140 examples of reassuringly in sentences

" "Well, don't worry anyway," said Chet, patting her shoulder reassuringly.

Jack waved his arm reassuringly, as if to bid the rebel take heart for the momenthe would not hurry in the matter.

" "Never fear, Olinto," I said reassuringly.

She imprisoned his fluttering hand in hers, and smoothed his hair reassuringly.

She smiled reassuringly.

Do you want me to go mad?" "I will think," I said, trying to speak reassuringly.

Do forgive them;" and John smiled reassuringly.

He came to her side, and took the little hand reassuringly in his strong, warm clasp.

" "I believe you," declared her lover reassuringly.

"I shall keep my eyes open this afternoon," he said reassuringly.

"Why, no, Jack," he said, reassuringly.

I thought that" "Nothing else," Prather interrupted reassuringly.

He controlled his voice with an efforthis words came softly, reassuringly.

Sylvia patted him on the shoulder reassuringly.

"I don't think we need have any fear until she gets over her scare about this," said Mrs. Albright reassuringly.

"Suppose we go back a little," he said reassuringly.

"Of course you do, my dear Monsignor," said the priest reassuringly.

"It won't go on," said Redwood reassuringly; "it's just a start he's taken.

I tried to speak reassuringly.

He smiled reassuringly, and then glanced frowningly around the cabin.

" Billy noticed the slight, inquiring emphasis upon the word my, and he smiled down reassuringly into her face.

She smiled reassuringly.

See how those boughs are waving!" "Not an atom!" reassuringly.

he remarked reassuringly, "you need not spend a penny more abroad than you do at home.

"They ain't any doubt of it," he said reassuringly.

140 examples of  reassuringly  in sentences