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14045 examples of  refuse  in sentences

14045 examples of refuse in sentences

" It was an awful thing to beard the lion in his denfor a new boy to face so great a personage as the football captain, and refuse point-blank to do as he was told.

"I hope the man won't want to come ferreting in the place; that may well be left to the police; but if he does I can't very well refuse him leave.

I might well chance his making me unhappy since he could make me a countess, and to refuse him would be absolute madness; Mrs. Morriston's face grew black at the very thought of it.

You're no gold brick, Belle, and you know it, even though you do refuse to go to the mirror.

My first impulse was to refuse to stir, but happily my good sense returned in time and preserved me from playing the fool.

Perhaps our water was more rapid; perhaps less clogged with dirt and refuse.

" Smith was too happy to refuse.

I fancy that your regimentals and hospital badge can gain you admission, if, as I have reason to believe, there are orders to refuse strangers admission.

"I refuse my father's aid in this case.

If husbands and wives were equals in their own minds they would not despise each other and refuse to learn of each other.

They are like naughty children at school, who cry or sulk and refuse to work out their problems.

You refuse to lay your burdens on him who offered to bear them; and you refuse to bear them yourself.

You refuse to lay your burdens on him who offered to bear them; and you refuse to bear them yourself.

If you refuse to adjust yourself, for no matter what reason, you will act upon this family you have entered, as a red hot iron would act upon a pan of waterthere'll be boil and bubble, toil and trouble and the family will fly to pieces.

"Tell them," he said, "that I positively refuse to see them or to allow my servants to see them.

You certainly fixed my arm, but it was a drastic cure, and I think Miss Hyslop ought to refuse.

For gambling the man had an insatiable thirst; he played once for forty hours without intermission; it was death to refuse a game with him; no one might cease playing without his express commands; no one durst win the stakes; and as a consequence, he accumulated at cards in a few years almost all the coined money then existing in the province.

" "You are right, lad, an' yet how can we refuse him?

Then Jacob and I in turn gave an account of what had been done, bringing our story up to the time when Sergeant Corney took the lead in the attempt to gain the fort, and the old man could not well refuse to describe what he had seen that night regarding the disposition of the enemy's forces.

We can hardly refuse anything to those who have given us so much encouragement this night as have you and your comrades.

Alexander invades India and defeats Porus; his soldiers refuse to proceed farther.

They were falsifying weights and measures, and selling the refuse of the wheat.

And if you merely despise the gifts, and refuse to use themthen I will cast you out of my kingdom, inside which is freedom and happiness, and light and knowledge, into the darkness outside, bound hand and foot, into the ignorance and brutal slavery which you have chosen, where you may reconsider yourself, weeping and gnashing your teeth as you discover what a fool you have been.

But they forget that, and refuse his invitation.

Our processes are hasty, imperfect, barbaricand their result is vast and rapid production: but also waste, refuse, in the shape of a dangerous class.

We know well how, in some manufactures, a certain amount of waste is profitablethat it pays better to let certain substances run to refuse, than to use every product of the manufacture; as in a steam mill, where it pays better not to consume the whole fuel, to let the soot escape, though every atom of soot is so much wasted fuel.

But for that very reason I must believe that the production of human refuse, the waste of human character, is not part of God's plan; not according to His ideal of what our social state should be; and therefore what our social state can be.

Yes, I am hooked into the "Gem," but only for some lines written on a dead infant of the editor's which being, as it were, his property, I could not refuse their appearing; but I hate the paper, the type, the gloss, the dandy plates, the names of contributors poked up into your eyes in first page, and whisked through all the covers of magazines, the barefaced sort of emulation, the immodest candidateship.

They were not so mealy mouthed as to refuse my verses.

Not only does the Government decline to publish the letters in which these gentlemen refuse their consent, but even their names are not withdrawn from the list which dishonors them.

If we refuse, Vassili will conclude that we are afraid of him.

] BARBERRIES (Berberris vulgaris.)A fruit of such great acidity, that even birds refuse to eat it.

Yet, though Nature is unquestionably the best nurse, Art makes so admirable a foster-mother, that no sensible woman, in her novitiate of parent, would refuse the admonitions of art, or the teachings of experience, to consummate her duties of nurse.

At the same instant, and in every part, the arteries, like innumerable bees, are everywhere laying down layers of muscle, bones, teeth, and, in fact, like the coral zoophyte, building up a continent of life and matter; while the veins, equally busy, are carrying away the débris and refuse collected from where the zoophyte arteries are building,this refuse, in its turn, being conveyed to the liver, there to be converted into bile.

At the same instant, and in every part, the arteries, like innumerable bees, are everywhere laying down layers of muscle, bones, teeth, and, in fact, like the coral zoophyte, building up a continent of life and matter; while the veins, equally busy, are carrying away the débris and refuse collected from where the zoophyte arteries are building,this refuse, in its turn, being conveyed to the liver, there to be converted into bile.

Though many kinds of nursing-bottles have been lately invented, and some mounted with India-rubber nipples, the common glass bottle, with the calf's teat, is equal in cleanliness and utility to any; besides, the nipple put into the child's mouth is so white and natural in appearance, that no child taken from the breast will refuse it.

Man at his best is most at home, where at his worst he is least at home, namely, in the world of those super-realities which are touched and felt by the soul, but refuse to be pictured or spoken in the language of the five senses.

But though there be no à priori impossibility in deviations from the beaten track, yet there is a certain à priori improbability which may seem to justify those who refuse to go into alleged instances of the supernormal.

Considering then the bias of the dominant scientific school, which makes it refuse even to examine the carefully gathered evidence of the S.P.R.; we need not wonder if the reports of travellers concerning the existence of like phenomena among savages and barbarians all over the world are dismissed with a certain à priori superciliousness.

Donna Florinda and the half-breathless Violetta followed; Don Camillo drew the arm of Annina under his own, and in a low voice bid her, at her peril, refuse to obey.

" "And thou didst refuse the service?" "Noble duke, I did.

She can refuse you nothing, and she has been up the last two figures.

No," as he saw surprise and protest written on their faces, "don't refuse me this pleasure, I implore you!

Like an iron statue stood the prisoner while she plucked the roses,it was but a minute's work,then she tied the flowers together and laid them on his fettered hands; whether he would refuse them, whether the gift pained or pleased him, whether the keeper approved, she seemed afraid to know,for, having given the flowers, she went away in haste.

I sometimes decline being a third in the lovers' walks; but Eleanor seems so dissatisfied, if I refuse to accompany them, that I consent, lagging behind often, and have learned to be both blind and deaf as occasion requires.

Thinking it over afterwards, he could never understand why he did not promptly refuse to be coerced, but at the time surrender seemed the only natural thing.

" "Then you do refuse to show me the letter?"

"If I had one I should certainly refuse to show it.

I ain't one to refuse to others what I don't want myself.

Esther might refuse to go fishing and that would be a bad omen.

With these two Powers disaffected and showing a disposition to refuse to accept membership in the proposed League of Nations the opposition of France to the Covenant would have been fatal.

After all, who was Sarah that she should presume to refuse Peter?

Like many others who have newly come into possession of a small tract in those mysterious, outlying, unexplored wildernesses of Nature, which we call by so many names, but which as yet refuse to be defined or classed, he has been naturally eager to commence operations, and exploit and farm it a little.

D. How can I expect, Madam, that you should refuse such terms?

Nay, if she do refuse, I'll send a death's man with you; this is he.

Defy is here used in the sense of refuse, which was not uncommon: thus in the "Death of Robert Earl of Huntington," we have this passage, "Or, as I said, for ever I defy your company."

We will divide the cost between ourselves, for I am sure that you will refuse to be my guest.

" "I didn't know it, and I don't see the bearing of it now" (neither did I, for that matter); "but if you make such a point of being present at the search, I can't very well refuse.

They never scream nor shout about anything, and would refuse to do so if you asked them.

Nor let the passers-by refuse To bring that homage which men use To majesty to bring.

"How can you refuse to obey," said Leicester, "seeing you are the king's man, and hold your possessions as a fief from him?"

" "Oh, I promise that" "But there is more: If by any accident you should ever find yourself left alone in public, do not let strangers speak to you, refuse to listen to them.

"To refuse me?" said Tudor quietly.

They don't know the word conservation, Their resources, all theirs to use, And when they ask their Uncle to help them Their Uncle don't often refuse.

Will give assurance of his sympathy and support, and refuse to do any act that can be construed into comfort to the rebels.

Yet I was, though by little and little, gradually drawing nearer and nearer to truth; for though I took no pains to learn what he spoke, only to hear how he spoke, yet, together with the words which I would choose, came into my mind the things I would refuse; and while I opened my heart to admire how eloquently he spoke, I also felt how truly he spoke.

He would not have failed had he been able to secure a loan from the Bank of France of a million of francs; but this loan the Government peremptorily refused,doubtless from the hostility of Napoleon; so that the banker was ruined because his wife chose to ally herself with the old aristocracy and refuse the favors of the Emperor.

What is even more surprising, her husband did not refuse the request, but wrote to her a letter of so much dignity, tenderness, and affection that her eyes were opened.

Before you could give me the note and I could refuse to see him as I should certainly have donehe had arrived.

Writing to Sir Charles Wood on the subject, he said: The overt acts charged consist in the return of the fanatics to Sitana, whence they were driven out by us some years ago; and the frontier tribes in question are held to be guilty because they have allowed them to return to this place, although bound by treaty with us to refuse to admit them....

on the number of what are called refuse slaves that are imported, and on the quantity of new land in the colony.

In the French windward islands of Martinico, and Guadaloupe, which are cleared and highly cultivated, and in our old small islands, one fourth, including refuse slaves, is considered as a general proportion.

But in St. Domingo, where there is a great deal of new land annually taken into culture, and in other colonies in the same situation, the general proportion, including refuse slaves, is found to be one third.

In our progress onward through the state, we saw many carcases of these birds outside the villages, such numbers having been destroyed, that the inhabitants could not consume them, and they were accordingly thrown out as refuse.

On Mr FRANCIS BEAUMONT (then newly dead.) He that hath such acutenesse, and such witt, As would aske ten good heads to husband it; He that can write so well that no man dare Refuse it for the best, let him beware: BEAUMONT is dead, by whose sole death appeares, Witt's a Disease consumes men in few yeares.

'He talked much,' said Matthew, 'of the honour of suffering for the truth, and how he must not be the vile coward to refuse it.

For we had looked to find a city in keeping with these surroundings,of fairy palaces and stately mansions; in place whereof was nought but a wilderness of mean, low, squalid houses, with meandering, ill-paved alleys, and all past everything for unsavoury smells,heaps of refuse lying before every door, stark naked brats of children screaming everywhere, and a pack of famished dogs snapping at our heels.

" This raised a fresh outcry and more lamentations, but in the end he promised to procure the money by collecting his rents in advance, if his mistress would refuse Mr. Goodman's offer and wait three weeks; and on Moll's behalf I agreed to these terms.

If your opponent requires you to admit something from which the point in dispute will immediately follow, you must refuse to do so, declaring that it is a petitio principii For he and the audience will regard a proposition which is near akin to the point in dispute as identical with it, and in this way you deprive him of his best argument.

That if Earle Lassingbergh this day refuse To make faire mends for this fowle trespasse done, I will revenge me on his treacherous heart Though I sustaine for him a thousand deaths.

Every man was given authority to have whichever one he wished, for the women were not allowed to refuse any one.

"Believe me, if I felt competent, Mr Beecham, I would not refuse.

He got money from me for the best and most expensive "ashleaf kidneys" and "Prooshian Blues," then planted cheap refuse from a small greengrocer's.

To refuse me will be to cut your own throat and hersas well as mine.

What did I ever refuse you?" Isabel sat up but still remained silent.

Must I refuse to speak to Rowan and have no reason?

With her whole soul she wanted to refuse.

Look here, Mrs. Poynsett, I brought over Jenny's note in my pocket; see, here are twoone to accept, and one to refuse, just as you choose.

On her death-bed Mrs. Douglas had wrung from Mr. Bowater a promise that if Archie did well, and ever had means enough, he would not refuse consent; but he always distrusted poor Archie, because of his father, and I believe he sent Jenny away to be out of his reach.

" To respond properly was as little in Cecil's power as her will; but she had not been an obedient daughter for so large a proportion of her life without having an instinct for the voice of real authority, and she did not refuse her hand, with the words, "If you express regret I will say no more about it.

The question is, how can a man do good among a people who do not respect him or desire his presence, and who refuse to hear him preach?

He presumed the House would not take upon itself to refuse to hear the petition of the humblest individual, and he did not fear that they could not control their minds so far as to be ready to give a fair hearing to the other side.

If the House should refuse to hear it read, a course he did not remember had ever been adopted toward any respectful petition, from any quarter, it would become a subject of much more speculation than if it took the ordinary course.

I know not of what value that provision is which gives a right to petition, if the House can refuse to hear the petition.

Je ne les refuse point si je les mérite; mais, quand je les aurai reçus, permettez-moi d'en mériter d'autres.

Je ne refuse pas de vous la prêter un moment, à condition que vous la prendrez pour toujours.

Il n'y a pas moyen, Monsieur refuse tout.

Dites-nous un peu votre sentiment; que pensez-vous de quelqu'un qui n'a point de bien, et qui refuse d'épouser une honnête et fort jolie femme, avec quinze mille livres de rente bien venants? MARTON.

C'est pour se garder à moi qu'il refuse d'être riche? M. REMY.

Monsieur Remy me dit que son neveu m'aime, qu'il veut nous marier ensemble; Dorante est présent, et ne dit point non; il refuse devant moi un très riche parti; l'oncle s'en prend à moi, me dit que j'en suis cause.