130 examples of redskins in sentences

Reporting to Captain Graham, whose eyes fairly danced with delight at the prospect of surprising and whipping the redskins, we concluded to wait until the moon rose, then get into the timber so as to approach the Indians as closely as possible without being discovered, and finally to make a sudden dash into their camp, and clean them out.

Our horses were all fresh and of excellent stock, and we soon began shortening the distance between ourselves and the redskins.

He and Sharpe Grover visited a village of Indians, supposed to be peaceably inclined, near Big Spring Station, in Western Kansas; and after spending several hours with the redskins in friendly conversation, they prepared to depart, having declined an invitation to pass the night there.

"The fact is that this man, being an American, thinks no doubt that we are dealing with the redskins.

Just as the word was given to resume the march, Dick Varley rode up to Cameron and said in a somewhat anxious tone, "D'ye obsarve, sir, that one o' the Redskins has gone off ahead o' his comrades?"

"Get up if ye can; we haven't much time to lose, an' mayhap we'll have to fight afore we're done wi' the Redskins.

"The season's far enough advanced already; it's time to be off; and if I'm to speak for the Redskins in the Blackfeet Council, I'd need to know what to say.

"It's as well that the Redskins should see the three o' us before we start for the east side o' the mountains.

He lets us see his hero cock-fighting, horse-racing, bad-whiskey-drinking, studying law, and fighting by turns, leaving behind him somewhat dubious but on the whole favorable memories, yet somehow getting on, till he is appointed District-Attorney among the wolves, wildcats, and redskins of Tennessee.

His mother was a half-breed Creek, with all the propensities of the redskins to fire-water and 'itching palms.'

We then knew that the redskins were on the warpath, and determined to find the other men.

He escaped into the brush and defended himself so successfully, more than one of the redskins biting the dust, that when night closed in he made his way on foot through the brush to the river and followed the stream all night, wading and swimming it twenty-six times.

Still, if you like to go with us, you are welcome; but if the time comes when the redskins have got us shut up in some place we can never get out of alive, remember that you are there on your own choice, and that we had no hand in getting you into the scrape.

"The redskins know well enough that it is gold the whites who come into their mountains are in search of, and I guess they know every place where it is to be found.

It is no use to the redskins.

"If one of them redskins was to come upon our track and saw the print of a horseshoe, it would be all up with us," Zeke said; "we had best do the same ourselves; the heel of boot would be as ugly a mark as a horseshoe.

" "They must have been awful careless if they were surprised in here," Zeke said; "half a dozen men ought to hold this place against a hull tribe of redskins.

"The redskins' ways aint pleasant," Dave said.

I reckon the redskins must have come down from above somewhere, and so caught them unawares.

One of us will stay up there with Tom so as to guard the top of the path, in case any of the redskins should come down before we are ready to go forward.

Now that the loaf is fairly under way, we will get ready for the redskins.

Ward of the Redskins.

Ward of the Redskins.

Redskins and Palefaces complete the menu, Palefaces being cookies with white icing and features marked in candies, and Redskins being apples.

Redskins and Palefaces complete the menu, Palefaces being cookies with white icing and features marked in candies, and Redskins being apples.

130 examples of  redskins  in sentences
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