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130 examples of  redskins  in sentences

130 examples of redskins in sentences

Reporting to Captain Graham, whose eyes fairly danced with delight at the prospect of surprising and whipping the redskins, we concluded to wait until the moon rose, then get into the timber so as to approach the Indians as closely as possible without being discovered, and finally to make a sudden dash into their camp, and clean them out.

Our horses were all fresh and of excellent stock, and we soon began shortening the distance between ourselves and the redskins.

He and Sharpe Grover visited a village of Indians, supposed to be peaceably inclined, near Big Spring Station, in Western Kansas; and after spending several hours with the redskins in friendly conversation, they prepared to depart, having declined an invitation to pass the night there.

It wouldn't be the first time the murderin' redskins had lost a prisoner.

Fortunately we did not come face to face with the redskins, therefore a detailed story of our march would be dull reading, for it could only be the same thing over and over again until the hour arrived when we entered General Herkimer's camp on the Oriskany, receiving there such a greeting from the commander himself as caused me to believe he really needed us for some important task.

I had never given Sergeant Corney credit for any great knowledge of woodcraft, because he came to us from over the seas where his life had been spent fighting battles in the open, and could not be expected to cope with the savage foe, as did our people who had always been accustomed to the skulking methods of warfare practised by the redskins.

I had always heard it said that the redskins would brave any danger rather than allow a dead Indian to fall into the hands of an enemy; but certain it is that on this day the rascally Tories dragged away the bodies, with not even a squaw to help them.

The people of Minnesota had been congratulating themselves that they were far removed from the horrors of the Civil war, and their indignation knew no bounds when compelled to realize that these treacherous redskins, who had been nursed and petted by officers of the government, and by missionaries and traders for years, had, without a moment's warning, commenced an indiscriminate slaughter of men, women and children.

Ex-Gov. Sibley, on account of his long familiarity with Indian character, was placed in command of the troops ordered to assemble at St. Peter, and in a few days, with detachments of the regiments then forming, half-uniformed, poorly armed and with a scant supply of ammunition, commenced offensive operations against the murderous redskins.

During the siege many of the men became short of musketry ammunition, and spherical case shot were opened in the barracks and women worked with busy hands making cartridges, while men cut nail rods in short pieces and used them as bullets, their dismal whistling producing terror among the redskins.

The men and boys there armed themselves and took horses and chased the Redskins, and when they were almost up with them the robbers tossed everything down this great canyon in the earth.

To discourage this disposition, he wrote Satanstoe, The Chainbearer, and The Redskins.

Do not the members of the fighting professions, even to this day, deck themselves in feathers, in gaudy colours and gilded ornaments, after the manner of the African war-chief or the "Redskin brave," and thereby indicate the place of war in modern civilisation?

History tells us your redskins used to do something like that in the days of the early colonies.

But, more than that, it was the cry I had so often heard in the Western States of America where the Indians still fight and hunt and struggleit was the cry of the Redskin!

"The fact is that this man, being an American, thinks no doubt that we are dealing with the redskins.

"It may; I will find out and go slow; we don't want a fight if we can help it, but we've got the dead bulge on those redskins if we have to fight.

He said: "You can never tell about these redskins; they might suspect we are around, and their going away may be a little trick; they are up to these tricks.

" Creedon said he had discovered evidence that the redskins had really gone away.

The redskins fear him as a white man fears the devil, and his father is one of the richest men out in this section, as I told you.

I will not give you in detail the varied course of Naomi's romance, which ends in a perfect orgy of battle, with sheriffs and shooting, redskins and revolversin short, all the effects that Mr. HAWTREY not long ago so successfully illustrated on the stage.

CHAPTER V. A mission of peaceUnexpected joysDick and Crusoe set off for the land of the Redskins, and meet with adventures by the way as a matter of coursein the wild woods.

At the period of which we write the valley had just been taken possession of by several families of squatters, who, tired of the turmoil and the squabbles of the then frontier settlements, had pushed boldly into the far west to seek a new home for themselves, where they could have "elbow room," regardless alike of the dangers they might encounter in unknown lands and of the Redskins who dwelt there.

They soon take offence; an' them Redskins never forgive.

"You're a good boy, Dick; but you're too young yit to ventur' among the Redskins.

The "silver rifle," as Dick's weapon had come to be named, was well known among the hunters and the Redskins of the border-lands, and in Dick's hands its bullets were as deadly as its owner's eye was quick and true.

A mission of peaceUnexpected joysDick and Crusoe set off for the land of the Redskins, and meet with adventures by the way as a matter of courseNight in the wild woods.

They want me to go to the Redskins to make peace between them and us; and they've brought a lot o' goods to make them presents withalbeads, an' knives, an' lookin'-glasses, an' vermilion paint, an' sich like, jist as much as'll be a light load for one horsefor, ye see, nothin' can be done wi' the Redskins without gifts.

They want me to go to the Redskins to make peace between them and us; and they've brought a lot o' goods to make them presents withalbeads, an' knives, an' lookin'-glasses, an' vermilion paint, an' sich like, jist as much as'll be a light load for one horsefor, ye see, nothin' can be done wi' the Redskins without gifts.

I knew the time must come soon, an' I thank him that your first visit to the Redskins will be on an errand o' peace.

"Dear mother," he said, as he placed the book carefully within the breast of his coat, "the Redskin that takes that from me must take my scalp first.

The deer and buffalo ought to be thick in them plains at this timeand when the buffalo are thick they covers the plains till ye can hardly see the end o' them; but, ye see, sometimes the rascally Redskins takes it into their heads to burn the prairies, and sometimes ye find the place that should ha' bin black wi' buffalo, black as a coal wi' fire for miles an' miles on end.

At other times the Redskins go huntin' in 'ticlur places, and sweeps them clean o' every hoof that don't git away.

"Then wot I advise is that we gallop to the broken sand hillocks ye see yonder, get behind them, an' take a peep at the Redskins.

" "Well, I'll not refuse to try when it is needful," said Dick with a laugh; "meanwhile I'm content to see the Redskins do it, Joe Blunt.

" "Well, I've often told ye that them Redskins think it a disgrace to give in eatin' till all that's set before them at a feast is bolted.

The sharp eyes o' the Redskins won't be so likely to be prowlin' there.

Just as the word was given to resume the march, Dick Varley rode up to Cameron and said in a somewhat anxious tone, "D'ye obsarve, sir, that one o' the Redskins has gone off ahead o' his comrades?"

"Get up if ye can; we haven't much time to lose, an' mayhap we'll have to fight afore we're done wi' the Redskins.

"The season's far enough advanced already; it's time to be off; and if I'm to speak for the Redskins in the Blackfeet Council, I'd need to know what to say.

"It's as well that the Redskins should see the three o' us before we start for the east side o' the mountains.

They Comprise Several of the Crack Regiments in Our Army-The Indians Stand in Abject Terror of them-Their Awful Yells Won a Battle with the Redskins.

open swung the door, and out into the night leaped a youth who seemed to be hotly pursued by four painted and bloodthirsty-appearing redskins.

Near a bright fire that was burning on the ground squatted a band of hideously-painted fellows who seemed to be redskins, while close at hand, bound and helpless, were a number of palefaces, plainly the captives of the savages.

" Once more the redskins sat down on the ground, and then the late arrival struck an attitude and began his oration: "Warriors of my people, why are we assembled together to-night?"

He lets us see his hero cock-fighting, horse-racing, bad-whiskey-drinking, studying law, and fighting by turns, leaving behind him somewhat dubious but on the whole favorable memories, yet somehow getting on, till he is appointed District-Attorney among the wolves, wildcats, and redskins of Tennessee.

At least, the redskins do sometimes attack the trains, and the chance of a scalping on the road cannot but add to the charm of the voyage!

And yet in default of redskins we might get some excitement out of tiger-skins.

Redskins, too, were there, leather-faced Algonquin fishers and hunters, wild Micmacs from the east, and savage Abenakis from the south, while everywhere were the dark habits of the Franciscans, and the black cassocks and broad hats of the Recollets, and Jesuits, the moving spirits of the whole.

" The Redskins, who had sat like terra-cotta figures, without a trace of expression upon their set hard faces, pricked up their ears at the sound of that name.

"Ay, and two Redskins have passed over it," cried Amos, bending down, and pointing to marks which were entirely invisible to Ephraim Savage or De Catinat.

His mother was a half-breed Creek, with all the propensities of the redskins to fire-water and 'itching palms.'

You'd of been surprised to see what a difference it made in that redskin's looks.

No, he didn't need no lookout, so I got myself into a game of "bounce the stick," which same, as you prob'ly know, is purely a redskin recreation.

Time and again swift riders spread the news that the redskins had dug up the tomahawk and had gone on the war path.

We then knew that the redskins were on the warpath, and determined to find the other men.

He escaped into the brush and defended himself so successfully, more than one of the redskins biting the dust, that when night closed in he made his way on foot through the brush to the river and followed the stream all night, wading and swimming it twenty-six times.

Still, if you like to go with us, you are welcome; but if the time comes when the redskins have got us shut up in some place we can never get out of alive, remember that you are there on your own choice, and that we had no hand in getting you into the scrape.

"The redskins know well enough that it is gold the whites who come into their mountains are in search of, and I guess they know every place where it is to be found.

It is no use to the redskins.

"If one of them redskins was to come upon our track and saw the print of a horseshoe, it would be all up with us," Zeke said; "we had best do the same ourselves; the heel of boot would be as ugly a mark as a horseshoe.

" "They must have been awful careless if they were surprised in here," Zeke said; "half a dozen men ought to hold this place against a hull tribe of redskins.

"The redskins' ways aint pleasant," Dave said.

I reckon the redskins must have come down from above somewhere, and so caught them unawares.

One of us will stay up there with Tom so as to guard the top of the path, in case any of the redskins should come down before we are ready to go forward.

I reckon that fellow has counted our numbers, and no redskin will try to force that pass with five Western rifles facing him.

Now that the loaf is fairly under way, we will get ready for the redskins.

" Chapter XIII.The Redskin.

Then they will guess that we have got pistols, and the redskins hate six-shooters like poison.

I reckon there is no fear of the redskins getting round for a time; but I tell you that gold makes one mighty fidgety.

Even a redskin's eyes could not make us out from that village now.

"As soon as the redskins see they are brought to a stand they will draw off and wait till the bands that have gone up the other valleys join them.

Looking across they saw that nearly opposite to them stood an Indian village, and that a number of redskins were running toward the edge.

"It's you, is it, redskin?

"Go to, redskin.

"No, we don't mind, redskin," they guffawed.

"You spoke your own sentence then, redskin," he blazed.

The ship, still half a mile from its mark, was coming on as straight as her gun could blaze, her redskin ally at her side, and all the others, large and less, bounding after by twos.

As far as we are aware, the author of this "genuine autobiography" claims no relationship with the famous owner of tender redskins.

MARQUAND, JOHN P. And another redskin.

Ward of the Redskins.

ยฉ 30Apr35; B259926. MacKinlay Kantor (A); 21Nov62; R305149. <pb id='316.png' n='1962h2/A/2001' /> Thanks to the Redskins.

Ward of the Redskins.

ยฉ 30Apr35; B259926. MacKinlay Kantor (A); 21Nov62; R305149. <pb id='316.png' n='1962h2/A/2001' /> Thanks to the Redskins.

Redskins and Palefaces complete the menu, Palefaces being cookies with white icing and features marked in candies, and Redskins being apples.

Redskins and Palefaces complete the menu, Palefaces being cookies with white icing and features marked in candies, and Redskins being apples.

By the time the Revolution broke out they had become better warriors, and during the twenty years' Indian warfare that ensued were as formidable as most of the other redskins.

Criminals who generally preyed on their own neighbors, found it easier, and perhaps hardly as dangerous, to pursue their calling at the expense of the redskins, for the latter, when they discovered that they had been wronged, were quite as apt to vent their wrath on some outsider as on the original offender.

They not only by their thefts and murders exasperated the Indians into retaliating on innocent whites, but, on the other hand, they also often deserted their own color and went to live among the redskins, becoming their leaders in the worst outrages.

Cresap was near Wheeling at the time, with a band of hunters and scouts, fearless men, who had adopted many of the ways of the redskins, in addition to their method of fighting.

Soon after he came to Kentucky his son was slain by Indians while out boiling sugar from the maples; and he mercilessly persecuted all redskins for ever after.

Buffalo Bill has been in many a skirmish, and, if rumour is true, many redskins have succumbed to him; the Government took counsel with him in all Indian difficulties in that part of the country, and the day before I passed his ranch he had been sent for by the authorities that they might confer with him as to the outbreak which then existed, and which cost "Sitting Bull" his life.

" "Out there in history" we see him and his army, while recklessly rushing the redskins, become lost and bewildered in the vast primeval forest.

I slacked up, patting myself on the back; and, as the trouble seemed all over, I was just about to turn for the ranch, when I heard horses galloping, and as the moon came out a little I saw a whole raft of redskins a-boiling up a draw not half a mile away.

When I told that redskin that we had two lions, he ran off into the woods, so I had to come alone.

Marc proceeded to show us how truly Jim had spoken: "Shore he ain't no use for the redskin."

"All right, my redskin brother, lead me to camp.

If he waited until night for a chance to sneak into camp, the wandering redskins would be pretty apt to surprise him in the darkness, and there would be small chance indeed of escaping with his hair.

But his goal was still five hundred yards away, and the nearest redskins were within two hundred yards, when he saw a rescuing charge shoot out from the wagons.

" CIVILIZATION An officer of the Indian Office at Washington tells of the patronizing airs frequently assumed by visitors to the government schools for the redskins.