384 examples of razors in sentences

And there'd have been razors flying through the air if anybody had dared hint to that husband or one of those children that mother was anything less than perfection.

Moreover, because this was France, where one may affect a whisker without losing face, he neglected his razors; and though this was not his first thought, a fair disguise it proved.

The thing was printed, in fact, between "Let Harpin Cust shine your face with his new razors" and "See that line of clocks at Chislett's for sixty cents.

No sooner was it known that this day was to be treated as the Sabbath, than soap, razors, scissors, and all the usual appliances of the sailor's toilet, were drawn out of bags and chests, and paraded about on the rocks.

THE WHITE PILE [Driven to bay, against the hedge, prepares to use his razors.

He has two sharp razors at his heels, the beast!

He is getting one of his razors ready!

They have a method of working it which renders it unnecessary for them to look to a foreign supply; the only articles of foreign hardware that they are said to desire, are razors, out of which to make their cockspurs.

now he is whetting one of his smallest razors to clean wipe me out, perhaps.

It was a small affair, with little grimy window-panes, where were displayed knives, scissors, and razors, with locks and keys of many odd sorts.

At the door stood a half-grown boy, stamping his feet to keep warm, as he droned out in sing-song fashion: "Walk in, gentlefolk, and have your razors ground; we have all manner of kitchen furniture in cutlery within, also catgut and fiddle strings at most reasonable rates.

The shop was apparently empty, except for a middle-aged man who rose from his seat on a high stool near the window, where he was busily engaged in polishing a pair of razors.

"Then all's well," returned the shopkeeper, laying down his razors, and motioning his customer to come farther inside.

Both of them are squatting face to face, as often in the middle of the road as elsewhere, and with bowls, razors, soap, bottles and other appurtenances of the trade spread out between them.

Well, sir, speaking of razors, they should be always properly tempered with hot water, a leetle dip more or less.

The men were all young, and they struck me as being as keen as razors and as hard as nails.

These were the same guns that had been in almost constant action for the preceding fortnight and that for forty hours had poured death and destruction into the city, yet both men and horses were in the very pink of condition, as keen as razors, and as hard as nails; the blankets, the buckets, the knapsacks, the intrenching tools were all strapped in their appointed places, and the brown leather harness was polished like a lady's tan shoes.

"Grandy King George" of Old Calabar, for example, asked of his friend Captain Lace a mirror six feet square, an arm chair "for my salf to sat in," a gold mounted cane, a red and a blue coat with gold lace, a case of razors, pewter plates, brass flagons, knives and forks, bullet and cannon-ball molds, and sailcloth for his canoes, along with many other things for use in trade.

The Red Fisherman was busy in an outer room grinding the swords, which are made as sharp as razors.

As I was going the twelfth time, the wind began to rise; however, I ventured at low water, and rummaging the cabin, in a locker I found several razors, scissors, and some dozens of knives and forks; and in another thirty-six pounds in pieces of eight, silver and gold.

At one time my beard grew so long that it hung down about a quarter of a yard; but as I had both razors scissors in store, I cut it all off, and suffered none to grow, except a large pair of Mahometan whiskers, the like of which I had seen wore by some Turks at Sallee, not long enough indeed to hang a hat upon, but of such a monstrous size, as would have amazed any in England to have seen.

Barging order, with rifles, razors, knives, pokers and horsewhips.

It does not seem a place for men who walk erect, wear woven fabrics, enjoy a written language, and use soap and safety razors.

If you did this, as you excel many Writers of the present Age for Politeness, so you would outgo the Author of the true Strops of Razors for Use.

Jack Davis joined the artillery regiment of Captain Razors Company.

384 examples of  razors  in sentences