5003 examples of reckoning in sentences

Keep the Black Maria, and when the play goes we will have a mighty reckoning.

The idea of a reckoning between man and God was alien to the Arab mind.

And at daylight was considerably to the westward of our reckoning from the effect of a current.

Febo's answer, addressed to Rome, is dated January 14, 1534, which, according to Florentine reckoning, means 1535.

It's all a fetch to bilk me out of my reckoning; but I'll take care of you, you swindler!

"Now," she said, "troop, troop with you; walk off, walk off," motioning me towards the outer door, "and be thankful you have got off so cheaply, after swindling me out of my reckoning, and trying to injure the character of my house.

Modern French writers [A] are already reckoning so confidently on the withdrawal of Italy from the Triple Alliance that they no longer think it necessary to put an army in the field against Italy, but consider that the entire forces of France are available against Germany.

He is, in fact, rather cross with other dogs; but with children he is quite at home, doubtless reckoning himself about on a level with them in the scale of rational beings.

"The youngest is comely enough to have been born in my dominions," said the gallant Sovereign of the Sea; "but no one can refuse to answer a hail that comes straight from the mouth of Old Neptune; so, if it makes no great difference in your Honour's reckoning, I will just beg the young woman to do her own talking."

The people know whose memory is good, and they talk already of the danger of adding another reckoning to this they feel certain you have not forgotten.

* There is no reckoning up the manifold impedimenta by which human beings are weighted for the race of life; but all may be classified under the two heads of unfavorable influences arising out of the mental or physical nature of the human beings themselves, and unfavorable influences arising out of the circumstances in which the human beings are placed.

By an accurate survey, taken in the year 1810, it appears that there were then 9196 front houses, and 8214 back houses, within the connected streets of Birmingham, which, reckoning five and a half to a house, makes the population 97,405.

The buildings in this town extend to the distance of near three miles in every direction, reckoning from the top of Camphill, and it was some years back, upon a certainty, the largest town in the kingdom.

" Let no man smile when I say that, on reckoning up this Theban band of sound judgment and inestimable fidelity, I found my muster reduced to three, and those three of so unromantic a class as the grey-headed exciseman, the equally grey-headed solicitor, and the curate.

For I was obliged to pay out in this business more than sixty livres of Paris, the account and reckoning of which I will set forth in their place hereafter.

Neither the existence, nor the extent, of the latter have been called in question, and in reckoning the submerged at one tenth of the entire population it is generally admitted that their numbers have been understated rather than otherwise.

Underneath he never ceased to be conscious of the dreadful specter that would not be gonethat stood impassive and immovable as one of the mountains about him, waiting for him to come to it and face it and live his day of reckoning,the day of his own judgment upon himself.

Not only did they represent considerable money value, country reckoning, and there was no house within half a mile either way, but some of the articles, such as lard, were in danger of being ruined by the hot sun; so Fannie walked along the road, searching the dust for the lost shoe, seeing no way out of her dilemma unless some one should come by.

The boy reads from Dr. Webster: "NUMBERthe designation of a unit in reference to other units, or in reckoning, counting, enumerating.

" Lily, reckoning without the H, J, or V, speaks of the Latin letters as "twenty-two;" but says nothing concerning their names.

This was not reckoning the consumption of victuals by the other class of travellers with which the house was generally full year in and year out.

And so down the line the eye of the watcher went again and again, fascinated by the beauty and the glory, down past where the great ducal barges hung, each in order, past the officers of state, past the Parliament barges, down to where the boats, in numbers beyond all reckoning, faded away into the haze.

I have taken the reckoning, and make out that twenty miles or so to the east is land.

You kept the reckoning of the hours, and changed your studies at the appointed time.

What for a time must be endured, endure, And let the reckoning of the tyrants grow, Till the great day arrive when they shall pay The general and particular debt at once.

5003 examples of  reckoning  in sentences
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