211 examples of reconsider in sentences

But he was silent for a moment, a fact which was in itself proof that my pointed argument had caused him to reconsider his intention of sending me under escort back to that castle of terror.

You will therefore take a month's notice from to-day, and as it is quite impossible for me to reconsider my decision in this respect it would be wasted effort on your part to lodge any appeal against it.

I am only sorry that I allowed myself to be persuaded to reconsider my decision on the last occasion.

" "And youor these others, since you retireare my pupils, and shall be treated as my pupils," he says with a courtly bow and a "Good morning," and you go away trying to persuade the society young lady to reconsider.

Failing these premises, on which we have laboured so long and so honestly and so sincerely, we are again thrown back on the testimony of history and our own observation, and with this reversal we also are bound to reconsider both our premises and the constitution of those systems and institutions we have erected on them as a foundation.

You must go down on Friday to Dartford and declare yourself a candidate for the town, or I shall reconsider our mutual positions.

It has been our good fortune that a question has been thrust upon us which has forced us to reconsider the primal principles of government, which has appealed to conscience as well as reason, and, by bringing the theories of the Declaration of Independence to the test of experience in our thought and life and action, has realized a tradition of the memory into a conviction of the understanding and the soul.

Keen debate followed Messer Tommaso's speech: some wished that he would reconsider his decision, others were in favour of trying a new man and of another familyNiccolo Soderini's name was freely mentioned, but gradually the meeting came to accept the proposal.

His speech was repeatedly interrupted by cries that he should reconsider his decision and accept then and there the Headship of the State.

A Spaniard, of no mean name and reputation,one eminently friendly to the Constitution of 1812,by whose advice Ministers were in this respect guided, gave it as his opinion, that not only consistently with their oath, but in exact fulfilment of it, the Spaniards might now reconsider and modify their Constitutionthat they might have done so nearly three years ago.

The answer is, 'No; we do not ask you to lay perjury upon your souls; for as good a Spanish soul as is possessed by any of you declares, that you may now, in due conformity to your oaths, reconsider, and, where advisable, reform your Constitution.'

I will take poor lodgings, and crawl out day by day, down the old lanes, along the old river-banks, where I fed my soul with fair and mad dreams, and reconsider it all from the beginning;and then die.

" "You won't reconsider?"

"There is nothing to reconsider.

Congress resumed the Report on Revenue, &c. Mr. HAMILTON, who had been absent when the last question was taken for substituting numbers in place of the value of land, moved to reconsider that vote.

But perhaps you're scaredmaybe you'd rather reconsider it?

Describe to me any situation in which Ottilie, without me, without us, could be happy, and you will then have employed an argument which will be stronger than every other; and if I will not promise to yield to it, if I will not undertake at once to give up all my own hopes, I will at least reconsider the question, and see how what you have said will affect it.

Yet thosethere were not many of themwho in dealings with the latter had tried to conduct their business on these assumptions, had invariably found it necessary to reconsider their first impression of him.

" They expressed regret that he had not returned to them, Joel Rae urging him to reconsider; but he declined politely, showing a desire to talk of other things.

Since the intellectual unity gained by the Italians in the age of the Renaissance was chiefly due to the Florentines, it is a matter of some moment to reconsider the direct influences brought to bear upon the arts in Florence during the fifteenth century.

There's still time to reconsider.

When this obvious mistake of the Judges shall be brought to their notice, is it not reasonable to expect that they will withdraw the mistaken statement, and reconsider the conclusion based upon it?

" The King answered: "I do not ask you to reconsider your dismissal, assuredlyRichard," he cried, a little shaken, "I perceive that until your death you will win contempt and love from every person.

The idea of well-being itself may be inadequate, and even in parts incorrect, and, as society advances, it is undoubtedly undergoing a constant process of expansion and rectification; but it seems to me that this regard for their own welfare or that of others, however we may phrase it, is the only guiding-principle of conduct, in the light of which men can reconsider and review their rules.

After all, the effect of what I do is substantially to call on Congress to reconsider the subject.

211 examples of  reconsider  in sentences