58 examples of rather it is in sentences

"Yesnothat isor rather it isn't" (Exit, while Trumpeter makes faces at the gallery.)

Or rather it is as if there appeared within the heart of our civilization a common purpose and intelligence, now so palpably lacking, which magnetized and drew to itself all the streams of individual self-aggrandizing effort.

But the existence of a counterfeit is no argument against the existence of the reality; rather it is an argument for the existence of the reality.

Rather it is because it takes years to build a home, whereas a house can be builded in a few months.

The clear conception, outrunning deductions of logic, the high purpose, the firm resolve, the dauntless spirit, speaking on the tongue, beaming from the eye, informing every feature, and urging the whole man onward, right onward to his object,this, this is eloquence; or rather it is something greater and higher than all eloquence,it is action, noble, sublime, god-like action.

I placed everything on one card, and I wonor rather it is not I, but intelligence which has conquered.

"No, mother, it is mine, or rather it is yours, for I give it to you.

Rather it is the consecration to the welfare of humanity.

Rather it is incisive satire, with too biting an undercurrent to pass muster in the company of the genial in literature.

They who are at work abroad are not cold, but rather it is they who sit shivering in houses.

I just discovered it to-night, or rather it is the first time I ever let myself look straight at the fact.

Rather it is folly and lightness, and the tune of a merry song.

A fair presentation of political conditions in Cuba is exceedingly difficult, or rather it is difficult so to present them that they will be fairly understood.

When a thing of the intellect is settled it is not dead: rather it is immortal.

Rather it is a blessing to my heart to keep it open in gratitude, a blessing to dispose of it to gladden other hearts, and the surest way to keep the Lord's favor with me.

Rather it is like nature itself, where the flowers grow wild at our feet, and the rocks lie as the Creator's hand left them, and where each man must do the classifying and labelling for himself.

Rather it is the hope of the nation.

" "No, no, dear snip, it is not indigestion, but rather it is that music, which is plaguing me.

The right of rebellion and revolution is totally disregarded, rather it is not recognized that any rights whatever exist.

He still wears the long black coat buttoned at the throat, but the air of hieratic dignity is now replaced by, or rather it is glossed with, the ordinary passion of life.

The work is hard, or rather it is continuous.

Rather it is this inability to see beyond the facts of our condition to some diviner, ever-present law, which helps to knit us to our kind, our brethren "whom we have seen.

The inevitable irony of the event is awful, but it is not cruel, rather it is the supreme touch of that pathos which seems the crowning motive of the book.

Rather it is a social life cycle, with a beginning and an end, and a peck of troublesome contradictions and conflicts in between.

Nature as it is is one image; nature as it appears is a thousand; or rather it is infinite.

58 examples of  rather it is  in sentences