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93 examples of  re-opens  in sentences

93 examples of re-opens in sentences

Punctually as announced, the FIFTH AVENUE THEATRE has re-opened.

" "And re-open thy wound, messire?

Certainly I do!" "Very well, then," I said, re-opening my pocket-book and taking out an open letter.

In the autumn of 1862 she again arrived in Cairo, to re-open her school, which had for some time been suspended through the departure of the teacher.

The re-opened door might make the back parlor of the Café des Exilés a scene of blood.

Then the black eyes disappeared within, and Kristian Koppig thought again, and re-opening his shutter, stood up at the window prepared to become a bold spectator of what might follow.

To a maritime nation like England, the repair and re-opening of its fine port would be the 6rst consideration, and doubtless a lucrative and extensive commerce could be established between Aghadir and Timbuctoo.

In ten days we had opened up this old deviation, laid new rails, and had the line re-opened.

The door re-opened, and a menial appeared.

He re-opened the prospect of this service before his Monthly Meeting, on the 3rd of the Fifth Month, 1853.

Maud had been too seriously alarmed about re-opening the box, to hesitate a moment now, as to examining its contents.

The first stone of the edifice was laid on the 27th of May, 1833: to 1858 the church was enlarged, and in the course of the re-opening services the famous Dr. Manning (now Archbishop of Westminster) preached a sermon.

In 1866, having been rebuilt and enlarged, it was re-opened.

His first act was to withdraw from under his pillow the turnip, his next to re-open the back of its silver case and then the inner lidsomething which a deft thumbnail accomplished without a sound.

This message sealed into a second envelope without superscription, he lighted a cigarette and sat smiling with anticipative relish through its smoke, a smile swiftly abolished as the door re-opened; though Nogam found him in what seemed to be a mood of rare sweet temper.

Don't let us re-open it!"

Just as he had disappeared, the door re-opened, and Verty made his appearance.

I am able to enjoy my newly re-opened life," writes this woman of sixty, who, ever since she was the girl whom we know as Maggie Tulliver, must always have some one to love and to depend upon.

Luckily the Governor thought it advisable to explain to them what the obnoxious ordinances really meant before proceeding to exterminate them, and a few hours of explanation had the effect of inducing them to re-open their shops, and go on quietly with their usual avocations.

The people seemed to be resuming their avocations, and the shops to be re-opening.

" His tears fell on her eyelids as he spokescalding tears; and she looked at him, and her heart re-opened to its lord, all love and worship; and Armida said, "Behold thy handmaid; dispose of her even as thou wilt.

" Will the official re-opening of the slave trade be some day effected without bringing on a storm which will destroy the new Confederacy?

The operatives of Manchester wanted cheaper bread; those of Birmingham wanted an extension of the franchise: and as Lord John Russell had opposed the re-opening of the reform question, the radicals were both disappointed and infuriated.

And then began a fresh matter; though but an old enough trick; for I speak now of the days that followed that re-opening of the talk between the Pyramids.

Naturally, when this was perceived, efforts were made to re-open and keep open the endangered or interrupted communication line.

The battle of Agincourt in Joanna's childhood had re-opened the wounds of France.

With true Wobbly determination, Lassiter secured a new stock of papers and immediately re-opened his little stand.

Theatres were re-opening with new plays; and a fellow-officer, who had a couple of stalls for the first production of a comedy about which public curiosity was whetted, meeting Linforth in the hall of his club, suggested that they should go together.

In 1809 it was burnt to the ground; and on its re-opening the Committee advertised a prize for a prologue, which was supposed to be tried for by all the poets and poetasters then in England.

Wilkes, however, not without reason, believed it to be still unpopular with the nation at large, and, flushed with his supposed victory over Lord Bute, was watching eagerly for some occasion of re-opening the question, when such an opportunity was afforded him by the King's speech at the prorogation of the Parliament, which took place a few days after Lord Bute's resignation.

His demand, however, was refused, and he and Alderman Oliver were committed to the Tower; but, as if the ministers were afraid of re-opening the question of Colonel Luttrell's election for Middlesex, they evaded taking notice of Wilkes's disobedience to their order by a singularly undignified expedient, issuing a fresh order for his appearance on the 8th of April, and adjourning till the 9th.

They justified the very comprehensive or sweeping range which they had given it by their wish to make it a final settlement of the question, and by the expression of their conviction that the completeness with which it had satisfied all reasonable expectations had effectually prevented any necessity for ever re-opening the question.

As has already been mentioned, the transaction throws a rather curious light on the occasional working of our ministerial system; and the fate of the measure in the two Houses of Parliament is also deserving of remark and recollection, as re-opening the question, which had not been agitated for nearly a century, as to the extent of the power of the House of Lords with respect to votes of money.

This evening all the theatres will be re-opened.

On Good Friday, April 19th, 1819, all her wounds re-opened and bled, and closed again on the following days.

From time to time the father or the mother made a fresh attempt to re-open the sources of intimacy, but each time came the same disappointment.

Fournier and Nicolas, the latter of whom had many friends amongst the English, to Calcutta, to re-open the negotiations for a neutrality.

[Footnote 113: The old English Factory at Patna was re-opened by Mr. Pearkes, in July, 1757.

He contended, that, although the thoroughfare might have been originally an encroachment, it had become public property by the lapse of time, and by prescriptive right, and that he should compel the king to re-open it.

"You led me to infer you had your reasons" the slighted counsellor concluded; and, in reply to Ralph's breathless question, he subjoined, "Why, you see, the case is closed, and I don't exactly know on what ground you can re-open itunless, of course, you can bring evidence showing that the irregularity of the mother's life is such..." "She's going to marry again," Ralph threw in.

To get the boy awaythat seemed the first thing to do: to put him out of reach, and then invoke the law, get the case re-opened, and carry the fight from court to court till his rights should be recognized.

The work of getting up siege guns and storing ammunition for a re-opening of the bombardment in earnest, went on merrily, and the arrival of 15,000 Turkish troops, and of nearly 20,000 Sardinians, who pitched their camps on the plain, rendered the allies secure from an attack in that direction, and enabled them to concentrate all their efforts on the siege.

The bombardment is to re-open next week, and the generals expect to carry the town by assault; though, between ourselves, I have no belief that our batteries will be able to silence the enemy's guns sufficiently to make an assault upon such a tremendous position possible.

At six o'clock the guns again re-opened; the Russians having made good use of their time in arming fresh batteries to counteract the effect of the works we had carried.


After being directed by helpful other ranks to the A.S.C. Depot, the Camp Commandant's Office and the Y.M.C.A., I found myself, at the end of a morning's strenuous walking, confronted by notices on a closed door stating that this was the Officers' Payment Issue Department; that this was the Officers' Entrance to the Officers' Payment Issue Department; that smoking was strictly prohibited; and that the office would re-open at 14.00.

He will re-open to-morrow, when plane and saw will be started, And will keep on through the hours of labor from morning till evening.

"I suppose," I said at length, "it is of no use for me to re-open the question of the advisability of this visit on your part?" "Not the least," she replied resolutely, "though I understand and appreciate your motive in wishing to do so.

The wound re-opened; he let fall his sword and shield, sank into the arms of Oribazius and Victor, and looking up, cried contemptuously, "All is over!

The production of dramatic journey-work has been continuous since the re-opening of the theatres in 1660, and it is carried on as plentifully as ever at this present time.

[Footnote U: This hotel has long since been re-opened.]

To the latest restoration, which included entire recasing of tower and spire, clearstories and chancel, the new sacristy at the south east, and other work, Mr. George Woodcock, a Coventry citizen, gave £10,500, and the sum of £39,500 was raised and expended, the re-opening taking place on 22nd April, 1890.

A short time after, it was re-opened by another speculator; but on such a scale, as merely to attract the working classes of the community.

Will not that imply the re-opening ofof certain ledgers, which we agreed last night had better remain shut?" Again there was silence.

" She leaned back in her chair, and re-opened her book.

Our church was re-opened to-day.

Our mother, however, was not in the least vexed or excited; she prayed for him, for all of us, especially for her sick child, and before my father came home, my eyes were re-opened.

The changes now going on in our conception of the psychological basis of politics will also re-open the discussion of representative democracy.

These encounters indeed were mere skirmishes for the most part, and the silences and embarrassments that followed ended sooner or later in a "making up," tacit or definite, though once or twice this making up only re-opened the healing wound.

Manfred would have followed; but the door was clapped to with violence, nor could he with all his force re-open it.

As the weeks passed the streets became more thronged, and the shops began to re-open, their business conducted for the most part by women and old people.

He was the ultra of the ultras, accepting the institution as morally right and divinely sanctioned, desiring its extension and inclined to favor, though not then himself advocating, the re-opening of the African slave-trade.

The Kansas-Nebraska Bill not only threw open a great territory to slavery but re-opened the whole slavery discussion.

He has accordingly brought to light a series of vestry books from 1653, embracing regular accounts and entries of the calamitous fire, and the proceedings of the parish authorities during that eventful period, till the re-opening of the church for public worship; together with register books of baptisms, burials, &c. from 1587, nearly eighty years before the fire, continued without interruption to the present day.

The tragedy of Y, by Ellery Queen, pseud. of Frederic Dannay & Manfred B. Lee. NM: "A re-open letter.

The tragedy of Y, by Ellery Queen, pseud. of Frederic Dannay & Manfred B. Lee. NM: "A re-open letter.

Was it then impossible to regain that Paradise he had forfeited so weakly, and of whose amaranthine bowers, but a few hours since, he had caught such an entrancing glimpse, of which the gate for a moment seemed about to re-open!

Their meal was finished, the servants brought their work, and books, and drawings; and Herbert, resuming his natural couch, re-opened his Plato, but Venetia ran into the villa, and returned with a volume.

" StowThese have lately been re-opened.

He had still, in Germany and all around, many enemies to fight and many campaigns to re-open.

During the night between the 8th and 9th of November, 1357, immediately after the re-opening of the states, Charles the Bad, King of Navarre, was carried off by a surprise from the castle of Arleux in Cambresis, where he had been confined; and his liberators removed him first of all to Amiens and then to Paris itself, where the popular party gave him a triumphant reception.

He thereupon devoted himself with ardor and confidence to his desire of winning back the kingdom of Naples, which Alphonso I., King of Arragon, had wrested from the house of France, and of thereby re-opening for himself in the East, and against Islamry, that career of Christian glory which had made a saint of his ancestor, Louis IX.

" The court was now cleared; when it re-opened Vito Viti was sent for and properly sworn, his attention being particularly directed to the cross on the back of the book.

"We will re-open the doors, and proceed in the examination.

The school had already re-opened, and one of the boys in his college cap passed by the window while they were breakfasting.

In a moment, however, he re-opened it, for he heard Wildney's step, and, after admitting him, locked it once more.

In the latter year, however, the college was re-opened, since the legislature had granted it a lottery of $30,000.

Time lessens such pangs; but when a fresh sorrow re-opened the era of calamity, it seems as if the sad events trod upon each other's heels and the interval between seems to have been but one unmitigated agony.

It was during the summer holidays that I first set foot in this neighbourhooda week before school re-opened.

When the officer in attendance was ordered to clear the gallery, it was sometimes found to be a very troublesome and slow operation; for those who first went out remained obstinately as close to the doors as possible, so as to secure the opportunity to come in again first when the doors should be re-opened.

But, somehow, they've got together in my mind, and I can't" Here the door re-opened and Stillman entered, followed by the big German.

In hasteJ.T. I re-open the letter to enclose a cheque for a hundred pounds, which you will pay the attorney on account.

P. Stowe there were large accessions, and he found it necessary to enlarge again, when in 1870 the writer was called to preach the re-opening sermon.

During the winter, I was called to Onion River to dedicate the new brick Church that had been built on the Hingham charge, and in the following summer I was called to Oshkosh to re-open the First Church, which had been enlarged and greatly improved by the Rev. Wm.

Then the maître-d'hôtel rushes at the door and closes it violently,only for it to be re-opened a minute afterwards by a waiter or visitor entering from the terrace below!

His grace was certainly diplomatic and persuasive in stating the case, and his attendants were animated with zeal that the Americans should have the credit of re-opening the cathedral for worship.

Then they tried to find employment amongst the scattered ranches which here and there commenced to break the monotony of the prairie, but as the planting had been finished long ago, and the harvest would not commence until after school had re-opened, their appeals were in vain.

Mr. Oakshott and the captain had gone down again, and found, what the military man was anxious about, that if there were passages to the outer air, they had been well blocked up and not re-opened.

"You will re-open Wrayth, of course," he said.

The Haymarket has re-opened with the odd mixture of the excellent French Abbé Constantin and the weak, muddle-headed, Tree-and-Grundy-ised "village Priest," known as the Abbé Dubois, or "Abbé Do Bore," as 'ARRY might call him.

No one needs an excuse for re-opening the Lives of the Poets; the book is too delightful.

It is not, of course, as delightful as Boswell; but who re-opens Boswell?

" She was pounding these sentiments into a sonata with great energy, when her door re-opened, and Raymond again appeared.