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78 examples of  recantation  in sentences

78 examples of recantation in sentences

We then have fitted you with one to day, 'Tis writ as 'twere a Recantation Play; Renouncing all that has pretence to witty, T'oblige the Reverend Brumighams o'th' City: No smutty Scenes, no Jests to move your Laughter, Nor Love that so debauches all your Daughters.

Come all and see my happy Recantation of all the Follies, Fables have inspir'd till now.

And I saw, too, that I had gone just that bit too far for which no recantation would win pardon.

As President of the Geological Society of London at that time (1869), I thought I might venture to plead that we were not such heretics as we seemed to be; and that, even if we were, recantation would not affect the question of evolution.

In prose he adds, "If, before I escaped from my teens, I said anything in favour of his lordship's paper-books, it was in the way of dutiful dedication, and more from the advice of others than my own judgment; and I seize the first opportunity of pronouncing my sincere recantation."

This paean of recantation and aspiration occupies the remainder of the poem.

There, I will be judged by Lloyd whether I have not made a very handsome recantation.

But show (no hurry) this unique recantation to Mr. Rogers: 't is like a dirty pocket-handerchief mucked with tears of some indigent Magdalen.

Sir James Mackintosh (1765-1832), the philosopher, whose apostasy consisted in his public recantation of the opinions in favour of the French Revolution expressed in his Vindiciรฆ Gallicรฆ, published in 1791.

his recantation, 397.

Cheke, as is well known, was compelled to a recantation; and why Ascham was spared, cannot now be discovered.

Lord LONSDALE next spoke to the effect following:My lords, the arguments of the noble lord have by no means influenced me to alter my opinion; nor do I now rise up to pronounce a recantation of any of my former assertions, but to explain one of them, which the noble lord has been pleased to controvert.

If I have said amiss in this, convince me of my error, and I am ready here before you to make my recantation.

My Lord the King, Nothing can alter your incensed rage But recantation? King.

sweet Musicke; Bellizarius, thou maist live; The King is full of royall bountylike The ambition of mortalityexamine; That recantation isa toy.

Binde her fast; Weele try what recantation you can make.

{121b} This poet, we are told, wrote some severe verses on Helen, for which he was punished by Castor and Pollux with loss of sight, but on making his recantation in a palinodia, his eyes were graciously restored to him.

I have appeased him, if a degraded chief can possibly be appeased: but it will be thirteen daysdays of resentment and discontentbefore my recantation can reach him.

his condemnation and admonition His new offences Summoned before a council of Cardinals His humiliation His recantations Consideration of his position Greatness of mind rather than character

"If I have preached and written anything heretical," said this intrepid monk, "I am willing to make a public recantation.

What his enemies were bent upon was his recantation, as preliminary to his execution; and he should have been firm, both for his cause, and because his martyrdom was sure.

; he was weak in his recantation; he was not an original genius,but he was a man of great breadth of views, conciliating, wise, temperate in reform, and discharged his great trust with conscientious adherence to the truth as he understood it; the friend of Calvin, and revered by the Protestant world.

In an evil hour this venerable sage falls down upon his knees before the assembled cardinals, and reads aloud this recantation: "I, Galileo Galilei, aged seventy, on my knees before you most reverend lords, and having my eye on the Holy Gospel, which I do touch with my lips, thus publish and declare, that I believe, and always have believed, and always will believe every article which the Holy Catholic Roman Church holds and teaches.

Nevertheless, his recantation was a fall, and in the eyes of the scientific world perhaps greater than that of Bacon.

" This may have been the punishment of his recantation,not Inquisitorial torture, but the consciousness that he had lost his honor.

That were a dangerous case, perhaps the fellow In desperation would, to soothe us up, Promise repentant recantation, And after fall into that desperate course, Both which I will prevent with policy.

Notwithstanding Sir Walter's proof that he was innocent of any such plot, and that lord Cobham, who had once accused him had recanted, and signed his recantation, nor was produced against him face to face, a pack'd jury brought him in guilty of high treason.

His last book and satire, for it consists but of one, is a humorous ironical recantation of his former satires; as the author pretends there can be no just one in such perfect times as his own.

Cobden, among others, had convinced him that the prosperity of the country depended on free-trade, and he nobly made his recantation, to the intense disgust of many of his former followers,especially of Disraeli, who now appears in Parliament as a leader of the protectionists.

nonconformity &c (heterodoxy) 984; protestantism, recusancy, schism; disaffection; secession &c 624; recantation &c 607. dissension &c (discord) 713; discontent &c 832; cavilling. protest; contradiction &c (denial) 536; noncompliance &c (rejection) 764. dissentient, dissenter; non-juror, non-content, nonconformist; sectary, separatist, recusant, schismatic, protestant, heretic. refusal &c 764.

Tergiversation N. change of mind, change of intention, change of purpose; afterthought. tergiversation, recantation; palinode, palinody^; renunciation; abjuration^, abjurement; defection &c (relinquishment) 624; going over &c v.; apostasy; retraction, retractation^; withdrawal; disavowal &c (negation) 536; revocation, revokement^; reversal; repentance &c 950; redintegratio amoris [Lat.].

discontinuance &c (cessation) 142; renunciation &c (recantation) 607; abrogation &c 756; resignation &c (retirement) 757; desuetude &c 614; cession &c (of property) 782.

abolition, abolishment; dissolution. counter order, countermand; repudiation, retraction, retractation^; recantation &c (tergiversation) 607; abolitionist.

His cheeks are never stained with the blushes of recantation, neither doth his tongue falter to make good a lie with the secret glosses of double or reserved senses, and when his name is traduced his innocency bears him out with courage: then, lo, he goes on the plain way of truth, and will either triumph in his integrity or suffer with it.

The kirk delivered Strachan as a traitor and apostate to the devil; and the parliament forefaulted his associates, of whom several hastened to make their peace by a solemn recantation.

Naevius was put in prison for these and similar sallies, and was obliged to remain there, till he had publicly made amends and recantation in other comedies.

A recantation of my former wordes, A servitude to him that conquers me; But who soever is by me subdued Must leave his Shield to beautifie this shrine.

It must be acknowledged, however, that repentance for his homage to heathen idols was the mainspring of his recantation, for the period immediately following was one of hardship and persecution for him, and his transitory lapse injured his cause appreciably with the brethren of his faith.

Johnson, whose ruling passion may be said to be the love of truth, convinced Lauder, that it would be more for his interest to make a full confession of his guilt, than to stand forth the convicted champion of a lie; and, for this purpose, he drew up, in the strongest terms, a recantation, in a letter to the reverend Mr. Douglas, which Lauder signed, and published in the year 1751.

But shew (no hurry) this unique recantation to Mr. R. 'Tis like a dirty pocket handkerchief muck'd with tears of some indigent Magdalen.

Then, in a magisterial tone, he called on Clerambault to sit down and write on the spot a public recantation.

" This, you will observe, was, in effect, a sweeping recantation of every ideal Margaret had ever boasted.

I shall therefore take the Liberty to acquaint you, however harsh it may sound in a Lady's Ears, that tho your Love-Fit should happen to return, unless you could contrive a way to make your Recantation as well known to the Publick, as they are already apprised of the manner with which you have treated me, you shall never more see Philander.

Being resolved now to proceed to extremities, and, if necessary, to form a new congregation, they drew up the following recantation and sent it to Dr. Potter,not with any hope that he would put his name to it, but for the purpose of ridiculing his infatuation, and driving him to resign his pulpit.

] "FRANCE: AN ODE" This ode was written in February, 1798, and first printed in the "Morning Post" for April 16 of that year, under the significant title of "Recantation."

Switzerland, and the Poet's recantation.

But nothing like a recantation could be wrung from him.

The magnificent recantation to Leigh Hunton whom Blackwood had bestowed even more than its share of abusehas passed into a proverb.

Although she had not mistaken these speeches for anything more than the nervous passion of a moment, the suddenness of the recantation surprised her a little.

" "A Recantation of an Ill-led Life, or a discovery of the highway law, as also many cautelous admonitions, and ful instructions how to know, shun, and apprehende a thiefe, most necessary for all honest travellers to peruse, observe, and practice; written by John Clavel, gent.

But, after all, what can we say for a recantation dictated by the dread of early death?" "Very true!" was my exclamation, as the reverend gentleman looked as if he expected me to say something.

He smiled with a grisly solemnityjust such a smile as you might imagine would play round the lips of a milestone (if it had any,) at the recantation so quickly volunteered by Larry.

This recantation deceived nobody; the Pasha, in a transport of rage, sent to Mohamed his own son, Sidi Ali; this time influence was of no avail.

I had no such reputation as that of Hume or Andrew Jackson Davis, which would call for a public statement of my recantation.

" Having delivered herself of this speech, Hermia paused, sure of her effect, and calmly awaited the usual recantation and reconciliation.

That was the rub, or would weary feet, hunger, thirst, the chance mishaps of the road bring recantation and flight to Trouville or to Paris?

" Notwithstanding the rank he held among the Whig authors, Settle, perceiving the cause of his patron Shaftesbury was gradually becoming weaker, fairly abandoned him to his fate, and read a solemn recantation of his political errors in a narrative published in 1683.

If this were the case, the recantations in his English Worthies of 1684 would be so many posthumous outrages committed on his blameless tomb, and the infamous sentence about Milton may well have been foisted into a posthumous volume by the same wicked hand.

1841, for a passage from Fuller's Mixed Contemplations, London, 1660, which proves the existence of the practice at the time; and to another in Clavell's Recantation of an Ill-led Life, London, 1634, to show that prisoners, who received pardon after condemnation, were accustomed to present gloves to the judges: "Those pardoned men who taste their prince's loves, (As married to new life) do give you gloves.

Without change of position, without recantation of principle, without abatement even of declared party doctrine, honestly executing only the high mandate of the Constitution, he could turn from the old issues and take up the new.

Count Achrenthal had overreached himself, and moreover the wind had already been taken out of his sails by the public recantation on Serbia's part of its pretensions to Bosnia, which, as already mentioned, took place at the end of March 1909, and by the simultaneous termination of the international crisis marked by Russia's acquiescence in the fait accompli of the annexation.

Their humiliating return and recantation broke the 'Golden Chain' of Hellenic thought for ever.

When my father was in America he was much interested with hearing from a friend, a female connection of whom had lived in the house with Tom Payne, some account of the last hours of that wretched man, who appears to have become so fully sensible of his fatal errors as to have written a recantation, which some of his infidel friends destroyed.

I shall therefore take the Liberty to acquaint you, however harsh it may sound in a Lady's Ears, that tho your Love-Fit should happen to return, unless you could contrive a way to make your Recantation as well known to the Publick, as they are already apprised of the manner with which you have treated me, you shall never more see Philander.

This did not appease: but on the return of the bill to the House of Lords, where our amendments were to be read, the Chancellor in the most personal terms harangued against Fox, and concluded with saying that "he despised his scurrility as much as his adulation and recantation."

After his book was licensed, they forced him to retract it by a most abject recantation.

If zeal for his system pushed him to propagate it, did not he consider that a recantation would hurt his cause more than his arguments could support it?

It was in consequence of this war in his mind, that he wrote a beautiful poem called The Recantation.

Now I take him in the nick, e're I have done with him, he had better have stood between two panes of Wainscot, and made his recantation in the Market, than hear me conjure him.

Now I take him in the nick, ere I done with him, He had better have stood between two panes of wainscot; And made his recantation in the market, Than heare me conjure him.

Here I vow a recantation to those malicious faults I ever did against you.

He ran off for the doctor, but poor, weak Mrs. Plausaby was past signing wills or recantations.

Lord HENRY BENTINCK seized the opportunity to make final recantation of his Unionist principles, but in default of more practical proposals was reduced to imploring the people of Ulster "to show some spirit of compromise;" and Lord HUGH CECIL in a despairing moment declared that he would sooner see three-fourths of Ireland independent than the whole of it presented with a form of Home Rule which no Irishman desired.

Friar Antonia Montesinos, in a sermon preached in la Espaรฑola in 1511, which was attended by Diego Columbus, the crown officers, and all the notabilities, denounced their proceedings with regard to the Indians so vehemently that they left the church deeply offended, and that same day intimated to the bishop the necessity of recantation, else the Order should leave the island.

When the day arrived the church was crowded, but instead of recantation, the intrepid monk launched out upon fresh animadversion, and ended by saying that he did so in the service not of God only, but of the king.

And with this recantation he disappeared from the army.

After the Restoration, he was one of the first to read a poetical recantation of his errors in verses addressed to Charles II.

There must be a test by which to separate the opposing elements, so as to build only from the sound; and that test is a sufficiently liberal one which accepts as sound whoever will make a sworn recantation of his former unsoundness.