, and its light upon the figures on the Urn, and it pierces them no less in Shelley's hopeless lament, O world, O life, O time, than in the rapturous ecstasy of his Life of Life.

If they chanced to like one more than another, they would be cutting her Name in the Table, or Chalking out her Figure upon a Wall, or talking of her in a kind of rapturous Language, which by degrees improved into Verse and Sonnet.

The French sing amid rippling laughter, and dance with their free and elastic limbs, greeting with rapturous applause their fantastic and monkey-like movements.

Thou nurse of innocence, fair virtue's friend, Silent, tho' rapturous, pleasures thee attend.

It matters not which horse, man, car, cycle, boat, or team is successful: the sport is the thing that counts; the strenuousness of the contest is what stimulates and evokes the rapturous applause.

The eager eyes of the native whom we had brought with us from Swan River were the first to descry them; and he exclaimed in tones of rapturous astonishment, "Land! big fella!

Even when the noise subsided to throaty growls he failed to recognize the symptoms; he was taking long, rapturous mouthfuls of smoke and gazing dreamily at his coat, for it was his first cigarette since yesterday.

Soon, he heard the signal, and he cautiously raised himself to the upper air, returned to his wigwam, and was soon enjoying rapturous dreams with his head resting where he knew the rays of the moon would shine into his face to awaken him at the appointed time for flight.

(V. i.) So too the chorus, though awkward enough from a dramatic point of view and in so far as it fulfils any dramatic purpose, offers a sufficient justification for its existence in the magnificent ode on 'honour,' that rapturous song of the golden age of love, the poetic supremacy of which has never been questioned, whatever may have been thought of its ethical significance.

They are rapturous!"

It is the land in which the pledge of undying affection, breathed, at some rapturous moment, into a delicate, inclining ear, becomes invested with awful meaning, and has a value in the legal market like a bond and mortgage.

He drank in her loveliness in rapturous drafts, and swayed from side to side examining with critical eye the outline of her fair mould.

She, so perfect in mould and health, was capable of extravagant and overpowering emotion; a rapturous exaltation that filled her and took possession of her whole being.

When Bellegarde returned to Mantes, where Henri was still struggling for the crown which was so soon to be his, he foolishly gave the King of Navarre such a rapturous account of the young beauty of Picardy and his conquest that Henri, already weary of the faded charms of Diane d'Audouins, his mistress, promptly left his soldiering and rode away to see the lady for himself, and to find that Bellegarde's raptures were more than justified.

It was after one such privileged hour that Louis, with childish pleasure, handed to his favourite the patent, creating her Duchesse de Chateauroux, enclosed in a casket of gold; and with it a rapturous letter in which he promised her a pension of eighty-thousand livres, the better to maintain her new dignity!

And overflowing with joyous excitement she threw her arms around him, looking the very impersonation of rapturous content.

She was at hand to excite, to an almost painful degree, the mind of her friend, to speak in rapturous praise of Lord Alphingham, to chain him now and then to her side, and yet so contrive, that the whole of his conversation was with Caroline; and yet the conduct of Annie Grahame had been such that night as rather to excite the admiration than the censure of Mr. Hamilton.

Well might King James himself exclaim when standing, not many years previously, on the very spot where Jocelyn now stood, and looking upon London for the first time since his accession to the throne of Englandwell might he exclaim in rapturous accents, as he gazed on the magnificence of his capital"At last the richest jewel in a monarch's crown is mine!"

And in a burst of rapturous tears I clung to her and said: "Dear Pitty-pat!

I can appreciate their rapturous memories.

It was a long walk from Divinity Hall to the river nor was the exercise brief, I have found rarely more rapturous pleasure than in the strenuous pulls I had on the Charles, and I witnessed the development of much sturdy manliness among those who, forsaking for a time their hermeneutics and homilies, gave themselves to the outdoor sport.

Delicious torture, rapturous pang!

Somewherejust beyond My soul awoke with a rapturous sigh (Would I wake my soul for a night bird's cry?)

And overhead the rapturous bird-voice pealed forth a perfect paean of victory.

They stayed not to speak, but hastened to spread the glad tidings; while he flung himself down, including both his mother and Lenore in one rapturous embrace, and carrying his kiss from one to the otherconscious, if no one else was, that this first seal of his love was given in his mother's arms.

And the letters she continued to write to Julius were rapturous in the cause of the Pope and as to all that she had once most contemned.

Choosing to see the current establishment as a joke, she assumed the identity of Punchline, and officially became the Joker's new girlfriend/sidekick, to his rapturous approval.

He finally sold it to Grove Atlantic and it came out earlier this year, earning rapturous reviews.

Joining Billy Connolly, who owned a home in the area at the time, the Hollywood legend received a โ€œrapturous welcome from the crowdโ€.

And then a moaning female vocalizing half rapturous, half forbidding.

The rapturous cheering for Rapinoe as she warmed up was rewarded just past the hour mark when the stadium erupted on her introduction.

They performed a medley of traditional songs and their scintillating performance was matched only by the audienceโ€™s rapturous applause.