Do we say reciting or resighting

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He remembered telling a brilliant story, and reciting "Old Captain Mau in Vegesack,"rhymes long forgotten, now fluent and spontaneous.

Then came the ceremony of reciting a compliment and offering a bouquet.

When the players were servants of the king, they were compelled to be proficient in reading, riting, rithmetic, rhyming, riddling, reciting, rehearsing, and romping.

We accordingly gave letters to these persons, reciting all that had hitherto occurred; but they got no farther than the residence of duke Montij, where we joined them on our return homewards.

He selleth himself with reckoning his great friends, and teacheth the present how to win his praises by reciting the other gifts; he is ready for all employments, but especially before dinner, for his courage and his stomach go together.

I infer, however, from the last letter, that such a change has been wrought upon THEOPHILUS, that he will probably spend his holiday in reciting moral apothegms to his friend and "room-mait.

But when I thought of what Father had said about my reciting my lessons to him every day in the libraryI wasn't so sure whether I'd won out or not.

Besides, I couldn't imagine myself reciting lessons to FatherFather!

It has been reported that Wolfe, the celebrated general, after reciting the "Elegy" on the eve of the assault on Quebec, declared that he would sooner have written such a poem than win a victory over the French.

Around one of the antique columns of this basilicawhich once beheld the splendors and crimes of the Caesars' palacea staging is erected, from which little maidens are reciting, with every kind of pretty gesticulation, sermons, dialogues, and speechifications, in explanation of the Presepio opposite.

In entering upon this religious phase of their life, it is their custom to retire to a convent, and pass a week in prayer and reciting the offices of the Church.

And the great actor, astonished beyond measure, was left there, reciting away to shaking mounds of bedclothes that entrenched his hearers from the sound of his voice!

After reciting these words, the deceased asks Thoth, "How long have I to live?" and the god replies, "It is decreed that thou shalt live for millions of millions of years, a life of millions of years."

We sat after dinner, singing songs, reciting poetry, and relating anecdotes.

When he came back they were again reciting the psalm that had seemed to quiet the sufferer.

His cheap little accomplishments of singingbadlypossibly even of reciting dialect with realistic effects, he is accustomed to say he "just picked up."

"First," began Hiram, as if he were reciting something he had learned by heart, "to my wife, Ellen, this house and everything in it, and the grounds and all the horses and carriages and that kind of thing.

By reciting it in the midst of Brahmanas, one is cleansed of every sin, and ascends to heaven.

And it resounded with the hum of bees as if they were reciting Samans.

And approaching him, they addressed the son of Mitra and Varuna at the hermitage, magnanimous and unswerving, and looking like an embodiment of pious works piled together, and glorified him by reciting his deeds.

Whosoever performs his ablutions at this spot, while reciting this ancient story, beholds with his mortal eyes the path that leads to the region of the gods.'" Vaisampayana said, "Then all the sons of Pandu and likewise the daughter of Drupadaall of whom were the favoured of Fatedescended to the river Vaitarani, and made libations to the manes of their fathers.

And this is the noise of the magnanimous dwellers of the wood, who are reciting their audible prayers.

Pandu's son, thou must recite the following words of truth, and while so reciting, thou must quickly ascend this altar, "The god of fire, and the sun, and the organ of generation, and water, and goddess and the seed of Vishnu, and the navel of nectar.

Thus, O Pandu's son, the words of truth must be audibly recited, and while so reciting, one must plunge into the lord of rivers.

thou shalt touch the waters of all the holy lakes and reciting the hymns of the god Sthanu (Siva), meet with success in every undertaking.

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Do we say   reciting   or  resighting