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69 examples of  reconnoissance  in sentences

69 examples of reconnoissance in sentences

Reconnoissances were carefully made, and, the enemy's strength being gathered on the southern front of the city, General Scott determined to assail Chapultepec on the west.

French patrols approaching the German lines on the morning of November 2 were fired upon at first, but on renewing their reconnoissance soon after dawn found the German trenches empty.

All the time these Belgian "victories," which were no more than resistances to German reconnoissances, were being reported, the German line was not touched, and behind that line the Germans were methodically massing.

We'd come out of the woods behind the house, and while Joe was foragin', I took a reconnoissance.

I therefore concluded to despatch a reconnoissance in force, under Lieutenant-Colonel Burke, Eleventh Infantry, to harass the enemy and to retard its progress in every way.

He was strongly intrenched; and occasionally he issued from his retreat to attack straggling bands, or to make reconnoissance of the enemy's forces.

This officer greatly distinguished himself at the siege of Vera Cruz; was again indefatigable during these operations, in reconnoissance as daring, as laborious, and of the utmost value."

A reconnoissance in force was necessary to acquire this information, and General Lee accordingly directed General Stuart, commanding the cavalry of the army, to proceed with a portion of his command to the vicinity of Old Church, in the Federal rear, and gain all the information possible of their position and defences.

" Soon afterward the Federal commander attempted reconnoissances in his turn.

These reconnoissances were the prelude, however, of an important movement which the Federal authorities had been long urging General McClellan to make.

This reconnoissance in forcethe Federal numbers probably amounting to fifteen thousandhad no other result than the discovery of the fact that Lee had infantry in Culpepper.

The result of the reconnoissance seems to have been the conclusion that the Federal leftnow strengthened by breastworks, behind which powerful reserves lay waitingwas not a favorable point for attack.

"On the morning of the 7th," he says, "reconnoissance showed that the enemy had fallen behind his intrenched lines, with pickets to the front, covering a part of the battle-field.

A Reconnoissance.

" A halt was ordered; and, in an incredibly short time, our animals were picketed, Jerry and Don Ignacio had started out for a reconnoissance of the Comanche camp, and the men were enjoying a hearty supper.

We rode swiftly along over the beautiful green rolling prairie, pausing for nothing, until Jerry proposed a halt for a few moments, while he made a reconnoissance.

A retreat to the cover of the trees was instantly ordered, when the guides informed us, that upon reaching the point of rocks, they discovered several animals grazing in the meadow beyond, and that the Indians must be encamped in the immediate vicinity; but in order to make sure, would leave their horses with us, and return and make a reconnoissance.

The orders or instructions for a patrol, or for any detachment going on reconnoissance, must state clearly where the enemy is or is supposed to be, what information is desired, what features are of special importance, the general direction to be followed, whether friendly patrols are liable to be encountered, and where messages are to be sent or the patrol is to report.

Occasionally it is advisable fur the leader to conceal his patrol and continue the reconnoissance with one or two companions.

The general duties of an outpost are reconnoissance, observation, and resistance.

Reconnoissance should be continuous.

Though scouts and detachments of cavalry remain in contact with the enemy, or at least push forward to a considerable distance, more detailed reconnoissance by infantry patrols in the foreground must not be neglected.

The country which has been the object of this reconnoissance is, as may already be understood, of very difficult access from the settled parts of the State of Maine.

The officers charged with the line of levels and with the reconnoissances in advance for the selection of new positions for stations continued their labors in the field, notwithstanding they were frequently exposed to slight rain and snow storms, as these portions of the work could go on without a clear sky.

Gilman and Mr. HoffmanPicturesque trip to Lake SuperiorIndians desire to cede territoryG.W. FeatherstonehaughSketch of his geological reconnoissance of the St. Peter's RiverDr.

Mr. Featherstonehaugh expresses a wish to have me point out the best map extant of the eastern borders of the Upper Mississippi, above the point visited by him in his recent reconnoissance, in order "to avoid gross blundersall I do not expect to avoid!"

" He supports his view as follows: "It is a well known fact that, previous to the year 1836, the portion of Florida south of the Military Road from Tampa to Garey's Ferry was unexplored and unknown, and since that time the only information has been derived from the hasty reconnoissances of officers, made in the progress of the several divisions of the army through the country.

Wayne, believing that few things were impracticable to discipline and valor, after a careful reconnoissance, adopted the project, and hastened to give it execution.

" A short time after, the servant was again ordered to make a reconnoissance, and reported that there was no response to his knocking, and that the door was locked on the inside.

At every turn of the road he repeated his reconnoissance, so that our advance was very slow, giving a watchful enemy almost time to place an ambush, if they had none ready prepared.

Their reconnoissance in San Jorge was explained soon afterwards.

On this Monmouth assembled a council of war, which agreed that, instead of retreating that night towards the Avon as they had intended, they should advance and attack, provided the spy, who was to be sent out to a new reconnoissance, should report that the troops were not intrenched.

The reconnoissance of the day had more important results than were anticipated.

One feels most for the sheep and lambs, when the softened fancy recurs to the streams and hedgerows, and pleasant pastures, from whence the woolly exiles have been ejected; and yet the emotion of pity isnot wholly unaccompanied by admiration at the sagacity of the canine disciplinarians that bay them remorselessly forward, and sternly refuse the stragglers permission to make a reconnoissance on the road.

Gibson told me he was disturbed by the signs the Germans placed between Brussels and Antwerp, stating that "automobiles looking as though they were on reconnoissance" would be fired upon.

He asked how an automobile looked when it was on reconnoissance.

It was this person who obtained from the Emperor the concession for the short railway from St. Petersburg to Zarskoe Selo, which had been opened in 1837, and who had also made a careful reconnoissance in 1835 for a line from St. Petersburg to Moscow, and had very strongly urged its construction on the American plan.

Mais, comme littérateur, je ne puis m'empêcher de remarquer ici, à l'honneur de sa mémoire, que les lettres au moins lui doivent de la reconnoissance; que c'est un des princes qui, depuis Charlemagne jusqu'à François I'er, ait le plus fait pour elles; qu'au quinzième siècle il fut dans les deux Bourgognes, et dans la Belgique sur-tout, ce qu'au quatorzième Charles V. avoit été

Pour témoigner ma reconnoissance à Hoyarbarach j'allai lui offrir un pot de gingembre vert.

En le quittant je cherchai à lui témoigner ma reconnoissance; mais il ne voulut rien accepter qu'un couvre-chef de nos toiles fines d'Europe, et

William was full of care and affection towards his comrades; and on the eve of the battle, during a long and arduous reconnoissance which he had undertaken with some of them, he had insisted upon carrying, for some time, in addition to his own cuirass, that of his faithful William Fitz-Osbern, who he saw was fatigued in spite of his usual strength; but towards his enemies William was harsh and resentful.

Marshal Berwick had taken the fort of Kehl in the month of December, 1733; he had forced the lines of the Austrians at Erlingen at the commencement of the compaign of 1734, and he had just opened trenches against Philipsburg, when he pushed forward imprudently in a reconnoissance between the fires of the besiegers and besieged; a ball wounded him mortally, and he expired immediately, like Marshal Turenne; he was sixty-three.

In front of Prague, he sent for Chevert, lieutenant-colonel of the regiment of Beauce, of humble origin, but destined to rise by his courage and merit to the highest rank in the army; the two officers made a reconnoissance; the moment and the point of attack were chosen.

This reasoning is, of course, unanswerable; and we learn, from the debates of the Convention, that the people have received the new constitution "avec la plus vive reconnoissance,"

This reasoning is, of course, unanswerable; and we learn, from the debates of the Convention, that the people have received the new constitution "avec la plus vive reconnoissance,"

Et s'il arriue que quelqu'vn vous oblige tant que de vous défaire de quelque chose de semblable, faites luy paroistre vostre reconnoissance.

Aussi quiconque se donnera la peine de vous remonstrer de quelque façõ, en quelque lieu, & en quelque temps qu'il le fasse, qu'il soit écouté de vostre part auec beaucoup de ressentiment de bienueillance & de reconnoissance.

In May, the doctor attempted a second reconnoissance of the Rovouma; then, at the end of November, he entered the Zambezi again, and sailed up the Chire again.

Major White has already gone forward with his squadron of "Prairie Scouts" to make a reconnoissance in the direction of Springfield.

Zagonyi will overtake White, assume command of the whole force, which will number about three hundred men, and turn the reconnoissance into an attack.

He asked for further service, and was directed to report himself to General Sigel, by whom he was ordered to make a reconnoissance in the direction of Springfield.

General Hunter made a reconnoissance to Wilson Creek, and ascertained that the only enemy that had been in the vicinity was a scouting party of forty or fifty men.

The Rebels disappeared from our front, and a reconnoissance showed that they were falling back toward Lexington.

In half an hour the French sappers and miners were at work repairing the smoking ruins, their advanced guards had effected a reconnoissance along the side of the hill towards the fort Bab-azoona, and their engineers had broken ground for new works within seven hundred yards of the Cassaubah.

When he had made this reconnoissance, and satisfied himself that there was no spy about, he returned to the shop.

An hour after the Commander made his reconnoissance, about noon, the boats moved in fine order towards the Long Wharf, so termed as being a noble commercial pier running far out into the Bay.

Having made his dispositions and his reconnoissance, the sergeant reported to Thurstane.

Here they crossed the road, and, after a careful reconnoissance, entered the willows, and crawled, almost on their hands and knees, toward the boat-house.

Numerous reconnoissances and surveys were made during that period for roads and canals through many parts of the Union, and the people in the vicinity of each were led to believe that their property would be enhanced in value and they themselves be enriched by the large expenditures which they were promised by the advocates of the system should be made from the Federal Treasury in their neighborhood.

In anticipation of the establishment of regular governments over the acquired territories, a joint commission of officers of the Army and Navy has been ordered to proceed to the coast of California and Oregon for the purpose of making reconnoissances and a report as to the proper sites for the erection of fortifications or other defensive works on land and of suitable situations for naval stations.

No time had therefore been lost, and the reconnoissance of the river was successfully performed.

In the course of this reconnoissance an eminence 1,743 feet in height, lying to the southeast of Lake Matapediac, was ascended.

These are deeply cut by valleys, whose direction appears from the map of the reconnoissance and from the course of the tributary streams which occupy their lines of maximum slope to run from southwest to northeast, or at right angles to the general course of the highlands themselves.

Ah! que mon amour vous promet de reconnoissance!

Avant notre reconnoissance, votre dot valoit mieux que vous; à présent, vous valez mieux que votre dot.

Dubois, tu m'as servi, je n'ai pu te garder, je n'ai pu même te bien récompenser de ton zèle; malgré cela, il t'est venu dans l'esprit de faire ma fortune: en vérité, il n'est point de reconnoissance que je ne te doive.

Madame, par toute la reconnoissance que je vous dois, n'y prenez point garde: je suis confus de vos bontés, et je suis trop heureux d'avoir été querellé.

Oh! non, Mademoiselle, aucune; vous n'avez point de gré à me savoir de ce que je fais; je me livre à mes sentiments, et ne regarde que moi là- dedans; vous ne me devez rien, je ne pense pas à votre reconnoissance.

Ils ne se tromperaient pas, Madame; c'est une bonté qui me pénètre de reconnoissance.