384 examples of razored in sentences

There had been some mistake in the parcels, I believe, and Miss Mooneyyou know, the actress, Myra Mooneyreceived a safety razor, and Lord Rye a vanity bag.

For instance, eating this pork-pie at a table, with knife and fork and a plate, wouldn't be a quarter the fun it is having it like we're doing nowcutting it with a razor out of Acton's dressing-case, and knowing that if we were cobbed we should get into a jolly row.

They wore their pantaloons in their boots; their hair was long, bushy and untrimmed; their faces had evidently never made the acquaintance of a razor.

The first thing I did, Mademoiselle, was to cut both off with my razor.

He accepted Livingstone's present of a shawl, a razor, some beads and buttons, and a powder-horn graciously, laughing at his apologies for its smallness, and asking him to bring a coat from Loanda, as the one he was wearing was old.

Instantly, as the wheels ceased to turn, a young man in the smartest livery imaginable, green garnished with gold, leaped smartly from the driver's seat, with military precision opened the door of the tonneau and, holding it, immobilised himself into the semblance of a waxwork image with the dispassionate eye, the firm mouth, and the closely razored, square jowls of the model chauffeur.

Another is a razor; and he is sarcastical.'

He had a razor with which he had attempted to kill himself, but Judy came in at that moment, and as he was very weak, she easily took it from him; but he said: "'O let me die!

'I found him standing before the glass with a razor in his hand and quite near his throat.

When he stopped sobbing he tried to kill me for hindering his destruction, but I had got the razor in my pocket, and his revolver missed fire.

It was probably a caprice that took me to see him, and then it did not occur to me to let him cut his throat, so I took away his razor; and, finally, I telephoned for my doctor, because my misspent life has brought me into contact with Western civilisation.

In the automobile, on the way to the lynching, he was unsexed by a human fienda well known Centralia business manwho used a razor on his helpless victim.

Reaching in his pocket he produced a razor.

" On the way back to Centralia, after the parade rope had done Its deadly work, the gentlemen of the razor alighted from the car in front of a certain little building.

When Attus, having tried the matter by divination, affirmed that it certainly could, "Well, then," said he, "I was thinking that you should cut asunder this whetstone with a razor.

And for this great work it was not essential that the blade should have a razor's edge.

Marcellus was brought to trial before the senate and was condemned, whereupon he cut his own throat with a razor.

[Illustration] My lather is good, and My razor is keen, In two minutes time, I'll shave you quite clean.

350 The bush of yellow beard, this length of hair, Which from my birth inviolate I bear, Guiltless of steel, and from the razor free, Shall fall a plenteous crop, reserved for thee.

His thick skin was proof against arrows and against such spears as the people of Calydon had; and I do not know how many men he killed with those terrible razor tusks of his.

He had cut his throat with his razor.

A high narrow shoulder is frequently attended with a ridged back-bone, and lowset narrow hooks, a form which gets the appropriate name of razor-back, with which will always be found a deficiency of flesh in all the upper part of the animal, where the best flesh always is.


SEE Connolly, James B. CONNOLLY, JAMES B. The razor.

The razor's edge.

384 examples of  razored  in sentences