139 examples of refl in sentences

mezclar, to mix, mingle; refl., to be mingled; to meddle.

mover, to move; guerra, to make war; refl., to move.

notable, remarkable. notar, to note, notice, observe; refl., to be noticed (or noticeable).

ofrecer, to offer, present; refl., to present itself, appear.

oir, to hear; á, to hear from; estuve oyendo, I kept hearing; que no haya más que , that nothing else can be heard; refl., to be heard, be audible.

parar, to stop; refl., to stop, halt.

parecer, to seem, be like, resemble; al , seemingly, apparently; á lo que parece, as it seems; evidently; refl., to resemble, be like. parecido, -a, adj.

penetrar, to penetrate, enter, gain entrance; refl., to enter, penetrate.

m. and f., little boy, little girl, little one. percibir, to perceive, see, hear, comprehend; refl., to be seen (or be visible), be heard (or be audible).

preparar, to prepare, make ready; refl., to be prepared, be (or get) ready; to prepare.

reclinar, to recline, lay, lean; refl., to recline.

remontar, to remount, go back, go up; la corriente del río, to go up stream; refl., to climb; remount, ascend, rise.

rendir, to subject, overcome; refl., to yield, give way, bend down.

repentino, -a, sudden, unexpected. repetir, to repeat; refl., to be repeated; to reverberate.

representación, f., representation; de, representing; in the name of. representar, to represent; refl., to be represented; to appear.

retirar, to retire, withdraw; refl., to retire, withdraw.

retorcer, to twist, wind, turn; refl., to twist, wind, writhe, flow tortuously, roll.

reunión, f., reunion, gathering, party. reunir, to unite, bring together, join, collect; refl., to meet, unite, assemble, collect; -se á, to join; -se con, to join, associate with.

romo, -a, obtuse, blunt, flat. romper, to break, dissipate, fracture, tear, rend, part; á reir, to burst out laughing; al el día, at break of day; at dawn; refl., to break.

susto, m., fright, terror, fear; dar , to frighten. sustraer, to withdraw, separate; refl., to withdraw, retire.

trabajo, m., work, effort, labor. trabajosamente, laboriously, painfully. trabar, to wage; refl., to be waged; to arise.

transformar, to transform, change, metamorphose. transparentar, to cause to shine through; to disclose; refl., to be (or become) transparent; to shine.

unir, to unite, join; refl., to unite, join, touch.

valer, to be worth, be valuable, be responsible for; mas vale incomodo que ninguno, better comfortless quarters than, none at all; refl., to avail oneself (of), make use (of).

estar viendolo, to see it; to be present; refl., to be seen, be visible; no -se con, to have nothing to do with, have no connection with. veracidad, f., veracity.

139 examples of  refl  in sentences