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54 examples of  red fox  in sentences

54 examples of red fox in sentences

Red fox.......................Canel lenuk.

Good ones cost $100 apiece, but cheaper ones can be obtained from the bear, mink, and red fox and Arctic Hare.

At the spring the bobcat drops down upon them from the black rock, and the red fox picks them up returning in the dark.

The red fox and bobcat, a little pressed by hunger, will eat of any other animal's kill, but will not ordinarily touch what dies of itself, and are exceedingly shy of food that has been manhandled.

Maybe the pin-point shriek of field mouse or kangaroo rat that pricks the wakeful pauses of the night is extorted by these mellow-voiced plunderers, though it is just as like to be the work of the red fox on his twenty-mile constitutional.

Both the red fox and the coyote are free of the night hours, and both killers for the pure love of slaughter.

Then, slinking along like a shadow and stopping to look back and sniff the wind, appeared a big red fox that had been sleeping away the afternoon on top of a stump in the center of the thicket.

The love of Washington for gun and dog, his interest in fisheries, and especially his fondness for horse and hound, in the chase of the red fox, have furnished the theme for many a writer; and recently Mr. Cleveland and Mr. Harrison have been more or less celebrated in the newspapers, Mr. Harrison as a gunner, and Mr. Cleveland for his angling, as well as his duck shooting proclivities.

Their fur coats form a study in colourpatchwork coats from calfskins which combine every shade from white to rusty red; goatskins, from long straight black to white; curly bearskins from black to brown and brown to polar white; wealthy peasant women, with beautiful red fox furs hiding neck and face, their eyes glistening through the apertures which served the same purpose for the first and original tenant.

Who does not remember how the "Marseillaise" was born, or how Burns's "Scots wha ha' wi' Wallace bled," or the story of Moore's taking the old "Red Fox March," and giving it a new immortality as "Let Erin remember the days of old," while poor Emmett sprang up and cried, "Oh, that I had twenty thousand Irishmen marching to that tune!"

At a low point of land of the shore, we had a view of a red fox, who scampered away gayly.

The Red Fox, Clara F. Guernsey.

The Red Fox: A Tale of New Year's Eve.

"And went up on that little hill over your pasture, and then," said the old man lowering his voice and speaking with great earnestness, "hear red fox barkone, two, three times out loud, and then again farther off.

There, now!" I was greatly relieved at finding that I was threatened by nothing worse than the oracle of the red fox.

"But," said I, "the red fox is only a sign for Indians.

You mean to stay here to-night of course, and in the morning you will see that the red fox was simply barking for his own amusement; but I am sorry he drove you to take such a toilsome walk, though we are glad to have you here.

That night, either because of the wind or because I had taken too strong coffee, I fell into "the fidgets," as this state of mind is sometimes called, and selected for immediate cause of discomfort the Panther's presentiment about the red fox.

Mamma," said the Panther, looking up into my face, "tell you, red fox not bark for nothing.

"Now, mamma, you see red fox know, after all.

"I member there was a young man named Dan Brown and they called him Red Fox.

It would have been safer to walk into a den of lions than to insult the old red fox.

Old Sophy was as cunning as a red fox or a gray woodchuck.

There was very little driving for the dogs, but they were allowed to chase every big beautiful white hare they could find, pursue a red fox if they were so lucky as to start one, and watch the flocks of ptarmigan that fluttered near enough to be a constant lure.

Red fox rhymes.

Red fox rhymes.

Vulpes, the red fox.

Tricky: the adventures of a red fox.

Tricky, the adventures of a red fox.

Red Fox of the Kinapoo: a tale of the Nez Perce Indians.

Red fox rhymes.

Red fox rhymes.

Vulpes, the red fox.

Tricky: the adventures of a red fox.

Tricky, the adventures of a red fox.

Red Fox of the Kinapoo: a tale of the Nez Perce Indians.

After the Revolution the red fox began to be seen occasionally.

" "I think father would rather go up to the logging camp, and see the coons that Rap says they catch there in the fall; there are red foxes, too, he says, and little fur beasts.

The fur of the red fox of America is much valued as an article of trade, and about 8000 are annually imported into England from the fur countries, where the animal is very abundant, especially in the wooded parts.

"Well, that fellow may be an ordinary red fox," explained the Indian youth.

Late that day both Mukoki and Wabi returned, the latter with a red fox and another mink, the former with a fisher, which reminded Rod of a dog just growing out of puppyhood, and another story of strange trails that renewed their former apprehensions.

Besides many mink, several fisher, two red foxes and a lynx, they added two fine "cross" foxes and three wolf scalps to their treasure during the next three weeks.

Trapping was exceptionally good now on account of the scarcity of animal food and since the big storm they had captured a wolf, two lynx, a red fox and eight mink.

Indian TalesStory of the Red Fox CHAPTER XXX.



When the invitation was brought to the red fox, he inquired, "What are you going to have for supper?

Soon, however, it began to be rumored about that the chief's beautiful daughter had returned to life, and was living in the Red Fox's lodge.

"The Red Fox is not worthy of my daughter," he said.

So the friends all went in a body to the lodge of the Red Fox.

It is true the Red Fox occasioned her death, but by his watchfulness and care he caressed her into life again; therefore she rightfully belongs to him."

So the Red Fox and his beautiful bride lived long together in great peace and happiness.

[Illustration: UNDER THE SHADOW OF THE FLATTOP MOUNTAINS] I saw a red fox running up the slope, and dismounting I took a quick shot at three hundred yards, and scored a hit.

For two days we travelled over this barren snowy plain, seeing no vegetation but stunted trees and patches of trailing-pine along the banks of occasional streams, and no life except one or two solitary ravens and a red fox.