2981 examples of regulates in sentences

A note appended regulates the details of these measures.

The capacity of the nation for suffering regulates its advance towards freedom.

From Toussaint it passed to Dessalines, and from Dessalines to Christophe and Petion, and from the two latter to Boyer; and it is the code therefore which regulates, and I believe with but very little variation, the relative situation of master and servant in husbandry at this present hour.

First, the skin regulates the loss of heat by means of the vaso-motor mechanism.

Mr. Wilson, who gets about 300 pounds a year, is well-respected by all; he manages to keep down unpleasant feuds; regulates the district peacefully, if slowly, deserves a handsomer church, and would be quite willing, we believe, to be its architect if one were ordered.

He regulates Galatea's state of consciousness by the fluctuating exigencies of dialogue whose humour is levelled straight at the heads of the old Haymarket pit.

"In your proposed engagements with Mr. Davies, you will become better acquainted with a man of great natural talents, and thoroughly versed in business, which he regulates by the most honourable principles.

An officer, noncommissioned officer, or private upon whom the command or elements thereof regulates its march.

The only safe or proper principle upon which their intercourse with the Government can be regulated is that which regulates their intercourse with the private citizenthe conferring of mutual benefits.

The ratio essendi is the law which regulates the coexistence of the parts of space and the succession of the divisions of time.

When we first settled at Mozambique, she was continually interceding for the slaves, and she constantly wept when I punished them; and now she is among the slaves front morning to night; she regulates the whole of my slave establishment; she inquires into every offence committed by them, pronounces sentence upon the offender, and stands by and sees them punished.'

Among these, that which regulates trade and intercourse with the Indian tribes will merit particular notice.

But no one stands above the State, which regulates the relations of the citizens to each other.

He regulates the grazing and prevents injury to the ranges from being overstocked with too many cattle and sheep.

Norway regulates private cutting.

A rule of grammar is some law, more or less general, by which custom regulates and prescribes the right use of language.

"Does not all proceed from the law, which regulates the whole departments of the state?"Blair's Rhet., p. 278.

There are no balance weights, and the screw regulates the movement.

" A talker who monopolizes the conversation is by common consent insufferable, and a man who regulates his choice of topics by reference to what interests not his hearers but himself has yet to learn the alphabet of the art.

In short, tho' he regulates himself in all his Proceedings by Justice and Equity, he finds a thousand

But certainly, that, which most regulates the fancy, and gives the judgment its busiest employment, is like to bring forth the richest and clearest thoughts.

Caste in India and in other Oriental countries regulates a large part of the life of the people.

The great Statute De Donis, or Westminster II, came the following year; most interesting to lawyers as the foundation of estates tail; but it also regulates "assizes or juries" that "rich men do not abide at home by reason of their bribes."

The statute then regulates the diet and apparel of servants.

I know, too, that some Fountain Head of knowledge will rise from the back seat and beg to state that the new civil code contains many revisions and regulates divorce.

2981 examples of  regulates  in sentences