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333 examples of  recorders  in sentences

333 examples of recorders in sentences

This glorious company would include no doubt, not only the recorders of great thoughts, or performers of great deeds, which are still borne in memory although the names of the authors are forgotten, but also many whose work is as totally unknown as their names, but who exerted nevertheless a bright and elevating ascendant over other minds, and who thus conduced to the greatness of human-kind.

It is to be supposed that the staff of angelic recorders have a separate set of ledgers for French people, with special discounts attaching to pleasant lies.

The ancient Greeks had considered Homer and Hesiod as the inspired recorders of the facts of religion.

That is, all the glands, subtle recorders, transmitters, producers of the vibrations of change are influenced.

Would but some wingรจd Angel ere too late Arrest the yet unfolded Roll of Fate, And make the stern Recorder otherwise Enregister, or quite obliterate!

He was also Recorder of Aldborough, Crabbe's town.

Happy for Johnson, that he had so able a recorder of his wit and wisdom.'

The Recorder was an elderly barrister, full of pomp and dignity; and, like many of his brother Recorders, had very seldom a prisoner to try.

Enter SOLSTITIUM, like an aged hermit, carrying a pair of balances, with an hour-glass in either of themone hour-glass white, the other black: he is brought in by a number of Shepherds, playing upon recorders.

Music," iv. 479, contends that the recorder was the same instrument as that we now term a flageolet.

The foundation stone of St. Peter's Church was laid by Mr. Justice Park, one of the old recorders of Preston, in 1822; Rickman, an able Birmingham architect, designed the place; and the edifice (sans steeple, which was built in 1852, out of money left by the late Thomas German, Esq.), was erected at a cost of 6,900 pounds, provided by the Commissioners for the building of new churches.

The Recorder of Preston, who has been connected with the management of the church since the time it was opened, attends regularly when health permits: Trinity Church is, of course, in the hands of trustees, and as people of an inquiring turn of mind sometimes wonder who they are we will give their names.

At fifteen years of age he became a Commoner in Queen's-college, Oxford 1585, where having made great progress in academical learning, and taken the degree of Batchelor of arts, he removed to the Middle-Temple, and applying himself to the study of the common law, was called to the bar; but having a quarrel with one Richard Martyn, (afterwards recorder of London)

Come the Recorders:

Let me see, to withdraw with, [Sidenote: รด the Recorders, let mee see one, to] you, why do you go about to recouer the winde of mee, as if you would driue me into a toyle? Guild.

[Footnote 3: Here in Quarto, Enter the Players with Recorders.]

Though the reader will easily discover the unpoetical flatness of the above lines, yet they shew a great thirst after natural knowledge, and we have reason to believe, that much might have been attained, and many new discoveries made, by so diligent an enquirer, and so faithful a recorder of physical operations.

The old gentlemen, too, Mr. Conscience, the recorder that was so before Diabolus took Mansoul, began to talk aloud, and his words were now like great claps of thunder.

He also sent by the recorder a pardon for all the people of Mansoul.

some had made to call thus, and found them unable to wake the recorders which lay in the central Watch-Dome; for there had been tampering.

The Recorder's Report was so long that half was deferred.

ยฃ ยฃ1,000 on each Judge..... 9,000 1 Judge at Calcutta...... 5,000 1 Judge at M. and B...... 8,000 Recorder's Court.........

The King's violence, when there was an idea of Denman's [Footnote: The King always resented an offensive quotation of Denman's as counsel during the Queen's trial.] appearing for the Recorder, was greater, the Duke says, than what he showed during the Catholic question.

He spoke of my kind interference, &c., but made a mistake in imagining that I had advocated with the Chairs the loan he asked of 250ยฃ. I came away as soon as the Recorder began to sum up.

The Recorder, an old twaddle, who talked half the time with the accused, and allowed him to make speeches instead of putting questions, and Sir C. Hunter, Sir J. Shaw, and another alderman!

The usual elective officers of a village are a president, three trustees, a treasurer, and a recorder, who are chosen for one year, and two justices of the peace and a constable, elected for two years.

The president, the three trustees, and the recorder constitute the village council.

The village has a seal, of which the recorder is the custodian; and he is, as has been said, a member of the council.

Otherwise the duties of the recorder are similar to those of the town clerk.

The usual elective officers of a city are a mayor, a treasurer, a recorder, one justice of the peace for each ward, styled "city justice," all of whom shall be qualified voters of the city, and one or more aldermen for each ward, who shall be "qualified voters therein."

The county auditor, you remember, has three general lines of duty: 1. To act as official recorder and custodian of papers for the county board.

[3707]Philostratus, a rich man employs a parasite, and as the major of a city, speaks by the town clerk, or by Mr. Recorder, when he cannot express himself.

[Recorders. Evad.

It will be used on radio systems, submarine cables using siphon recorders, and with the heliograph, flash-lantern, and all visual signaling apparatus using the wigwag.

Mr Chalkley never, by any chance, got a letter, the only mail matter he received being, "The Southern Baptist Recorder," which came on Saturdays, but, like most of the people present, he was at the post-office every mail day to see who got anything.

Spoke against the proposed negro exodus from the South. 1881 Appointed recorder of deeds for the District of Columbia.

Under the Garfield administration Douglass was appointed in May, 1881, recorder of deeds for the District of Columbia.

Bodisco, Alexander de, from M. (1844) on telegraph, ~2~, 240 state dinner, 245 Bologna, M. on, ~1~, 391 Boorman, James, and Civil War, ~2~, 416 Borland, Catherine, ~1~, 111 Boston, and art (1816), ~1~, 197 Boston Recorder, founding, ~1~, 208 Boudy, Comte, and M.'s telegraph, ~2~, 112, 123 Breese, Arthur, and marriage of daughter, ~1~, 228 Breese, Catherine, marriage, ~1~, 229 See also Griswold.

Here, if anywhere, one might have thought, was one of those charming poets whom the Philosopher would have honoured, and feasted, and loaded with beautiful gifts, and then conducted, laurel-crowned, far outside the walls of the perfect city, to the sound of flutes and soft recorders.

The drums of our orchestra were the echoes of thundering wars; the flutes and soft recorders were the eloquence of an Empire's statesmen; and our 'cellos and violins wailed with the pity of all mankind.

The A.A.L.R.B.G.S.Acting-Assistant Local Recorder of Blankets General Service, a very important Hat indeedsome time last winter paid us a visit and went away without complaint.

Why is it, for example, that the influence of the Boston Recorder and New-York Observerwhy is it, that the influence of most of our titled divinesis decidedly hostile to the abolition of slavery?

In that last day, the mayors, recorders, sheriffs, and others, who have been engaged, whether in their official or individual capacity, in slave-catching and man-stealing, will find human laws but a flimsy protection against the wrath of Him, who judges his creatures by his own and not by human laws.

" J.B. Randall, jailor, Marietta, Cobb county, Ga., in the "Southern Recorder;" Nov. 6, 1838.

In that last day, the mayors, recorders, sheriffs, and others, who have been engaged, whether in their official or individual capacity, in slave-catching and man-stealing, will find human laws but a flimsy protection against the wrath of Him, who judges his creatures by his own and not by human laws.

so crippled with the blast, Recorder Of the present and the past, Enough can tell.

I'm too sick to go to recorder in Bradleyburg and record claim.

In the south, or Trinity, aisle is the Etricke tomb; here lies a recorder of Poole, the same who committed to prison, after his capture on one of the wild heaths near Ringwood, that one-time hope of protestant England, the unfortunate Duke of Monmouth.

But the rhythmic procession of Mantegna, modulated to the sound of flutes and soft recorders, carries our imagination back to the best days and strength of Rome.

Titian, the Sophocles of painting, has infused into his pictures the spirit of music, the Dorian mood of flutes and soft recorders, making power incarnate in a form of grace.


"Mrs. , to her latest days, was a devoted student of the 'Recorder.'

"Methodist Recorder.

In his Elia essay on "Newspapers," written thirty years later, he stated that the epigram was written at the time of Mackintosh's departure for India to reap the fruits of his apostasy; but here Lamb's memory deceived him, for Mackintosh was not appointed Recorder of Bombay until 1803 and did not sail until 1804, whereas there is reason to believe the date of Lamb's letter to Manning of August, 1801, to be accurate.

In 1803 he was appointed Recorder of Bombay.

Stepping in, he sealed the airlock and pulled out a small recorder.

Observing only a certain, and nearly an equal, number transported each session, they have imbibed a notion, that the recorder cannot exceed it, and that he selects those to whom he takes a dislike at the bar, not for the magnitude of their offence, but from caprice or chance.

Some will be seen jumping and skipping about for hours, frenzied with joy at the very unexpectedly mild sentence passed on them; others are cursing and swearing, calling down imprecations on the head of the recorder, for having, as they say, so unfairly measured out justice; all agreeing there is no proportion in the punishments to the crimes.

He was the poet of a cause, and his song was keyed to the Dorian mood Of flutes and soft recorders such as raised To height of noblest temper, heroes old Arming to battle.

Some strange-looking instruments stood within reach of the presiding clerk, but he recognized these as the mechanical recorders, of which he had had some experience himself.

His scene with Rosencrantz and Guildenstern and the recorders is masterly: the silken sternness of it, the fine hauteur, the half-appeal as of lost ideals still pleading with the vulgarity of life, the fierce humour of its disillusion, and behind, as always, the heartbreakthat side of which comes of the recognition of what it is to be a gentleman in such a world.

The dullest street of the most prosaic town has matter in it for more smiles, more tears, more intense excitement, than ever were written in story or sung in poem; the reality is there, of which the romancer is the second-hand recorder.

You must have perceived that what the flesh, blood, and bone hero of romance proper is to the regular compounder of fiction, this old house of brick, wood, and mortar is to the humble recorder of this true tale.

At the upper end of Cheapside was the aldermen's station, where the recorder addressed the queen in a very elegant oration, and, in the name of the citizens, presented her with a thousand marks, in a purse of gold tissue, which her majesty very gracefully received.

How to play the recorder.

How to play the recorder.

Margaret Bradford (A); 19Aug66; R392241. How to play the recorder; selected tunes.

How to play the recorder.

Margaret Bradford (A); 19Aug66; R392241. How to play the recorder; selected tunes.

The Ruรซtz recorder book; a complete introduction to playing the recorder including 125 solos and duets, with English texts by Willis Wager.

The Ruรซtz recorder book; a complete introduction to playing the recorder including 125 solos and duets, with English texts by Willis Wager.

Friend Hopper was informed that the slave was on trial, that the Recorder did not think it necessary to notify him, and had made very severe remarks concerning the fictitious debt assumed for the occasion.

Mahlon Dickinson, the Recorder, was in the act of giving his decision on the case, and he closed his remarks by saying, "The conduct of Mr. Hopper has been highly reprehensible.

Friend Hopper stood before the Recorder, looking him steadfastly in the face, while he was making animadversions on his conduct; and when he had finished, he respectfully asked leave to address the court for a few minutes.

"Well, Mr. Hopper," said the Recorder, "what have you to say in justification of your very extraordinary proceedings?" He replied, "It is true the man is not my debtor; but the court has greatly erred in supposing that the step I have taken was merely intended to produce unnecessary delay and expense.

The Recorder will doubtless recollect that Congress has passed an act prohibiting the introduction of foreign slaves into this country.

The following story, related in Kalakana's book, probably suffered no great change at the hands of the recorder.

It is a great pity that so few of the recorders of aboriginal tales followed this principle; and it is strange that such neatly polished, arranged, and modernized tales as these should have been accepted so long as illustrations of primitive love.

Then would I be taken with a spasm of desire to play upon the recorders or the Bavarian single flute, and would pester my father to let me learn.

It was but a year or so after the collapse of Master Anthony, that a blindly-enterprising printer of Beverley, who had seen my poor little verses in the Beverley Recorder, made me the spirited offer of ten pounds for a serial story, to be set up and printed at Beverley, and published on commission by a London firm in Warwick Lane.

They went into the Court House and up into the court-room, and down into the Recorder's office, filled with books, and introduced Bart to Ben Graylord, the Recorder, who showed him a record-book written by his brother, every page of which sparkled with the beauty of the writing.

They went into the Court House and up into the court-room, and down into the Recorder's office, filled with books, and introduced Bart to Ben Graylord, the Recorder, who showed him a record-book written by his brother, every page of which sparkled with the beauty of the writing.

For permission to photograph and reproduce it here, thanks are due to Sir Frederick R. Falkiner, Recorder of Dublin.

He had seen horses fall on the wooden pavements in all directions; he had seen a troop of dragoons, in the midst of the frost, dismount and lead their un-roughed horses across Regent Street; the Recorder had gone round by the squares to avoid the wooden districts; one lady had ordered her coachman to stick constantly to stone; and another, when she required to go to Regent Street, dismissed her carriage and walked.

He gazed in at the sacred acre of the Jenkinses and the monuments emblazoned with "J.P.," "Recorder of this Borough," "Clerk of the Peace for the County," and other proud appendices in gilt lettering: and, in the heat of his heart, turned upon Jenkins major.

It was created as with "the Dorian mood of soft recorders."

Automatic Recorders would be followed by Automatic Common Serjeants, andIsn't it too awful!

And we thought what a junction were that of the two powersof the sword and the pen, the actor and the recorder, the man to do, and the poet to sing!

LITTLETON, SIR THOMAS, English jurist of the 15th century; was recorder of Coventry in 1450, judge of Common Pleas 1466, and knighted in 1475; his work on "Tenures" was the first attempt to classify the law of land rights, and was the basis of the famous "Coke upon Littleton"; d. 1481.

RECORDER, an English law official, the chief Judicial officer of a city or borough; discharges the functions of judge at the Quarter-Sessions of his district; must be a barrister of at least five years' standing; is appointed by the Crown, but paid by the local authority; is debarred from sitting on the licensing bench, but is not withheld from practising at the bar; the sheriff in Scotland is a similar official.

A few minutes after I entered, Mr. Justice Le Blanc and Mr. Baron Wood, who had assisted at an important case of stockjobbing conspiracy, just over, left the bench: the learned recorder being doubtless considered quite equal to the trial of a mere capital charge of theft.

This was of course refused; the recorder remarking, they might as well allow counsel for felons to address juries, as read defences; and that, as every practical man knew, would be utterly subversive of the due administration of justice.

The recorder briefly commented on the conclusiveness of the evidence for the prosecution; and the jury, in the same brief, business-like manner, returned a verdict of Guilty.

"Speak, woman," said the recorder; "if you have anything to urge before sentence is pronounced.

"Unhappy, guilty woman," said the recorder, with the coolness of a demon, "the plea of insanity you would set up is utterly untenable.

No effort was spared during the interval which elapsed previous to the recorder presenting his report to the privy-counsela peculiar privilege at that time attached to the officeto procure a mitigation of the sentence.

Signal columns, 19. Siphon recorder, 137.

Thomson, youth, 144; cable adviser, 121; invents mirror galvanometer, 126; knighted, 136; invents siphon recorder, 137; connection with telephone, 169.

v. Recorder of Wolverhampton, 18 Law T. 395-398; see also H.R., Doc.

" At Joe's approach, all was stir and bustle; the pigs, to the third and fourth generation, moved "in perfect phalanx," not "to the Dorian mood of flutes and soft recorders," but to their own equally inspiring grunt; varying from the shrill treble to the deep-toned bass.