54 examples of recusant in sentences

About the same time Lords Shaftesbury, Russell, and Cavendish presented the Duke of York to the grand jury for Middlesex at Westminster Hall, as indictable, being a Popish recusant.

nonconformity &c (heterodoxy) 984; protestantism, recusancy, schism; disaffection; secession &c 624; recantation &c 607. dissension &c (discord) 713; discontent &c 832; cavilling. protest; contradiction &c (denial) 536; noncompliance &c (rejection) 764. dissentient, dissenter; non-juror, non-content, nonconformist; sectary, separatist, recusant, schismatic, protestant, heretic. refusal &c 764.

Adj. dissenting &c v.; negative &c 536; dissident, dissentient; unconsenting &c (refusing) 764; non-content, nonjuring^; protestant, recusant; unconvinced, unconverted. unavowed, unacknowledged; out of the question. discontented &c 832; unwilling &c 603; extorted. sectarian, denominational, schismatic; heterodox; intolerant.

Adj. denying &c v.; denied &c v.; contradictory; negative, negatory; recusant &c (dissenting) 489; at issue upon.

Adj. disobedient; uncomplying, uncompliant; unsubmissive^, unruly, ungovernable; breachy^, insubordinate, impatient of control, incorrigible; restiff^, restive; refractory, contumacious, recusant &c (refuse) 764; recalcitrant; resisting &c 719; lawless, mutinous, seditions, insurgent, riotous.

Adj. refusing &c v.; restive, restiff^; recusant; uncomplying, unconsenting; not willing to hear of, deaf to. refused &c v.; ungranted, out of the question, not to be thought of, impossible.

Adj. impenitent, uncontrite, obdurate; hard, hardened; seared, recusant; unrepentant; relentless, remorseless, graceless, shriftless^. lost, incorrigible, irreclaimable. unreconstructed, unregenerate, unreformed; unrepented^, unreclaimed^, unatoned. 952.

schismatic; sectary, sectarian, sectarist^; seceder, separatist, recusant, dissenter; nonconformist, nonjuror^. bigot &c (obstinacy) 606; fanatic, abdal^, iconoclast.

Weak with fatigue and the loss of blood, he wandered in a southerly direction, concealing himself by day, and travelling by night, till he found[b] a secure asylum, in a retired mansion, called Boscobel House, situate between Brewood and Tong Castle, and the property of Mrs. Cotton, a Catholic recusant and royalist.

About nine in the evening they left the wood together for the house of Mr. Wolf, a Catholic recusant at Madeley, not far from the Severn; but an accidental alarm lengthened their road, and added to the fatigue of the royal wanderer.

Fortunately in the afternoon he received by John Penderell a welcome message from Lord Wilmot, to meet him that night at the house of Mr. Whitgrave, a recusant, at Moseley.

By one of the articles concluded with Lord Westmeath, it was stipulated that all the inhabitants of Ireland should enjoy the benefit of an act lately passed in England "to relieve peaceable persons from the rigours of former acts in matters of religion;" and that no Irish recusant should be compelled to assist at any form of service contrary to his conscience.

The Beni Suleim, whose more powerful allies, the Ghatafan, had given Mahomet much trouble in the past, were still recusant.

Incolumes medicum recusant.

After all, a harsh lesson might not be amiss for Plooie, the recusant.

Though it was accepted as Vergilian by Renaissance readers simply because the manuscripts of the poem and ancient writers, from Lucan and Statius to Martial and Suetonius, all attribute the work to him, recent critics have usually been skeptical or downright recusant.

The king we have already mentioned, scil.:Ledban, the recusant to the Christian name, was rejected of all and he came to nothing, leaving no knowledge (memory) of his history, as is written of the enemies of the faith:"Their memory perisheth like a sound" [Psalm 9:7].

The resolute position thus assumed by M. de Rohan alarmed the ministers; who apprehensive that the neighbouring provinces, already disaffected by the negative result of the Assembly of Saumur, would support the cause of so bold a recusant, and thus renew the civil war by which the nation had formerly been convulsed, became anxious to temporize.

He had opposed Lecompton, become a party recusant, and been declared a party apostate.

People in our days mean by religious persecution what happens when the same sort of repressive policy is applied to a religious party as is applied to vaccination recusants, or to the "Peculiar People."

The recusant was marched to the river-side, and placed in the stern of the boat, which lay fastened in the ice.

Every inhabitant, or at least every householder, had to contribute his share of straw to the pile; a recusant was looked at askance, and if in the course of the year he happened to break a leg or lose a child, there was not a gossip in the village but knew the reason why.

Millais will probably be the first important recusant.

for each absence on holy days he could, it would seem, in practice resort to his parish church only on occasions, say once a month, and yet not get himself written down as a recusant.

RECUSANTS, a name given to persons who refused to attend the services of the Established Church, on whom legal penalties were first imposed in Elizabeth's reign, that bore heavily upon Catholics and Dissenters; the Toleration Act of William III. relieved the latter, but the Catholics were not entirely emancipated till 1829.

54 examples of  recusant  in sentences