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140 examples of  reassuringly  in sentences

140 examples of reassuringly in sentences

" "There is no particular cause for anxiety on your part," Kelson said reassuringly.

" "There is help," he declared reassuringly.

"Leave him to me to deal with," Gifford said reassuringly.

She flashed her quick smile again and nodded reassuringly.

" "Well, don't worry anyway," said Chet, patting her shoulder reassuringly.

Jack waved his arm reassuringly, as if to bid the rebel take heart for the momenthe would not hurry in the matter.

While you are with us no harm can come to Vincent; for, if he should be taken prisoner, we can threaten the Yankee Government to put you to torture unless he is well treated," Rosa interrupted, reassuringly.

He glanced reassuringly at Kate, as she sat dumfounded waiting the issue of this singular scene.

" "Never fear, Olinto," I said reassuringly.

But Patricia managed to smile reassuringly, and held out a little hand for him to take.

"We shall soon be there," said Paul reassuringly.

Max told him, reassuringly.

" Pearl smiled back, reassuringly, and his eyes responded.

She imprisoned his fluttering hand in hers, and smoothed his hair reassuringly.

" "That is nothing," he replied, reassuringly, at once.

Uncle John and Louise, glaring at the distant group, saw the third red book change hands, and in answer to their renewed cries and gestures Patsy waved the "Lives of the Saints" at them reassuringly and came on at a brisk walk, followed by Beth.

She smiled reassuringly.

" He laughed reassuringly and drew her closer to him.

Do you want me to go mad?" "I will think," I said, trying to speak reassuringly.

"I don't imagine it will amount to much," she said reassuringly.

" "I am sure the manager will neither dock nor fine either of you," he replied reassuringly.

Another minuteand then, endeavouring to smile bravely and reassuringly, and not succeeding particularly well in the attempt, a tall, elaborately attired, carefully polished-up man, unmistakably German, blonde, heavy, suave, suddenly walked on to the platform and did obeisance to the audience.

Do forgive them;" and John smiled reassuringly.

He came to her side, and took the little hand reassuringly in his strong, warm clasp.

"Calm thyself, my darling; it shall not be," he answered, reassuringly.

" He smiled reassuringly.

He touched her hand reassuringly.

Guy, you are not sorry, are you?" He took her hand and laughed reassuringly.

Janet exclaimed reassuringly.

" "I believe you," declared her lover reassuringly.

He paused, uncertain whether he was not going to be attacked, but the tramp laughed reassuringly.

"I'll be fair with you, Hope," he said reassuringly, and she stopped in her flight to the hall door.

Mr. Wilks nodded, reassuringly.

"I shall keep my eyes open this afternoon," he said reassuringly.

Mr. Wilks nodded, reassuringly.

"I shall keep my eyes open this afternoon," he said reassuringly.

"Oh," she proceeded, benevolently and reassuringly, "I mean it.

" "Eh, Uncle Clegg, you're worth twenty dead ones yet," said Mrs. Mesurier, reassuringly.

"Not just yet," said the little man, reassuringly.

"Why, no, Jack," he said, reassuringly.

I thought that" "Nothing else," Prather interrupted reassuringly.

"Oh!"a half-involuntary cry escaped her, and Geoffrey looked up reassuringly as he stroked the horse's neck and checked him for a brief second.

Mrs. May smiled reassuringly, for the poor little thing was certainly terrified and ill at ease as well as tired.

He controlled his voice with an efforthis words came softly, reassuringly.

He had the reticence of the well-bred Englishman, and though he told himself reassuringly that his novel in no way reflected his private life, he could not quite overcome the sentiment that it was a little vulgar to allow alien eyes to read the product of his most intimate thoughts.

" Joe's hand patted his shoulder reassuringly, and he went on: "Well, it 's this way.

" She threw a startled look at him and he added reassuringly: "Oh, don't mistake me.

But he flinched as she glanced round toward him and at that she laughed and patted his hand reassuringly.

Her eyes looked so hurt that he stroked her hand reassuringly, as he would have stroked Worth's had he hurt him.

Sylvia patted him on the shoulder reassuringly.

"I don't think we need have any fear until she gets over her scare about this," said Mrs. Albright reassuringly.

"Suppose we go back a little," he said reassuringly.

"There's one other thing," he went on reassuringly.

Yet the eyes she had looked into were shy and gentle and reassuringly full of open admiration.

"I was lookin' erbout foh you, honey," she said reassuringly.

She leaned forward after a moment and pulled Columbus to her side; fondling his pricked ears reassuringly.

"Of course you do, my dear Monsignor," said the priest reassuringly.

" The old priest smiled reassuringly.

"I doubt if we shall be able to do anything for you," he said reassuringly.

"Why, no," replied Nyoda reassuringly, "and I suppose if you want to give up your claim to the title nobody will stop you.

" "I will tell you later, my boy," returned Mr. Jefferson, smiling reassuringly.

The rat winced and swerved most reassuringly at his blowin the glare of his lamp he could see the fur furrow under the lashand he slashed again and again, heedless and unaware of the second pursuer that gained upon his off side.

"It won't go on," said Redwood reassuringly; "it's just a start he's taken.

As he bound her hands, the man spoke reassuringly; "Don't fight, Miss.

"If you think this is going, my dear," said Todd reassuringly, "wait till we strike the turnpike.

(The man addressed appears rebuked and surprised under his black-wired visor; The Judge, reassuringly.)

There was something so reassuringly prosperous and respectable in their bearing that after a moment's hesitation Nunez stood forward as conspicuously as possible upon his rock, and gave vent to a mighty shout that echoed round the valley.

And setting down his meat, he patted each reassuringly.

She smiled reassuringly to signify that, whatever it was, she would help Mrs. McLean through, and so did Mr. James.

"Of course I do, Elspeth," he answered reassuringly; but somehow she still thought he didn't.

"Yours," said Berkley reassuringly.

He calmly turned his horse's head and rode back along the lines of horses and dismounted troopers, commenting reassuringly on what was taking place around them.

"She is quite well," repeated Letty reassuringly; and, to Celia: "She sends her love to you and to your husband and son, and wishes to know how they are and where their regiment is stationed.

The security's all right, too, if you take a gun," said Steve reassuringly.

"We'll do what's right," said Mr. Chalk, reassuringly.

" From the variety of screams of big shells and little shells and screams harrowingly close and reassuringly high, which were indicated as ours, one was warranted in suggesting that the British were doing considerable artillery preparation themselves.

"But you would not have got it as badly as the tree," said the officer reassuringly.

"My mother knows all, Sir Karl," said the princess, reassuringly.

I tried to speak reassuringly.

"She is all right now," the physician said, reassuringly.

Lillian stooped over me reassuringly.

whispered the general's wife reassuringly.

"What was that?" "Nothing, nothing, mistress, I swear," rejoined Courage reassuringly, "there are always noises in old elm trees, the ivy hangs heavy and ..." "I have heard it said of late that the pavilion is haunted," she murmured under her breath.

"Why, my good fellow," I said reassuringly, "if the Germans ever reach here Paris is doomedand the war will be over!" "Perhaps" "Besides, I can't go.

He smiled reassuringly, and then glanced frowningly around the cabin.

" Billy noticed the slight, inquiring emphasis upon the word my, and he smiled down reassuringly into her face.

She smiled reassuringly.

But the Lieutenant smiled reassuringly upon her.

See how those boughs are waving!" "Not an atom!" reassuringly.

"Never you mind," repeats Bobby, reassuringly, seeing me blench a little at these disused amenities, pressing the hand that rests on his arm against his stout side; "it is nothing to you!

"It's a capital song," Dodd replied reassuringly; "do you know any more American words?"

" "He'll do it then," said Merston reassuringly.

He spoke reassuringly to them as he made his way to Diamond, Sylvia's mount.

he remarked reassuringly, "you need not spend a penny more abroad than you do at home.

"Don't be afraid, Jeekum," said Neil reassuringly.

" She seemed so broken and despondent that he replied reassuringly: "Perhaps it would be better that I should find another hiding-place for you, until I can dispose of that carcass, so that it will not draw dogs after the wolves, and men after them.

"They ain't any doubt of it," he said reassuringly.

I'm packing a missionary box just the way the ladies do; and it's all right," she added reassuringly, "I haven't put in a single thing that's any good at all!"

"I will come to your sitting-room just before luncheon time, my dearest," he whispered back reassuringly.

What is it?" Instantly and reassuringly Lucas's hand clasped hers.