9356 examples of rating in sentences

(2) For the proper testing of the rates of the chronometers, a rating of the chronometers for three or four days in a meridional observatory is necessary.

The equites, or in other words the patricio-plebeian nobility, voted first, then those of the highest rating, or in other words those who had exhibited to the censor an estate of at least 100,000 -asses- (420 pounds);(60) and these two divisions, when they kept together, had derided every vote.

At the same time it is a significant token of the nature even of this reform that the right of precedence in voting was withdrawn only from the nobility, not from those of the highest rating; the right of prior voting withdrawn from the equestrian centuries passed not to a division chosen incidentally by lot from the whole burgesses, but exclusively to the first class.

" In the face of these deficiencies in quantity and quality of men, and remembering the good character he doubtless obtained from Mr. Walker, there can be no surprise that when Cook sailed out of an English port for the first time as a Royal Navy sailor he held the rating of Master's mate.

Bin-zir-basa, his Minister, has favored Marduk-ilusu, son of Ina-e-saggatu-irbu, who has written this to the King of Babylon: I say, He has loaded me with favors, and I proclaim that this rating has been made according to the epha of the King of Babylon.

The handsome presence of the stranger and his charm of manner were of no avail with Monna Ghita; her noisy rating of him drew Bratti and the barber, Nello, to the spot, and with these he was glad to make good his escape, having waived a furtive adieu to the pretty Tessa.

Ah! when the ship is going down under our very feet I don't think it much matters what may be our rank and rating on board.

Mr. WOLCOTT (of Connecticut) was for rating them as four to three.

On a question for rating them as three to two, the votes were, New Hampshire, aye; Massachusetts, no; Rhode Island; divided; Connecticut, aye; New Jersey, aye; Pennsylvania, aye; Delaware, aye; Maryland, no; Virginia, no; North Carolina, no; South Carolina, no.

Mr. Wolcott (of Connecticut) was for rating them as four to three.

On a question for rating them as three to two, the votes were.

Mr. King remarked that the four Eastern States, having 800,000 souls, have one-third fewer representatives than the four Southern States, having not more than 700,000 souls, rating the blacks as five for three.

On Mr. Pinckney's (of S. Carolina) motion, for rating blacks as equal to whites, instead of as three-fifths,South Carolina, Georgia, aye 2; Massachusetts, Connecticut (Doctor Johnson, aye), New Jersey, Pennsylvania (three against two), Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, no8.

It is yet a more offensive discouragement, that the same actions performed by different hands produce different effects, and, instead of rating the man by his performances, we rate too frequently the performance by the man.

But master Harry has a way of his own in rating men's services; and if his ideas get jamm'd in an affair of this sort, it is no marling-spike that I handle which can loosen them.

Most of the calculations that have been made respecting the effect of the proximity of a comet to our earth have proceeded on erroneous principles,over-rating the quantity of matter in comets, and losing sight of their great velocity when in this part of the system.

Schedule for rating tanks and liquid contents, not applying to petroleum and/or its products, benzol and similar volatile and flammable products of coal tar, including the hazard of inherent explosion, February 1935.

Rating scale for personal appearance.

Lumber Mutuals rating schedule.

No title stood first on all the lists: rated best by one judge, any story lost rank through lower rating by another.

As the wardens of East Tilbury were going about among the parishioners demanding money of each one according to the rating inscribed on an assessment roll which they carried with them, one Garrett, a constable, discontented that he himself should be rated as high as four shillings, seized the roll and refused to produce it.

Here he alleged that the rating "was very unequally made."

So, too, when Richard Fynsett of Clayton, Sussex, was "detected" to the official for not paying his rate for church repairs, November, 1595, he appeared and claimed that not only was his rating excessive, but that the assessment had not been according to custom, to wit, made by the majority of the parishioners.

It comes, then, to all practical intents and purposes to this: that each parish is left to produce according to its own local methods, or rating, the wherewithal for carrying on county government.

Few, if any, however, will justify him in rating it superior to Molière's Tartuffe.

9356 examples of  rating  in sentences
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