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2314 example sentences with  recreation

2314 example sentences with recreation

The cultivation of these two articles in the Philippines is on the same footing as that of pepper, which, as above stated, is rather an object of luxury and recreation than one of speculation among the Filipinos.

I don't see why others' recreation need be all work for you.

The same religious abstinence from all appearance of recreation on the Lord's day; and the same neglect of the weightier matters of the moral law, in the course of the week, &c.

Among the artists that had been allured into the happy valley, to labour for the accommodation and pleasure of its inhabitants, was a man eminent for his knowledge of the mechanick powers, who had contrived many engines, both of use and recreation.

Mr. Schoolcraft's persevering industry is so indomitable, that he has been known to write from sun to sun almost every day for many consecutive years, taking no recreation, and yet these sedentary habits of untiring application being regulated by system, have not impaired the digestive functions of his usually robust health.

Surely we have little enough recreation at any rate, and, pray, let us make that little un-intellectual.

I was advised, indeed commanded, by my physician to take repose and recreation.

Narrow and crooked streets, want of proper sewerage and ventilation, the absence of forethought in providing open spaces for the recreation of the people, the allowance of intramural burials, and of fetid nuisances, such as slaughter-houses and manufactories of offensive stuffs, have converted cities into pestilential inclosures, and kept Jefferson's saying"Great cities are great sores"true in its most literal and mortifying sense.

The people being, then, our sovereigns, it has not been felt that they would or could have the largeness of view, the foresight, the sympathy with leisure, elegance, and ease, to provide liberally and expensively for their own recreation and refreshment.

When we meet those who depend on the Park as on the butcher and the omnibus, and the thousands who are again drawn by whatever impulse and suggestion of the hour, we often ask, What would they have done, where would they have been, to what sort of recreation would they have turned, if to any, had there been no park?

To teach and induce habits of orderly, tranquil, contemplative, or social amusement, moderate exercises and recreation, soothing to the nerves, has been the most needed "mission" for New York.

He built Fox How, two or three years later, and at once began his course of hospitality by having lads of the sixth form as his guests,not for purposes of study, but of recreation, and, yet more, to give them that element of education which consists in familiarity with the noblest natural scenery.

It is then provided that there shall be a library, reading-rooms, games and recreation-rooms, a theater or entertainment hall, a refreshment-room and a separate room for the use of and under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Army Temperance Association.

The reading-room is to be furnished with a library and the amusement-room with a piano; card playing is permitted in the recreation-room, but not for money or other stakes of value; the discussion of religious and political subjects within the institute is forbidden, and religious exercises are not allowed to be conducted in the building except in the room of the Army Temperance Association.

The profits of the institute may be devoted to the library, reading-room and recreation department, the purchase of gymnastic apparatus, etc., and articles for the soldiers' mess, and may be contributed to the widows and orphans' fund, if so determined by the patrons of the institution.

Beyond the warehouses, the business section and the government buildings, along the bank of the river for several miles, is an open space or common, called the Maidan, the amusement and recreation ground of the public, who show their appreciation by putting it to good use.

He is the most industrious man in India, and very few of his subjects work as hard as he, but he takes his recreation in the same fashion.

In the first place, those whose fingers grow tired of playing notes or writing them, seem to find recreation in the reeling off of letters.

In the first place, the few cents we give, bestowed as they are on a poor old widow woman, are not wasted, in my opinion, but well spent;and if I spend an evening, granted to me by my father and mother for recreation, in listening to Old Kate, it is no more wasted than if I spend it with the girls in any other social way.

Mathematical controversy carried on by correspondence was a favourite recreation of Mr. Dodgson's, and on February 20, 1890, he wrote: I've just concluded a correspondence with a Cambridge man, who is writing a Geometry on the "Direction" theory (Wilson's plan), and thinks he has avoided Wilson's (what I think) fallacies.

Christmas and the summer lay-by brought recreation, but the hog-killing brought fat satisfaction.

JOHN You may suppose sometimes They use the neighb'ring Sherwood for their sport, Their exercise and freer recreation.

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Stimulation, recreation, information:

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NATIONAL RECREATION ASSN., INC. Introduction to community recreation.

NATIONAL RECREATION ASSN., INC. Introduction to community recreation.

How to get the most out of recreation.

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SEE Playground and Recreation Association of America.


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Education through recreation.

Education through recreation.

Education through recreation.

Education through recreation.

Education through recreation.

Education through recreation.

Education through recreation.

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Your magic carpet: Adventure, recreation, stimulation, alluring treasures for mind and eye.

And, therefore, I am come among you at this time, not for my recreation or sport, but being resolved, in the midst and heat of the battle, to live or die among you all, and to lay down for my God, and for my kingdom, and for my people, my honour and my bloodeven in the dust.

Gelaleddin affected to deliberate on the proposal, with which, before he considered it, he resolved to comply; and next morning retired to a garden planted for the recreation of the students, and, entering a solitary walk, began to meditate upon his future life.

The more she is engaged in her proper duties the less leisure she will have for it, even as an accomplishment and recreation." To this Charlotte meekly replied: "I trust I shall never more feel ambitious to see my name in print."

It is very essential that Indian women should have some places, where they can take recreation and have some social intercourse with one another, also that the rich and poor may all meet and be brought into sympathy with one another.

In 1902 the city of Pittsburg woke up and gave the women fifteen hundred dollars, with which they established one more playground and a recreation park.

Several recreation centers, all-the-year-round playgrounds, have been added since then.

There are club rooms and recreation parlors where the girls receive and meet their friendsincluding their men friends.

In each experiment a capital city (and associated cities) became the nucleus for accumulating wealth, constructing public buildings, providing means of transportation and sources from which raw materials could be secured for city maintenance and for the provision of sanitary facilities, means of recreation and diversion.

Such arguments, however, had no great weight with the masses, who could not be brought to see any heinous or deadly sin in lawful recreation or exercises after divine service, always provided the service itself were in no respect neglected; and so the King's decree prevailed over all sectarian opposition, and was fully carried out.

It is remarkable, too, that though they were all except one engaged in business or trade, and though they had the same calls as other men for innocent recreation, and the same interruptions of their health, there were individuals, who were not absent more than five or six times within this period.

For Justice has its time of sleeping and waking in large cities, and will not be denied its meals, its hours of rest, and even recreation.

Originally named Huelva Recreation Club.

Subcommittees on Public Lands and National Parks and Recreation held a joint subcommittee hearing on Greater Yellowstone.

The Cranbourne Racecourse and Recreation Reserve and the Cranbourne Training Complex are popular facilities.

These are the Peck Road Water Conservation Park and the Whittier Narrows Recreation Area.

When Schweitzer was in Lambarene, his main recreation was to play Bachā€™s music.

First employed in 2001 to fund the South Courtice Arena and Recreation Complex, it is viewed as a cost-effective method to undertake large scale publicly funded projects.

Fish also worked with Portland Parks & Recreation, the Portland Housing Bureau and the Bureau of Environmental Services.

According to a news release, she is a steady advocate for the protection of resources and practices that have been the foundation of Minnesota recreation for decades.

ADECA administers a wide range of programs that support law enforcement, economic development, water resource management, energy conservation and recreation.

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Bryson Clifford Smith of Pauline graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management.

ā€¢ Burnsville Recreation and Learning Center has an emergency food pantry; USDA food is given out every Wednesday beginning at 9 a.m. and the second Saturday of each month.

But the Austin Parks and Recreation Department says they're looking for another company to run it.

As a result of those circumstances, Schur said he didnā€™t anticipate the special leading to a full-fledged Parks and Recreation revival.

They analyzed a range of data to quantify the value and costs of the stateā€™s lakes and rivers ā€“ through infrastructure, recreation and more.

The youth gangs that recently terrorised innocent citizens like the Tokota Boys and the SOD of Kitwe could be prevented if organised sports and recreation facilities are adequate for the growing youth populations in the country.

ā€œWe would like input on the existing trail system and proposed improvements,ā€ said Daniel White, Surry County Parks and Recreation director.

About the editor: Margaret Johnston is Professor of Outdoor Recreation, Parks and Tourism at Lakehead University.

A collection of Emblemes, Ancient and Moderne, Quickened with metricall illustrations, both Morall and divine: And Disposed into lotteries, that instruction, and good counsell, may bee furthered by an honest and pleasant recreation.

Additional Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies Electives (minimum five units).

Furthermore, with the sites at both Bloor and Dufferin and the Galleria already slated for redevelopment, we will no doubt see an increase in the number of kids in the park for winter recreation as well as an increase in the dog population.

Gail Fondahl has been Chair of the Geography and Outdoor Recreation and Tourism Management programs for the past five years and has attracted more than $1.3 million in research funding during her UNBC career.

Hamilton, ON. April 7, 2009 ā€“McMaster students, athletes and the community will be the winner with the appointment of Jeff Giles as McMasterā€™s new director of Athletics and Recreation.

He was recently appointed chair of the Community Investment Panel for United Way Niagara, and heā€™s also a member of the Recreation Master Plan Advisory Committee for the City of St. Catharines.

I am sure the release that the Minister of Tourism, Culture and Recreation put out about the number of moose licences in this Province in 2001 probably does not rank very high today in terms of security needs.

If any family members are interested in their loved one starting in a new program called ā€œFit Minds Stay Sharpā€ for a small fee, please see Chris in recreation for more information.

If anyone would like more information on anything discussed in the newsletter, or if you would like a full copy of our original newsletter, please contact Carol or Lacy in Recreation (403 873 2635).

A modern take on a retro runner, the Casso sneaker from Creative RecreationĀ® keeps you looking your best.

Among them are location, transportation, amenities, infrastructure, educational and cultural opportunities, recreation and housing.

I have signed my son up with his friend for the Home Alone course at Esquimalt Recreation.

I hope Iā€™m wrong about that, but I couldnā€™t find any substantial money for a recreation facility being built in Mayo.

I hope such recognition is not used to favour larger, better organized groups at the expense of smaller, possibly even less popular, recreation groups that still perform a valuable function at the community level.

"This ongoing partnership with the Government of Canada allows us to provide our communities with recreation opportunities that meet the needs of our youngest and most-active residents," said Winnipeg Mayor Sam Katz.

To better understand the communityā€™s needs, library and town staff are seeking public feedback on branch and recreation and culture programming through public consultation.

To date, Miistakis, Water Matters and the Environmental Law Centre hosted two workshops focused on education and stewardship for recreation users in both the Bow and Oldman watersheds.

Today I signed an amendment to the Recreation Site Agreement between the Four Wheel Drive Association of British Columbia and the Ministry of Tourism, Sports and the Arts.

Today the Crawling Valley Recreation Society board continue to work on your behalf to make Crawling Valley Campground the very best camping and fishing destination in South Eastern Alberta.