9356 examples of rating in sentences

His conscience urged him to confess his mistake, while Satan whispered with a sneer,"Yes, and get turned adrift for your pains, with a rating into the bargain!" "Never mind if you do lose a week's wages," conscience had pleaded, "your hands will be clean," and the workman shrugged his shoulders with a muttered, "Pshaw!

Tom Moody rode up presently, and he and his pack drew off into a sheltered corner of the lawn, where the dogs rolled on the grass, and played or growled angrily at one another, ever and anon breaking out into furious fights, speedily to be quelled by Tom's voice, unmatched at rating, or the snaky thongs of the whips.

See p, 96 as to Shelley's under-rating of Keats's age.

The disposition or rating of the crew was as follows, viz. 1.

Legree took silent note, and rating him as a first-class hand, made up his mind that Tom must be hardened; he had bought him with a view to making him a sort of overseer, so one night he told him to flog one of the women.

Behavior rating schedules.

Behavior rating schedules.

SEE Aubert De La Rue, E. RUFF, C. A. The debit-credit fire insurance rating system.

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SEE Wood, William P. CORNELL, ETHEL L. Rating scale for school habits.

Rating scale for school habits.

Rating scale for school habits.

SEE Aldrich, T. B. PROBST, JOHN B. Employe's service rating, for the 6-month period ending March 31, 1928.

Rating scale for personal appearance.

So you're going to college; the Lovejoy college-rating guide.

Practice and self-rating exercises.

No title stood first on all the lists: rated best by one judge, any story lost rank through lower rating by another.

Here we were busily occupied for some days in rating the chronometers, and testing the various magnetic instruments: we also during this time swung the ship to try the local attraction, which neither here, nor in any subsequent experiments, exceeded one degree.

We were detained at Hobart till the 19th, the bad state of the weather rendering it impossible to complete the requisite observations for rating chronometers, etc. MOUNT WELLINGTON.

Through the kindness of the same friend I was also enabled to enjoy a ride into the country, during the interval between the observations for rating the chronometers.

On the 15th, the requisite observations were obtained for rating the chronometers, which we found had altered their rates in a most singular manner; so much so, that in spite of the short interval that had elapsed since our departure from Sydney, we found the resulting meridian distance between that place and Port Stephens, to be very defective.

The day was devoted to fixing the position of several of the surrounding hills; and in the afternoon we obtained observations for rating the chronometers: I found that one by French, which I had worn in my pocket, had gone most admirably.

CHAPTER IX THE MEETING Joe, the Kaffir boy, bestirred himself to the sound of Mary Ann's shrill rating.

The foreign manufacturer appreciates the advantage of having it said that his eight horse-power machine will run faster and climb better than the eight horsepower machine of a rival maker; hence the tendency to increase the power without changing the nominal rating.

The American manufacturer caters to the demand of his customers for machines of high power by advancing the nominal rating quite beyond the power actually developed.

9356 examples of  rating  in sentences