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296 examples of  regimental  in sentences

296 examples of regimental in sentences

On either side are some glass fronted cases containing quite a collection of ragged and venerable regimental colours of unmistakable Spanish origin.

It was a cold spring night, and the regimental quartermaster and commissary had made no provision for the men.

When, therefore, the evening after the colonel's purchase the regimental surgeon was summoned in alarm, it was instantly believed in the regiment that "Old Sauerkraut" was stricken with cholera.

Their training was as complete as any infantry, even the regimental stretcher-bearers being taught the use of Lewis guns, and on more than one occasion the bearers went for the enemy with Mills bombs till a position was captured and they were required to tend the wounded.

They are never false to their regimental motto, "di quรฌ non si passa!"

He gave us coffee and showed us maps at his Brigade Headquarters and then sent us on to the Regimental Headquarters, further down the hill, where they gave us rum punch, believing, as all Italians do, that an Englishman is never happy unless he is drinking alcohol.

[Footnote 2: The regimental colours of the Alpini are plain green, worn on the collar.]

Here we were received and shown round with great courtesy by the Colonel commanding the Depรดt, a handsome man with most sad eyes, but full of great regimental pride in this creation, intimately and characteristically Italian, of General La Marmora.

Even in Italy, of course, the privilege was extended somewhat more freely to junior regimental officers and much more freely to Staff officers and Lieutenant-Colonels, in view of the danger of brain fag and nervous strain following upon their greater mental exertions and their abnormal exposure to shell fire and the weather.

If so, I like to think of him at a regimental mess, suggesting doubts, or, if that is an impossible breach of military discipline, keeping silence, when the loud-voiced major explains that the sympathy of the English for Belgium is all pretence and cant.

Until these inquiries are respected, conscious character building or even stock breeding must remain the laughing stock of the smoking rooms and the regimental barracks.

he is gone to Canterbury with George Denbigh, madam," cried the lady, shaking her head reproachfully though affectionately at Emily; "his grace dislikes London just now excessively, he says, and the Colonel being obliged to leave his wife, on regimental business, Derwent was good enough to keep him company during his exile.

A member, whose name we regret we do not know, dipped his boot into the gutter and wiped it along the gold stripe of the regimental trousers of General Forey.

This decoration was immediately grappled for, and tied to the regimental standard, amid loud shouts of "Long live the prince!" and vows to defend the trophy, in the very utterance of which many a brave fellow received the stroke of death.

Veteran bandsmen played the regimental march; casual minstrels blew conches or banged tom-toms; and when at last the ambulance waggons moved off, drawn by oxen that wore blue bead necklaces, and marigolds over their ears, one had the proud satisfaction of feeling that the most perfect organisation in the world could not have given our fine fellows a reception more after their own hearts.

Previous to this Daaga and three others made a rush at the regimental store-room, in which was deposited a quantity of powder.

The militia of a state consists of one or more regiments, with the proper regimental and company officers appointed by state authority.

And it was there the following Mondaya regimental coat, gray jeans trousers, and a forage cap that Bill purchased from a passing Morgan raider.

He took at their hands the most outrageous treatment; I have heard him bleating like a sheep, I have seen him streaming blood, and his ear tattered like a regimental banner; and yet he would scorn to make reprisals.

Should a soldier expose himself to infection by having intercourse with an unknown woman, he should report as soon as possible afterwards to the regimental infirmary for prophylactic treatment, which, if taken within a few hours after intercourse, will prevent to a large degree the liability of contracting any disease.

One squad is held available for details from regimental headquarters.

The details called for by regimental headquarters for pitching the headquarters camp for the quartermaster, etc., should be reported to the adjutant without delay.

The regimental commander may prescribe that coats are to be worn and will prescribe the exact uniform for all drills, parades, and other formations, as well as for men going on pass.

At sick call all men who are sick fall in and are marched to the regimental infirmary, under charge of the noncommissioned officer in charge of quarters.

The excused list should include in each company only the mess sergeant, the two cooks, one kitchen police, and men on regimental guard.

The regimental commander prescribes the exact scheme to be followed in the police of tents.

Men are not allowed to leave camp without a pass signed by the company commander and countersigned by the regimental adjutant.

Ordnance sergeant; quartermaster sergeant, Quartermaster Corps; supply sergeant, regimental.

There was no strict regimental order kept, but the people soon came to adopt the arrangements that were most convenient for all parties, and at length fell naturally into their places in the line of march.

"There goes my regimental call," Harry said.

Scarce a general of those who had commanded divisions and brigades at the Alma now remained, and the regimental officers had suffered proportionally.

Some of the lately-arrived regiments had brought their regimental bands with them, and these added to the liveliness of the camps.

The consequence was that the Russians, who were rapidly reinforced, were soon able to open a tremendous concentrated fire upon the mass of men in the angle, and these, pressed upon by their comrades who flocked in behind them, impeded by the numerous internal works, mixed up in confusion, all regimental order being lost, were unable either to advance or to use their arms with effect.

Regimental sports.

" They had just started feeding up in the regimental lines when he arrived; the excited neighing of five hundred horses was music to his ears.

He exercised a personal supervision over the most important and the most trivial minutiae of the regimental business.

" Prior to "Skilly" being taken on the regimental strength, our canteen was the paradise of a battalion of mice, from whose nightly raids nothing was sacred.

He sent in a proper formal application to the regimental powers, requesting that increased feline rations be ordered as "subsistence for Canteen Skilly and family of five.

According to the opinion of those best qualified to know, this is largely due to the introduction of what are known as Regimental Institutes, or Soldiers' Clubs, corresponding closely to the canteens which were abolished in our army a few years ago, but which are considered as important a part of the military organization in India as a hospital or arsenal.

This genial ornament of our regimental sanitary squad is especially anxious to plumb the mysteries of arithmetic.

Each officer was to give his parole not to take up arms against the United States "until properly exchanged"; each regimental commander was to do the same for his men; and, "this done, each officer and man will be allowed to return to his home."

Each dog has his regimental number on his collar.

Hedges, trees, groves, gardens, orchards, woods, farm-houses, huts, halls, mansions, palaces, spires, steeples, towers, and temples, all go wavering by, each demigod seeing, or seeing them not, as his winged steed skims or labours along, to the swelling or sinking music, now loud as a near regimental band, now faint as an echo.

If a German soldier has even a suspicion of a corn or a bunion or a chafed heel and does not instantly report to the regimental pedicurist for treatment he is subject to severe punishment.

The regimental colours, late belonging to the Loyal Birmingham Association, are suspended in the east window, over the altar.

True Born gave one of the regimental horses a riding- lesson.

When England went to war last time, after a peace of forty years, the only idea in the minds of her military surgeons was of Regimental Hospitals.

There was to be a place provided as an infirmary for a certain number of soldiers; a certain number of orderlies were to be appointed as nurses; and the regimental doctor and hospital-sergeant were to have the charge of the inmates.

In each of these Regimental Hospitals there might be patients ill of a great variety of disorders, from the gravest to the lightest, all to be treated by the same doctor or doctors.

They said that doctors and patients and nurses all liked the Regimental Hospital best, and this was clear proof that it was the best.

Such being the state of opinion and feeling in the profession, it naturally happened that British army-surgeons stuck to their Regimental Hospitals as long as they could, and, when compelled to cooperate in a General Hospital, made the institution as like as possible to a group of Regimental Hospitals,resisting all effective organization, and baffling all the aims of the larger institution.

Such being the state of opinion and feeling in the profession, it naturally happened that British army-surgeons stuck to their Regimental Hospitals as long as they could, and, when compelled to cooperate in a General Hospital, made the institution as like as possible to a group of Regimental Hospitals,resisting all effective organization, and baffling all the aims of the larger institution.

In busy times, no two Regimental Hospitals were alike in their management, because the scheme was not capable of expansion.

Yet the obstinacy of the fight made by the surgeons for the system of Regimental Hospitals was almost insuperable.

The French, meantime, had three sorts of hospitals,the Divisional ones coming between the Regimental and the General.

Only the very slightest cases ever enter their Regimental Hospital; those which may last weeks are referred to the Divisional; and those which may last months, with prospect of recovery, to the General Hospital.

The Regimental Hospitals are wherever the regiments are.

In the Regimental Hospital, the surgeon may be seen going from the man who has lost a finger to a fever patient,and then to one who has ophthalmia,passing on to a fellow raving in delirium tremens,next to whom is a sufferer under bronchitis, who will not be allowed to go out of doors for weeks to come; and if half a dozen are brought in with cholera in the course of the day, the officials do not know which way to turn.

The French would leave the men with scratches and slight diarrhea and delirium tremens in the Regimental Hospital,would send the fever and bronchitis and scorbutic patients to the Divisional,and any gravely wounded, or rheumatic, or other very long cases to the General Hospital at the base of operations.

Thus, while the phenomena are frittered away among Regimental or unorganized General Hospitals, a well-kept record in each well-organized hospital will do more than all other means to promote the scientific understanding of disease.

The statistics of disease in armies, the ascertainment of the numbers who sicken and who die of particular diseases, would save more lives in future generations than can be now appreciated; but what can the regimental surgeon do towards furnishing any trustworthy materials to such an inquiry?

The result will be that a flood of light will be cast on matters affecting the health and life of soldiers and other men, in regard to which we might have gone on groping for centuries among the confusion of regimental records, without getting what we wanted.

The fatal notions of Regimental Hospital management caused infinite misery at Scutari.

In entering the Regimental Hospital, the soldier carries his kit, or can step into his quarters for it: and the regulations, therefore, suppose him to be supplied with shirts and stockings, towel and soap, brushes and comb.

They are not admissible into Regimental Hospitals, in a general way; but in great military and civil hospitals they are a priceless treasure.

This Major, though of course in khaki and employing the same language and general code as a regimental Major, was not a bit like a regimental Major.

This Major, though of course in khaki and employing the same language and general code as a regimental Major, was not a bit like a regimental Major.

He was no more like a regimental Major than I am myself.

For a third time the regimental standards were of a new sort.

In the heavy, ether-laden atmosphere flies swarmed horribly, and men detailed as nurses from regimental companies were fanning them from helpless patients.

Individually or in small groups they were perhaps even more formidable than the Highlanders; but in one important respect they were inferior, for they totally lacked the regimental organization which the clan system gave the Scotch Celts.

At certain stated occasions there were musters for company or regimental drill.

Amรฉlie greeted him with: "Well, young man, we thought you were lost!" He laughed, as he explained that he had been to make a toilet, see the regimental tailor, and order a new topcoat.

It was a long line of officers, and men from the ranks, who stood so steadily before the commander and his staff, inside the hollow square, about the regimental colors, to have their medals and crosses fastened on their faded coats, receive their accolade, and the bravos of their companions as their citations were read.

two well-known gymnasts doing wonderful stunts on horizontal bars, a prize pupil from the Conservatory at Nantes acting, as only the French can, in a well- known little comedy, two clever, comic monologists of the La Scala sort, and as good as I ever heard even there, and a regimental band which plays good music remarkably.

As a matter of fact, they had discussed little else for several days, but the first "regimental" notification, as it were, was to be made now.

There was a crusty loaf, a pat of butter indented in the middle with one of Dick's regimental buttons, and a plate of cakes, hard as the nethermillstone and very crumbly, having been purchased from the distant town at the beginning of the week in expectation of this auspicious day.

Also the offices of Messrs. Cox, Box & Co., the Regimental Agents, were in convenient proximity, and the latest news of the gratuities could be obtained with a minimum of trouble.

As already mentioned, he expressed a wish to take part in "Cato" himself in 1758, and a year before he had subscribed to the regimental "players at Fort Cumberland," His diary shows that in 1768 the couple at Mount Vernon "& ye two children were up to Alexandria to see the Inconstant or 'the way to win him' acted," which was probably an amateur performance.

Our regimental pipers, who had come out to play us in, were making what the Psalmist calls "a joyful noise" in front; and behind us lay the recollection of a battle, still raging, in which we had struck the first blow, and borne our full share for three days and nights.

It usually begins life at the "refilling point," where the A.S.C. motor-lorries dump down next day's rations, and the regimental transport picks them up.

An A.S.C. Sergeant mentions casually to a regimental Quartermaster that he has heard it said at the Supply Dรฉpรดt that heavy firing has been going on in the Channel.

At the moment when we attach our invisible apparatus to Mr. M'Gurk's wire, the Divisional Telephone system appears to be fairly evenly divided between (1) A Regimental Headquarters endeavouring to ring up its Brigade. (2) A glee-party of Harmonious Blacksmiths, indulging in the Anvil Chorus.

The consolidated result is something like this: REGIMENTAL HEADQUARTERS (affably).


Weel, Jimmy, there was a couple whish-bangs came intil REGIMENTAL HEADQUARTERS.

REGIMENTAL HEADQUARTERS (getting to work at once).


Is that C Battery? REGIMENTAL HEADQUARTERS (resolutely).

REGIMENTAL HEADQUARTERS (quite impervious to this sort of thing),"the rendiss vowse, at seeven thirrty Akk Emma, at point H two B eight nine, near the cross-roads by the Estamint Repose dee Bicyclistees, for tae"honk!

REGIMENTAL HEADQUARTERS (after dutifully performing this operation).


Regimental Headquarters being engaged in laboriously "buzzing" its message through to the Brigade, all other conversation is at a standstill.


Around him are grouped his satellitesthe Quartermaster-Sergeant, four Company Sergeants, some odd orderlies, and a forlorn little man in a neat drab uniform with light blue facings,the regimental interpreter.

His name was Baptiste Bombominet ("or words to that effect," as the Adjutant put it), and may have been so inscribed upon the regimental roll; but throughout the rank and file Baptiste was affectionately known by the generic title of "Alphonso.

An empty shop in the Rue Jean Jacques Rousseau, conveniently adjacent to Battalion Headquarters, was appropriated for that gregarious band, the regimental signallers and telephone section; while a suitable home for the Anarchists, or Bombers, together with their stock-in-trade, was found in the basement of a remote dwelling on the outskirts of the area.

All recruits and extra baggage, the latter to be stored, carefully piled and covered, will be left in camp, in charge of a commissioned officer, to be selected by the regimental commander.

"In this fierce encounter words fail to do justice to the gallant regimental commanders and their heroic men, for, while the generals indicated the formations and the points of attack, it was, after all, the intrepid bravery of the subordinate officers and men that planted our colors on the crest of San Juan Hill and drove the enemy from his trenches and blockhouses, thus gaining a position which sealed the fate of Santiago.

I came out here for a little quiet blood-and-thunder before going to bed, and you are mixing up your stories like the regimental laundress's soapsuds.