93 examples of re-opens in sentences

" "And re-open thy wound, messire?

In the autumn of 1862 she again arrived in Cairo, to re-open her school, which had for some time been suspended through the departure of the teacher.

His first act was to withdraw from under his pillow the turnip, his next to re-open the back of its silver case and then the inner lidsomething which a deft thumbnail accomplished without a sound.

Luckily the Governor thought it advisable to explain to them what the obnoxious ordinances really meant before proceeding to exterminate them, and a few hours of explanation had the effect of inducing them to re-open their shops, and go on quietly with their usual avocations.

Naturally, when this was perceived, efforts were made to re-open and keep open the endangered or interrupted communication line.

From time to time the father or the mother made a fresh attempt to re-open the sources of intimacy, but each time came the same disappointment.

Fournier and Nicolas, the latter of whom had many friends amongst the English, to Calcutta, to re-open the negotiations for a neutrality.

He contended, that, although the thoroughfare might have been originally an encroachment, it had become public property by the lapse of time, and by prescriptive right, and that he should compel the king to re-open it.

"You led me to infer you had your reasons" the slighted counsellor concluded; and, in reply to Ralph's breathless question, he subjoined, "Why, you see, the case is closed, and I don't exactly know on what ground you can re-open itunless, of course, you can bring evidence showing that the irregularity of the mother's life is such..." "She's going to marry again," Ralph threw in.

The bombardment is to re-open next week, and the generals expect to carry the town by assault; though, between ourselves, I have no belief that our batteries will be able to silence the enemy's guns sufficiently to make an assault upon such a tremendous position possible.

After being directed by helpful other ranks to the A.S.C. Depot, the Camp Commandant's Office and the Y.M.C.A., I found myself, at the end of a morning's strenuous walking, confronted by notices on a closed door stating that this was the Officers' Payment Issue Department; that this was the Officers' Entrance to the Officers' Payment Issue Department; that smoking was strictly prohibited; and that the office would re-open at 14.00.

He will re-open to-morrow, when plane and saw will be started, And will keep on through the hours of labor from morning till evening.

"I suppose," I said at length, "it is of no use for me to re-open the question of the advisability of this visit on your part?" "Not the least," she replied resolutely, "though I understand and appreciate your motive in wishing to do so.

The changes now going on in our conception of the psychological basis of politics will also re-open the discussion of representative democracy.

Manfred would have followed; but the door was clapped to with violence, nor could he with all his force re-open it.

As the weeks passed the streets became more thronged, and the shops began to re-open, their business conducted for the most part by women and old people.

The tragedy of Y, by Ellery Queen, pseud. of Frederic Dannay & Manfred B. Lee. NM: "A re-open letter.

The tragedy of Y, by Ellery Queen, pseud. of Frederic Dannay & Manfred B. Lee. NM: "A re-open letter.

Was it then impossible to regain that Paradise he had forfeited so weakly, and of whose amaranthine bowers, but a few hours since, he had caught such an entrancing glimpse, of which the gate for a moment seemed about to re-open!

He had still, in Germany and all around, many enemies to fight and many campaigns to re-open.

"We will re-open the doors, and proceed in the examination.

In hasteJ.T. I re-open the letter to enclose a cheque for a hundred pounds, which you will pay the attorney on account.

During the winter, I was called to Onion River to dedicate the new brick Church that had been built on the Hingham charge, and in the following summer I was called to Oshkosh to re-open the First Church, which had been enlarged and greatly improved by the Rev. Wm.

"You will re-open Wrayth, of course," he said.

It is not, of course, as delightful as Boswell; but who re-opens Boswell?

93 examples of  re-opens  in sentences