81 examples of re-electing in sentences

I wish I had not been re-elected last year.

The Democratic party desired to re-elect Mr. Verplanck, if some assurance could be obtained from him that he would not oppose the policy of the Administration in regard to the bank.

Mr. Madison, who had been re-elected president of the United States, showed a disposition to prosecute the war with great vigor.

If he could have been constitutionally re-elected, he probably would not have meditated a coup d'état, for it was in accordance with his indolent character to procrastinate.

But Clay had no sooner returned to Lexington than he was re-elected to the national legislature, where he was again chosen Speaker, December 4, 1815, having declined the Russian mission, and the more tempting post of the Secretary of War.

The House would then probably think itself under a necessity of again expelling him, and he would as certainly be again re-elected.

The commons re-elected Volero as tribune.

And not only did the tribunes transact all their other affairs without disturbance, but they were even re-elected or the following year.

The patricians also, that they might not yield to the commons in any particular, themselves proposed to re-elect Lucius Quinctius consul.

Those who decline to obey the suggestions of the Central Committee, will re-elect the late mayors or choose among the deputies, but vote they will.

One praetor, likewise, Quintus Fulvius Flaccus, was re-elected; the other new ones who were chosen, were Titus Otacilius Crassus a second time, Quintus Fabius, son of the consul, who was at that time curule aedile, and Publius Cornelius Lentulus.

They all turned out and voted, and not a single $35 man was re-elected, but all those who were in favor of paying $50.

Jackson re-elected President.

He knew the leaders did not want to promote him, that they considered him too inclined to kick over the traces; but were he now re-elected, at the next election, either for mayor or governor, he would be his party's obvious and legitimate candidate.

The Constitution says nothing about his re-election, and there is no written law to prevent his being re-elected a dozen times.

the State itself endorsed his act by re-electing him unanimously; North and South are ranged in bitter hostility; in each large meetings have advocated a separation, in terms of rancour and enmity; and it is to be feared the Union does not possess a man of sufficient weight and character to spread oil over the troubled waters.

They are elected for 4 years, but may be re-elected indefinitely.

I may add that at the Nottingham Conference Mr. Bradlaugh was re-elected President with only four dissentients, the party being practically unanimous in its determination to uphold a Free Press.

Our career of six years has been subdivided into twelve volumes or sessions; we have had no recess, but uniformly "a house;" and, as members of the republic of letters, we hope to be re-elected by our numerous constituents.

Giles was re-elected to the Second Congress, which opened on October 24, 1791.

The Poles had not the sense to re-elect him, after his virtues were proved, they who had chosen him before they knew him.

When I was re-elected it was sought to make me bankrupt by enormous penalties, and when I escaped the suit for enormous penalties they hope now to destroy me by this.

I was very tired when I came back from our hurried trip, and was very glad of rest and quiet... Do not let my dear friends in the Press Club build upon me, or weaken their force by re-electing me.

And then could he face the clubs,if the clubs would be kind enough to re-elect him?

GRAND PENSIONARY, a state official in the Dutch Republic; in earlier times the Grand Pensionary was Secretary and also Advocate-General of the province of Holland; later his duties embraced the care of foreign affairs; held office for five years, but was generally re-elected; the office was abolished in 1795.

81 examples of  re-electing  in sentences