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1358 example sentences with  refreshments

1358 example sentences with refreshments

On the tranquil surface of the lakes, the trees and houses, with which the islands were covered, were strongly reflected with vivid hues, and the party hastened forward to enjoy the cool refreshments of shade and stream, which these populous villages preferred to them.

Mr. GRAU has some refreshments at your service."

I was not able to find out surely whether they have individual property, for I saw that one man had the duty of distributing to the others, especially refreshments, food, and things of that kind.

When they saw us, they were very much frightened, and the principal one among them, who was certainly a discreet woman, led us by signs into a house, and had refreshments prepared for us.

Here, having taken in our refreshments, we sailed for Castile, but the wind was contrary and we were obliged to go to the Canary Islands, from there to the island of Madeira, and thence to Cadiz.

At Signor Lazzari's any British officer was always welcome after dinner for music and talk and light refreshments.

Many Italian officers were present to say personal good-byes, and an immense crowd was on the platform cheering and singing, and distributing gifts and refreshments to our men.

A seed-cake and a bottle of wine were produced in the drawing-room, as on the solemn occasions of the visits of parents, and these refreshments being partaken of, Miss Sedley was at liberty to depart.

During two hours of desultory conversation and rather meagre refreshments, the only bright spot is his meeting with Charles Honeyman, his dead wife's brother, whom he was mighty glad to see.

On Ethel's birthday she had a small party chiefly of girls of her own age who came and played and sang together and enjoyed such mild refreshments as sponge cake, jellies, tea, and the like.

The following day Xenophon took the head man and went with him to Chirisophus, and wherever he passed by a village he turned aside to visit those who were quartered in it, and found them in all parts feasting and enjoying themselves; nor would they anywhere let them go till they had set refreshments before them; and they placed everywhere upon the same table lamb, kid, pork, veal, and fowl, with plenty of bread, both of wheat and barley.

Food, drink, and refreshments of every kind were eagerly pressed on their acceptance.

Refreshments will be served shortly, and you may watch our in-flight movie if you wish.

"In the meantime," says he, "partake of such refreshments as my poor cave affords; and for your evening's entertainment I will relate the history of my life from my first landing in this desert island."

The train waited twenty minutes for refreshments, and he still had much to say to Steinmetz; for one of these men owned a principality and the other governed it.

There was music and the refreshments.

They found Paul and Etta together in one of the brilliantly lighted kiosks where refreshments were being served, all hot and steaming, by fur-clad servants.

The candy stores with soda fountains and some of the drug stores which served refreshments took on a new importance.

And there was a feed, after all; but it was distinctly light refreshments, such as J.W. was used to at Delafield First Church.

A SEPARATE ROOM OR CONVENIENT BUFFET should be appropriated for refreshments, and to which the dancers may retire; and cakes and biscuits, with wine negus, lemonade, and ices, handed round.

After dinner, the dessert-glasses and wines are placed on the table by the footman, who places himself behind his master's chair, to supply wine and hand round the ices and other refreshments, all other servants leaving the room.

[Illustration: TopAmerican fighters in France, just out of the trenches, are seen at a wayside station of the American Red Cross, receiving welcome refreshments within gunfire of the battle front.

Among those who came first, appeared all the foreign corps, for the refreshments entered as something into the account with them; every blue of the place, whose social position in the least entitled her to be seen in such a house, Mrs. Legend belonging quite positively to good society.

The ladies then retired, Esmo, his son, and the official remaining, when two ambau brought in a tray of refreshments.

Exchanging a word or two with Ergimo, these gentlemen ushered us into a small room on the right, where refreshments were placed before us.

Anderson and Jake went into the little hotel to get some refreshments.

"After Pearl's address, the ladies of the district served refreshments, and a good time was spent.

That little dinner you gave us was first-class in every respect, and the simple refreshments you had this evening were very pretty and graceful.

" He was immediately perfumed with musk and rose-water, and refreshments of every kind were set before him; musicians played their sweetest airs, and dark-eyed damsels waited upon him.

After having partaken sufficiently of the refreshments placed before him, Gushtรกsp inquired of his host to what tribe he belonged, and from whom he was descended.

Having thus successfully accomplished the second day's task, he alighted from his horse, and refreshments being spread out, the warriors and the troops enjoyed themselves with great satisfaction, exhilarated by plenteous draughts of ruby wine.

Dรกrรก could not help smiling, and ordered refreshments and wine to be brought.

In the evening a feast was held, and Sikander partook of the delicious refreshments that had been prepared for him; but in the midst of the entertainment one of the persons present recognized him, and immediately whispered to Dรกrรก that his enemy was in his power.

They were loud in their expressions of sympathy for the disappointed picnickers and promptly offered their potatoes as refreshments when they should be done.

She on her side now had a day of her own, Tuesday, and she even gave little private parties, and half ruined herself in providing refreshments at them.

Ham wanted to send a whole load of refreshments back to the shipwrecked people.

Dick's mother was in the kitchen, helping about the "refreshments;" but she had not left home until she had compelled her son to dress himself in his best,white shirt, red necktie, shining shoes, and all; and she had brought him with her, almost by force.

Presently a lay-sister brought refreshments and set the tray on the table without speaking.

He would therefore have all the slight refreshments; nay, it would not be amiss to have some cold meat, and a bottle of wine upon a side-board. '

But the impression made by the reader was all that she could have wished, and the gathering was presently engrossed with refreshments.

"I think the hour has come for refreshments, Madam President!"

"A large and brilliant company was present," to quote from a competent authority, and the refreshments were "recherche," to quote again, this being, I believe, the first of our social functions at which Japanese paper napkins were handed around.

Perseverance and affection at length prevailed, and as Emily took the opportunity of some refreshments to infuse a strong soporific, Jane lost her consciousness of misery in a temporary repose.

After offering her guests some refreshments, Mrs. Fitzgerald, who appeared laboring under a greater melancholy than usual, proceeded to make them acquainted with the incidents of her life.

I was proud to have succeeded so well in serving refreshments to a guest all by myself.

Also here he in a great measure lost his senses, so that he could neither remember nor orderly talk of any of those sweet refreshments that he had met with in the way of his pilgrimage.

She was on the point of going out to offer her some refreshments and ask the wanderers to come in and rest, when they went on.

This was Mrs. Susannah Ford, a very respectable colored woman, who sold refreshments in the lobby of the court-house, and who, in the progress of the trial, had evinced a good deal of interest in the case.

These were a little water-fall, that was situated a hundred rods up the rivulet, to which a path had been made expressly, and where an arbour, seat, and little table had been arranged, for the purposes of working, reading, or taking refreshments.

I believe you can get light refreshments at this tea-house; get yourselves something, so as to look like mere loungersbut keep your eyes open."

The plan was instantly communicated to Kingsburgh, who was dispatched to the hill to inform the Wanderer, and carry him refreshments.

The lawn, paddock, and parks were strewed with tents for their accommodation, and refreshments of the most expensive kind were provided without limit.

The table itself was decorated with cut-glass baskets of Cecil Brunner roses mingled with lilies of the valley and refreshments were distributed to the standing guests as they entered.

The ball room at the Waldorf had been secured and many splendid booths were to be erected for the sale of novelties, notions and refreshments.

His servant brought us refreshments, consisting of coffee, Turkish delight, and preserved fruit.

And though he judges it not fit to lead the Forlorn in vice and profaneness: yet, if he goes about to damp a frolic, there is great danger, not only of losing his Sunday dinner, but also all opportunities of such future refreshments, for his niceness and squeamishness!

A person wishing to leave their abode and handicapped with a lease has but to blow the whistle for this gang and furnish plenty of refreshments and there is nothing to it.

He's inside lancing the management for a group of free lunch and a package of liquid refreshments.

That made me feel better, and so I ditched the purveyor of refreshments and fled to the clubhouse.

So I did the next best thing and gave the high sign to the steward to kick in with a few refreshments, which he very graciously did.

"We went busting by the Statue of Liberty and then on out past the Hook, and, take it from me, if that steward hadn't come across with the refreshments just at that moment I would have burst into tears.

There were refreshments in front of him, but he bluntly refused to touch them.

And with that swiftly she turned her head to listen, for the man outside had evidently gathered to himself an audience at the entrance of a tent that had been erected for refreshments, and was declaiming at the top of his voice.

Except for the tea, however, there seemed to be a regrettable dearth of liquid refreshments, and I mentally thanked Providence for my happy inspiration with regard to the Off-Licence.

And so we talked on in that sweet, ready, trustful talk which comes naturally only from children's lips, until the "twenty minutes for refreshments" were over, and the choked and crammed passengers, who had eaten big dinners in that breath of time, came hurrying back to their seats.

The Due de Noailles provided the refreshments, the Marquis de Verac furnished the carriages, and Chรขteaubriand acted as master of ceremonies.

The refreshments would be incredibly weak lemonade, and I think we might 'solicit' the cake, as they do for church sociables!"

"Of course if Aunt Margaret approves, I have nothing to say," she remarked, "but I myself would never come to any private party where refreshments were 'solicited.'

While they were partaking of refreshments, she and her father were perpetually exchanging badinage, which, childish as it was, served to enliven the repast.

The servants who brought in refreshments wondered at her beauty, and clear, ringing voice.

All the family, of all ages and colors, then joined in singing "The Star-spangled Banner"; and when Mr. King had shaken hands with them all, they adjourned to the breakfast-room, where refreshments were plentifully provided.

It sells tea, coffee, and light refreshments.

Next day, 7th November, we arrived at a town belonging to the Mahometans named Kenchat, the governor of which came out to meet our guide with ale and other refreshments; for it is the custom of all the subjected cities, to welcome the messengers of Baatu and Mangu with meat and drink on their arrival.

We here procured refreshments from the inhabitants, who were subject to Zichmni, and sailed thence in three days to Frisland, where we were received with great joy, as the people thought, in consequence of our long absence, that their prince and the whole armament had been lost.

He was pained to hear that in all probability we should not catch up the enemy again that day, I really think nothing less than twelve hours' hard fighting every day, with short intervals for refreshments, would satisfy him.

We marched in with all our force, which drew up in a sort of court before an open verandah, where refreshments were set out, and the dignitaries awaited us.

It was a scource of great grief to me that I could not indulge in refreshments on Sunday evening.

I had some American silver in my pocket, which I repeatedly offered to exchange for cakes, fruits and refreshments, at the numerous stores and stands which I passed, but no one was willing to invest in my stock of change.

During the summer season, most of the refreshments and meals are served in front of the cafes on the pavements, and grand is the sight of seeing ten thousand gay Parisians seated along these splendid streets, chattering away over their wine and coffee!

From the privilege of supplying refreshments and from the hiring of chairs, the Government derives an annual rent of $7,000.

Besides coffee, wine, beer and other refreshments, they frequently provide breakfast, and many of them also dinners and suppers.

"I wish they'd get the trial done," she thought, "and hand round the refreshments."

And there, wine and other refreshments were offered to the Examinees.

"I remember the refreshments at your annual dances," said Hilda, politely enthusiastic.

"I don't know anything about refreshments at dances," said Mrs. Lessways, "but I do know what your housekeeping is, Sarah!"

He made it his earliest care, as soon as the articles could be got ready, to send a boat with provisions and refreshments for the people on board the ships and at the island; and soon after made them a visit himself, and carried with him a still further supply of beef, pork, venison and wild turkeys, together with soft bread, beer, turnips, and garden greens.

As Oglethorpe was in haste, the men rowed night and day, and had no other rest than what they got when the wind favored their course; and "they vied with each other who should be forwardest to please the General, who, indeed, lightened their sense of fatigue by giving them refreshments, which he rather spared from himself than let them want."

refreshment stand; refreshments; [Refreshments], ice cream, cold soda, soda pop, hot dogs (food).

refreshment stand; refreshments; [Refreshments], ice cream, cold soda, soda pop, hot dogs (food).

Arinushka, bring some refreshments for the mummers.

[Takes out of the cupboard and places on the table decanter, glasses, and refreshments] Have some, sister!

After mass has been performed, he has a very serious exhortation addressed to him by a monk; and, lastly, he is conducted to an apartment near the cathedral, and is supplied with refreshments and a bed for that night.

My companion, who like myself was obliged to accept of their refreshments, remarked to me, whilst the old man was conversing with them, what celebrity a woman so transcendently beautiful as the daughter was would acquire in any of the capitals of Europe, had she but received the benefits of a suitable education.

The Duchess, who has been dancing, richly attired in sky-coloured silk, with gilt wings on her shoulders, is attended to the refreshments by the florid Duke, personating the river Thamesis, with a robe of cloth of silver around him.

Refreshments were brought in and the babel of tongues broke loose again.

I must stop now, because Sherry is clamoring for refreshments.

We shall be at home here every Saturday evening throughout the seasonpop-corn refreshments and corn-stalk-fiddle music, with conversation!"

The steamer in which I journeyed crossed the Channel in the advertised time, and if I wished to be hypercritical, I would merely hint that the official tariff of the refreshments sold on board is tantalising.

Devine, and the Speaker and Ms. Dupont will form shortly in Room 200 at the north end of the building and that refreshments will be served in Room 254 at the south end of the building in five minutes' time.

Emceed by local television actor and medical doctor, Evan Adams, the festivities fused networking and online bidding together with Indigenous dancing, food, refreshments and fun.