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As, however, it would be useless, and even hurtful, to bother the reader's head with too many nice professional distinctions, we shall content ourselves with dividing wounds into three classes. 2683.

Had he been aware that much of his bad writing was imperfect thinking, and always imperfect adaptation of means to ends, he might have been induced to recast it into more logical and more intelligible sentences, which would have stimulated the reader's mind as much as they now oppress it.

Upon what does he depend to hold the reader's attention?

Many of the extracts from the diaries quoted in this chapter must be read in the light of the reader's own recollections of the process of getting used to life.

and since that memorable night in 1884, nothing has befallen me worthy of a polite reader's attention.

Certain of their number, amongst whom was the reader's acquaintance, Doctor Hodges, were appointed to attend the infected; and two out of the Court of Aldermen were required to see that they duly executed their dangerous office.

The reader's attention could not be preserved; his journey being long, he expects his road to be smooth and unembarrassed.

We now ask the reader's attention to the testimonies which follow.

Now, a study of the minor writing of the past is, of course, well worth a reader's pains.

On the other side, I have endeavoured to choose such fables, both ancient and modern, as contain in each of them some instructive moral, which I could prove by induction; but the way is tedious, and they leap foremost into sight, without the reader's trouble of looking after them.

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Getting the most out of life; an anthology from the Reader's digest.

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The Modern reader's guide to the Bible.

It is impossible for the Reader's Imagination to multiply twenty Men into such prodigious Multitudes, or to fancy that two or three hundred thousand Soldiers are fighting in a Room of forty or fifty Yards in Compass.

In this way the reader's sense of right is lowered and an appetite createdan appetite that can not be satisfied; the more it is fed, the more depraved and exacting it becomes.

I cannot but be reminded of what the "Prospective" reviewer says of Zeuxis and the grapes, when I observe the delicate skill of touch by which the critic puts on just enough colour to affect the reader's mind, but not so much as to draw him to closer examination.

A glance at the map of that portion of the globe, will strengthen this hypothesis, placing as it does this singular fact at once before the reader's mind.

The lovely creature was, however, entirely ignorant of my calling; and whatever impression such a description would leave on the reader's mind, it made none on mine, though in the second verse I was certainly much pleased with the fair punster.

735 examples of  reader's  in sentences