955 examples of rebuild in sentences

Mr. Brush agreed to take up the franchise and attempt to operate and rebuild that club.

In fact, he had wondered whether he would be sent to pull down the bridge and rebuild it with steel.

It was the American lady's intentionsimplyto rebuild Vitrimont.

Thence they proceeded to rebuild the eastern end of the church, erecting a transept beyond the old choir, finishing their new sanctuary in 1227.

" "One can rebuild," she murmured.

He will use a Caesar's power to destroy the edifice of Caesar and rebuild what Caesar wrecked!" Narcissus pondered that, his head between his hands.

Nevertheless, if the Germans could obtain the route north of the Black Sea, they would with reason consider the war a successful venture because it would give them the opportunity to rebuild the imperial power and to carry out the Prussian ambition of world-mastery.

Augustus had a design to rebuild Troy, and make it the metropolis of the Roman empire, having closeted several senators on the project: Horace is supposed to have written the following Ode on this occasion.

In all other matters he flattered the emperor and ingratiated himself most skillfully, with the result that he received all kinds of gifts, said to have possessed in the aggregate a value of five thousand myriads, and obtained permission to rebuild Artaxata.

His first care was to rebuild the family residence, a congenial task which occupied five years and made a large hole in his savings.

Nobody seemed to think it worth while to rebuild or repair anything.

They even started a subscription to rebuild the press.

When that time came the two women were ready to help to heal, to nurseto bind the wounds and soothe the troubled heart, and rebuild the broken spirit.

It was proposed to continue the meetings in the Congregational church, but the workmen were coming the next morning to demolish and rebuild it.

In 1192 Hugh of Avalon determined to rebuild the Norman building of Remigius, which an earthquake had shaken.

So much money had to be spent in rebuilding the central tower, which fell in 1239, that the canons could not rebuild the nave entirely, but had to incorporate the Norman end by Remigius.

She sent out Shirley to destroy and rebuild it with her intellect.

(Rebuild America series)

In December following, when I was there, the people were slowly returning from the hills, but had not yet attempted to rebuild the campong, which lay in ashes.

The bridges are burnt; I doubt that any steps will be taken to rebuild them, as they would be constantly in danger from the enemy's cavalry.

So, bonds issued by the city of Boston under a statute expressly authorizing them to enable land-owners to rebuild after the great fire, were held to be void.

A Federal loan was proposed to raise money to lend to the inhabitants of San Francisco to rebuild after the earthquake, but failed of enactment.

He had taken his case to God, he had trusted all to Him, and Nehemiah did not want a Providence to watch; the God in whom he had put his confidence did not disappoint him. 'Let me go that I may rebuild Jerusalem,' says the cup-bearer; and the great Persian king does not refuse his request, but (prompted, it may be, by the queen who was sitting by him) he asks: 'For how long shall thy journey be?

Nehemiah reminds the nobles that the destruction of Jerusalem, the overthrow of that very city which they were taking so much trouble to rebuild, had all been brought about through desecration of the Sabbath day.

The period of peace which then ensued after war, which for so many decades had disturbed Italy, as France or Germany had in turn striven to acquire her fertile soil, gave the princes and nobles leisure to rebuild and adorn their palaces; and the excavations which were then made brought to light many of the works of art which had remained buried since the time when Rome was mistress of the world.

955 examples of  rebuild  in sentences