1079 examples of reassuring in sentences

" Olympia, who had been so strong, cheery, and masterful when it had been a question of reassuring her mother, was now the stricken spirit.

It isn't likely she'd begin now, is it?" Unable to make a reassuring reply, Patsy remained silent, and the boy went on with his work.

The King was indeed at Albano, whence from Palestrina Garibaldi marched to the attack; which would probably have been successful had he not been suddenly summoned back to Rome, as the movements of the French were by no means reassuring.

As she continued shivering, confessing the truth by her manner, but unable to articulate a word, to such a point did despair and fright clutch her at the throat, he felt the need of reassuring her a little, particularly if he was to keep that door open to him.

After a few seconds there was a reassuring nod from Gerry: "Yes, Rom, it's a male!

I put my hand into his, and the grip he gave me was reassuring.

It was not a reassuring shadow; it seemed to spring from an indeterminate personality.

We might be peddlers, or we might be "hoboes," but there was a disquieting uncertainty about us, and we felt it necessary occasionally to make reassuring explanations.

The storm had passed, the sun had come out just long enough to bid a reassuring "good-night" to the lately frightened dwellers on the earth, and was now dropping down behind the western hills.

But, as to reassuring him, I might as well have argued with a tank.

An imperial courier had just arrived from Teherán, and his report was anything but reassuring.

There was no sound from outsidenot a call for the Padre, not a reassuring shout that Billy had succeeded in finding him.

There was the less hesitation in combining principles derived from entirely different postulates without regard to their systematic connection, as the interest in scholastic investigation gave place more and more to the interest in practical and reassuring results.

Her dry brittle tone was anything but reassuring.

" "I'll be decent, Katie," he called after her in laughing but reassuring voice.

And what Katie found most reassuring was less the results of the effort Ann was making than her unmistakable sense of the necessity for making it.

Victoria saying that she could not of course leave at once because no passage had been engaged, Hélène foolishly offering smelling-salts, Felix darting off to get a carriage to take them to the hotel where she could be out of the crowd and they could lay their plans"Oh, my poor dear!but you may have more reassuring news tomorrow, you know," said Mrs. Marshall-Smith soothingly.

" Which is reassuring.

Every sort of artist demands human responses, and few men can contrive to write merely for a publisher's cheque and silence, however reassuring that cheque may be.

He heard him long before he saw him, as a clattering of hoofs, stumbling footsteps, and a reassuring voice.

" Pondering over this none too reassuring remark, Hans lapsed into silence, while Tom and Larry plied the sheriff with questions about life on the ranches and the antics of the cowboys.

Her weary hands could touch him, hold fast to him who had been lost and was found again; her tear-wet face rested against his; the blessed surcease from fear was benumbing her, quieting her, soothing, relaxing, reassuring her.

Can you two girls keep their blankets from blowing away?" They hurried from cot to cot, from mattress to mattress, from one heap of straw to another, from stretcher to stretcher, deftly replacing sheet and blanket, tucking them gently under, whispering courage, sometimes a gay jest or smiling admonition to the helpless men, soothing, petting, reassuring.

Lively, now!" He trailed the muzzle of the revolver round from my temple to the back of my head as he spoke, pressing it into my hair in its course in a fashion that was anything but reassuring.

New Orleans was in that state of suppressed excitement which, in later days, a frequent need of reassuring the outer world has caused to be described by the phrase "never more peaceable."

1079 examples of  reassuring  in sentences