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545 example sentences with  razored

545 example sentences with razored

Instantly, as the wheels ceased to turn, a young man in the smartest livery imaginable, green garnished with gold, leaped smartly from the driver's seat, with military precision opened the door of the tonneau and, holding it, immobilised himself into the semblance of a waxwork image with the dispassionate eye, the firm mouth, and the closely razored, square jowls of the model chauffeur.

He uses no soap, and has a most uncouth-looking razor, yet he shaves the heads, beards, moustaches, and armpits of his customers with great deftness.

The ridge which they had so pertinaciously followed, had, for the last mile narrowed and dwindled down into a sharp razor-backed spur, flanked with rugged and abrupt gullies on either slope.

Marcellus was brought to trial before the senate and was condemned, whereupon he cut his own throat with a razor.

"I've had bully luck," he confided to me, after I had done him a noble service (i.e., lent him a safety razor).

Frau Hofdรคmmel was a pupil of Mozart's whose husband grew fiendishly jealous of her, attacked her with a razor, wounded her almost to death, and then committed suicide.

A razor scares him to death.

Here and there he would have met a razor-backed hog lazily rooting his way along the principal thoroughfare; and more than once he would probably have had to disturb the slumbers of some yellow dog, dozing away the hours in the ardent sunshine, and reluctantly yielding up his place in the middle of the dusty road.

He trembled and endured, till he found a razor concealed under his wife's pillow, and then he determined to remove his violent helpmeet to a safe seclusion.

He was confined in Kenilworth Castle, while his son was ostensibly king, though his wife and Mortimer really managed the kingdom and behaved in a scandalous way, Mortimer wearing the king's clothes, shaving with his razor, and winding the clock every night as though he owned the place.[A] This was in 1327.

I turned round with my razor in mid-air, "My dear fellow!"

Also, though his own razor was found near his right hand, the fingers of his left hand were cut to the bone.

Every kind of knife or razor is a fine saw, though we cannot possibly see it with the naked eye; and on all the edges of those fine polished tools there sticks a kind of resinous substance, which, when put into warm water, takes off the same, and makes the razor cut more easy and free.

Every kind of knife or razor is a fine saw, though we cannot possibly see it with the naked eye; and on all the edges of those fine polished tools there sticks a kind of resinous substance, which, when put into warm water, takes off the same, and makes the razor cut more easy and free.

With the exception of a small, bristling mustache, his face was clean shaven, with here and there a speck of dried blood due to a carelessly or unskillfully handled razor.

In me you see one of the last of those wonderful men, the men who were veterans when they were yet boys, who learned to use a sword earlier than a razor, and who during a hundred battles had never once let the enemy see the colour of their knapsacks.

I then gave up my silver and copper money, my purse with nine large pieces of gold and some smaller ones; my knife and razor, my comb and silver snuffbox, my handkerchief, and journal-book.

"Hold back your head, if you please, sir, that I may get this napkin properly fastenedthere now," said Toby Tims, as, securing the pin, he dipped his razor into hot water, and began working up with restless brush the lather of his soapbox.

He saw himself, in short, wrecked on the razor-backed shelving rocks of misery.

B.'s difficulty as to what Goldsmith means in his poem "Retaliation" when he concludes his ironical eulogium on Edmund Burke, thus: "In short 'twas his fate, unemployed, or in place, sir, To eat mutton cold, and cut blocks with a razor."

he's a wonderful youth, A prodigy reeking with goodness and truth; As brave as a lion, as wise as a sage, And sharp as a razor, though twelve years of age.

The rest is done with a razor and some brown stain.

"The King of Assyria used it to wipe his razor on when he was through shaving every morning."

Ships have been running afore the wind, light and buoyant as corks, with all their spars stepped and steady, when other ships have been shaved of every mast as close as the razor sweeps the chin.

Yes, Sir, you'll find that razor-strop quite...

In the manufacture of a razor, it proceeds through a dozen hands; but it is afterwards submitted to a process of grinding, by which the concavity is perfected, and the fine edge produced.

They are made from 1 s. per dozen, to 20 s. per razor, in which last the handle is valued at 16s.6d.

He was a most respectable-looking man, as well as a most respectful servant; and it was impossible to see him busying himself about the General at his morning toilet, and watch his delicate handling of the lather-brush and razor, without feeling, that, however true the old proverb may have been in other cases, Bastien's master was a hero to him.

They'd go right out and make Amalon look like a whole cavayard of razor-hoofed buffaloes had raced back and forth over it.

Taylor and Nelson left at the Razor Back Island and report all well.

Evans (Lieut.), with Nelson, Forde, and Hooper, left shortly after, similarly equipped, to follow the shore of the South Bay in similar fashion, then turn out to the Razor Back and search there.

It rose on a southerly wind, but remained in it for 100 feet or less, then for 300 or 400 feet it went straight up, and after that directly south over Razor Back Island.

It was followed for two miles or more running in a straight line for Razor Back, but within a few hundred yards of the Island it came to an end.

Darkness descended with the searchers on a strong scent for the Razor Backs: Bowers returned full of hope.

1 P.M. motors reported off Razor Back Island, nearly 3 miles outcome, come!

We came along in splendid weather, and after stopping for a cup of tea at Razor Back, reached the hut at 9 P.M., averaging 3 1/2 stat.

The wind blew very strong at the Razor Back and the sky was threateningthe ponies hate the wind.

The planet was covered with sharp points and razor-thin ridges, scarred with tortuous narrow canyons, and marked with pits and shadows-darkness upon darkness.

That poet concludes his ironical eulogium on Edmund Burke, thus: "In short 'twas his fate, unemployed, or in place, sir, To eat mutton cold, and cut blocks with a razor."

The cutting blocks with a razor, I think is obvious enough, but, what is meant by eating mutton cold?

His lean, bold jaw was almost daily smoothed by the razor of Don Paley, and

He had cut his throat with his razor.

The reason, of course, is that these names are as unmistakably "made" as a Krupp gun or a Sheffield razor.

Long wiry slough grass, razor-sharp as to blades, pungent under rain, weighted by squares of tough, native sod, thatched the roof.

WHITING, JOHN D. The razor.

The razor's edge.

On the razor edge; farce in one act.

Hogs received even less care than cattle and ran half wild in the woods like their successors, the famous Southern razor-backs of to-day, being fed only a short period before they were to be transformed into pork.

" During his early farming operations his swine probably differed little if at all from the razor-backs of his neighbors.

I could not find my razor.

The next thing I noticed after the gesture about the razor was to catch myself bowing ineffably when I met Delia, and stooping in an old-fashioned, courtly way over her hand.

And he fished out a razor from the rear pocket of his striped drill overalls, rubbed the weapon of his race with a proud thumb, spread more soap over Berkley's upturned face, and fell deftly to work, wiping off the accumulated lather on the seat of his own trousers.

If my batman speaks to me I cut myself, throw the razor at him, and completely break down.

David now strops his razor.

she continued, her eyes unnaturally bright, her voice keen as a razor.'

One of the three attendant officers then came forward, bearing a stand of the kind used in the temple for offerings, on which, wrapped in paper, lay the wakizashi, the short sword or dirk of the Japanese, nine inches and a half in length, with a point and an edge as sharp as a razor's.

It is true that every Sunday of his life he made a great parade with lather and shaving-cup, standing before the glass in his shirt-sleeves, just as the other boys did, and flourishing his razor around his white throat and beardless face, to the amusement of anyone who chanced to see him for the first time.

I saw the fateful Red Axe lean as usual against the block, and, taking it up, I found it keen as a razor.

It was razor keen.

he cried, as the razor opened up another part of the subject.

He stayed in the bedroom all day, with the blinds down, and wouldn't eat anything, and when Ginger looked in about eight o'clock to find out whether he 'ad gone, he found 'im sitting on the bed clean shaved, and 'is face cut about all over where the razor 'ad slipped.

Chaucer said he would be delighted, if we would send to his batman and tell him to bring down his razor and toothbrush.

When winter, that healthy ascetic, carries his gigantic razor over hill and valley, and shaves all the trees like monks, we feel surely that they are all the more like trees if they are shorn, just as so many painters and musicians would be all the more like men if they were less like mops.

I'm half dead, thank youand my shins!you should see where that razor-boned nag of mine shaved bark enough off the trees with me to start every tannery between the Fish-House and Half-moon!"

Heavily and slowly he arose from his bed, for it was time to do so; and with a trembling hand and quivering knees, he went through the processes of the toilet, gashing his cheek with the razor, and spilling the water over his well-polished boots.

He inflicted a deep wound in his leg with a razor, in the hope, apparently, of bleeding to death.

Since this blade is usually very sharp, there is a high risk of cutting oneself with the razor while scraping off the hair.

The man had committed suicide with a razor during the labor.

The razor is usually powered by a rechargeable battery.

They have razor sharp teeth which can pierce your skin.

This top predator was up to 11.5 ft (3.5 m) long and had large, scissor-like cutting jaws with serrated, razor-sharp bones, but no teeth.

โ€œA high-end, fine-dining restaurant always operates on a razor-thin line,โ€ Vettorel says.

A horribly burned man, who wears a fedora, red and green sweater, and his weapon of choice is a glove with razor claws.

Foreman points out Florida voters normally choose their winner by a razor-thin margin.

Go and watch Rain's Emmy nominated show, Razor Tongue, on youtube.

Hathrasiโ€™s humour was โ€œlight, bright and sparklingโ€, but also razor-sharp and unsparing.

Heck, he also contributed to the excellent adventure anthology Heart of the Razor, released by Frog God Games.

Also, a soaring interest burden is expected to slice the companyโ€™s razor-thin net margins and erode shareholder returns.

If anything, the biggest worry going into season 2 is whether the show could capture that feeling of wild abandon with such razor-sharp energy a second time.

In 2004, he wrote The Authority: Human on the Inside (with artist Ben Oliver) and contributed an arc to the 2005 series, The Razorโ€™s Edge: Warblade (with legendary artist Simon Bisley).

I own a cheap one that I got on Amazon, and I will admit that it does not shave as well or as close as a disposable razor does โ€” but it gets the job done.

Officials in Nevada, where Biden had a razor-thin 49.3%-48.7% lead with 86% of expected votes counted, said they would not resume counting ballots until Thursday morning.

Should the sources of American division and civic intolerance be so thoroughly attributed to the Trump campaign and the presidentโ€™s razor-edge personal demeanour?

Soran observed as Kandende withdrew a straight razor from his pocket, opened it, and pressed the blade into his palm.

SoundOfOneHandWankingMarcus Aurelius: US airlines have operated on razor thin margins ever since deregulation.

The complete kit is $82 on Amazon, and Bevel will send you refills of razor blades, oil, shaving cream and the balm.

The coronavirus pandemic has revealed one particularly shocking thing about our economic environment in the Caribbean: we have been operating on a razor sharp edge.

There is also the great Quicksilver Sea, an ocean of liquid quicksilver, and the sea has shores along the Razor Fields and the swamps of Mirrodin alike.

This model from Ripsar is really nicely designed with a jazzy paintjob, and matches Razor's scooter on the top speed front.

This razor thin margin reinforces that whoever won needs to approach governance with humility rather than arrogance and partisanship.

Donโ€™t wipe blades or bang your razor against the sink, as this can damage the fine shaving edges.

Early Life-History Characteristics of the Razor Clam () and the Moonsnails ( spp.) with Applications to Fisheries and Aquaculture.

Exploding with thick, razor sharp beats and Fiasco's nimble, cutting lyrics, the album is a sonic powerhouse.

He decided to get the Razor.

I shave my legs three times a week with a pull type razor.

An extra-strong type of stainless steel made in Sweden both for surgical tools and razor blades gets its resilience from tiny quasicrystalline particles.

Non-marking latex outsole with razor-cut Wave-Sipingโ„ข for the ultimate in wet and dry traction.

No razor shall come upon his head, for the boy shall be a Nazirite to God from birth; and he shall begin to deliver Israel from the hand of the Philistines."

She was still in a cell, and she was still behind razor wire.

The E70140 display has extra large digits and razor sharp LCD displaysfor outstanding visibility in all light conditions.