2523 examples of realise in sentences

No one who has ever stood on the Janiculum, and looked down on the river and the city, and across the Latin plain to the Alban mountain and the long line of hillsthe last spurs of the Apenninesenclosing the plain to the north, can fail to realise that Rome was originally an outpost of the Latins, her kinsmen and confederates, against the powerful and uncanny Etruscan race who dwelt in the undulating hill country to the north.

Nothing is more difficult for the ordinary reader of ancient history than to realise the difficulty of feeding large masses of human beings, whether crowded in towns or soldiers in the field.

Perhaps the best way to realise the problem is to reflect that every adult inhabitant needed about four and a half pecks of corn per month, or some three pounds a day; so that if the population of Rome be taken at half a million in Cicero's time, a million and a half pounds would be demanded as the daily consumption of the people.

System and practice are equally natural, and it needs but a little historical imagination to realise their development.

Many teachers do not seem to realise that the school should occupy as much time as they can possibly give to it outside their home duties.

No teacher is worthy of the name who does not realise that he serves God most truly and his country most faithfully when he lives and works with his boys.

Teachers should train their boys to realise that just as the home is the centre of activity for the child, so is the school the centre of activity for the youth.

Think how you would do your work if you knew that the Lord Himself were coming directly to see it; and then realise that He does see it, for all is taking place within His consciousness.

We have just had an excellent meal, a quiet pipe, and fireside conversation within, almost forgetful for the time of the howling tempest without;now, as we lie in our bags warm and comfortable, one can scarcely realise that 'hell' is on the other side of the thin sheet of canvas that protects us.

It took me days and even months to realise fully the aims of our meteorologist and the scientific accuracy with which he was achieving them.

Judged by any standard it was a remarkably pretty little device, but when I learnt that it had been made from odds and ends, such as a cog-wheel or spring here and a cell or magnet there, begged from other departments, I began to realise that we had a very exceptional cook.

Finally, in this way I was brought to realise what an extensive and intricate but eminently satisfactory organisation I had made myself responsible for.

He needs two years here to fully realise these things, and with all his intelligence and energy will produce little unless he has that extended experience.

It is difficult for us to realise adequately what talented women like Rosa Bonheur had to undergo because of this curious attitude of humanity.

How many men realise these facts?

We are even forced to realise that the law of habit continues to do its perfect work in a strangely resentful or apathetic manner even when there is no moral issue at stake....

To the ordinary mind it is a self-evident proposition that a girl of those ages, the slippery period of puberty, can but seldom realise what she is doing when she submits herself to the lust of scoundrels.

When people once realise thoroughly what sickness and social ulcers result from the presence in the city of New York of 100,000 debauched women (and the estimate is conservative)when

Outside of his imagination nothing was changed; he stood in exactly the same relation to her as he had done when he returned from Stanton College, determined to build a Gothic monastery upon the ruins of Thornby Place, and yet somehow he found it difficult to realise that this was so.

To minds which realise all this, it is more inconceivable than any amount of miracle that such a religion as Christianity should have emerged naturally out of the conditions of the first century.

By this time I was beginning to sort of realise the depth of their ignorance, and directly I set eyes on this deity I took my cue.

He began to realise that you cannot even fight happily with creatures who stand upon a different mental basis to yourself.

He now began to realise that he was somebody.

I was stunned with the news, unable to realise it; and the sight of the table, with all the customary details in the old disorder, fairly unmanned me; so it was all over and done with, and my friend was gone without a word or sign.

What one is bound to do is to realise that there is abundant room for all kinds of personalities in the world, and it is much better not to protest and censure unless one is absolutely certain that the temperament one dislikes is a mischievous one.

2523 examples of  realise  in sentences