878 examples of recreation in sentences

It emphasizes the value of decency and gives healthy and high toned recreation to millions.

That's all one, 'tis my Recreation; I serv'd a Woman so the other night, to whom my Mistress had a Pique.

He is very sophisticated at his desk and very artless when he dives into the underworld for rest and recreation.

The recreation to which Jack and Dick were bidden was a visit to the melancholy shambles where the heterogeneous mass of unclassified prisoners were detained.

Men respond to rest and recreation as do human beings of the opposite sex.

In six months it drew to itself two hundred thousand members and built organizations in thirty-nine States, established classes to train women for the new work opening to them, opened recreation centers and canteens at which were entertained on a single Sunday, at one center, eighteen hundred soldiers and sailors.

To corset herself as fashion dictates, to prop herself on high heels, means to a woman just so much lost efficiency, and even the most thoughtless, if appealed to for national saving, might learn to turn by preference in dress, in habits, in recreation, to the simple things.

There will be no money to squander, and women to a unit will stand behind those men who think a recreation field is of more value than a race track.

One of the men conductors on the New York street railways somewhat reproachfully remarked to me, "No one ever came to look at the recreation room and restaurant at the car barns until women were taken on.

Protection of the worker, housing conditions, the feeding of factory employees and school children, play grounds and recreation centers, will challenge the world for first consideration.

I need recreation now.

He had a boat built named the Ariel (by Byron, the Don Juan), boating being his favourite recreation; and on 1 July, 1822, he and Lieut.

But indeed I think a little recreation among the Bell Letters and poetry will do you some service in the interval of severer studies.

She tells us that which might have been expected when she says that she "was early initiated and instructed in the first principles of the Christian religion;" and in after days we find her giving to her son a rule which had proved to be a blessing to her own girlhood"Never to spend more time in any matter of mere recreation in one day, than I spend in private religious duties.

" Recreation was liberally allowed, and outdoor physical amusements encouraged.

But every man has his avocation, his recreation, you knowgolf, roses, coins, first editions, travel.

He had innumerable stories of the devotional meeting idea, the Win-My-Chum idea, the stewardship idea, the Institute idea, the life service idea, the recreation idea, the study-class idea, and every other League idea so far invented.

Thus Mr. BALFOUR, who has little time for golf nowadays, finds his most refreshing recreation in reading the speeches of Lord NORTHCLIFFE, co-ordinating them with those of BURKE and PERICLES, and setting them to music in the style of HANDEL, his favourite composer.

This wise provision for providing interest and recreation for the people was also availed of by the Mosaic ritual among the Hebrews, and has been a part of most well-organized religious systems.

But "Shall we debar Youth of such an innocent and harmless recreation, of such a great quickener of Parts and promoter of sagacity?"

This is his recreation, his one blessed hour of out-door air and rest.

When the weather became cooler, it was a favorite recreation with him to lounge at his ease, while Rosa played, and Floracita's fairy figure floated through the evolutions of some graceful dance.

I had heard from a classmate what famous shooting and fishing were to be found there, and I knew something of the beauty of Berkshire scenery; but I honorably intended to study well and faithfully, taking only the moderate amount of recreation necessary for my health.

For me there can be no recreation in the society of my fellow creatures, no refined conversations, no interchange of thought.

"The balance of my time is given to recreation."

878 examples of  recreation  in sentences