735 examples of reader's in sentences

Upon what does he depend to hold the reader's attention?

From the reader's view point some of his earlier works, like the idyllic love story Under the Greenwood Tree (1872) and A Pair of Blue Eyes (1873), are the most interesting.

His own personality creeps into the stories when he has some favorite sermon to preach; and he sometimes taxes the reader's patience by unduly delaying the narrative or even directing its course in order to accentuate the moral issue.

But we guess what is passing in the reader's mind.

In the characters of Dr. Harrison and Amelia herself, the virtuous man and woman are drawn so clearly that they inevitably win the reader's sympathy.

The more you constrain an ebook's distinctive value propositions that is, the more you restrict a reader's ability to copy, transport or transform an ebook the more it has to be valued on the same axes as a paper-book.

It is possible that the name may in no way excite the reader's curiosity.

Having dwelt so much at length on this part of the subject, the reader's patience may well be spared further details.

" Having devoted so much space to a revelation of the state of society among the slaveholders of Georgia, we will tax the reader's patience with only a single illustration of the public sentimentthe degree of actual legal protection enjoyed in the state of North Carolina.

If it got a reader's attention, rhombus would do, this I learned from the Herald.

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On the other hand, a good author who is rich in ideas soon gains the reader's credit of having really and truly something to say; and this gives the intelligent reader patience to follow him attentively.

There are many thoughts which are valuable to the man who thinks them; but out of them only a few which possess strength to produce either repercussion or reflex action, that is, to win the reader's sympathy after they have been written down.

The Reader's own Thoughts will suggest to him the Vicissitude of Day and Night, the Change of Seasons, with all that Variety of Scenes which diversify the Face of Nature, and fill the Mind with a perpetual Succession of beautiful and pleasing Images.

I beg the reader's leave to take notice of one here just in my way; and, the rather, because I design for the future to let hundreds of them pass without further notice.

If, in order to satisfy the reader's curiosity, we are obliged to examine the state of Aveline's heart, in reference to Jocelyn, we must state candidly that no such ardent flame was kindled within it as burnt in the breast of the young man.

735 examples of  reader's  in sentences