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1333 examples of  recite  in sentences

1333 examples of recite in sentences

Let me hear you recite your part," said Buntline.

So in that lucky Play of the London Cuckolds, not to recite Particulars.

The regular business of the monks is to perform acts of meritorious virtue, and to recite their Sรปtras and sit wrapped in meditation.

Biographies of God's servants record many great favours bestowed on priests who recite the Breviary piously.

This point is importantfor a soul upset by its passions, anger, pride, etc., cannot with fervour recite the Hours, for it cannot converse with God, it cannot elevate itself to God, it can have no true union with God.

This holy man narrates, how one day he met a priest of the Society of Jesus, who asked him to recite the Hours with him, and that before beginning their prayer the Jesuit fell on his knees, saying, "There are some who speak of saying the Office as if it were a trifle.

Open Thou, O Lord, my mouth to bless Thy holy name; cleanse my heart from vain, evil and wandering thoughts; enlighten my understanding, inflame my will, that so I may worthily, attentively and devoutly recite this Office and deserve to be heard in the presence of Thy Divine Majesty.

Other saints accustomed themselves to recite their Hours standing, with head uncovered.

Some holy priests maintained that they could recite from memory with greater fervour than from the reading of the pages of the Breviary; but the practice is not one for the many.

"Dearly beloved priest," wrote St. Alphonsus, "when you take the Breviary in your hand, imagine that an angel stands on one side to register your merits in the Book of Life if you say the Office with devotion, and on the other a devil who, if you recite it with distraction, writes your faults in the book of death.

This is necessary in order to gain the indulgence granted by Pope Pius X. to all persons obliged to recite the Divine Office.

The usage amongst the chapters at Rome, as at St. Peter's, St. Mary's, etc., is to recite it every time they leave the choir" (Maurel, S.J., Le chretien e claire sur la nature et l'usage des Indulgences).

In church music, the lector ceased to recite the psalm as a solo and the faithful divided into two choirs, united in the refrain Gloria Patri.

For many years no priest was ordained who could not recite the whole Psalter without the aid of a book, This veneration of the inspired words deserves respect and imitation.

And since it is such a short lesson it is easy to recite it without fault or sin, the more so as it is read by the Hebdomadarius, who should be advanced in perfection.

'May Almighty God have mercy upon you, forgive you your sins and bring you to life everlasting.'" Of course, in private recitation, or where two or three recite the Office, these prayers are said only once, and in the Confiteor, tibi pater and te pater are omitted, and nostri, nostris, nos, nostrorum, nobis, are said in the Misereatur and Indulgentiam.

(1088-1099) besought the special aid of the Blessed Virgin in his crusade against the Turks and recommended all clerics to recite the little Office.

De Haen's second attempt is to recite all the objections that have been made against sorcery, and to subjoin to each a distinct refutation.

I'll recite it to you: A SONG ABOUT A WELL KNOWN YOUNG LADY.

I will at present recite only his drunken insolence and abuses in these very positions.

"In the drawing-room Mr. Airy is cheery; he loves to recite ballads and knows by heart a mass of verses, from 'A, Apple Pie,' to the 'Lady of the Lake.' "A lover of Nature and a close observer of her ways, as well in the forest walk as in the vault of heaven, Mr. Airy has roamed among the beautiful scenery of the Lake region until he is as good a mountain guide as can be found.

Peter, still holding the paper, volunteered: "She seems to be one of those infant prodigies who could sing 'The Dying Nun,' and recite 'Curfew Shall Not Ring Tonight,' before she could talk plainly.

Alice Guerin, the silent member of the octette, was condemned to recite "The Children's Hour" in the dining room "between cereal and eggs."

She must recite to-morrow.

The best that can be done is to recite a few representative ones.

If he gets up to recite about geography, or about 'a gentleman sent his servant to buy ten and five-eighths yards of fine broadcloth,' or anything of that sort, and if he happens to catch your eye at the moment, he flounders like a caught fish, stares hard at the map of North America on the wall, and sits down in disgrace.

I recite these from memory, not having at hand either of my own two copies of this valuable work.

A congregation may well refuse to recite prayers after a priest who prizes his title above his honour.

It is not pertinent to the present subject to recite the events between the delivery of the Treaty to the Germans on May 7 and its signature on June 28.

Sir Walter Scott, writing in Skye in 1814, says:'Macleod and Mr. Suter have both heard a tacksman of Macleod's recite the celebrated Address to the Sun; and another person repeat the description of Cuchullin's car.

He had not, however, MacConglinne's hatred of the Church and clergy, for when the fruit of his meditations did not ripen well, or when the crowd called for something more solid, he would recite or sing a metrical tale or ballad of saint or martyr or of Biblical adventure.

But these for want of room I must omit, And leave for future poets to recite.

But it is necessary in the first place, to recite the measures by which our own share in that enormous crime was surrendered, and the stigma partially obliterated, which it had brought upon our national character, Thomas Clarkson bore a forward and important part in all these useful and virtuous proceedings.

Which things being consigned, the Basha departeth not from his place; but the Captaine of the Carouan taketh his leaue with all his officers and souldiers, and departeth accompanied with all the people of Cairo orderly in manner of a procession, with singing, shouting and a thousand other ceremonies too long to recite.

If you wish to grow as a student, utilize the recitation period and welcome every chance to recite orally, for things about which you recite in class are more effectively learned.

If you wish to grow as a student, utilize the recitation period and welcome every chance to recite orally, for things about which you recite in class are more effectively learned.

For example, when you are called upon to recite in class, your mind seems to be a complete blankin a state of "deadlock."

The latter would get up from her loom, go to the window, pray, make vows to the saints, and recite novenas.

C. 89) is Giocolari, the Italian form of the French jongleur,the appellation of those whose profession was to sing or recite the verses of the troubadours or the romances of chivalry.]

I could recite such another example of mine own knowledge, of a friend of mine, that finding a receipt in Brassivola, would needs take hellebore in substance, and try it on his own person; but had not some of his familiars come to visit him by chance, he had by his indiscretion hazarded himself: many such I have observed.

two pupils read or recite the conversational parts of this selection, omitting the explanatory matter, while the other pupils simply listen.

Recite a stanza of one.

Recite the two famous replies of Commodore Barry given in the selection.

The lessons are not hard to learn when I understand them, and the learning of them is even a pleasant task; for my teacher has a way of making our lessons interesting to us, in hearing us recite.

They may recite well, so far as to repeat the words of the lesson, yet if it be above their capacity, they will not be benefited.

When you make it your business to recite on the stage articles from the Vie Parisienne, it makes no difference whether you stop at the end of the second article or at the end of the third."

She composed elegantly in Greek and Latin, and, possessed of a remarkably sweet and sympathetic voice, she was able to recite from memory, and even to expound her own juvenile opinions, both in Latin and in Tuscan.

There, where the ancient and historic so stubbornly resist any changein Persia, India, China, and indeed all over that venerable Eastthe man who can recite the ancient apologues or legends of the past can always secure an audience and command the closest attention.

The former continued to recite serious or amusing poetry, to sing love-songs, to play comic interludes, either singly or in concert, in the streets or in the houses, accompanying themselves or being accompanied by all sorts of musical instruments.

I suppose this is the room where I am to recite.

My name is Isabel Strange, and I have come a little earlier, I daresay, than you expected; but I always like to see the room I'm to recite injust to try my voice in and run over my pieces.

A new kind of woman, while she is always the despairing hope of men, is seldom acceptable to women; yet when the evening came and Isabel stood up to recite in New Zion schoolroom, women as well as men were instantaneously attracted.

It was so a woman might recite to a man she loved, but you almost felt as though the voice were too personal a revelation for an audience,felt an impulse, so to say, to throw a veil over it, though you were glad from your soul that no one threw it.

Thus did Isabel Strange recite at New Zion; and perhaps one can best judge of the impression she made, from the fact that the little boys at the back, who during the last lecture on "Henrik Ibsen" had discovered a most exciting new way of making continued existence possible, quite forgot it and would have to keep it for Sunday afternoon Sunday-school.

I doubt not but it might be made some of their Favourite Plays, to contend which of them should recite a beautiful Part of a Poem or Oration most gracefully, or sometimes to join in acting a Scene of Terence, Sophocles, or our own Shakespear.

The old man jumped up and, seizing his crucifix, began to recite the prayers against earthquakes.

Elsie was fresh from the theatre, from the first play she had ever witnessed; she came home excited and delighted, ready to repeat and recite, as long as Jacqueline would listen.

The classes which this reporter heard recite grammar and geography convinced him of the thoroughness of the work and the unusual readiness of the colored people to learn.

"If you continue to recite in this way, you will soon be promoted.

They were so excited that Bawly, the frog, didn't think to sing a song, or recite any poetry.

And that great actor, with all his good intentions could think of nothing more fitting than to stand up before them and begin to recite, in a sad, elocutionary tone, Longfellow's "The Wreck of the Hesperus!"

'I will recite words over them, in the furrow.

As the moment approaches for the services to begin, they take their seats and at a given signal rise and recite, "The Lord is in His holy Temple.

A hush falls and then the sweet, childish voices begin that beautiful psalm, "The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want," and without break or faltering, recite it to the end.

I remember asking him if he would come clown to the stream where he wrote "Thanatopsis" and recite it for us.

She is trying to learn French, and A. hears her recite every night.

And, in requital Of certain stories, and quaint allegories, Which my rare Widow hath been telling to me To raise my morning mirth, if she will lend Her patient hearing, I will here recite A Parable; and, the more to suit her taste, The scene is laid in the East.

But, were it not too long, I would recite The feats of Amazons, the fatal fight Betwixt the hardy queen and hero knight; The town besieged, and how much blood it cost The female army, and the Athenian host; 20 The spousals of Hippolita the queen; What tilts and tourneys at the feast were seen; The storm at their return, the ladies' fear: But these, and other things, I must forbear.

Theseus, to gratify his friend and guest, Who made our Arcite's freedom his request, 370 Restored to liberty the captive knight, But on these hard conditions I recite: That if hereafter Arcite should be found Within the compass of Athenian ground, By day or night, or on whate'er pretence, His head should pay the forfeit of the offence.

We are informed that there exists, at the present day, in Italy, a set of persons called "improvisatri," who pretend to recite original poetry of a superior order, composed on the spur of the moment.

"Can you recite?" he inquired.

Let a man concentrating his mind, recite this hymn.

And beholding Kesava angry, Phalguna began to recite the feats achieved in his former lives by that soul of all things, himself immeasurable, the eternal one, of infinite energy, the lord of Prajapati himself, the supreme ruler of the worlds, Vishnu of profound wisdom!' "Arjuna said, 'In days of old, thou, O Krishna, hadst wandered on the Gandhamadana mountains for ten thousand years as a Muni having his home where evening fell!

Therefore, recite to me in full the history of that hero.

" Vaisampayana said, "O tiger among Kurus, I shall recite to thee that narration, excellent and extensive and unrivalled, in connection with the illustrious hero.

Pandu's son, thou must recite the following words of truth, and while so reciting, thou must quickly ascend this altar, "The god of fire, and the sun, and the organ of generation, and water, and goddess and the seed of Vishnu, and the navel of nectar.

"Akritavrana said, 'With pleasure shall I recite to thee that excellent story, O Bharata's son, O chief of kings, the story of the godlike deeds of Rama, the son of Jamadagni, who traced his origin to Bhrigu's race.

On Friday Afternoons he would go to School with his Face scrubbed to a shiny pink and his Hair roached up on one side, and he would Recite the Speeches of Patrick Henry and Daniel Webster and make Gestures.

The record of our dealings with them must in many places be unpleasant reading to us, for it shows grave wrong-doing on our part; yet the Creeks themselves lacked only the power, but not the will, to treat us worse than we treated them, and the darkest pages of their history recite the wrongs that we ourselves suffered at their hands.

There was hardly a peaceable red or law-abiding white who could not recite injuries he had received from members of the opposite race; and his sense of the wrongs he had suffered, as well as the general frontier indifference to crimes committed against others, made him slow in punishing similar outrages by his own people.

You can't charge a man with bigamy unless you recite a legal marriage followed by an illegal one.

When he could scarcely walk he could read easily, and at seven he began to recite his Latin, mastering it quickly, as though he had never spoken anything else in his life, and at ten he could argue with the clergy who frequented the gardens, and who delighted in putting before him questions and difficulties.

The Indians say then that the "gueribas" recite their pater-nosters.

Before the completion of that momentous third year of life, I had learned to read the New Testament readily, and was deeply grieved that our pastor played "patty cake" with my hands, instead of hearing me recite my catechism, and talking of original sin.

I was allowed to amuse myself drawing flowers, which were quite a surprise, and pronounced better than anything the drawing master could doto recite poetry, for the benefit of the larger girls, and to play in the orchard with my pupils.

The scholars watched her bright, intellectual face, and when she began to recite, laid aside their books to hear her.

Look up a more extended account of it and come to the class prepared to recite the topic orally.

Consequently when the pupils attempt to recite, there is, if anything, an additional confusion of ideas, and the recitation proves a failure.

I'll run and get that, and then I'll recite the 'Landing of the Pilgrims' to you while the rabbit cooks.

But I suppose you will have to be humoured; and I imagine that the best way in which to give you the information you want will be to recite the circumstances surrounding the death of Jeffrey Blackmore.

Their intellectual progress will, accordingly, suddenly cease the moment they leave school, and so cease to be called upon to recite lessons.

The Latin, French, and English classes recite at this time.

As you will perceive by recalling to mind the daily order of exercises, the classes meet and recite during the first three hours of the school, and the sections assemble on the fourth and last.

"Do you think it would be reasonable for me to expect of every member of the class that she should always be able to recite all her lessons without ever missing a single question?"

"Did you all recite together?" "No, sir.

All the time he was away, Isabella sat in his study, poring over her books; when he returned, she had a famous lesson to recite to him.

He was always ready to recite itused to do it after supper, anywhere.

I replied, 'Thanks be to God, I am,' 'My heart,' said she, 'is delighted with your pious expressions; instruct me also, and teach me to recite your kalima.'

But toward the end I had to recite some verses of Horace from memory and I missed a word.

Travellers who have visited the countries in which there is a large negro population, have many interesting tales to recite of the terrible workings of these Voodoo black magicians.