1190 examples of refreshments in sentences

Pop's goin' to spend a lot of money on refreshments an' it'll be the biggest blow-out Chazy County ever seen!"

Within it rose a bustle and clatter, a hum of voices that spoke, a frilling of nervous, shrill laughter to edge the sound, and back of that the clink of dishes from a rear room where refreshments were being prepared.

I was not able to find out surely whether they have individual property, for I saw that one man had the duty of distributing to the others, especially refreshments, food, and things of that kind.

That little dinner you gave us was first-class in every respect, and the simple refreshments you had this evening were very pretty and graceful.

Presently a lay-sister brought refreshments and set the tray on the table without speaking.

Perseverance and affection at length prevailed, and as Emily took the opportunity of some refreshments to infuse a strong soporific, Jane lost her consciousness of misery in a temporary repose.

After offering her guests some refreshments, Mrs. Fitzgerald, who appeared laboring under a greater melancholy than usual, proceeded to make them acquainted with the incidents of her life.

She was on the point of going out to offer her some refreshments and ask the wanderers to come in and rest, when they went on.

" "I remember the refreshments at your annual dances," said Hilda, politely enthusiastic.

"I don't know anything about refreshments at dances," said Mrs. Lessways, "but I do know what your housekeeping is, Sarah!"

It is considered polite that when refreshments are handed they should be partaken of.

I went up directly to his store, when it turned out that he was no druggist at all, nor wished my skill in this way, but, having heard there was a doctor aboard, he had taken this facetious mode of inviting me to partake of some refreshments.

The custom on these occasions is to make up a pic-nic, in which each one contributes something in the way of cold viands or refreshments.

" The pretty young woman was just about to ask who Foster was, when the speed of the train slackened, and the brakeman opened the door of the car and cried out in stentorian tones: "Pawnee Junction; twenty minutes for refreshments!"

Instantly the latter offered refreshments, for the entire party, and seemed disappointed when the offer was declined.

Ned saw that Jimmie had something to say to him which was not for the ears of the Chinaman, and walked away, followed by the urgent voice of the former laundryman, who besought him to return and partake of refreshments.

" The boys were not in a private room, but in a public apartment where there were tables and refreshments.

And Dudley would always insist on having a break for refreshments.

Nathaniel proffered refreshments to the whole detachment; old Anne trembled for her diminished stock of sausages, and remarked to Elnathan, that it would take a ''tarnal griddle' to bake cakes for 'all that posse cotatus.'

We all went one day to Coney Island, on the southern shore of Long Island, since a fashionable bathing place for New York, but then a solitary stretch of seashore, with a temporary structure where bathers might get refreshments, and a few bathing boxes.

"Let the music begin, and refreshments be served."

On warm days he manufactured refresquets, and these refreshments were enormous glasses, half of water and half of rum upon a great bed of sugar,a mixture that made one pass like a lightning flash, without any gradations, from vulgar serenity to most angelic intoxication.

" Von Kapell left his guest's reflections undisturbed, till a servant entered, who placed refreshments on a well polished oak table; when she retired, he resumed.

Even they, in Washington's absence, were entertained by his overseer, but his master wrote him, on hearing of this, "I am little sorry of my own [loss]; but that which gives me most concern is, that you should go on board the enemy's vessels and furnish them with refreshments.

You ought to have considered yourself as my representative, and should have reflected on the bad example of communicating with the enemy, and making a voluntary offer of refreshments to them with a view to prevent a conflagration.

1190 examples of  refreshments  in sentences