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78 example sentences with  rede

78 example sentences with rede

Bid him rede me this riddle: That bringing from chaos order, so from order will I bring chaos, that order peradventure shall remain.

"Pray thee therefore rede and expound it unto me!"

you require a vent for your energies," had Rudolf Reding of Schwyz already said, when, years before, he saw the free life of the young men after the Burgundian war.

Thomas himself, Pasley (his aide-de-camp), Rede (the resident commissioner), and Racket (the stipendiary magistrate), all of whom were present at the attack, positively assert that the insurgents fired before a shot was discharged by the troops.

"Rhetoricâ, kleit unser rede mit varwe schône."

And may you better reck the rede, Than ever did th' adviser!

Rede, counsel.

And though ye could not see, yet rede and rue their woefull destinie.

"Son, what shall me to rede?

Rede well thyself that other folk shall rede; counsel.

Rede well thyself that other folk shall rede; counsel.

(?) For his wealth envious to be: The king of heaven himself can see Who takes his sonde,[50] great or small; Thus each man in his degree, I rede thanké God for all.

Such mercy he by his most holy rede instruction.

Shall is here used, as it often is, in the sense of must, and rede is a noun; the paraphrase of the whole being, "Son, what must be to me for counsel?"

Unhallowed man, that scorn'st the sacred rede, Hark how the testimony of my truth Sounds heavenly music with an angel's hand, To testify Dunstan's integrity, And prove thy active boast of no effect.

The king called a council of his captains, and by their rede decided not to await Cheldric at York, neither to give him battle, because of the proud and marvellous host that was with him, "Let the king fall back upon London," said the lords, "and summon his meinie about him.

Arthur, by the rede of his counsellors, sent letters to his nephew, the son of his sister, Hoel, King of Little Britain.

The Finnas or Laplanders were distinguished by the geographer of Ravenna into Scerde-fenos, and Rede-fenos, the Scride-finnas, and Ter-finnas of Alfred.

He feels unconsciously with Chaucer: And as for me, though that my wit be lytë, On bookës for to rede I me delytë.

we read: Men yernen jestis for to here And romaunce rede in diverse manere, and then follows a summary of the great cycles of romance, which we are considering.

The crown of laurer leavés on the hede, As ye may in your oldé bookés rede: And how that he that was a conquerour Had by laurer alway his most honour.

Zit there is, toward the parties meridionales, many contrees and many regyouns; as the lond of Ethiope, that marchethe, toward the est, to the grete desertes; toward the west, to the kyngdom of Nubye; toward the southe, to the kyngdom of Moretane; and toward the north to the Rede See.

There ben also in that contree passynge grete serpentes, sume of 120 Fote long, and thei ben of dyverse coloures, as rayed, rede, grene and zalowe, blewe and blake, and alle spekelede.

And ther ben gees alle rede, thre sithes more gret than oure here: and thei han the hed, the necke and the brest alle black.

And tho yles ben right where that the Rede See departethe fro the see occean.

"'But 'tis not there that Scotland's heart Shall rest by God's decree, Till the great angel calls the dead To rise from earth and sea! "'Lord James of Douglas, mark my rede!

A grimly sweven I dreamt yestreen; I saw thee lie under the hollins green, And through thine heart an arrow keen; And out of thy body a smoke did rise, Which smirched the sunshine out of the skies: So if thou God's anointed be I rede thee unto thy soul thou see.

Reck well my rede!

Below Bellingham the North Tyne is joined by its longest and most noted tributary, the Rede Water, which also rises in the Cheviots.

The ancient Roman road of Watling Street crosses the Rede at Woodburn, leading from Habitancum to Bremenium.

Many mountain streams, clear and sparkling, or peaty and brown, join the Rede Water on its way, amongst others the little Otter Burn, by whose banks took place that stirring episode in the constant quarrels between the Douglases and Percies known as "Chevy Chase," from which the fierce battle-cries ring down the five centuries that have passed since that time, with sounds that echo still.

The pretty village of Redesmouth (or Reedsmouth) stands where the Rede Water enters the North Tyne, and a few miles further on the rapid little Houxty Burn pours its peaty waters into the main stream.

Yet the two are linked by the same stream, which begins life as a brawling Cheviot burn, having for its fellows the head waters of the Rede, the Coquet, and the Till, with the scores of little dancing rills that feed them.

"And if one should come to thee and repeat this sign," said the stranger, laying his right hand on Edwin's head "wouldst thou hearken to his rede?"

Of the other considerable heights of the Cheviot range, Carter Fell and Peel Fell are the best known; they both lie right on the border line of England and Scotland, between the North Tyne and the Rede Water.

"If there's a hole in a' your coats, I rede ye tent it; A chiel's amang ye takin' notes, And, faith, he'll prent it.

"'But 'tis not there that Scotland's heart Shall rest by God's decree, Till the great angel calls the dead To rise from earth and sea! "'Lord James of Douglas, mark my rede!

[Footnote 12: Carl Ritter, who saw him in 1852, speaks of him as "den edlen, hochgebildeten, erfahrenen, weisen, und der Rede sehr kundigen Staatsman Wir (i.e., Ritter,) haben wiederholt seinen würdenvollen Reden in den ersten Kreisen in London beigewohnt."] [Footnote 13: Semi-Centennial Memorial, p. 190.]

"May the gude God o' heaven sain you," he said "and ferd you for aye, for the braw deed ye hae dreed the day; tak' this wee ring, gudemon, and tak' ye this ane, gudewife, and when ye look on this and on that, I rede ye render up are prayer to him abune for the weal o' Charles Edward, your unfortunate prince."

They think that their Werowances and priests which they also esteeme quiyough-cosughs, when they are deade doe goe beyond the mountains towards the setting of the sun, and ever remain there in form of their Okee, with their bedes paynted rede with oyle and pocones, finely trimmed with feathers, and shall have beads, hatchets, copper, and tobacco, doing nothing but dance and sing with all their predecessors.

When the varlet heard this cunning counsel of the maiden, he rejoiced greatly, and thanking her sweetly for her rede, craved permission to depart.

Then that cunning and crafty counsellor took the King apart, that he might give him a fresh rede.

The names of stewards, noble and learned, were announced in the newspapers: hopes were held out that verses in honour of the occasion, written by Campbell, would be recited by Reding: and it was moreover added, that Captain Burns was to be present, and that the punch-bowl of Murray marble, filled with the liquor which his great father loved, would be smoking on the table.

Then went Alcmena forth and told the thing To Teiresias the seer, whose words were truth, And bade him rede her what the end should be: '

Farther on we had a distant view of Carrick-a-Rede, a precipitous rock, separated by a yawning chasm from the shore, frequented by the catchers of sea-birds.

And well I wote no villainy is it; Eke Plato saith, who so can him rede, the words mote been cousin to the dede."

He durh sighth eches ithanc, Wai hwat sel us to rede.

" These I found quaintly summed up in an old rhyme: "With a red man read thy rede, With a brown man break thy bread,

And one thing Erb, Erb that erstwhile Hight his old Pal, Had for an answer: "Bale hast thou brought And rede of bale Have I for thee.



That is Herr Reding, sir, our old Landamman; MEYER.

Herr Reding, we are enemies in court

Is not Herr Reding here, our old Landamman!

REDING (stepping into the centre).

REDING (resting on his battle sword).

REDING (after a pause).

In 1521, the 'Introductory to write and to pronounce Frenche,' by Alexander Barclay, author of the 'Ship of Fooles,' was issued from the press of Robert Coplande; and about 1527 Giles du Guez or du Wes (anglicized Dewes), French teacher to the Lady Mary, afterwards Queen Mary, published his 'Introductorie for to lerne to rede, to pronounce and to speke French trewly.'

Painted Glass in y' windows at Mr. Merser House is As foloweth 5 Coote of armse in 3 windowse in y' Kichen 2 Surkelor Coots of armse 6 Lians traveling 6 flours of Luse all Rede & a Holfe Surkel a top With 2 flours of luce y' Glass painted Rede Blew yoler & of a Green Shaye.

Painted Glass in y' windows at Mr. Merser House is As foloweth 5 Coote of armse in 3 windowse in y' Kichen 2 Surkelor Coots of armse 6 Lians traveling 6 flours of Luse all Rede & a Holfe Surkel a top With 2 flours of luce y' Glass painted Rede Blew yoler & of a Green Shaye.

In a Surkel 6 flours of Luse 6 Red Lyans Traveling 4 Rede Roses 2

"Madame, what rede ye of this thinge?

And when she couthe ought of manhede, She bade the abbesse her wisse[60] and rede, Which were her kin, one or other, Father or mother, sister or brother.

"Go, traitor, go," answered John: "you will need to learn good rede or some infamous trick to escape from me."

In Lumbardes tonge, as men may rede and se, And in our vulgar, long or that he deyde, Gave it the name of Troylous and Cres-eyde."

As also this: "Do not, as some ungracious pastors do, Show me the steep and thorny way to heaven, Whiles, like a puffed and reckless libertine, Himself the primrose path of dalliance treads, And recks not his own rede."

Alles will di bschauen, und Alles will di bigrüsse, Und di fründlig Herz git alle fründligi Rede: 'Chömmet ihr ordlige Thierli, do hender, esset und trinket!

For to ben at the resurreccion Of this flour, whan that yt shulde unclose Agayne the sonne, that roos as rede as rose ... And doune on knes anoon ryght I me sette,

PRESENT TIME, defined impressively by Carlyle as "the youngest born of Eternity, child and heir of all the past times, with their good and evil, and parent of all the future with new questions and significance," on the right or wrong understanding of which depend the issues of life or death to us all, the sphinx riddle given to all of us to rede as we would live and not die.

REDING, ALOYS VON, a Swiss patriot, born in Schwyz; was the bold defender of Swiss independence against the French, in which he was in the end defeated (1755-1818).

If there's a hole in a' your coats, I rede you tent it: A chiel's amang you taking notes, And, faith, he'll prent it.

Muses nine, And straight we'll ride to the land of old Romance" WIELAND 1896 DEDICATED TO MY SISTER ADELE E. GUERBER "Men lykyn jestis for to here, And romans rede in diuers manere "Of Brute that baron bold of hond, The first conqueroure of Englond; Of kyng

The main Wiccan moral teaching is called the Wiccan Rede.

The word rede means "advice" or "council" in Old German.

Currently she integrates the TV Show Custe o Que Custar of the Rede Bandeirantes.

He is the founder and owner of Grupo Massa, which operates in the areas of communication (Rede Massa), agribusiness, brand management and licensing.

In will nor thought no lechery thou lead Thy thought and will thou must refrain All thy desire as I thee rede 185 In cleaness of life thyself restrain.

Miss Savage was telling me Vera Reding who was at the Gartshores has been in Brantford for some time.