2500 examples of recognition in sentences

In the recognition of sound, which is as necessary as its production, such a guessing game could be taught as "I sent my son to be a grocer and the first thing he sold began with s and ended with p," using the sounds, not names of the letters.

It is their recognition of a world of spirits which later on mingles itself with the spiritual life of religion.

Here religion and morality come very closely together: the recognition of a definite personality behind all circumstances of life, to whom our conduct matters, gives a soul to morality.

Reading and writing are necessities, and the means of opening up to us things of great value; but the art of acquiring them is of little intrinsic value, and the recognition of the need is not an early one; nothing is gained by beginning too early, and much valuable time is taken from other activities, notably language.

He drew up his musket in prompt recognition of his duty, but he saw with mortification that the horse and rider continued unharmed.

She bowed to him in friendly recognition, and Crewe saw her whisper to Mrs. Holymead, who glanced quickly in his direction and then as quickly averted her gaze.

" Gabrielle shrugged her shoulders slightly in tacit recognition of the fact that the man in front of her was too shrewd to be deceived by subterfuge.

the dark dancing hall, would satisfy any man of such gigantic curiosityAdelaide fall at Carmel's feet, in recognition of the great sacrifice she has made for her.

The stranger, without disturbing his veil, seemed to comprehend the whole interior of the grotto with a glance; then, with the slightest gesture of recognition to Pan, he glided to the couch on which lay the metamorphosed lily, upraised the fictitious Iridion in his arms with indescribable gentleness, and disappeared with her as swiftly and silently as he had come.

The new Germany, hemmed in on all sides by foreign Powers, could only see her way to reasonable expansion and recognition, and a field for her latent activities, by the use of force, military force.

It is certainly encouraging to find that there is a growing feeling in favour of the recognition and rehabilitation of the small peoples of the world.

First came Mrs. Mountain and her little daughter, welcoming Harry with many tears and embraces; but she scarce gave a nod of recognition to Mr. Washington; and the little girl caused the young officer to start, and turn deadly pale, by coming up to him with her hands behind her, and asking, "Why have you not brought George back, too?" Dempster was graciously received by the two ladies.

A yell of execration signalized their recognition of the prince.

and in the same breath came generous recognition of the great help given by the British army.

The University of Koenigsberg on September 18 conferred upon General von Hindenburg honorary doctors' degrees from all four of the departments of philosophy, theology, law and medicine, in recognition of his success against the Russian invader.

I may mention here that the recognition of the constellations was at first exceedingly difficult.

" Monk elevated his eyebrows above recognition of the impertinence, and offered Lanyard a bow of formidable courtesy.

Captain Jack pricked forward his ears at the sound of hoofs and as the beautiful mare leaped around the turn and appeared above the bank of the grade the little roan squealed a nicker of recognition.

Little as they then knew of the relations of the wonderful story on which their faith was built, to everything human, the same truth was at work then which is nowpoor as the recognition of these relations yet isslowly setting men free.

The recognition of a living Master is far more than any notions about him.

Now, however, he would come no more until he came finally to "take with him the bride" The thought was in Horatio's mind when for a third time he encountered her, face to face, on a landing, near a stair, or somewhere in the house, he couldn't afterward just exactly recall where, only that she looked through him, without recognition, speech or movement of an eyelash, as if he had been a thing of thin air!

The beauty, the power, the persuasive sense of motion in the figure of the Madonna, which seemed divinely upborne,the loveliness of the infant cherubs, the group of the Apostles solemnly attesting the mysterious event,were singularly and inimitably impressive, full of aspiration and faith, compelling the serious recognition of the sacredness and greatness of the Christian mystery.

I opened the door, and he came up with a respectful grin of recognition.

The anger in her eyes gave place to a gleam of recognition, and the next moment her lips parted in a peculiarly malicious smile.

" "Paris demands the recognition and the consolidation of the Republic, the only form of government compatible with the rights of the people, and the regular and free development of society.

2500 examples of  recognition  in sentences