63 examples of reincarnation in sentences

In short, Omar was a Fitzgerald, or Fitzgerald was a reincarnation of Omar.

The fact was events of far greater importance to the tribe than her reincarnation had passed unrecorded in books.

They are diametrically opposed to the philosophy of Karma and of reincarnation, which are the tenets of theosophy.

He imagined himself to be the reincarnation of Charles XII, while in Napoleon he recognized the monster of the Apocalypse, which he himself was sent to fight and conquer.

"He looks like a Hindu thinking of reincarnation.

The first was the arrival in that city of a Hindu lady from Gujerat who had lately come to the conclusion that she was a reincarnation of the Goddess Devi.

The spiritual essence of it seemed to have passed over into my words, and I loved the reincarnation best.

When and how would be its reincarnation?

So, many a humble poet dreams His songs will touch the human heart, And full of hope his offering lays Before the shrine of Art; Poor dreamer, may he never know That he too draws a silent bow! CONTENTS PROEM MY PROMENADE SOLITAIRE REINCARNATION TO THE "RING NEBULA" THE WAIF THE SILVER HERONS TO THE SPHINX YOUTH AND AGE

Meantime the Earth speeds on through space, As the sun for a million years hath steered, And, an eon hence, the entire race Will have played its part and disappeared; But what will the lifeless planet care, As it follows its Promenade Solitaire? REINCARNATION

All who know the truth of reincarnation should realise that they are members of one great family, in which some are younger brethren and some elder.

When the apomorphia began to do its work there was a struggle of another sort, out of which emerged a pallid and somewhat stricken reincarnation of the governor.

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I, as usual, when there was any lack in the viands, tried to be as brilliant as possible in conversation; discussing Nirvana, Karma, reincarnation, and thus turning attention from the evanescent things of earth to the joys of a life to come,not an easy feat to perform with strong-minded women,but, in parting, they seemed happy and refreshed, and all promised to come again.

Do you recall your horror the first time I told you I had read a book on reincarnation, and confessed that it had made me anxious to study the theory?

Amid all the heroes and leaders of that wondrous age in Ireland, there appears, like a reincarnation of legendary Medb, a warlike queen in Connacht, Grace O'Malley, "Granuaile" of the ballads.

But his whole purpose in living, he told me, was to yield himself to certain meditations, so that in his final reincarnation, which was only a few centuries off, he would return to the real thing in Buddha.

There has been an expansion of the field, and some rearrangement within it; but the evolution of human ideals has been, in our civilization, the growth of one spirit out of its dead selves carrying on into each reincarnation the true life that was in the form it leaves, and which is immortal.

At times it was like gazing into a human soul, to look into his eyes; and what I saw there frightened me and started all sorts of ideas in my own mind of reincarnation and all the rest.

One might well prophesy that such a spirit will reappear in a later reincarnation as ruler of the universe! November 4, 1810.

63 examples of  reincarnation  in sentences