73 examples of reiterations in sentences

Soon these, too, were gone, and the casket was refastened and carried out by the shrinking bearers, leaving in those darkened rooms a trail of desolation which was only broken from time to time by the now faint and barely heard reiteration of the name of her who had just been borne away!

She opened her lips to reply with a hasty reiteration of her first sentiment, but the words died even before they were spoken, arrested by her sudden consciousness of the possibility of a grand truth underlying Lizzy's instinct.

" Lady Mary was occasionally wearisome owing to the reiteration of the assurance that she believed her letters to be dull, the more so as she certainly was conscious of the skill with which she composed them.

It is not without some signatures of the bishop's good sense and taste; and, making a just allowance for the use of a few obsolete terms, and the puerile custom of that age in making affected repetitions and reiterations of the same word within the compass of a period, it would read like no bad prose at present.

6. I am far from intending to say that these reiterations are not sometimes allowable, nay, often beautiful and desirable.

The answer comes back with a monotonous reiteration which has already sickened us of the word.

Repetition N. repetition, iteration, reiteration, harping, recurrence, succession, run; battology, tautology; monotony, tautophony; rhythm &c 138; diffuseness, pleonasm, redundancy.

The middle portion of the Kuran is filled to the point of weariness with reiterations of Jewish legend and hero-myths.

If it is false, it is a damning error, the reiteration of which tends to undermine all that has been achieved for the spirit.

There were hours, particularly those hours of sudden wakefulness in the middle of the night when our minds lose their sense of proportion, in which Theophil agonised beyond endurance, and, as on that afternoon when he had found Jenny's diary, said to himself with merciless reiteration, "She seems to have had a shock""It was you who killed Jenny.

The senseless reiteration seemed to exasperate her.

And, at the risk of wearying readers with reiteration, I must say again that herein lies the danger.

The one must have recourse to a reiteration of his arguments, and to a general accumulation of them together; the other, when he has once clearly explained his own cause, refuting the statements of his adversary, must have recourse to enumeration; and, when he has effaced every unfavourable impression, then at the end he will endeavour to move the pity of his judges.

" With such persuasive reiteration, Lord Caernarvon, in the name and at the instance of Sir E.B. Lytton, insisted that the wisest and most dignified course would be found in an appeal to and a decision by the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council, with the concurrence alike of Canada and the Hudson's Bay Company.

[This letter of Mr. Elmore contains but little more than a reiteration of alarming cries on the part of the slaveholder;cries that are as old as the earliest attempts of philanthropy to break the fetters of the enslaved, and that have been repeated up to the present day, with a boldness that seems to increase, as instances of emancipation multiply to prove them groundless.

Indeed, the greatest discomfort of a soldier, who desires to remain a gentleman in the camp, is the perpetual reiteration of language which no decent lips would utter in a sister's presence.

" Extra Comment The constant reiteration of the phrase, "I'm not an ex-slave" roused my curiosity and drove me to a superficial investigation.

In the course of such weekly back and forth postal exchanges, Rajan asked for my reiteration that I would stand with them as one if ever the management acted funny with any of them in future.

He told her many of the things that she already knew, but each reiteration had a new meaning and a new delight.

A corner of the veil, momentarily lifted, had betrayed the value that lies in the repetition of certain soundsthe rhythmic reiteration of syllablesin a word, of chanting or incantation.

Now Spinrobin was well aware that the continued repetition of one's own name can induce self-hypnotism; and he also knew that the reiteration of the name of an object ends by making that object disappear from the mind.

(2) Thanks, Affectionate and Ceremonious; (3) Attraction; (4) Surprise and Assurance; (5) Devotion; (6) Interrogative Surprise; (7) Reiterated Interrogation; (8) Anger; (9) Menace; (10) An Order for Leaving; (11) Reiteration; (12) FrightImportant Remarks Appendix Epilogue Arnaud On Delsarte.

It early attracted the apothecary's notice, in observing the civilization around him, that it kept the flimsy false bottoms in its social errors only by incessant reiteration.

Those to whom life was sparedbut to whom strength did not returnwandered about the place like scarecrows, looking for shelter, and made the very air dismal with the reiteration, "No' ouanga (we are bewitched), Bras-Coupé moi des grigis (the voudou's spells are on me)."

it was that they were two colleagues in one charge, and continued dwelling on the subject so long, that Dr. Macknight, not quite pleased at the frequent reiteration of the remark, said that it certainly was a great pleasure to himself, but he did not see what great benefit it might be to the world.

73 examples of  reiterations  in sentences