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66 example sentences with  reentering

66 example sentences with reentering

"Las' night's milkin's half cream by this time," she rejoined, as she briskly reentered the house.

Presently she reentered and laid the red leather case on the table before Bob West.

It was day when he reentered.

'Be it so,' answered Jyanough; and he laid aside the spear, and reentered the hut, rather to Henrich's surprise, and Oriana's disappointment, but much to the satisfaction of Coubitant.

Then she turned and reentered the sick man's room.

At last he reentered his own territories, and, having stationed his troops in places of security, returned, for a time, to Berlin, where he forbade all to speak either ill or well of the campaign.

After the escape of the Ramblin' Kid the marshal reentered the pool-room and had the big Greek removed to the hotel.

As she reentered her carriage she was undecided whether to go home or hunt up the third niece.

Here, too, a mana tall, thick-set manwas loitering; and, as he looked inquisitively into my face, I turned and reentered the court, slowly retracing my steps.

"Here it is, uncle," cried the nearly breathless girl, reentering the 'keeping-room,' and unconsciously holding the letter still pressed to her heart,"A lettera letter from Roswell, in his own precious hand."

The other events of the funeral flowed by in a sort of dream: he moved about; the negroes were speaking to him in the queer overtones one uses to the bereaved; he was being driven back to Niggertown; he reentered the Siner cabin.

Peter stood regarding their delicate geometries a moment longer and then reentered his room, not knowing precisely what to do.

corner, nook, recess, niche, oriel [Arch.], coign^. right angle &c (perpendicular) 216.1, 212; obliquity &c 217; angle of 45 degrees, miter; acute angle, obtuse angle, salient angle, reentering angle, spherical angle.

They were in each other's arms when Pascal reentered the room.

The King reentered Paris, accompanied by foreign soldiers.

Here I joined myself to a caravan, and reentered my native country.

Without another word she turned and reentered the house.

[Sidenote:16] When Nero after his mother's murder reentered Rome, people paid him reverence in public, but in private so long as any one could speak frankly with safety they tore his character to very tatters.

The Sacs and Foxes, having repented of their surrender of this fair country, reentered it in 1832, but after a short contest were expelled and driven westward, and the working period commenced.

[Illustration: "'HONEYJACKYHONEY'"] The little Bear, fortunately for himself, went slowly, since in doubt; he made no sudden move, and he waited a long time, though urged to go on, till the whole swarm of bees had reentered their nest.

Just then Lu reentered, and one of the servants brought a tray, and we had lunch.

I felt my way about for hours, almost hopelessly, by an exhaustive process at last discovering a bridge, and about midnight, covered with dirt and scratches, reentered the inn which I had quitted in the morning....

They had reentered the forest, which was here made darker and wilder by many fallen trees, blown down and tossed together by the fierce tempests which often rent the swamp.

In less than two hours the work on the asteroid was completed and the crewmen reentered their ship.

Then he reentered the house, and without saying anything more than "Good-night," went up to his room.

He thought sadly of lost love, but at the same time he thought with dolorous suspense of what might greet him when reentering his home.

They were just reentering, from a shop, their open carriage.

He heard the curtains stir as his uncle reentered.

Duke Eudes, on his side, after having, as vassal, taken the oath of allegiance to Charles, who will be henceforth called Charles Martel (Hammer), that glorious name which he won by the great blow he dealt the Arabs, reentered his dominions of Aquitania and Vasconia, and applied himself to the reestablishment there of security and of his own power.

But in 737 Charles Martel returned, reentered Lyons and Avignon, and, crossing the Rhone, marched rapidly on Narbonne, to drive the Arabs from Septimania.

And, as luck would have it, the object of his grievance, having forgotten something, at that moment unexpectedly reentered the office to retrieve it.

On the 8th of June he discovered Lake Dilolo again, saw Shinte again, descended the Zambezi, and reentered Linyanti, which he left on the 3d of November, 1855.

July 21st, 1871, he departed again for the Tanganyika, and only reentered Oujiji October 23d.

The crowd, roused to the highest degree of fury, escorted the magician with yells; but he left the enclosure, crossed Kazounde, and reentered the forest, walking nearly three miles, without resting for a moment.

Raskolnikoff, who until then had been riveted to the landing with fright, was at length able to shake off his torpor, and hastily reentered the apartment, closing the door behind him.

His punishment of dismissal for one night had been executed; and on the succeeding night he reentered into the possession of all his rights.

Adrian left the room by the door he had entered it, and passing through a hall reentered the chamber that had been assigned him.

Ferdinand VII reentered Madrid as king on March 24, 1814, accompanied by a coterie of retrograde, revengeful priests, of whom his confessor, Victor Saez, was the leader.

After an hour's wait he reentered the cabin and made his way to the little room, where the candle was still burning dimly.

There was a moment, just as they reentered the Park, when, as she stood looking at a moon-touched vista before them, the floating scarf suddenly recalled to him the outline of that lovely hood in which Romney framed the radiant head of Lady Hamilton as 'The Sempstress.'

She slept even when the bark hangings of the chamber were put aside, and the young man reentered.

" And the servants reentered the room at the moment, so he could not ask her why: it broke the current.

The orderly withdrew and reentered with Captain Weems, followed by Philip Searle and Rawbon.

This was before he was removed from the study in which he was stricken, dear friends, as you may all remember, on Christmas-morning, and which he never again reentered.

A few minutes later he reentered the hall, and with equal coolness laid hands upon the emperor's cup, full of rich wine.

He pursued his enemies to Whitaby and to Lym-Fiord, winning a signal victory over them in both places, and then reentered his capital of Hledra in triumph, amid the acclamations of his joyful people.

" A few moments later the maid reentered with the sherbet.

The maid reentered.

From the shrubs under his window, from the orchard and the wet weeds of fence corners, the birds reentered upon their lives.

Presently she reentered the street, and this time walked along the side where the law offices were grouped.

A few moments later she reentered the street for the third and last time.

After her show, "Million Reasons" reentered at number four on the Hot 100. citation It became her 10th top-five and 14th top-ten song in the US.

It reentered the atmosphere and melted on April 15, 1985.

When she was a teenager, her father reentered her life, but he had remarried and was stationed in Florida.

Evanescence reentered the studio in early April, 2011 with producer Nick Rasculinecz, and the album was speculated to be released in fall 2011.

According to the docs, Robinson and Bray were NOT reentering the country from Mexico rather they were trying to get from Los Angeles to Louisiana and hit the checkpoint on the way.

In June 2019, he illegally reentered and remained in the United States until he was arrested by law enforcement for a possession of a controlled substance with intent to sell.

It reentered the tractor scene in 1929, with its Ford brand.

Known as the Matrix, this realm could be escaped with the right kind of help, and then reentered by those who had previously been liberated.

Markets could be reentering a bull-run cycle for the next few years and for many, the urge to manage risk may fade.

Naito rolled into the ring and the ref counted to 17 before Sanada reentered.

Tereshkova was launched into space on June 16, 1963, aboard the spacecraft Vostok 6. After 3 days, Vostok 6 reentered the atmosphere, culminating in Tereshkova successfully parachuting to Earth after ejecting at 20,000 feet.

This will pull up the list of players and allow the host to either Kick them from the lobby or Ban them entirely from ever reentering.

Wisconsin added 9,000 more private sector jobs, meaning more people are reentering the workforce.

I quickly reentered the room, comforted her and reminded her that sometimes it is better to listen to the voice of experience than to experiment on her own.

Ra Ra Riot's desire to get back in touch with its roots was also encouraged by the decision to do a short tour of warehouses and basements late last year before reentering the studio to remind them of why they began Ra Ra Riot in the first place.