296 examples of regimental in sentences

If so, I like to think of him at a regimental mess, suggesting doubts, or, if that is an impossible breach of military discipline, keeping silence, when the loud-voiced major explains that the sympathy of the English for Belgium is all pretence and cant.

A member, whose name we regret we do not know, dipped his boot into the gutter and wiped it along the gold stripe of the regimental trousers of General Forey.

This decoration was immediately grappled for, and tied to the regimental standard, amid loud shouts of "Long live the prince!" and vows to defend the trophy, in the very utterance of which many a brave fellow received the stroke of death.

He took at their hands the most outrageous treatment; I have heard him bleating like a sheep, I have seen him streaming blood, and his ear tattered like a regimental banner; and yet he would scorn to make reprisals.

Should a soldier expose himself to infection by having intercourse with an unknown woman, he should report as soon as possible afterwards to the regimental infirmary for prophylactic treatment, which, if taken within a few hours after intercourse, will prevent to a large degree the liability of contracting any disease.

One squad is held available for details from regimental headquarters.

The details called for by regimental headquarters for pitching the headquarters camp for the quartermaster, etc., should be reported to the adjutant without delay.

The regimental commander may prescribe that coats are to be worn and will prescribe the exact uniform for all drills, parades, and other formations, as well as for men going on pass.

At sick call all men who are sick fall in and are marched to the regimental infirmary, under charge of the noncommissioned officer in charge of quarters.

The excused list should include in each company only the mess sergeant, the two cooks, one kitchen police, and men on regimental guard.

The regimental commander prescribes the exact scheme to be followed in the police of tents.

Men are not allowed to leave camp without a pass signed by the company commander and countersigned by the regimental adjutant.

Hedges, trees, groves, gardens, orchards, woods, farm-houses, huts, halls, mansions, palaces, spires, steeples, towers, and temples, all go wavering by, each demigod seeing, or seeing them not, as his winged steed skims or labours along, to the swelling or sinking music, now loud as a near regimental band, now faint as an echo.

Our regimental pipers, who had come out to play us in, were making what the Psalmist calls "a joyful noise" in front; and behind us lay the recollection of a battle, still raging, in which we had struck the first blow, and borne our full share for three days and nights.

At the moment when we attach our invisible apparatus to Mr. M'Gurk's wire, the Divisional Telephone system appears to be fairly evenly divided between (1) A Regimental Headquarters endeavouring to ring up its Brigade. (2) A glee-party of Harmonious Blacksmiths, indulging in the Anvil Chorus.

The consolidated result is something like this: REGIMENTAL HEADQUARTERS (affably).


Weel, Jimmy, there was a couple whish-bangs came intil REGIMENTAL HEADQUARTERS.

REGIMENTAL HEADQUARTERS (getting to work at once).


REGIMENTAL HEADQUARTERS (quite impervious to this sort of thing),"the rendiss vowse, at seeven thirrty Akk Emma, at point H two B eight nine, near the cross-roads by the Estamint Repose dee Bicyclistees, for tae"honk!

REGIMENTAL HEADQUARTERS (after dutifully performing this operation).


Regimental Headquarters being engaged in laboriously "buzzing" its message through to the Brigade, all other conversation is at a standstill.


296 examples of  regimental  in sentences