454 examples of ravishes in sentences

And so will I, for I'm resolv'd none should ravish me but the great Turk.

Remember, Sylvia, are my due; And all the Joys my Rival does receive He ravishes from me, not you.

To take from thy fellow is evil, to steal from thy lord is worse, but to ravish from Holy Churchper de 'tis sacrilege, 'tis foul blasphemy thriceaye thirty times damned and beyond all hope of redemption!

What is it in the thought of wealth from the ground that so intoxicates, so ravishes away from all reasonable judgment, the generality of mankind?

Ajax the Less, son of Oïleus, either ravished or attempted to ravish Cassandra (the story occurs in both forms) while she was clinging to the Palladium or image of Pallas.

This tyrant, stained with lust and wine and blood; this robber chieftain who privily in his lurking dens murders the innocent, and ravishes the poor when he getteth him into his net; this slave-hunting king who kills the captives whom he cannot sell; and whose children after him will inevitably imitate his cruelties and his rapine and treacheriesdeal with him and his as they deserve.

"If you persist in picking on me, skipper, I'll ravish you of those magnificent eyebrows with a safety razor, some time when you're asleep, and leave you as dumb as a Wop peddler who's lost both arms.

In 1638 Sir Henry Wotton wrote to Milton this intelligent criticism of Comus: "I should much commend the tragical part, if the lyrical did not ravish me with a certain Doric delicacy in your Songs and Odes, whereunto I must plainly confess to have seen yet nothing parallel in our language Ipsa mollities.

And the daring pencil of Fuseli transports us beyond the boundaries of nature, and ravishes us with the charm of the most interesting novelty.

Music and singing goes forward in these casinos, and the ear is often charmed with the sound of those delightful Venetian airs, whose simple melody ravishes the soul.

His subject is set off by a dazzling veil of poetic diction, like a wreath of flowers gemmed with innumerous dewdrops, that weep, tremble, and glitter in liquid softness and pearly light, while the song of birds ravishes the ear, and languid odours breathe around, and Aurora opens Heaven's smiling portals, Peris and nymphs peep through the golden glades, and an Angel's wing glances over the glossy scene.

He longs to ravish from the bless'd abodes The seal of heaven, the attribute of gods; To give his labour more than man can give, Breathe Jove's own breath, and bid the marble live!

But it is a monster whose face I do not love to see; I turn from its hideousness to the beauty of His face who sins not, and the sight of "yon lovely Man" ravishes me.

While ravish'd fancy vivifies the form, While judgment toils to analyze its charm, While admiration spreads her speaking hands, The lofty artist undelighted stands; He longs to ravish, from the blest abodes, The seal of heaven, the attribute of gods, To give his labor's more than man can give, Breathe Jove's own breath, and bid the marble live!

A Spirit cannot but be transported, after an ineffable manner, with the sight of those Objects, which were made to affect him by that Being who knows the inward Frame of a Soul, and how to please and ravish it in all its most secret Powers and Faculties.

There is nothing which more ravishes and transports the Soul, than Harmony; and we have great Reason to believe, from the Descriptions of this Place in Holy Scripture, that this is one of the Entertainments of it.

and, Gilbert Butler, I could ravish thee with two rare inventions.

burning in Moses' sight! That down didst ravish from the Deity, Through humbleness, the spirit that did alight Upon thy heart, whence, through that glory's might, Conceived was the Father's sapience, 20 Help me to tell it in thy reverence!

But Venus, whate'er kindness she pretends, Yet (like all females envious of their friends), Has, by my aid, contrived a black design, The god of hell should ravish Proserpine: Beauties, beware; Venus will never bear Another Venus shining in her sphere.

Towards the end of the dance, RODORICK, in the habit of Pluto, rises from below in a black chariot, all flaming, and drawn by black horses; he ravishes Julia, who personated Proserpine, and as he is carrying her away, his vizard fails off: HIPPOLITO first discovers him.

You to whom victory we owe, Whose glories rise By sacrifice, And from our fates below; Never did your altars shine Feasted with blood so near divine; Princes to whom we bow, As they to you: Thus you can ravish from a throne, And, by their loss of power, declare your own.

"'For the sacred Ritterdom of Plassenburg!' answered I, 'if it will not cease to burn houses and to ravish and carry off honest men's wives and daughters.'

"Her face is divine, and her form ravishes one with delight.

That soul shall eat of the fruit of the tree Al Zakkum, and be branded forever with the treasure he did attempt to ravish from us!" "Remember, great Olema, we did bring thee the Myzab and Kaukab el Durri, and the holy Black Stone!"

Flowers are scatterd to and fro, leaves are stripped from the boughs, branches are torn from the stems, and massy trees are overthrown; the terrible hurricane ravishes all the remaining virgin charms of the levelled and devastated plants.

454 examples of  ravishes  in sentences