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156 example sentences with  recasting

156 example sentences with recasting

You open, therefore, the drawer of your desk where you keep your rejected and broken fragmentsfor your past has not been prosperoushopeful against experience that you can recast one of these to your present mood.

But most vehemently, and with such emphasis as I possess, I beg you not to rummage among your rejected and broken fragments in the hope of recasting a withered thought to a present mood.

People could be fineat least they were thought very finewithout going to the British isles to recast their home manners or take hints for the fashioning of their grounds and mansions.

Recast the following sentences to eliminate the clashing of literal and figurative elements: Life is like a rich treasure entrusted to us, and to sustain it we must have three square meals a day.

"I can never recast anything.

The Colonel's statement seems (as I have previously intimated) to be rather haphazard; and Shelley's recast of it goes to a further extreme.

Clearly a recast of the phrase of Vergil, 'O fortunati nimium sua si bona nรดrint Agricolae.'

'Errata' in the previous volumes are corrected: several thousand new notes have been added, many of the old ones are entirely recast: the changes of text, introduced by Wordsworth into the successive editions of his Poems, have all been revised; new readingsderived from many MS.

Some poems were almost entirely recast; and occasionally fugitive verses were withheld from publication for a time, because it was hoped that they would subsequently form part of a larger whole.

In 1820, however, he pruned and improved it throughout; so that between this poem, as recast in 1820 (and reproduced almost 'verbatim' in the next two editions of 1827 and 1832), and his happiest descriptions of Nature in his most inspired moods, there is no great difference.

I have tried so to recast it, that any townsman, at least in the manufacturing districts of England and Scotland, may learn from it to judge, roughly perhaps, but on the whole accurately, of the rocks and soils of his own neighbourhood.

For me the problem was how to retain the whole ensemble of the narrative and the essence of the lessons which the work inculcates, while recasting some portion of it and sacrificing those matters of form to which exception was taken.

might manners and customs change, might the idea of morality and the idea of beauty be altered, and the world recast, based on the triumphant beauty of the mother suckling her babe in all the majesty of her symbolism!

The Life of Bowyer being recast and enlarged was republished under the title of Literary Anecdotes of the Eighteenth Century.

In 1812-15 he brought out this work, recast and enlarged, under the title of Literary Anecdotes of the Eighteenth Century.

If there should be one or two in these reminiscences which have lost their image and superscription by much handling, I hope that the recasting which they have undergone will give them, not only the brightness of the original mint, but a wider circulation than they have ever known.

Had he been aware that much of his bad writing was imperfect thinking, and always imperfect adaptation of means to ends, he might have been induced to recast it into more logical and more intelligible sentences, which would have stimulated the reader's mind as much as they now oppress it.

" The weariness produced by such writing as this is very great, and yet the recasting of the passage is easy.

Behold the faulty button about to be recast!

The book was recast under its present title between 1797 and 1798, and again revised prior to its publication in 1811.

In this period Ewald thinks there was a great stride made in sacred literature, especially in recasting ancient books that we accept as canonical.

If, for instance, we supposed that the various mines were amalgamated together in a few giant concerns, each of which comprised some of the richer and some of the poorer mines, the preceding argument would need to be recast in form, but its substance would be unaffected.

The roustabout's philosophy, which consisted in a monotonous recasting of a given proposition, trickled on and on in the cold wind.

"The Rehearsal," though now and then recast and reรซnacted to suit other times, is now no otherwise remembered than as the suggester of Sheridan's "Critic."

Unlike Tennyson, Browning could not stop to revise and recast; but he constantly sought expression, in narratives, dramas, lyrics, and monologues, for new thoughts and feelings.

The poet had given him the last possible offence by recasting his Jerusalem, omitting the glories of the house of Este, and dedicating it to another patron.

It must freely be admitted that there is no chance of eliminating or recasting either one or the other by the recognized methods of platform support and mass action through the ballot.

What we need (granting my assumption of character as the terminus ad quem) is an educational system so recast that the formal studies and the collateral influences and the school life shall be more coordinated in themselves and with life, and that the resulting stimulus shall be equally operative along intellectual, emotional and creative lines.

It is generally supposed that he furnished the rough drafts to his few intimate friends, who recast and polished them, while some think that William Lewis, Amos Kendall, and others wrote the whole of them, as well as all his public papers.

If the map of Europe is to be recast on a basis of nationality, we obviously cannot withhold from the great German nation that right to racial unity which we accord to the Czechs, the Poles and many minor races.

recast &c 146; reverse &c 218; disturb &c 61; convert into &c 144.

V. revolutionize; new model, remodel, recast; strike out something new, break with the past; change the face of, unsex.

cast, recast, systematize, organize; arrange &c 60; digest, mature.

The thought that is to be translated has to be melted down and recast; in other words, it must be analyzed and then recomposed.

His ideas on heredity were already undergoing a transformation; he would have liked to review the whole, to recast the whole, to deduce from the family history, natural and social, a vast synthesis, a resume, in broad strokes, of all humanity.

It had often been pointed out that the words of the tenth verse of the twenty-fifth chapter of Leviticus, added when the bell was recast in 1753, were peculiarly applicable to the part played by the old bell in 1776.

[Footnote m: The eight lines which follow are a recast, in the blank verse of 'The Prelude', of the youthful lines entitled 'Extract from the Conclusion of a Poem, composed in Anticipation of leaving School'.

The playwright may all of a sudden see that a certain character is superfluous, or that a new character is needed, or that a new relationship between two characters would simplify matters, or that a scene that he has placed in the first act ought to be in the second, or that he can dispense with it altogether, or that it reveals too much to the audience and must be wholly recast.

She will be guided by his authority, and her fault at present is to be too hasty and too impatient of the trouble of correcting and recasting what is faulty."

Fiery living sparkles arose from it on all sides, and pitched themselves into the cups of the flowers, where they remained awhile, like rubies set in gold; till inebriated with the odours, they recast themselves into the bosom of the flood; and ever as one returned, another leaped forth.

His chief legal work was the Dicaeologica, 1617 (a recasting of a treatise on Roman law which appeared in 1586), and his chief political work the Politica, 1603 (altered and enlarged 1610, and reprinted, in addition, three times before his death and thrice subsequently).

The latter is a supplementary recasting of Fichte's Science of Knowledge, while in the former Schelling follows Kant and Herder.

In the winter following, his play of "Remorse," a recast of the "Osorio" of 1797, was acted in London with some success.

His abounding vitality must have produced its impression on all who met him; there was a still fire about him which any one could see would blaze up to melt all difficulties and recast obstacles into implements in the mould of an heroic will.

That perhaps he could only transmit his heritage by recasting the form of giving.

In 1855 it was considered that the bells endangered the safety of the tower, and after recasting by Mears of London they were rehung in a timber campanile in the north churchyard.

The tenor bell was given by Cardinal Wolsey, once rector of Limington, eight miles away in Somersetshire, and recast in 1670.

(The Committee, recast by T. Knight, is called The Honest Thieves.)

[Illustration] This comedy has been recast, and called The Steward.

This threat was sufficiently appalling; and the rather as Sully, by his authority as grand-master of artillery, had taken the precaution, on pretext of recasting the cannon and improving the quality of the powder in the principal cities of Burgundy, to cripple Biron's resources, and to render it impossible for him to attempt any rational resistance to the royal will.

I do not greatly revise the manuscript for serial publication, but I labor greatly over the proofs of the book, making important changes, taking out, putting in, recasting.

Coleridge's tragedy "Remorse," a recasting of his "Osorio" (written at Sheridan's instigation in 1797), was produced with success on January 23, 1813; and was printed, with the prologue, in the same year.

Lamb's prologue, "spoken by Mr. Carr," was (according to Mr. Dykes Campbell) a recasting of some verses composed for the prize offered by the Drury Lane Committee in the previous year, 1812, in response to their advertisement for a suitable poem to be read at the reopening of the new building after the fire of 1809.

There is a still more forcible opposition to a recasting of the status of women by those men who have beheld no complete regeneration of society through the extension of the franchise in four of our States.

For this reason, she endeavored to recast old scenes, to revive in living shapes the times that had gone by.

Now they must attach her to themselves with hoops of steel and, with her help, as soon as might be, try to recast the Balkan situation.

If this were an actual continuity, more tangible than that fluid abstraction we call the life force; if it were merely a tireless reiteration and recasting of characters, Mr. Cabell's work would have an unbearable monotony.

When, therefore, you see as in a furnace our flesh flowing away to corruption, dwell not on that sight, but wait for the recasting.

We have just effected an immense recasting of our system of parliamentary representation.

Is it the English or Scottish Crowd that is charged with a wanton desire to recast the Union?

A good recent edition contains in the first 18 papers, which are a fair sample of the whole, 88 petty variations from the proper text (at that rate, in the whole work more than 3000) apart from the recasting of the punctuation, which is counted as a defect only in two instances, where it has changed the sense.

But it is also true, that out of these feuds and discords, the Liberal party which was to be dominant in Oxford took its rise, soon to astonish old-fashioned Heads of Houses with new and deep forms of doubt more audacious than Tractarianism, and ultimately to overthrow not only the victorious authorities, but the ancient position of the Church, and to recast from top to bottom the institutions of the University.

As it has been expressively put, he wrote his friends, Harley and St. John, into a firm grip of power, and thus, as in other ways, contributed his share to the inauguration and maintenance of that policy which in the last four years of Queen Anne so materially recast the whole European situation.

And so the plan abode to be altered, broidered, and recast in the imagination of my heart.

Of this we have a most interesting proof in an almost contemporary Venetian version of the same subject, where the scheme has been recast.

In some wardens' accounts the proceeds of these ales form a yearly recurring and an ordinary receipt item; in others ales were resorted to when some unusually large sum had to be raised, or some heavy expense was to be met, such as the rebuilding of the church tower, the recasting of the bells, the raising of a stock to set the poor to work, or the buying of a silver communion cup.

RIFACIMENTO, a literary work recast to adapt it to a change in the circumstances of the time.

RIGVEDA, the first of the four sections into which the VEDAS (q. v.) are divided, and which includes the body of the hymns or verses of invocation and praises; believed to have issued from a narrow circle of priests, and subsequently recast many of them.

You drink this recasting of the planet's joys and sorrows, contempt and contradictions, while it is yet fluent and bubbling to the lip.

The best way to correct the sentence is to recast it, thus: "This is as good as that, if not better."

First written in verse by Lambert le Cort, in a meter which is now exclusively known as Alexandrine, because it was first used to set forth the charms and describe the deeds of this hero, it was recast by many poets, and finally turned into a prose romance also.

In the foundry, it is melted and recast into billets.

From 1944 on he helped in the recasting of his earlier albums Tintin in the Congo, Tintin in America, King Ottokar's Sceptre and The Blue Lotus for color book publication.

After Michelle Stafford left GH to reprise her role as Phyllis Summers on The Young and the Restless, many fans complained about the show bringing in a recast โ€“ albeit for different reasons.

Banks have already started working out the details of recasting retail and small loans.

By recasting songs such as Hello, Young Lovers and I Concentrate On You, Martin and Au bring them to life, sometimes quite startlingly.

Chris Harrison confirmed over quarantine that the season would be recast with a mix of old and new contestants.

During a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Amber Heard denied rumors Warner Bros. plans to recast Mera in subsequent DCEU movies.

It is dominated by programmes, like Explained: The Racial Wealth Gap, that recast the Western way of life and Western history as irredeemably malevolent.

โ€œJane Teta and Abby Li (Exponent) will be leadingโ€ the recasting of the assessment to the industryโ€™s liking, the minutes explained, and โ€œTCEQ has indicated its receptiveness to considering an alternative to the IRIS value.โ€

Khara said the bank has received debt recast requests of Rs 6,495 crore.

โ€œMany parts had to be recast as actors became unavailable, but I believe the final group does an amazing job.โ€

Mark Strong is our choice to take over the role of Voldemort in our recasting.

More immediately though Delhi, like Beijing, must deal with Trumpโ€™s determination to recast the global trading system and reconstitute major trading partnerships.

No official announcement is expected from ABC confirming the recast rumors, though.

Recasting the X-Men is a massive challenge that Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios have to tackle, and Storm is going to be one of the most controversial choices.

Since thereโ€™s been no news about Reign Edwardsโ€™ (Nicole Avant Forrester) return or a Nicole recast, that could mean Zende will be divorced and single when he makes it back to Los Angeles.

The monologues were praised when first televised 32 years ago, and again when broadcast, recast, in June.

The pursuit of budget surpluses and open trade, and the recasting of our industrial landscape so that we're increasingly part of global supply and manufacturing chains have been de rigueur.

The โ€œSloopyโ€ lyrics are recast to celebrate Ginsburgโ€™s legal prowess: โ€œYou know you argue so good/You know your briefs are so tight/You got the juris and the prudence/Keep counsel up all night.โ€

Those that were reinstated a year later saw their purposes changed and their memberships recast, said Murray, senior legal and policy director of the Conservation Lands Foundation.

Victoria Konefal is set to exit the role of Ciara soon, and there are no immediate plans for a recast.

Warner Bros. has since confirmed Deppโ€™s departure and announced that his role will be recast before the third feature, which is currently under production.

While you'll need a Fire TV Stick to watch on a TV, the lack of any ongoing fees makes the Recast very attractive.

"1992: recasting the European bargain."

Comparing efforts, which is greater, to mould from the beginning a statue which did not exist, or to recast in the same shape that which had fallen?

Ignoring the admittedly sentimental recasting issues, remaking Star Trek seems horribly uncreative.

I will describe elsewhere how he tried to recast the evidence regarding his alleged requests to Samantha to obtain โ€œupdatedโ€ photos.

I would appreciate it you could recommend a place where they can reface/recasting thermoplastic kitchen drawers, that peeled/shrank from the stove heat.

Bearing in mind that these are novels, one has the freedom, perhaps, to see events from a slightly different perspective and to recast them.