81 examples of re-electing in sentences

From the first moment it was evident that a large Republican majority would be returned; almost all the former deputies were re-elected and a number of new ones, more advanced in their opinion.

The Democratic party desired to re-elect Mr. Verplanck, if some assurance could be obtained from him that he would not oppose the policy of the Administration in regard to the bank.

But Clay had no sooner returned to Lexington than he was re-elected to the national legislature, where he was again chosen Speaker, December 4, 1815, having declined the Russian mission, and the more tempting post of the Secretary of War.

It took years for Sumner to recover, while the aristocratic ruffian was unmolested, and went unpunished; for, though censured by the House and compelled to resign his seat, he was immediately re-elected by his constituents.

The presidential term was six years, and a president could not be re-elected.

In November, 1872, President Grant was re-elected.

The terms of all members of the house of representatives expire March 4 of the odd-numbered years, and, though many of the old members are re-elected, the house must be reorganized at the beginning of each congress.

Wilkes, Mr., sets up The North Briton; criticises the King's speech; is apprehended; is expelled the House of Commons for printing the "Essay on Woman;" is elected for Middlesex, expelled, and re-elected; as Lord Mayor behaves with spirit during the Gordon riots; procures the expunction of the resolutions against him.

And not only did the tribunes transact all their other affairs without disturbance, but they were even re-elected or the following year.

The patricians also, that they might not yield to the commons in any particular, themselves proposed to re-elect Lucius Quinctius consul.

Those who decline to obey the suggestions of the Central Committee, will re-elect the late mayors or choose among the deputies, but vote they will.

This uncertainty is followed by another, whether, at the next election, Papirius Cursor was chosen consul a third time, with Quintus Aulus Ceretanus a second time, being re-elected in requital of his services at Luceria; or whether it was Lucius Papirius Mugillanus, the surname being mistaken.

They all turned out and voted, and not a single $35 man was re-elected, but all those who were in favor of paying $50.

FOURTH LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL.I was re-elected a member of the Legislative Council, and as soon as the lakes and river were fairly open, proceeded to Detroit, where I arrived about the middle of May.

The council met and organized without delay, the committees being cast much in the manner of the preceding council, as a majority of the members were re-elected.

He knew the leaders did not want to promote him, that they considered him too inclined to kick over the traces; but were he now re-elected, at the next election, either for mayor or governor, he would be his party's obvious and legitimate candidate.

The people of New Hampshire were so well pleased with the record which he made in Congress that, when his first term expired, they re-elected him for a second.

That he should be re-elected was the wish of the great body of voters.

the State itself endorsed his act by re-electing him unanimously; North and South are ranged in bitter hostility; in each large meetings have advocated a separation, in terms of rancour and enmity; and it is to be feared the Union does not possess a man of sufficient weight and character to spread oil over the troubled waters.

Nor was the confidence he inspired both in the camp and at Rome a whit shaken: he was twice re-elected consul, once while he was still absent, and once during a visit he paid to Rome to give directions to his party in person.

The Poles had not the sense to re-elect him, after his virtues were proved, they who had chosen him before they knew him.

Mr. P.A. Taylor was requested to assume the presidency, and the vice-presidents who had resigned were, with myself, re-elected.

I was very tired when I came back from our hurried trip, and was very glad of rest and quiet... Do not let my dear friends in the Press Club build upon me, or weaken their force by re-electing me.

And then could he face the clubs,if the clubs would be kind enough to re-elect him?

PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, is popularly elected for four years, or rather by delegates so elected to each State, and sometimes re-elected for other four; is commander-in-chief of the army and navy; sees to the administration of the laws, signs bills before they pass into law, makes treaties, grants reprieves and pardons, and receives an annual salary of 50,000 dollars.

81 examples of  re-electing  in sentences