1333 examples of recite in sentences

If you wish to grow as a student, utilize the recitation period and welcome every chance to recite orally, for things about which you recite in class are more effectively learned.

If you wish to grow as a student, utilize the recitation period and welcome every chance to recite orally, for things about which you recite in class are more effectively learned.

For example, when you are called upon to recite in class, your mind seems to be a complete blankin a state of "deadlock."

C. 89) is Giocolari, the Italian form of the French jongleur,the appellation of those whose profession was to sing or recite the verses of the troubadours or the romances of chivalry.]

two pupils read or recite the conversational parts of this selection, omitting the explanatory matter, while the other pupils simply listen.

Recite a stanza of one.

Recite the two famous replies of Commodore Barry given in the selection.

The lessons are not hard to learn when I understand them, and the learning of them is even a pleasant task; for my teacher has a way of making our lessons interesting to us, in hearing us recite.

They may recite well, so far as to repeat the words of the lesson, yet if it be above their capacity, they will not be benefited.

When you make it your business to recite on the stage articles from the Vie Parisienne, it makes no difference whether you stop at the end of the second article or at the end of the third."

The former continued to recite serious or amusing poetry, to sing love-songs, to play comic interludes, either singly or in concert, in the streets or in the houses, accompanying themselves or being accompanied by all sorts of musical instruments.

I suppose this is the room where I am to recite.

My name is Isabel Strange, and I have come a little earlier, I daresay, than you expected; but I always like to see the room I'm to recite injust to try my voice in and run over my pieces.

A new kind of woman, while she is always the despairing hope of men, is seldom acceptable to women; yet when the evening came and Isabel stood up to recite in New Zion schoolroom, women as well as men were instantaneously attracted.

It was so a woman might recite to a man she loved, but you almost felt as though the voice were too personal a revelation for an audience,felt an impulse, so to say, to throw a veil over it, though you were glad from your soul that no one threw it.

Thus did Isabel Strange recite at New Zion; and perhaps one can best judge of the impression she made, from the fact that the little boys at the back, who during the last lecture on "Henrik Ibsen" had discovered a most exciting new way of making continued existence possible, quite forgot it and would have to keep it for Sunday afternoon Sunday-school.

The classes which this reporter heard recite grammar and geography convinced him of the thoroughness of the work and the unusual readiness of the colored people to learn.

"If you continue to recite in this way, you will soon be promoted.

And, in requital Of certain stories, and quaint allegories, Which my rare Widow hath been telling to me To raise my morning mirth, if she will lend Her patient hearing, I will here recite A Parable; and, the more to suit her taste, The scene is laid in the East.

We are informed that there exists, at the present day, in Italy, a set of persons called "improvisatri," who pretend to recite original poetry of a superior order, composed on the spur of the moment.

"Can you recite?" he inquired.

Let a man concentrating his mind, recite this hymn.

And beholding Kesava angry, Phalguna began to recite the feats achieved in his former lives by that soul of all things, himself immeasurable, the eternal one, of infinite energy, the lord of Prajapati himself, the supreme ruler of the worlds, Vishnu of profound wisdom!' "Arjuna said, 'In days of old, thou, O Krishna, hadst wandered on the Gandhamadana mountains for ten thousand years as a Muni having his home where evening fell!

Therefore, recite to me in full the history of that hero.

" Vaisampayana said, "O tiger among Kurus, I shall recite to thee that narration, excellent and extensive and unrivalled, in connection with the illustrious hero.

1333 examples of  recite  in sentences