75 examples of rede in sentences

Bid him rede me this riddle: That bringing from chaos order, so from order will I bring chaos, that order peradventure shall remain.

" "Aye, my lord, 'tis so I think, indeed!" "Pray thee therefore rede and expound it unto me!" "Nay, time mayhap shall teach it thee, and thou, methinks shalt passionately desire again the solitude of this wilderness.

Thomas himself, Pasley (his aide-de-camp), Rede (the resident commissioner), and Racket (the stipendiary magistrate), all of whom were present at the attack, positively assert that the insurgents fired before a shot was discharged by the troops.

Rede, counsel.

"Son, what shall me to rede?

Rede well thyself that other folk shall rede; counsel.

Rede well thyself that other folk shall rede; counsel.

For his wealth envious to be: The king of heaven himself can see Who takes his sonde,[50] great or small; Thus each man in his degree, I rede thanké God for all. counsel.

Such mercy he by his most holy rede instruction.

The Finnas or Laplanders were distinguished by the geographer of Ravenna into Scerde-fenos, and Rede-fenos, the Scride-finnas, and Ter-finnas of Alfred.

And as for me, though that my wit be lytë, On bookës for to rede I me delytë.

They in thir time did many a noble dede, And for their worthines full oft have bore The crown of laurer leavés on the hede, As ye may in your oldé bookés rede: And how that he that was a conquerour Had by laurer alway his most honour.

There ben also in that contree passynge grete serpentes, sume of 120 Fote long, and thei ben of dyverse coloures, as rayed, rede, grene and zalowe, blewe and blake, and alle spekelede.

And ther ben gees alle rede, thre sithes more gret than oure here: and thei han the hed, the necke and the brest alle black.

right where that the Rede See departethe fro the see occean.

Reck well my rede! Is't done, the deed?

"If there's a hole in a' your coats, I rede ye tent it; A chiel's amang ye takin' notes, And, faith, he'll prent it.

They think that their Werowances and priests which they also esteeme quiyough-cosughs, when they are deade doe goe beyond the mountains towards the setting of the sun, and ever remain there in form of their Okee, with their bedes paynted rede with oyle and pocones, finely trimmed with feathers, and shall have beads, hatchets, copper, and tobacco, doing nothing but dance and sing with all their predecessors.

Then went Alcmena forth and told the thing To Teiresias the seer, whose words were truth, And bade him rede her what the end should be: '

And one thing Erb, Erb that erstwhile Hight his old Pal, Had for an answer: "Bale hast thou brought And rede of bale Have I for thee.

And when the mass was y-done, The porter to the abbesse com full soon. "Madame, what rede ye of this thinge?

And when she couthe ought of manhede, She bade the abbesse her wisse[60] and rede, Which were her kin, one or other, Father or mother, sister or brother.

," in the Prologue of Lydgate's Translation of Boccaccio's Fall of Princes, is a misprint: corrige "In youth he made a translation Of a boke, which called is Troyle, In Lumbardes tonge, as men may rede and se, And in our vulgar, long or that he deyde, Gave it the name of Troylous and Cres-eyde.

Alles will di bschauen, und Alles will di bigrüsse, Und di fründlig Herz git alle fründligi Rede: 'Chömmet ihr ordlige Thierli, do hender, esset und trinket!

"Men lykyn jestis for to here, And romans rede in diuers manere

75 examples of  rede  in sentences